Weekend Movie News Wrap Up : December 27, 2009

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sherlock holmes 8 Weekend Movie News Wrap Up : December 27, 2009

This week:

Avatar beats Holmes to number one; Kevin Bacon is Super; Jackson and Kilmer fire a Gun and Paramount saddle up for The Further Adventures of Doc Holiday.

Box Office

James Cameron is the “King of the World”. The Terminator has yet another Titanic hit on his hands with Avatar. The fantasy adventure epic has banked another $76 million for a magic $217 million total.

Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes had to settle for the runner-up position with a decent $65 million debut. It looks like Downey Jr. now has two action franchises to play with!

The Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel brought in another $50 million for a $84 million total. It looks like a third installment will be on the way.

Meryl Streep shows that she can still open a movie with It’s Complicated. The comedy had a $23 million opening. Never underestimate the power of Streep.

George Clooney’s Up in the Air brought in just under $12 million. With $24 million in the bag it might hit $100 million – if it get’s those Oscar nods (which is likely).

The Blind Side brought in another $11 million bringing it even closer to $200 million.

The Princess and the Frog isn’t holding up well, with just $64 million in the bank the Disney film might not make it to $100.

Nine opened at eight with $5.4 million. It doesn’t look good for the film’s prospects.

Did You Hear About The Morgans? Not many people have, as the film has made a paltry $15.8 million. DVD awaits.

Clint Eastwood’s Invictus rounds out the top ten with a $4 million weekend. It hasn’t got long left.


Movie News

1. Kevin Bacon, Ellen Paige, Liv Tyler and Rainn Wilson are set to star in a new super hero comedy called Super.

“Bacon will play drug-dealer Jacques, who destroys the life of Wilson by seducing his troubled wife (Tyler). The spurned husband remakes himself as a superhero.”

James Gunn will direct the film.

Well somebody has to bring home the bacon.


Source: Variety


2. Curtis Jackson and Val Kilmer will re-team in Gun.

Jessy Terrero will direct the film, which is based on an original idea by Jackson.

The film is set in the illegal world of drug dealing.

Hold on, does that mean that there’s a world of legal drug dealing? Hmmmm…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


3. Paramount Pictures will get into the saddle for The Further Adventures of Doc Holliday.

The script by Chad St. John is supposed to be in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean and the studio hopes that the film will lead to  successful franchise.

doc holliday Weekend Movie News Wrap Up : December 27, 2009

Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will hold the reins on the film.

Source: Variety

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. Wouldnt pharmaceuticals be the world of legal drug dealing?

  2. Movie tickets are $10 each now as opposed to $5 or $6 when Titanic came out (here in Kansas, anyway)… There’s been ridiculous runaway inflation since then. The dollar was worth half in 2006 what it bought in 1983… and even then, there was runaway inflation.
    So, basically, Avatar beat the Terminator in box office receipts, but probably not Titanic. I’m sure it will go on to crack a billion.

  3. Interesting that Sherlock Holmes did well during a crowded Christmas weekend (although I was a bit more conservative about how much it would earn for a second place finish), and a lot of people — including Warner Bros. execs — are very happy over how well the film did, despite winter storms which hit the Midwest and parts of the East Coast over Christmas weekend.

    Here’s something interesting to note… after directing 3 R-rated movies which earned so-so box office, Guy Ritchie directs a PG-13 movie, and it does quite well.

    Anyone think there may be more PG-13 movies in his future?

  4. First off wow at avatar. that movie is duing huge things.
    second i always hear movies cost 10 dollars but ive never seen it that high. i go to 2 differant theaters. one is in a small town(~13,000 people) it cost $6 for movies before 5:30 and $8 dollars after. then i go to a theater in fresno Ca. the theater is huge like 25 screens. its in a great area in town in a plaza. it cost $8 dollars and 10 for imax.

  5. Wow, that picture of Val Kilmer is SCAAAARY. I guess he won’t be making Top Gun 2 any time soon. :P

  6. lol it would be good if val kilmer was involved with doc holliday its easily his best performance

  7. Movies here are around $8-$10 and $12 for 3D after discount.

    I wonder where vin is to talk about how Avatar is a flop…

    Or anyone else who thought they had ESP (ESPN? lol)

    Who saw Sherlock Holmes? How was the IM2 trailer on the big screen?? :-)

    I kind of knew Avatar was going to beat SH even in the second week, not because I have inside information on Hollywood or that I have some kind of scientific method of reaching this, but it’s because out of everyone I know, I only know of one person who wasn’t excited to see Avatar, and out of those same people, I only knew about 3 people who wanted to see Sherlock Holmes, most of my friends doesn’t really know anything about it, and I would say probably a half dozen or so who really didn’t want to watch it.

    Me personally, I’ve never really liked any of Guy Ritchie’s films, so I was like meh when I heard about this movie, but would probably watch it if my friends wanted to see it. But none of my close friends have any plans to see it. Not to say they won’t change their mind later if maybe someone who saw it tells them good things about it…

    But yah, just from my completely non-scientific observations, I had a feeling that SH wasn’t going to beat out Avatar even on its second week… Oh well, heard the movie was alright, better than Ritchie’s other movies, and it still did quite well, so congrats to him I guess. :-)

  8. Val Kilmer should definitely be involved in the Doc Holliday movie. That is one of my all-time favorite character performances ever… not just Val Kilmer’s characters.

