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buffalo bill avatar SR Pick [Video]: Phantom Menace Reviewer Takes On Avatar

Are you familiar with the guy from Red Letter Media who ripped George Lucas a new one in the brilliantly snarky and twisted review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menance? If you haven’t watched the review, go HERE right now and do so – you need to understand just what’s in store for James Cameron’s Avatar, the next film on this guy’s chopping block.

Like his other reviews, our critic narrates in a voice reminiscent of Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb from Silence of the Lambs and he doesn’t pull any punches pointing out the foibles in Cameron’s fantasy epic. Story, script, visuals, acting – everything many of you haters continue to complain about are fair game. So, if you aren’t a happy rider of the Avatar bandwagon, this is the validation you’ve been waiting for.

Now, if you’re one of our regular readers, then you’ve surely had it out with me regarding Avatar. I enjoyed it and respect Cameron’s achievement for making a groundbreaking film, while others don’t necessarily feel so warm and fuzzy. I’ve been called everything from stubborn, to bullheaded to obnoxious to an ogre for my dogmatic stance on this movie – but to show there are no hard feelings, and that I don’t take myself or my opinion too seriously icon neutral SR Pick [Video]: Phantom Menace Reviewer Takes On Avatar I’m happy to have my viewpoint slapped around by old Buffalo Bill.

Here’s the two-part review for your viewing pleasure:



While there are some valid points and good insights in there, don’t think this review has swayed me all that much. After all, many of the points made are the same arguments everybody has been making, and, in the end, “It’s just, like, his opinion, man!” icon smile SR Pick [Video]: Phantom Menace Reviewer Takes On Avatar .

What did you think of the Avatar review? Spot-on? Spot-off? As good as The Phantom Menace review or not so much?

Avatar is still making a box office killing in theaters (though not if you take inflation, ticket prices, ticket sales and the current position of the lunar cycle into account).

Source: Red Letter Media (hat tip to Slash Film)

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  1. Props Kofi for posting this crap even though it goes against your opinion (and mine).

    You know, it's very rare to be able to tell that a person is a fat star wars nerd based on his voice alone. This is that rare occasion :)

    Comical and trivial criticisms.

  2. As much as I liked Avatar, the guys brings up some good (and hilarious) points.

    His 70 minute Phantom Menace review was epic BTW.

  3. He's long winded. His Phantom Menace review was entertaining because we'd not seen a review like that before. He established that he didn't like the film and that he was a disturbed individual. This review doesn't change any from his PM review. He could have skipped over all of it and started the review around the 7th minute in the second video. I think he states how we all feel about the film. While technically advanced and visually appealing, the storyline was predictable and overused.

  4. Riping is easy: praising is hard. That being said, this guy has the knack for picking out the absurd and making it funny. It's what a good comedian does. I wouldn't use his review as a measuring stick for the movie just like I don't use a comedian's political opinions as a measure sticking against my own.

  5. Considering I like The Phantom Menace, and I am man enough to admit that I was wrong about Avatar, this guy comes across as a sad and lonely loser who has never known the touch of a woman, shouting and screaming at the world from his parents basement, attacking two of the biggest comercial successes in movie history.

  6. Sam, I was a PM fanboy too. I snuck out of school to wait in line six hours for tickets (only time I ever skipped school); my friends and I ran out of a band concert and drove like maniacs to the theater opening night (so reckless it's miracle we didn't cause a fatal accident); I saw PM in theaters seven times, and it remains, to date, the only bootleg film I have ever purchased. I wanted to love it so bad, because I loved Star Wars so much.

    But when this guy cracked that line about how Quai-gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi should've been combined into one character…named Obi Wan Kenobi, I bust out laughing til I had tears in my eyes. I finally had to admit that I had invested my soul into (and risked my life for) one of the worst movies ever (from a cinematic standpoint).

    Recovery is possible, man. It's a long, hard road, but it is possible.

  7. That dude hit the nail on the head a few times in his PM review… the bit that really got me was when he posited the question “who is the main character in Phantom Menace”… it's true, there really isn't one, not in the way we'd expect it. It was probably meant to be Anakin, since the rest of the trilogy focusses on him, but he's hardly a character in PM.

