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While we do have an Avatar review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Avatar spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Avatar Spoilers Discussion

Based on our previous poll, over 70% of you planned to see Avatar on the big screen, so while you’re at it, you can give Avatar your own rating right here:

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Discuss away!

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  1. So… I’m watching it at midnight on May 7th, or earliest as possible….. wait, oh well…. sorry… but I’m actually thinking more on Iron Man 2 right now :)

    No, seriously, I’m seeing Avatar tomorrow afternoon, then I’ll come back and share some thoughts. So excited for Iron….err… Avatar. ;)

  2. My viewing is Friday night. See ya after.

  3. like i mentioned in the weekly discussion worthington drops his aussie accent repeatedly throughout the movie which being australian is annoying since he goes from american to australian all the time, apart from that though the movie was great.

    i had a bit of problems with the annoying little jerks sitting next to me but a couple of swear words solved the problem ;-)

  4. Gonna watch the movie in let’s see …. less than 4 hours!

    Just watched Titanic and Terminator 1 AGAIN. They are my top 2 Cameron movies(above Terminator 2 and Aliens).

    So I will have an opinion pretty soon whether Avatar is as good as the top 2 or worse OR if possible EVEN BETTER!!!

  5. tl;dr I liked it. ;)

    Now, while I don’t think this is strictly needed in this particular thread since this is a spoiler discussion, I am aware that some people won’t have a chance to see the film until the weekend and may get a little annoyed at me spoiling things even here and now (although as has been pointed out, it’s a predictable story… like super-predictable), so for you who are easily confused: SPOILER WARNING!

    Okay, right off the bat I’d like to make it clear, I did really love this movie. It’s not a perfect movie, but at the same time, it’s not a throwaway “something you can enjoy for a few hours” movie either. It’s somewhere in between, all the while through it you can tell something special is going on here and you’re happy to be along for the ride. That said, it’s not too cerebral or deep. It’s clear, almost right off the bat who the good guys and bad guys here. This is a movie all about revelling in it’s glory and awe.

    Zoe Saldaña. People keep talking about Sam Worthington’s accent and Sigourney Weaver’s somewhat bored delivery (although I actually liked it), but Zoe Saldaña was, I felt just amazing in this, she really made Neytiri believable and her emotion in certain scenes was well delivered.

    Pandora. It was amazing. The first 90 minutes is a Jim Cameron documentary about a fake planet (kind of) but I still loved it anyway. You can tell a lot of work went into planning it all out and the little touches were great.

    The Story. Predictable? Yep. Well told? You betcha. Frankly, as much as I loved it, I hated it as well. Chekhov’s (not the Star Trek guy) most well known rule when writing plays is that when you hang a gun on the wall in act one, it must be fired in act three (absolutely paraphrased). In other words, if you set something up early in a movie, pay it off later on or don’t set it up at all. Well Jim Cameron goes one step further and not only hangs a gun on the wall, but also shines a spotlight on it and stations a guard next to it to point it out to passers by. Subtlety is not, alas, Cameron’s forté. Hence the huge predictability. The story was still, for the most part, well told though.

    Dialogue. In a word, bad. In another, forgettable. If you forget about the words and just listen for the meaning, the actual dialogue is forgiveable.

    Worthington. You know what, I didn’t notice the accent thing. Perhaps it’s because I’m British and wouldn’t notice it as much as if, perhaps he were an American trying to do an English accent, but it was a non-issue for me. Otherwise though, I’m really excited to see what he does next, he’s also an amazing actor. He was the one good thing in Salvation and was just great in this.

    The Tech. I don’t care what you say, the Na’vi looked real. Now, I would personally argue that Gollum looked more real than them, but then he was always a CG character against a real backdrop with real people in it. Here, for the most part, the CG people stayed with the CG land and the real people in their real land. Not to say anything against WETA digital, they did an amazing job with Gollum, clearly tech ahead of it’s time, but he had a lot helping him (oh, and he wasn’t bright blue).

