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avatar spoilers zoe saldana Avatar Spoilers Discussion

While we do have an Avatar review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Avatar spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Avatar Spoilers Discussion

Based on our previous poll, over 70% of you planned to see Avatar on the big screen, so while you’re at it, you can give Avatar your own rating right here:

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Discuss away!

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  1. @790

    I knew why he linked with the big dragon banshee thing, I was just saying instead of that he could have severed the tie with his human body showing that he really wanted to be a Na’vi. I just think it would have been a better alternative to the actual story line they used.

  2. @stpauly

    And exactly how was he supposed to sever his tie with his human body?? The only way to do that was that whole tree thing and that required their help. And they weren’t going to help him unless they had a reason to, that’s why he linked up with that big flying thing…

  3. The way it ended was perfect! Perfect ending!
    It even looked like it wanted to go right onto chapter 2.

    I’ve been thinking about this film since friday,!

    That didn’t happen with Terminator Salvation. Lol.

  4. Anyone notice how the digital camo pattern on the military uniforms was slightly larger then usual due to the Pandora differential.

    Also yeah I noticed that Ken J, Sully’s legs looked emancipated. Cameron doesn’t miss a trick in this film,!
    Cinematic perfection.

  5. Still sick at times — guess I’m not cut out for 3D. :(

  6. BTW, I think 790 you mean emaciated.

  7. Yeah, I posted the thing about Worthington’s legs in another forum yesterday. It’s a total trip, right? His legs were super skinny, and if they weren’t digitally altered, he must have stayed off his feet for a good month before filming. I’m quite glad he did that, though I’m surprised there were so few scenes of him wearing shorts, so we couldn’t tell for most of the film.

    And 790, I’m actually gonna see it in IMAX 3D tomorrow d-: I was just given tickets for a theater that does the IMAX thing, so I’m not gonna pass this up. I’ve never seen anything in IMAX before, so I’m hoping it’s gonna be cool.

    I’m definitely not trying to convince you of anything here, but it’s not physically possible to get the depth on a 2D screen that you can with polarized 3D vision. I don’t doubt your vision or your perception one bit, as I’m sure I’m in a similar boat. But I’m just saying, the depth of field is different when rendered in 3D.

    Keep in mind, I’m no advocate for 3D movies. I really don’t like the trend, to be honest. I think 90% of the time it’s just gimmicky bullcrap that takes away from the film and is often used to compensate for the s***** quality of films. BUT, because of the experience that Avatar presented me when I saw it, I can’t nay-say it like I would every other goofy 3D film. That’s why I defend it here. I feel like it really has added to the experience, and I feel like it’s the first time it has ACTUALLY been used correctly to add the QUALITY of the film as compared to just shallow “shock and awe” bullcrap.

    Still, mucho respecto, broseph.

  8. @790

    Terminator Salvation kept me thinking… thinking about all they did wrong, lol.

    There was a lot of attention to detail in this movie, the thing with his legs is just one thing, I’ll probably keep noticing more and more the more I watch it…

  9. this is in my top 5 greatest of all time.

  10. @Ken J

    On your ealier comment, just because they are “following orders” doesn’t mean they arnt guilty. I mean look at whats going on today, we are still bringing ex nazi’s to court and trying them for war crimes.

  11. Btw i think the only part that didn’t look real to me, was that last scene in the end when they go close up on the avatar face. Idk why but for some reason it looked a little bit cartoonish to me.

  12. big flying thing leonopteryx

  13. It was great! Just great. Criticism’s were justified, but so was the praise. It’s everything I expected and much much more. Looking forward to watching it again!

  14. JM

    you need to have an open mind. Sounds to me like you went into this movie with a negative attitude (just my opinion). But hey, some people just like to be grouchy.

  15. Good film, went on a bit. All made up for in the epic finale where you really root for the home team. Also awesome villaisn, but villains are always fun.

    But why did Worthington keep dropping his Australian accent and putting on an American accent at times, I like an Aussie accent rather than bog standard “I’m a witty American” stuff which clogs up mainstream cinema like pubic hair in the bathtub.

    Oh, and is James Cameron religious, I don’t mind, it just seemed kind of yelled at us at times.

