Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington Confirmed for Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels’

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Neytiri and Jake in Avatar Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington Confirmed for Three Avatar Sequels

The movie release schedule for 2015 is already staggering under the weight of a number of huge sequels, from The Avengers: Age of Ultron to Star Wars: Episode VII, so it’s something of a relief that the master of box office profit, James Cameron, is saving the follow-up to his sci-fi magnum opus Avatar until 2016.

Because over four years have passed since the release of Avatar, it’s probably necessary to reaffirm a few details about the sequels, even the ones that seem obvious. Twentieth Century Fox has done just that with the announcement that Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington will reprise their roles as Neytiri and Jake Sully in the three upcoming Avatar sequels.

Both Worthington and Saldana, who weren’t too well-known prior to their casting in Avatar, have enjoyed healthy careers since its release. Saldana has seen a little more of the spotlight and is currently involved in two additional franchises, starring as Uhura in J.J. Abrams’ rebooted Star Trek universe and as Gamora in James Gunn’s upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, Worthington has played the lead in both Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. Since Avatar remains the highest-grossing film of all time, however, it’s doubtful that either actor would be hesitant to get back into the franchise.

Avatar 2 Underwater Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington Confirmed for Three Avatar Sequels

Despite the long wait for Avatar 2, these three sequels are currently set to release in quick succession. Avatar 2 will be released in 2016, Avatar 3 in 2017 and Avatar 4 in 2018, and the three movies will be shot back-to-back over the course of about a year, with filming set to begin on Avatar 2 in October of this year.

Even if you’re not a fan of Avatar, there’s no denying that Cameron pushed visual effects forward massively during the making of it. His technique of using a boom-mounted camera to capture the actors’ facial expressions for animators to use later has since been widely popularized in movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and also in the video game industry with recent releases like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

With that in mind, it will be interesting to see how Cameron handles Avatar 2, which is said to be set largely in the oceans of Pandora and will almost certainly push the envelope when it comes to creating visual effects for underwater worlds.


Avatar 2 is scheduled for release in December 2016, Avatar 3 in December 2017, and Avatar 4 lastly in December 2018.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

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  1. Cue the “I hate Avatar” and unoriginal 2084838 movie references to Avatar plot comments in 3…2..1…

    • I hate Avatar

      • I bet you secretly love it. That’s why you posted a comment about a movie that you hate soo much.

        • I secretly love it, but then I hate myself for it afterwards

    • Hate? It was a spectacle…not much more.

    • I think that every time there’s a story about Avatar. Kind of ironic that the unoriginal comments generally call the movie unoriginal.

      • Avatar is just The Last Smurf-arai Dances with Pocahontas in FernGully! I’m an original thinker, unlike the people who wrote this movie!

        • You use the word original like it means something and you are better than everyone else but the truth is, all movies (and books for that matter) can be boiled down to between 7 and 20 plots, depending on who you ask. NOTHING is truly original past those first 20 uses. So any original thinking you do will end up being derivative in one form or another.

          Now I’m not claiming that tried hard to stand apart from all the movies you partially listed but it wasn’t trying to. What Cameron did was take that reused plot and paste the best modern iteration he could possibly make on it (along with some truly ground breaking FX).

          • Oh, I wasn’t serious. In accordance with Pyronaut’s comment, I was just parodying the hypocrisy of people who criticize the originality of a movie using critiques that have been echoed in hundreds of other forums.

            For what it’s worth, I found Avatar’s story to be very familiar and predictable. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride.

  2. “Vaders voice”Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. I feel they’ve been talking about sequels for this for so long but not much is transpiring.

    Lets get a sequel already.

  4. A great film from an amazing director. Can’t wait to see how Jim tops the first one.

  5. I saw Avatar once and considered that enough, but it was enjoyable. At least now maybe Cameron will be forced to come up with an original story, instead of “Pocahontas in Space”.

    But the prospect of an original story (maybe) and the ocean setting has me pretty psyched. I cant wait to watch it almost THREE YEARS FROM NOW lol.