  8. ROFL @ Sympathy Scientists.

  9. LoL why is he playing Dre Day in the background ROFL

  10. Though his PM review was funny and agreeable i still couldn't shake the feeling that he was just 'ranting' or hating on Avatar. Yes he did bring up a good point with designing the Navi, but it still doesn't change the fact that Avatar was (IMO) interesting and fun to watch. At least the story made since and felt a sense of accomplishment after watching it.

  11. You Tube has gotten to be one of the g'awfullest ways to deliver a video that's around. They seem absolutely clueless when it comes to dumping cashed data. Bufferng sucks and despite recent clamp downs they still host the most awful hacked content on the net. I almost wish it would die. By the way, the reviews were some of the best content I've viewed on You Tube. It's obvious that he hasn't thought long enough about “Avatar” to do as thorough a job as he did on SWTPM. Still, not too bad…

  12. My face still hurts from laughing at this and his demolition of The Phantom Menace. Movie reviewer with the mind of a serial killer or vice versa, there's no arguing with that. Can't wait to hear what he has to say about Star Trek.

  13. joshi38 is right, his Phantom Menace review is nothing less than epic! I couldn't believe how much intelligence he brought to a totally lame and stupid movie.
    I only wish he had done one for Indy4…

  14. I've just watched his reviews of all the Star Trek Next Generation movies, and my entire head hurts now. Comic genius and well-informed with it – dissects them like a Vulcan psychopath on a crusade against stuff that JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. His Nemesis one is particularly good.

  15. Loved it.

  16. I actually think the middle ground in Avatar he was talking about at the end is the scientists with the avatar progam. They aren't as hard assed as the military and they aren't as simple and in touch with the planet as the Na'vi.

    I really enjoy this guys reviews btw the phantom menace one was epic….for the record, i was going stir crazy here at my house a few weeks ago and the only thing on tv was Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

    I never fully realized how contrived and just plain bad those movies were until now. The last time i saw them i was in middle school and in highschool. Now after taking a couple film history and film making classes in college, the only thing i can think, is does george lucas really think we are stupid? Those films were an even bigger rip off than Transformers!

  17. I just Have one doubt. The Navi and his people shown living midest of trees and water which means enough oxygen is there but when the humans land there, James have shown them wearing oxygen mask. Any comments

  18. They said that without the mask, they'd go unconcious in 30 seconds and dead in 4 minutes, that doesn't sound like oxegen deprevation to me, likely there's some sort of toxin or something in the air that the animal and plant life have adapted to live with, but humans can't.

  19. To the Samuel Goldwyn theatre at the crack of dawn, where Anne Hathaway and Academy president Tom Sherak read out this year's Oscar nominations . Our hosts roll up with minimum fanfare and then retreat in haste,

  20. He did a good job in analysing all the techniques and symbology used to create emotion and so forth in the movie.. but I did that in the 9 grade at school. Was he criticising the techniques.. I don't know he said they used big eyes for this, they used a cat nose for this.. ok and in some movies they make the Aliens look completely stupid and the audience can not relate to them. He got to mixed up in a love story which was only part of the initiation into the primitive culture i think that is what the audience loved. Pretty week review. I knew all the things he said from watching the trailer.

  21. The video has some funny parts but his Phantom Menace review reigns supreme.

  22. “…(though not if you take inflation, ticket prices, ticket sales and the current position of the lunar cycle into account)”

    Someone took their pouty pills today. Grow a pair already and please move on. I'm getting very tired of the constant bashing of critics.

  23. I believe the atosphere is rich in ammonia. The plant and animal life there is probably specially adopted to thrive in that planet's atmosphere.

  24. That'll do it, I'm no scientist, but that explanation suits me fine.

  25. Someone earlier on in the movie mentioned that about the atmosphere, I think it's the same person who explained about how you'll pass out if you breathe in the air that you cited. And I think I remember Cameron saying that in an interview he had prior to the movie's release.

  26. Even better, it's canon now :p

  27. I'm getting tired of people with opinions confusing themselves with critics.

    And not only did I move on – I posted something that shoots down my own feelings about the movie. Sorry I didn't lick your butt enough while I was doing it, “Jack.”

  28. I'm in agreement that epic perfectly describes “The Phantom Menace” review. I would say that what made this review for me were two lines:

    1. “If I wanted a message, I'd listen to my answering machine.”
    2. “Take your Prozac and get back in your toll booth.”

    Had me cracking me…He really nailed the Na'vi looking like cats and dogs and switching Na'vi to naive (showing clip of the audience). Wow.

  29. LMFAO!!