James Cameron Announces Avatar 2 & 3 Release Dates

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 18th, 2012 at 8:01 am,

Avatar sequels release dates set by James Cameron James Cameron Announces Avatar 2 & 3 Release Dates

Audience members yearning to return to the exotically extraterrestrial locale of Pandora will have to wait for at least three more years, as James Cameron has confirmed that the first of his back-to-back Avatar sequels won’t arrive until Christmas of 2014.

While Cameron’s original 3D sci-fi smash frequently changed release dates before it finally settled on December 2009, both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are less likely budge from their still tentative winter holiday dates in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to Cameron, who told them “I am in the process of writing the next two ‘Avatar’ films now. We are planning to shoot them together and [edit them in post-production] together, and we will probably release them not quite back to back, but about a year apart.” The filmmaker also teased about the return of some familiar faces, saying that “Basically, if you survived the first film, you get to be in the second film, at least in some form.”

Cameron also revealed that a portion of the profits from Avatar 2 and 3 will be donated to “environmental causes that are at the heart of the ‘Avatar’ world.” Considering that the first film pulled in over $2.7 billion at the global box office, that should amount to some significant coinage.

Producer Jon Landau previously spoke out about the Avatar sequels, confirming the news that Avatar 2 will explore the ocean of the Na’vi homeworld but won’t amount to “an underwater movie”, a la Cameron’s The Abyss. Landau additionally implied that although the second two chapters in the franchise were being conceived simultaneously, the filmmakers won’t follow in the footsteps of previous back-to-back sequels and end Avatar 2 on a cliffhanger that immediately leads into the third film.

Both Pandora and the other worlds of the Alpha Centauri AB system will be explored to some degree in the Avatar sequels, which look to deliver visual spectacle beyond that of even the original film – and hopefully a more creative narrative as well. Cameron has a good deal of freedom with respect to the possible storylines of Avatar 2 and 3 and look of not-yet glimpsed regions of the photo-realistic alien setting. Hopefully, the return trip to Pandora will be be worth all the time, effort, and money.

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are essentially set to reprise their roles as Jake Sully and Neytiri, respectively, but it’s not clear yet who else will be returning in Avatar 2 and/or Avatar 3 – much less what new stars will be signing on for the sci-fi sequels. We’ll keep you updated on the status of both films as more information is released.

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Source: EW

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  1. ……(sigh)

  2. i really enjoyed Avatar but without Sigourney Weaver (the reason i watched Avatar) i just don’t know if i’m too excited to see these 2.
    if they can somehow incorporate her into the movie(s) then i’ll definitely check em out.

    • I heard that Cameron was trying to work Weaver into the film (she’s in the Tree of Souls now). But I don’t know if that’s still going to happen.

  3. Yay!!!!!

    • Word Holmes. Word!!

  4. 2014??? It needs to be sooner than that since the world is going to end in 2012?!

    • LOL! The world canotend until the release of Star Trek 2012.

    • yh 2014 is way to long to wait

    • Listen, 2012 is already passed. Right now it’s 2013, relax.

  5. Im dying for these sequels! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 8-) I hope they releases earlier!

  6. They are going to be epic. I still want updates of the novel JC is writng.

  7. I don’t care what anyone says, I am so Stoked for these sequels! I loved Avatar! Call me a tree hugging hippie or whatever, but Avatar was the shizz. BTW Cameron trumps Nolan any day :P.

    • A dope tree hugging hippie.

      • Don’t make fun Ants! :)

        • I wasn’t!! That compliment came from my heart man!!

          • Lol :)!

  8. Finally, release dates!
    I for one never understood all the hate, Avatar’s storyline was perfect (not really, but let’s call it that) for the setting and the characters, hopefully they’ll bring new twists to the story in 2nd and 3rd.

    Ocean? Can’t say I’m eagerly waiting to see that…Star Wars Episode I immediately pops to mind – not a good comparison :/ BUT – I’m positive Cameron will make a spectacle out of it :)

  9. “Cameron trumps Nolan” has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in a LONG time

    • Glad I got a laugh out of you :). It’s all subjective so laugh all you will :)

    • lmao !! …I agree.