    Even still, I feel the CGI here was the best we’ve seen. It’s still not photo-real and likely won’t be for a while. But a scene at the end of the film where the real Sam Worthington touches Neytiri’s CGI face felt real, if that was a CG human hand, then we’ve got photo-real.

    The 3D. Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of 3D and frankly, I saw little here that was any different than in Monsters Vs Aliens, or The Final Destination. Cameron’s been harping on about this new amazing 3D tech for a while now, and how it was going to help people immerse themselves into the movie, but really, if you’re going to do that, don’t start the movie with a 3D gimmick (the water droplets). Also, if you’re doing something like this in 3D, don’t also limit the depth of field in certain scenes, the two conflict with each other.

    Pacing/Time: Some may say 2:40 Hours is a bit much, but frankly, I didn’t feel it was enough. Not that I’m saying it should have been longer, but I felt that certain bits were rushed. Jake’s 3 months with the Na’vi’s took much less time than I thought. At one point he calls them “tree huggers” in a derogative way, and yet it didn’t take him that long to become a tree-hugger himself. Still, overall I feel it was paced nicely, certain things could have been improved, but overall it works.

    End of the day, I loved it, I’ll certainly be picking it up on DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out and I’d definitely recommend it.

  6. I would like to begin with saying this IMHO is THE movie of 2009, the 3D made the already stunning backdrop of the film even more amazing. I would say all the actors gave a solid performance, and yeah the story was more than predictable, but seriously at times the visual effects really take your breath away, what a film, this is a masterpiece….

  7. OK, here it goes!
    The rating I gave to the movie in the above article is 9/10.

    Good features:
    Nice cohesiveness(for lack of a better word) of the CGI. The movie that broke some real ground in this case earlier was Final Fantasy : The Spirit Within BUT that was total animation. Cameron takes better effects and adds them to the real characters. As ‘Joshi’ says for the most part the CGI is kept aside(the Na’vi world from the humans) but the fight sequence in the end is where they meet.It takes CGI to another level! I just hope that the competition will take note and we will get to the next level in a quicker fashion.

    Imagination, Creativity, detail and scope. The depiction of Pandora is so…..real! From little flying seeds, the creatures,trees etc. to the mountains and Na’vi themself; Cameron has created a world from almost scratch(ofcourse he borrowed the basics from the real world). Isn’t that the goal of movies anyway. To show reality in different light, hue and perspective!

    Actors have done a well enough job with especially Zoe Saldana. Sam Worthington merits a mention too!

    Bad features: Story, plot, script. Man, have movie studios even heard of those! The movie actually reminded me of Titanic! We all know the ship will sink!We all know the rich girl will fall for the poor but free spirited artist! I don’t know if this is because I have seen Titanic more than once but I found the story telling in Avatar less captivating. In a movie which has a weak script story telling matters A LOT. Avatar delivers but….from the moment you start you know exactly how it is going to end. Keeps the journey through the locales of Pandora beautiful and nothing more.

    Dialogues: Cheesy and Predictable. Feels as if they were written for age bracket 5-13!

    Is the movie worth watching… YES! Its’ got a cliched storyline but the feelings it generates and the way it engulfs you; make it a better movie than 98% of the movies out there.

    Cameron has deliverd. I just hope Avatar 2/3 have a better storyline and repectable dialogues and we can have the next generation Sci-Fi trilogy. Cheers!

  8. OK! I liked the MOVIE so much, Wife and i just (few hours ago) watched it and boath of as are realy ameazed by it. 3D is fantastic and here we felt like we are realy part of this one, i just anvy all of you who will watch it in IMAX. But here in Croatia there is no IMAX just regular BIG screen and 3D googles… And once more for the end AVATAR IS AWSOME!!!

  9. Just saw it today & I must say it was amazing I didnt care much for the beginning-middle part but Cameron still managed to impress me with the the world of pandorum (I mean seriously,..Mad detail)& the scene where the tree gets blown away was very Moving. performances where good all round
    I really liked Joel Moore’s charachter even though he wasnt in it a great deal his character seemed very realistic, I could write more but I’d eventually just be blabbering. Bottom line James Cameron Is the Man!& I Will definitly see this again

  10. my eyeballs just got an orgasm!

    solid story, good actors, great soundtrack, amazing cgi = great movie!