    • It was just Dances with Wolves

  6. Not gonna lie, I havent seen Avatar.

    • Let’s keep it that way. Your mind hasn’t been tainted yet, just stick with the Terminator movies or Aliens.

  7. How about that Sam Worthington? As an actor, he’s really going places.

    Zoe Saldana, on the other hand, is worth her weight in gold….

  8. Why does James Cameron think he can both write and direct big epic melodramas? Why can’t he just stick to his action routes, which fit him a million times better. Titanic and Avatar are unoriginal (yeah, easy target), but also banal and predictable. His simplicity was always so brilliant, but now he thinks he thinks bigger means better.

    • Titanic – all time highest grossing film of all time at 2.8 billion world wide.
      Avatar – is second highest, grossing 2.2 billion.

      Nothing like having the TOP TWO grossing films of all time on your resume. I think Cameron above anyone else deserves a little leeway on capabilities.

      Soooooo to answer your question…….possibly to make movies people will go see and net billions from it in the process? Just a shot in the dark.

      • remove one of those “all times” I failed at cut and copied instead ><

      • My comment below was meant to be a reply to Art, but something got messed up. Anyway, I was basically trying to say the same thing as you. BTW, I think you got the box office totals of the two films mixed up. Avatar is the highest, with Titanic second.

        • Think? No you’re correct. Checking what I’ve typed for FTL :(

  9. Maybe because people liked them? I mean, being the #1 and #2 movies of all time means at least some people liked them, even if the majority of internet commenters seem to have hated Avatar.

  10. Yawn… I’m getting a pirates of the carribean flogging a dead horse till its dead feeling about these films already…

  11. Oh, the last smurf samurai part 2-4. I can´t wait!

  12. As much as people are thinking its cool to rip on it, they will all still see it.

  13. In the oceans of Pandora? Hah! If there’s something that I know James Cameron wants to do, it’s set a film underwater and aquatic. This could be where Marvel and DC/WB could get ideas for a Namor or Aquaman film!

    • Actually you are more right than you know.

      One of the many reason why fully underwater shows are few and far between is because they are cost prohibitive and a big risk for studios. Cameron has been spending his time more recently developing new tech that will allow him to make/film a fully underwater movie and not cost a billion dollars in the process.

      Once that tech has been created, the rest of Hollywood (and subsequently us movie goers) will reap the rewards.

  14. I can’t wait to see them. I just wish Cameron would get busy with proper anamorphic Bluray releases of True Lies and The Abyss.

  15. THREE sequels? I thought this was supposed to be a trilogy.

    Man… talk about milking. I guess a tetralogy is the new trilogy.

  16. Avatar may not be the most original movie ever but I feel like it did the plot points well and was a fun ride. I am excited for more films because it was a spectacle and even though it may not be up to such high internet movie critic standards, it will be fun to watch.

  17. I am constantly asking myself whether or not this movie really deserves this many sequels, it’s turning into a serialized TV show at this point to go that far with it. The stories and characters really need to be compelling after that first act, which was kind of generic in it’s plot structure, but forward thinking with all the technology it talked about. It just seems like they’re milking this for all it’s worth and I’m not sure it needs any more. It’s not like Star Wars where we can’t wait to see what happens to Luke and Co. coming from A New Hope, these characters are pretty well resolved with Jake becoming a Na’vi and really living his days with Neytiri. Does it really need to go further? I’ve been a fan of James Cameron’s movies since Terminator and really, he hasn’t made a really BAD one ever, but I fear these could tow that line by getting too greedy on one subject. I’d rather see him make something else that is unique and original.

    • You really feel Avatar was resolved? While I don’t know exactly where the plot will lead us (other than underwater and I have zero clue how we will get there), I want to know how Sully will live in his new world as a true native, what will the tribe do now that they are homeless and with so many lost, did Grace survuve in some form as part of the world tree (and will she now be its avatar? Also lets not forget the Humans were forcefully evicted. I can’t imagine they were none too happy about that and probably still have a lust for that “unobtainium” so, barring a lame name like, “Avatar: The Humans Strike Back”, its safe to say they will be returning in force.

      Lots more questions still to be answered. You might not be interested in finding out but I sure am.