      • You know what’s the best part? I own more Nolan films on blu ray than Cameron films on any format LOL :)

        • In all honesty if that is your opinion, I respect that. I just think Nolan will forever be remembered as a better overall filmmaker. Cameron’s “masterpiece” is just a political statement that is quite possibly the most overrated film EVER made. It’s an overused, unoriginal story.

          Not all of Camerons films are bad, I’m personally just not a huge fan. Im a film major in college and I gotta say Nolan is on a whole other level than Cameron.

          I can respect your opinion tho :-)

          • Respect back :). To me Nolan is overrated and pretentious. I love his films but to me when you watch a Nolan film you know your watching a Nolan film.

            White, wealthy morally ambiguous male who dresses just like Nolan. But like I said before, I’m a naturalist so to me Avatar hit home.

            Yes I see the irony in using the interweb to make that statement :).

            I do respect your opinion thoughas well!

            • Actually an auteur’s goal is to put their mark on a film so that you know whose film it is, as a painter puts their signature on their artwork.

              I’ve studied auteur theory extensively and Nolan is doing all the right things.

              He is my favorite director but I can understand how you see him as overrated simply b/c everyone became fans of his b/c of the Batman films then followed by Inception. He had great films before that, Following, Insomnia, Memento, etc.

              I personally think Cameron is overrated b/c of 2 films, his stories are not great and I believe he relies on Special Effects/CGI to carry weak storylines. That being said he does deserve credit for revolutionizing said Special Effects.

              I think part of the reason I didn’t like Avatar was because I saw it as way too much of a preachy political statement, and Camerons arrogant attitude of him going around and criticizing several films , post-Avatar, seems that Avatars success went straight to his head.

              Overall I think Nolan will be the one whose films are remembered and studied for years to come. Not Camerons. But Cameron will still be bathing in cash lol.

  10. I must be the only person in the world who didn’t “get” Avatar. It was ok but….

    Of course, I just saw Inception yesterday on DVD and didn’t “get” it either. A confusing film.

    I do like Cameron though so happy he is doing so well with his movie-making projects.

    • What didn’t you get about Inception?

      • Or Avatar too?

        • Maybe she was blind folded for both films.

          • Lol!

  11. Yay!!!!![2]

    • Maybe she noticed that Avatar was an over exposed, badly written, ill conceieved attempt at lecturing the planet on Capaitalism. From a man who has built his fortune on the same things he preaches about.

      • By mistake did you see any of the Twilight movies? Because I sure saw a technological wonder, a visual banquet, an epic action adventure, a love story so pure and true, an environmental thesis, a significant spiritual guide, a story of courage and loyalty and determination of purpose. I was in complete awe from the first moment of the first time I saw Avatar and was grief-stricken when it ended, I didn’t want it to ever be over. I still don’t! It literally rocked my world and has altered my perception about everything.

        So this are the kind of movies that make people want to go to see again (no surprise it made almost 3 billion dollars), and can change lifes. Please, watch the movie again and reconsider your opinion.

        • I saw Avatar, once was enough for me, didn’t get the hype at all.

        • @Evegan

          I see that you enjoyed Avatar but with Cameron polluting the enjoyment of it by his attitude and his hyping of it as a one of a kind event to lecturing fans on how bad they are it left a bad taste in my mouth. When I watched the movie, a friends copy, I was amazed at the sloppy writing and the huge amount of military and technical mistakes that were made in terms of the future technology. Then add in the plot problems and the common sense value that supposed educated people with light year technology couldn’t over come a small problem mining on a planet without the native knowing. Fantasy cultures that tell me my real life culture is bad have never been enjoyable to me. No culture lives a pristine life, its a fantasy hence why the term and Cameron used that as a message to lull people into agreeing with him.

          Its lazy film making.

          • I totally agree on all your points. I never felt more like “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was being sprung upon me… well other than with seeing “Titanic” and “Dark Night” :)

          • If a movie is so terrible, how did it manage to make 2.8 billion dollars I ask you?