  11. i read through the comments for some spoilers can someone tell me how it ends

  12. My 2c:

    Loved the movie. Absolutely epic, and can’t wait to see it again. While I agree that some of the dialogue was on the simple side, I certainly didn’t feel that the writing or storyline on the whole was bad. Also, even as an Australian, I didn’t notice too many changes in Worthington’s accent. He seemed to maintain an Australian/International accent throughout.

    My main (almost “only”) gripe was, as Hersh said above, “if you’re doing something like this in 3D, don’t also limit the depth of field in certain scenes, the two conflict with each other.” When there are two things in my field of vision, and I change my attention to the other one, I expect it to be in focus. This wasn’t the case with a fair bit of the 3D effect. Not a major problem, but I’d have been just as happy to see this in 2D.

  13. @stuart

    Have you seen Dances with Wolves? Same thing.

    White man goes to live with the savages.

    His evil compatriots want something the savages have (their village is over a huge vein of a very expensive mineral).

    Slowly he is won over by the natives and falls in love with the princess.

    When his people (the humans) attack, he takes up arms against them with the natives.

    Natives end up victorious and drive the bad humans from their planet.


  14. I know the story i just wanted to know what happens to jake and niytiri.Does he stay in his avatar to stay with her does he go live with them permantly

  15. @Stuart

    That requires a slightly more spoilery explanation, but if you insist, spoiler ahead.


    He undergoes a process of sorts to put himself into his avatar permanently, with his human body dying. I guess it’s implied they live happily ever after.

  16. I simply loved this movie. Yeah the story was predictable and yes it is just like Dances with Wolves but on an alien planet, but the movie itself was epic. I can’t use any other word other then epic. It was a great film regardless of cliche story. I saw it tonight at 12 am. Just getting home now and I can say confidently that I will see this movie again, in IMAX and I will be buying it as soon as it is released on Blu-Ray. I hope the sequels raise the bar in terms of story but if Cameron makes a second film that hits all of the same highs and lows that this film did, i will still be more then statisfied. I gave it a 9/10 in the above article and recommend everyone to at least see this movie once in their life.

  17. Hey guys First off Vic, THANK YOU so much for posting this. I just got back from a screening and want to address three NON PLOT RELATED items.
    1. photorealism i’ll admit i had no idea what that meant until a few weeks ago, but when i saw it on screen i said hell yes cameron delivered. jackson and del torobetter use cameron’s system for the hobbit
    2. story- holy crap cameron’s the f-ing man. its one of those things where u know how it plays out, but u wanna c it play out anyway.just freaking phenomenol
    3. the 3d. this is where u guys get to rip me a new one. the only i hated about cameron’s ’3d epic avatar’ was the 3d. it justtook me right out of the movie and i missed parts which is y i wanna c it again. it also made me dizzy. i think cameron’s next advancement in 3d should be trying to get rid of those glasses. thoughts? (i’d particularly like ur insight vic, especially about the cameron and 3d glasses thing. if im way off base with that PLEASE tell me. i really respect ur opinion as a reviewer of avatar, but im also open to everyone’s thoughts)

  18. I only made through about half-way (maybe less) and then I fell asleep. I woke up when everyone was clapping when it was over. I saw up to the second or third time there was somebody pulling the plugs on the avatars and making them pass out. Can somebody please summarize what happens later? I’d imagine that the guy dies in his avatar?

  19. Sorry for being the bad guy, but this movie is good, not “great”. We all say the whole time “story is what drives a movie” and in this case the story is boring as hell.

    The visuals are good but not that good as they promised. The Navi look fake, kinda remind me episode 1 when the gungans fight the droids.

    For some time, i felt i was playing a videogame. I hate when that happens, even the helicopters looked too fake too me. Maybe im wrong but i feel the fx were better in sector 9. (i’m not talking about the landscapes thought, they are gorgeous).

    I don’t think it will make the money they are hoping, i know its gonna be big in the box office but not that big, women are not interested that much in this one and guys, generally, don’t want to see it a second time.

