New Avatar Featurettes Confirm Fantasy Film Influence

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avatar new images header New Avatar Featurettes Confirm Fantasy Film Influence

We’ve got three new items off the Avatar promotional assembly line to roll out for you today – two featurettes and the video of MTV’s Live HD Avatar webcast that took place last Thursday.

The HD webcast was a pretty cool event to witness: it featured Avatar director James Cameron, along with stars Sam Worthington and the sultry-voiced Zoe Saldana, sitting around with MTV’s Josh Horowitz to rib and joke about the film. It’s worth seeing just to hear Zoe Saldana talk (seriously, my temperature rose when she started speaking the Na’vi language – is that weird?).

However, it’s one of the two new Avatar featurettes that I really want to bring to your attention:

In the video entitled “Avatar Story Featurette,” if you click to the 20-second mark, you can hear James Cameron say something that I’ve been saying ever since August and catching a lot of crap for even suggesting: Avatar has more fantasy film influences than sci-fi influences.

Man, have you sci-fi fans been tearing into me over this point!  Well, I’m curious to read your lengthy arguments and comments now that Cameron is echoing the same sentiment. To get that ball rolling, why don’t you have a look at the videos. I’ll post the “Avatar Story Featurette” first:

Next up, check out this guide to planet Pandora as narrated by Avatar star Sigourney Weaver. People are saying this is “the best Avatar featurette yet,” in that it actually does a pretty good job of familiarizing you with the environments, animals and customs of life on Pandora, without necessarily spoiling the film. Check it out:




Finally, here is the video of MTV’s live Avatar HD webcast:

Now that you’ve watched the video(s), let’s discuss: between what you’ve seen here, and some of the fantasy-themed advertisements previously released for Avatar, are some of you sci-fi-centric Screen Rant readers ready to take a moment to reverse your stance on this genre debate? Or are we simply going to enter into another round of arguments? Because the whole “It’s clearly sci-fi,” stance becomes a bit harder to maintain when Cameron himself is out there saying “It’s a fantasy action/adventure.”

Avatar hits theaters on December 18, 2009. See you in the comments section.

Sources: YouTube, Canal, MTV

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  1. @Mike E

    Regarding the Vlad article: Dammit… really? Going to have to fix that (grumble).

    Regarding Avatar: It will be released in 2D as well as 3D.


  2. Here’s an Avatar spoiler for ya, it will suck beyond all imaginable belief. Played the game the other day, boy do the designs suck and such a lack of imagination that I cant believe this is the same James Cameron.

    Anyone else heard the terrible theme son by the worlds dullest singer?

    And the TV spots are laughable.

    I feel a big ‘ I told you so’ approaching… yes I can hear it now!

  3. @SamBeckett: I do remember reading somewhere that the game was most definitely NOT a good indicator of the quality of the film.

    I hard the theme song.
    It’s… a bit bland and generic. I mean, it’s by James Horner, what do you want. I wouldn’t say it’s “terrible”. It’s actually relatively well-written, contains a few interesting harmonic and melodic twists compared to most music we hear on the radio these days.

    I’m a TINY bit worried about the fact that the song is – as per Horner’s usual modus operandi – “based upon the main theme of the film’s score” (à la Titanic, An American Tail, Bicentennial Man, etc…).

    Now, I’ve seen the TV spots. I understand that you are doing your duty as an avowed avatar-basher, but it really doesn’t look that bad. Aren’t you one of those who loves StarGate:SG-1?

  4. I remember hearing Cameron was involved in the game, but maybe that wasnt true. its not the games technical faults that I have a probelm with, to be honest the graphics show off the lushness of Pandora quite well. It is seeing the Na’vi, the vehicle, the other aliens, nothing seems very original, really traditional and often bland design. Obviously the game has no real bearing on the quality of the film, I would never suggest otherwise, but it shows off the world of the movie more than anything seen so far.

    This is the guy that created Terminator, and everyone knows what a fantastic imagination the guy has, but it hasnt been put to use at all on this film.

    As for the song, Leona Lewis has such a screechy voice, and I have a dislike for her in general. So thats a personal thing.

    The Tv spots look like really bad toy commercials to me.

    I hope that when I see this film, that there is somehting more to it than I have seen so far, and I am not talking about 3D or special effects, it is the story and acting that matter to me.

  5. Ok let me clear a few things up here… The Avatar game is by no means an indication on how the movie will turn out. How many licensed movie games come out and just outright suckk…. id say a good 95 % when it comes down to it. The list goes on and on and on for bad movie licensed games.. (Iron Man anyone?) Theres only a few I can count on my finger that respectfully hold up against their counter-part.(Chronicles of Riddick, Spider-Man)

    That being said, yes Mr. Cameron was involved in the game but James Cameron I believe is in his late 40s or early 50s so I don’t think his passion is video games. His passion is film. Yes he made suggestions and probably over watched the project but the term “involved” can be loosely thrown around in this context.

    I admit I was sort of excited for the game. Not so much for the seperate story they tell (which doesn’t spoil much of anything), but the lush visuals and promise of 3d gaming. Now I must say that aspect is spot on(3d). The visuals aren’t amazing but they are pretty good and do Pandora some justice. However the 3d aspect if you can get it on one of the newer monitors is quite breathtaking. I believe playing the game and seeing the movie in 3d are extremely important and that is how Mr. Cameron intended them to be viewed.

  6. I don’t know a single person who has a tv capable of producing the so called 3D effects of the game. So a largely pointless addition!

  7. Well my buddy has a monitor that produces it I don’t know if they make TV’s yet. I agree tho it is sorta pointless it doesn’t add much to the game but it does make it look hella cool tho :) I do see the potential however if they could utilize this effect better!

  8. I’ve just had the pleasure of listening to the entire soundtrack to “Avatar”…

    I have to say that I am more than a little surprised. It’s QUITE stunning. It still contains the usual tricks and turns that James Horner is known for over-using, but he more than amply makes up for it with some shockingly original music.

    The end-titles song is a very typical Horner pop tune. It’s nice, it works, and it’s a bit more original than the usual drivel we hear on the radio these days.

    So, count me as one MORE than a little surprised: I will be purchasing this OST CD when it is released in my neck of the woods.