            • Money doesn’t mean it’s great. Is Star Wars going to be remembered as a greater film than Citizen Kane(a financial failure, now considered the greatest film EVER made)?

              No. Money is not what makes a film great.

      • Aleric, I cannot agree with you enough.

  12. So Mister “I dont do sequels” has once again reversed himself when he realizes he can profit from it. Typical Capitalist.

    • T2 and Aliens are perhaps the greatest sequels in cinema. Your post is moronic.

      • There are those that would argue that point.

    • Whats with all this “Capitalist” talk? This is about movies, not economic theories/ideas. Plus if someone wants to make sequels when they said they wont, its ok, its them who came up with the idea not you. Another plus is that he stated way before that he was gonna do two or three films in this universe. Personally I like the idea of sequels because there is so much more to see and hopefully he can redeem himself on such a simple story.

    • Ummm…do you even know what you’re typing?

      • Yes I do, meant to put @ Aleric but i didnt realize my post would get pushed back.

  13. 01/24,/2011
    I enjoyed the first film I saw it twice actually,once inthe theatre and then again on tv. So I’mlooking forward to the next two chapters.

  14. 2 & 3? I could maybe see 2, but what else can you do with that material?

    • Not that I wouldn’t enjoy them because I did really like Avatar. I just don’t know what else they can do…

      • It’s an original world, he (Cameron) can do just about anything with it… That’s the beauty of it. Even if we got fed up with Pandora, there are still other moons around it to explore.

        • Also, the Avatar mythology is huge. They could make hundreds of movies about it, like Star Wars.

          • Ok, there are 7 Star Wars movies, and they ran out of ideas after 3rd one. (And in the 3rd one they had to make another Death Star)

            I just feel like they would start to feel like the same movie over and over.

            • 7? There is only 6 official movies….and I dont think its running out of ideas, its more like Lucas didnt want anything new, or good in the films (like having Sam Jackson cuss)

        • How and why would the Na’Vi leave Pandora though?

          • The carcus of the home tree is actually a giant biological spaceship…or maybe they commandeer some ships…or become industrial

            • Haha. Because they seemed real into big business :P

  15. Interesting…could we be seeing a possible showdown between Avatar 2 and Part 2 of the Hobbit/LOTR bridge film?..that would be a box office the clash the likes of which the cinema has never seen..It’s win win for fans of cinema

    • I think the Na’Vi lost the Battle of the 5 Armies, if I read the book right lol

    • The Hobbit, Part 1: December 2012
      The Hobbit, Part 2: December 2013
      Avatar 2: December 2014
      Avatar 3: December 2015
      So yes, this will be some bussy holidays it seems! =P

  16. Wonder which 2 films he’s going to steal the story from?

    It’s a sure bet it won’t be any of Harlan Ellison’s stories, he’s already been stung by that bee..

  17. Everyone’s gone Lord of the Rings! I am getting sick and tired of these epic cliff hangers! And maybe I’m overly optimistic, but is he still interested in Battle Angel?? I kinda figured he’d can that project, as originality is rare these days.

    • A movie being original doesn’t mean it’s good, people. You’re just copy pasting what you saw in blogs or articles. The Social Network for example is an adaptation! Let’s take a look at the 10 possible Oscar nominees: Tur Grit (remake), Toy Story 3 (sequel), The King’s Speech (based on King George VI’s life), The Fighter (a recycled fighter movie), Winter’s Bone (novel adaptation), etc. The only 2 truly original movies are Inception and Black Swan.

      So don’t come to me with “there’s no originality, therefore movies are bad”. The best movies are not original, please check the best critics lists or any Oscar list from any year.

      • In fact adaptations of literature have always been looked at positively by the Academy.

    • Cameron said each film will be stand alone so anyone who sees any of them wont have to shell out more to finish the story(ies).

  18. December 2012- Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Part I, December 2013- Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Part 2, December 2014- James Cameron’s AVATAR 2,
    December 2015- James Cameron’s Avatar 3
    Awesome movies for christmas in the next 4 yrs….Hope Cameron wont end the movie franchise so quickly, do prequels once he finished sequels’ story n come out with cool story that are better than the novel….