  20. Im pleased naytiri dosen’t die then and they end up together aww lol its a good job the link between mind and avatar body isnt by wireless internet router id keep collasping every 20mins

  21. Theres a spolier in one of the trailers because Naytiri is crying over a dead member of the Na’vi and they seem to have a large head dress or something which suggests her mother or father dies.

  22. I just saw this movie today. I agree with many of the posts here . . . it was a good movie but the story could have been improved in many ways. Overall I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was BEAUTIFUL. Anyway, I’m not sure if I just missed it, but did they ever explain how exactly the humans are linked to the avatars? I know someone up there joked that it was good it wasn’t a wireless router . . . but what was it? I figure the avatars had to be completely biological since he was “transferred” to that body at the end, but how could that be??

  23. @Kate

    There must have been some sort of cranial implant/receiver that allowed communication with the humans when they are in their pods.


  24. Just came from the movie and I have to say I absolutely thought it was amazing in every way!! The story was touching and very spiritual and being an Aboriginal I was almost moved to tears in several parts. The big tree falling was very emotional and the cries of the Na’vi could almost break your heart..The aspect that everything in nature is interconnected is something I deeply believe to be true (Unified Field) and being Native I also believe that if life is taken from a creature to sustain mine it must be honoured for sacrificing it’s vessel so I may live further. The universe is the great spirit and we are all apart and the energy that courses through us IS borrowed from the Great Spirit!! I wll see this again on Sunday in theaters…I have to meditate on the movie and I am sure there will be further posts from me on this film. I would highly recommend it and never having seen Dances With WOlves I can draw no comparrison..The Na’vi IMO WERE modeled after Native North AMericans..

  25. Oh the CGI was flawless IMO :) …I would swear that Pandora and the Na’vi were real…Didn’t have a problem with the dialogue at all..I thought Worthington did a fantastic job but Zoe Saldana’s performance really was the heart of the film…she was/is amazing and you fall in love with her character!!She gave her character what felt like a real spirit/soul!!

  26. C’mon 790 where are your thoughts? :)

  27. Yeah GK333 I agree with your points,,,
    The story is more or less taken from DWW, but If that’s the only gripe who cares? Avatar is an instant classic. I think the uncanny valley has been conquered. The 2D print is crystal clear and flawless, everything simply looked real,,,

    I would recommend seeing it again in 2D so you can clearly see the details. I would have hated wearing 3D glasses during this. 3D was and is the gimmick here…
    This film didn’t need 3D, nope no way the details were breathtaking.
    Some say there’s a green message in the film and even mentions to terrorism and their correct. Under the love story and the amazing scenery lies a great anti-war/ anti-US military message. Cameron holds a cold brutal mirror up to our 3D technological addicted faces,,, the contrast and irony is right there in your face!!!
    Shades of “District 9″ were all over the place…

    Amazing film.
    I wanted to hate it but couldn’t,,, I found myself cheering the destruction of the Marines. They were like a cancer on the face of that planet.
    @Stuart,,, the very last scene is a close up of Sully’s Avatar face as his eyes open and he’s reborn in his Avatar body free from the paralized human body,,, very touching film.

    Kinda reminded me of the ending to Nortons “Incredible Hulk,,,” ;-)

    10 out of 10,,,

  28. Sorry about that I didn’t mean for my 3rd paragraph to end in rap lyrics. Lol

    Wtf am I smoking tonight?

    GK333 I’m going to predict 130mil opening weekend.

  29. @vic and kate

    the following is from the pandorapedia webpage

    The Avatar Program was originally intended to create mine workers who did not need environmental protection systems and could eat Pandoran foodstuffs. But the cost of the mental link system remained too high for the numbers needed. Avatars are now used only for field work and, when the opportunity arises, to interact with the Na’vi, to study them and to study the Pandoran ecosystem. It was hoped that the avatars could act as unofficial ambassadors, but Na’vi have for the most part viewed these hybrid creatures with a mix of contempt and mistrust.