    I don’t want to seem mean, but in what universe is Rainn Wilson married to Liv Tyler? I mean wow! It’s like the pairings of married couples you see on sitcoms that one never sees in real life.

  9. “I got two guns…one for each of ya!”
    Utter classic perfrmance

  10. @kenj
    the main thing is the tech. that’s why its doing well. i still felt the 3d was bad, but thats because i’ve got really bad perception.
    As the photorealism it was great.
    As for it revolutionizing movies in general, probably not. scifi/fantasy movies maybe but commedies and the like, dont think so.

  11. yeah, id like to see val kilmer back as doc holliday, though what fans know is good casting is usually the exact opposite of what studios think is good casting. this is why ive seen four films in the theater in the last four years. i mean, come on, $14 to see a film? i can just wait for dvd and then wait for the dvd price to drop then watch it on my projector at home.

  12. @Realist, Yeah I should really invest in a projector, Ive seen ALOT of crap this year in the cinema(transformers & christmas carol comes to mind)I live next to a cinema as well
    & unfortunatly i suffer from kronic Boredom, I dare not think of the cash ive spent on films this year

  13. @vin

    Never a problem with anyone expressing their own opinion. But you’ve been saying it’s going to flop. Meaning not only you will not like it, but most other people won’t like it either. That’s the only reason why I’ve been sarcastically asking you for the winning lottery numbers for next week because you seemed to think you “knew” this movie was going to flop. :-)

  14. I really enjoyed reading this article. Better then harry knowles stuff. It was a amazing time throughout these last 9 years. It was nice to see comic book movies around. I still think Dark Knight will be the best comic movie made. Iron Man was alright too(I really don’t like marvel). Anyways, great job on the article.

  15. @Ken J…

    Couple of my friends went to see Sherlock Holmes on Saturday afternoon, and they saw the Iron Man 2 trailer just before it.

    My male buddy (the comic book nerd) loved it. He said it was “absolutely bad ass”. His girlfriend (not into comic books too much) was just as psyched for it as he was, but I suspect she’s looking forward to seeing it because after seeing the first Iron Man movie she’s got a crush on RDJ… which isn’t all bad. :)

  16. @da-fadge,
    you can get projectors this time of year at best buy for $650 and if you dont have that cash up front (who does?) you can pay over 18 months. it has a built in dvd player so you just plug it in, put in the dvd and good to go. there are other options too. for example, i think it was on here that they announced a blue-ray ready projector as well though i dont remember the price cuz i ain’t got no blue-rays. you dont need no screen neither, you can just use a white wall or white sheet or something like that.

  17. thought iron man 2 looked really bad personally but i didnt like the first at all.
    i just feel marvel movies are thrown together and arent all that great.

    im glad to see AVATAR is still doing great.

  18. Must be a DC fanboy… :-P

  19. @Stephie

    So I take it you didn’t go see SH, I remember you saying you didn’t want to go out in the snow to go see it. Did you get to see Avatar at least? Or waiting for better weather for that too? It’s perfect weather where I live, not too hot, not too cold. Every other time of the year it’s far too hot, lol. Winter in Florida is awesome, lol.

    Anyway, what did your friends say about Sherlock Holmes? Did they like it?

  20. @realist I think I’l just save my money in hope that they bring out a 3/d prjector at some what an affordable price. but yeah at the moment far to broke, although i’m a sucker for a good deal I’m back in glasgow in 3 days just in time for the sales to start

  21. It’s good to see Avatar doing soo well; Cameron really put his heart into this film. I saw it a second time in 2D with my kids and found it just as enjoyable as the 3D. One thing I noticed the second time was the Na’vi didn’t have eye browses but the avatars did. Well, I guess all the naysayers have to find another movie to bash. :-)

    You go RDJ! The man keeps going and going. And I didn’t see an IM2 trailer when I saw Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know if it was because I saw it in Tuscaloosa, AL or not but all I can think of is DRAT!! We did see the Clash of the Titans trailer and the Krackin makes the Krackin from the 1980′s look like a wimp. Really looking forward to seeing that flick.

  22. Yah, Clash of the Titans is on my list. :-)

  23. (28th Dec )
    Stan Lee turned 87 today.
    Happy Birthday big guy:)

    all hail Stan The Man !!!!!!

  24. I’ll probably go see Sherlock Holmes this week. I am glad to see that Avatar is holding up well, as it may take a couple more weeks before I can get to see it. For some strange reason, I can’t seem to get my GF to go to see it. I’ve tried to bribe her and beg her, but she’s just not interested! :P

  25. What’s her objection, Andy S?

  26. @Ken J…

    The multiplex in my neighborhood is only showing Sherlock Holmes on one screen (two screens are being taken up by Avatar), and showings of SH and Avatar were sold out during the entire weekend.

    Also, my neck of Chicago got dumped on with quite a bit of snow and ice, which made for some rough traveling. I’ll probably see both films during January, after the hype and hoopla surrounding both films has died down, and the kids go back to school.

    My friends (who bought their tickets in advance) loved Sherlock Holmes. The comic-book guy was pleasantly surprised by how well the movie was done (and he’s not a Guy Ritchie fan), while his girlfriend enjoyed it as well. Now she has an even bigger crush on RDJ and Jude Law. :)