    • Can you say “beat a dead horse”? How many ways are you going to rehash “Dances with Wolves”?

      • You can never know with Hollywood

  19. Don’t comment “they don’t have anything else to do”, it’s narrow thinking to say the least.
    Idea: unknown alien race invades Pandora. Idea: Earth wants to annihilate Na’Vi – space fight? Idea: Jake’s mind is invaded by Avatar program override sent from Earth or whatever.
    I mean, these are all stupid and from the top of my head, but the man that created the realm of Pandora can surely come up with something.

  20. hes doing this 1 under water so I guess that means the aliens from pandora are the same ones from the ABYSS?

  21. @ Sully

    Id like to see Cameron bring a super hero film. He’s already surpassed Nolan in the film business to date. But for a Superhero film, question id have is where would Cameron start with?

    • Well, saying he has surpassed Nolan is just rediculous, I mean Cammy has been in the business FAR longer than Nolan anyway. To me thats an unfair assessment my friend.

      • @ Anthony

        Doubtful. Doesn’t matter how long someone been in the film business, its the films they made. And Cameron’s big ones were years apart each time. Till this day it’s hard for me that Avatar would top Titanic which i figure one film would one day but didn’t expect it to be Avatar. Imo its fair and anybody’s game in the filmmakin business.

        • Well you have your opinion I have, your assessment is still unfair as far as I’m concerned.

          • mine* This is why i need to fully wake up before commenting lol.

    • How can Cameron surpass Nolan? If at all it ever happens it would be the other way around. Cameron has proved himself long ago and Nolan has shown promise. Only time will tell if Nolan reaches the heights which Cameron has or won’t.

  22. I noticed mentions of Alpha Centauri A & B but what about Proxima Centauri? Proxima is the smallest of the stars and could factor in to a plot for either sequels. One possible scenario could be that Earth has figured out that by exploding Proxima, it would generate the Unoptanium they were trying to get in the first film but, unfortunately for the Na’Vi, the Soul Tree gets its energy, partly, from this star. I know this plot seems similar to the first movie but maybe JC has something special in store for this third star.

    • That has a bit of SUNSHINE in that plot but it could work.

  23. And also Cameron gave us titanic and of course Avatar but what has Nolan given us? Dark Knight and Inception ( With 8 Nominations) i’d say that the two of them are Evenly matched. But who knows what the rest of their careers
    will bring….

  24. Avatar was an incredibly well made film with a lot of visual spectacle (personally I wasn’t overwhelmed by 3d though). Still I felt like I’d seen the same type of plot before in Dances With Wolves/The Last Samurai and Cameron had only brought it to a new setting. It was still a well written story. I actually think the original Terminator is still Cameron’s best film, Titanic was a good film as well but not really my thing.

    Putting Cameron up against Nolan is a fair comparison in my eyes. They’re the two most successful directors of the last few years. Personally I prefer Nolan, he’s had less time making films but he’s already been the driving force behind four of my favourites; Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception. He’s got an uncompromising vision and perfectionist execution not many directors come close to.

  25. I think that you should put in the movie that the humans braning a disease to Pandora and I is killing the animals,navie,and the trees and there is a cure in the ocean and the forest.:)


  26. I just read that Sigourney Weaver will be in the sequels – I’m happy! However, now looks like we’ll have to wait until 2016 – that’s sooooo long!

  27. First I find out Meyers is coming with more twilight, and now Cameron’s making more Avatar? AWESOME SEQUEL OVERLOAD!!!
    : D

  28. I might of said Avatar, the movie, would be false hope to me, if I didnt like it so much! This movie, in a way, has changed my life! JAMES CAMERON, PLEASE HURRY WITH AVATAR 2! I HOPE YOUR JUST LYING ABOUT THE RELEASE DATE AND IT COMES OUT SOONER! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER :(((((!!!


  29. avatar is epic….with all the technology innovations that cameron came up with….was crazy i watched the making documentary i was amazed with the fact that he had to wait from 1995 to catch up the right techno tools…the gross iz amazing too can’t say anything that beats against avatar….lats GO JIMMY LOVE YAH!