  16. Spectacular film! Easily my favorite for 2009 and definitely in my top 5 of all time. I hope it makes enough for the sequel(s). “This is our land!”


  17. Rarely have I been to a movie that makes me wait the entire length of the screening to go to the restroom…Clan Cameron have hit the nail on the head again with this one. I’m pretty particular as to which movie separates me from my hard-earned wages, and this one was a no-brainer. As one tech reviewer stated, “You know you’re doing 3D right when the screen disappears..” If this movie doesn’t allow you to suspend your disbelief for a couple hours, you’re probably an IRS agent or something…

  18. I saw the movie yesterday, and I have to admit that I am still thinking about it as well. I saw the IMAX 3D version and it was in a word; “incredible”. I expected a lot out of the effects and action, and I wasn’t disappointed. However, I had read comments prior to going that the story was weak, but I have to disagree… Other people are correct when they say you know which direction the movie is headed from the very beginning, but it still was excellent. It reminds me of “Dancing With Wolves”, and that is a good thing…

  19. if you ask me i belive that they should make another avatar movie idk what the role of it would be but i still think it would be really cool

  20. I saw it Sun. 20th in IMAX 3D and I was mesmerized! I have to say that this movie has become my all time favorite. I have seen negative reviews about an old storyline, etc. I like the storyline. It’s very similar to many of my other favorites – Braveheart, Gladiator, The Patriot, Batman, and so on. Love, a Hero, Good vs. Evil. I watch movies to provide an escape and this movie did just that. No other movie has ever captivated me as this one. Going again with entire family Thursday. It’s a must see in IMAX 3D. Hope there is a sequel.

  21. I haven’t seen anyone post this yet, but it seems fairly obvious.

    The plot is almost exactly like the plot of Fern Gully. I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been a copyright infringement suit.

    Avatar was amazing in it’s own right, especially visually, but I can’t fully appreciate the plot because, well, it’s been done. A lot. Predictable to the point where absolutely nothing surprised me. I kept finding myself comparing it directly to Fern Gully, and it matches almost perfectly throughout.

  22. Good thing I’ve never seen Fern Gully,,, :-)

  23. @JohnN

    To my knowledge, the Nazi’s being tried for war crimes are the officers who gave the orders. The thing about following orders, even ones you know are wrong, is that if you don’t follow them, and you know your commanding officer is capable of brutal injustices, now you’re in risk of being on the receiving end of his orders. Look what happened to Michelle Rodriguez’s character. I don’t know about you, but most people would rather just go along with it than to be killed by their own people…

    I mean, to be fair, in the beginning their intentions were not to kill the Navi, but to scare them to leave the home tree. And even at the end, they wanted to blow up that site to further scare them off. Their intentions never really got to the point of exterminating them. The Navi actually were the first to contemplate any kind of violent action directly against another people.

    Don’t get me wrong, given the context of the movie, it’s not like I don’t understand their motives and reason to, just making a point… The humans never really believed in the whole “everything’s connected” concept, they really just believed they would be destroying normal trees. So to me, they were evil to the point where their greed was more important than morals or ethics, but it never got to that point of the Nazi’s and Japs and what they did to the people they opposed.

  24. I never saw Fern Gully nor Dances w/Wolves, but I did find the story a bit predictable and still liked the movie a lot. I think I agree with 790 that the movie would be just as great in 2D.

    I have read numerous times that people were upset with Weaver’s character dying; that’s not what I saw. Sure, her body died but her spirit is now part of Eywa and can be communicated with by the Na’vi (Jake heard the voices of the other spirits when he linked to the Spirit Tree).

    One thing that puzzled me was in the final battle, Jake had the Na’vi fight them in the land where the mountains were hanging because it would interfere with the instruments. Well, it seems like the instruments were working fine to me.

    The movie is a definate must-see.

  25. Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned here is the music. I absolutely loved the soundtrack to this movie. It really helped instill the emotions that were going on.

    Yes, I teared up.

  26. Great Movie! it has left me thinking about the possible advancements in technology in the future!
    Best CG movie ever. I would rate it 11 out of 10