    The cloned avatar has the body structure and physiology of a Pandoran native. However, adding the human genes necessary to create the mental linking ability to the avatar’s genetic makeup altered the anatomy to the extent of producing five digits (different from the normal four on a Na’vi) on the hands and feet, and reducing the size of the eyeballs. The reason for this is not yet known.

    The Avatar Program was initiated to improve communication with the Na’vi, the intelligent humanoid inhabitants of Pandora. Human volunteers are paired with avatars, which are artificially created human/Na’vi hybrids controlled by persona projection technology. While the human controller remains in a sleep-like state in a psionic link unit, his or her personality inhabits and completely controls a custom-made Na’vi body.

    The link is total; the human believes he is actually inhabiting the Na’vi body, with all senses, reflexes and bodily functions fully operational. The avatar body, having been grown in an amnio tank with the help of growth accelerants, has no personality of its own and is inert (except for basic autonomous functions) when not under human control.

    Each avatar is specially made using genetic information from its human controller and despite obvious differences in size and physiology is equivalent to its controller’s twin. This genetic matching is necessary to allow morphic projection to operate on the alien body; attempts to use unmatched bodies have invariably failed.

    Originally part of RDA’s Na’vi outreach program instigated at the behest of Earth government authorities, the Avatar Program has moved from being a poorly-defined xenobiological experiment controlled by Earth-based bureaucrats, ivory-tower academics and populist politicians to become a tightly-managed engineering project incorporating the most advanced technology from RDA’s labs.

    The existence of the Na’vi was the most surprising discovery on Pandora. For theoretical reasons, intelligent life was not expected to be found here. Given the known age of the galaxy and the relatively brief period since the evolution of man, it was assumed that any alien intelligence would be far older and more sophisticated than us, would have an advanced technological civilization and probably not be humanoid. Thus the discovery of jungle-dwelling neolithic humanoids was not anticipated.

    Under strong pressure from the UN, scientists and the general public, the RDA agreed to set up a program to enhance communications between humans and Na’vi. At first this consisted solely of an Indigenous Terrain program to study Na’vi culture and language and to attempt to establish communication between man and Na’vi.

    But practical difficulties soon showed a need for a more profound means of communication between the human and Na’vi species. RDA research had already established the possibility of direct mental communication between humans, and RDA scientist Dr. Cordell Lovecraft was given the task of carrying his “Dark Dreamer” project, which sought to transmit mental processes – “thoughts” – to humans at a distance, to interspecies communication.

    Initial dissection of Na’vi specimens found that although Na’vi show a surprising degree of external convergent evolution, internally they are quite different from humans. The Na’vi brain in particular, with its external tendrils and three-lobed structure was a daunting obstacle.

    Building on work with brain-wiped primates and condemned criminals, Dr. Lovecraft was able to establish that full sensory bonding could be established between human twins, human-animal hybrids that shared common DNA, and human-Na’vi hybrids with common genetic blueprints.

    Since Na’vi don’t use DNA or RNA to carry their genetic information, producing a ‘translation table’ that matched DNA with NVTranscriptase closely enough to allow a level of morphic resonance strong enough for communication to occur required months of computer time and multiple failed experiments, some of which caused irreparable trauma to volunteer subjects.

    But eventually the Avatar Program succeeded in producing the first viable hybrids between completely unrelated species – a considerable achievement since, as Dr Lovecraft remarked, humans are far more closely related genetically to garden slugs than to Na’vi.

    With the help of psionic amplification, and thanks to customized reception nodes grown into avatar brains from their earliest blastomere stage of development, human drivers can now operate their avatars at distances of tens of kilometers.

    Owing to poor measurable outcomes in the field, the Indigenous Terrain program and the Avatar Program were eventually merged, with only limited informal research still conducted into Na’vi culture by human avatar operators. Currently avatars are mainly used for reconnaissance, liaison and exploration, but if native Na’vi are recruited into the mining workforce it is anticipated that more avatars will be needed for supervision and policing.

    Dr. Lovecraft has been nominated for multiple Nobel prizes in biological sciences, but the nominations have invariably been withdrawn following protests from human rights organizations, the UN Pan-Faith Council and animal rights activists.

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