Avatar Theatrical Re-Release Date Confirmed

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avatar new image2 Avatar Theatrical Re Release Date Confirmed

We’ve heard about it earlier, but James Cameron’s Avatar is now officially returning to theaters on August 27th, 2010. Not content with an astonishing $2.7 billion at the box office already, Cameron is determined to squeeze as much money as humanly possible out of audiences for his first film in 12 years.

Avatar will return exclusively to 3D and IMAX theaters, something which might lead you to wonder why it’s not also returning to regular old 2D theaters (remember those?). However, the big draw for Avatar was the revolutionary 3D and that’s where most of that $2.7 billion was made.

Here’s the official information from 20th Century Fox (thanks to /Film):

On August 27, return to Pandora and re-experience James Cameron’s History-Making Epic film, with more than Eight Minutes of Never Before Seen Footage- exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX® 3D. Since – and largely as of result of – AVATAR’s release last December, the number of available digital 3D screens has exploded, and moviegoers who missed experiencing the film in 3D, as well as fans that want to return to Pandora again, will now have that opportunity.

The Oscar® and Golden Globe® winning epic is the highest grossing film of all time, taking in over $2.7 billion in worldwide box office. It is also the top-selling Blu-ray disc of all time.

International Re-release Schedule

  • RUSSIA 26 AUGUST 2010
  • UK 27 AUGUST 2010
  • INDIA 27 AUGUST 2010
  • JAPAN 16 OCTOBER 2010
  • MEXICO 15 OCTOBER 2010

We last heard about Avatar‘s re-release when Cameron talked about it a couple of months ago. However, at that point Cameron said it’d have SIX minutes of additional footage, so it appears a couple of extra minutes have been added. Just what this new footage will be remains to be seen, although Cameron has said it required significant additional effects work by WETA. Not a bad thing to hear, I think you’ll agree.

avatar final battle Avatar Theatrical Re Release Date Confirmed

I know there are a lot of people out there who weren’t as enamored with Avatar as most were (although the box office receipts suggest they saw it more than once), with most haters citing the “generic story” as one of the problems they had with it. However, I’m one of those people who was in awe of the film, particularly the stunning visuals and exciting action. As for the story, well I can’t say I totally disagree that it’s a bit like “Dances with Wolves in space” but people I always thought people were being a bit too harsh on it (and fellow Screen Rant writer Kofi Outlaw agreed with me)

As for Avatar‘s re-release, I probably won’t end up seeing it again since I saw it twice in theaters when it first came out and own it at home. Having said that, with it coming right at the end of the summer movie season when every other blockbuster has come and gone, I might just see it again to cap off summer 2010.

Will you be seeing Avatar when it gets released again this Fall? Does the eight extra minutes of footage sway you?

As stated, Avatar will be re-released in 3D and IMAX 3D theaters on August 27th, 2010.

Source: 20th Century Fox (via /Film)

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  1. I enjoyed it the first time I saw it in the cinema, but wasn’t wow’ed in any way, so me personally I will not be re-watching it again, even with an extra 8 minutes.

    I’m glad it did well enough to merit a re-release, and I hope they do well. James Cameron is a very talented Director and the staff that worked on this project deserve recognition and if another release gives them a bit more in their pocket book then I can’t argue, but I honestly don’t feel that a re-release this soon is merited at all.

  2. what a greedy basterd, not only is he re-releasing titanic but this PoS as well damn americans are greedy.

    • god damn man, doesnt this bastard have enough money??

      • if Dark Knight was re-released in theaters what would you say?

        of course the studio wants more money, its not really Camerons say, he could go along with it but its all a studio puch. and money is the only thing the studio cares about.

        If the Dark Knight was re-released in theaters no one would have any issue with that or call Christopher Nolan an money hungry basterd.

        i’ll admit that Nolan and The Dark Knight are better than Cameron and Avatar but that doesnt mean Cameron isnt still one of the best film makers in the world.

        you people need to calm down. see the movie or dont.

        • i’d actually say the exact same thing man, dont assume you know my feelings on re-releases..i was actually one of the very few that didnt see the star wars re-releases….paid for it once, no need to pay the man again

          • Paying “the man?” LMAO, I watch movies in theaters for MY enjoyment. I don’t really mind that my money is going to some mysterious “the man” that pounds his fists and bad things happen, lol.

            If they re-released Terminator 2 in theaters, damn right I will pay to watch it again. I paid to watch Iron Man twice in theaters and it didn’t even need to be re-released. I enjoyed it every time. I’m glad I’m happy and not grumpy and complaining in blog sites about my theater experiences… Well, unless the movie sucked, then damn right I’m going to complain about wasting my money. But if it gets re-released, I’ll simply not watch it, no need to stress about it. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, right??

            • my apologies mr ken, i just dislike money hungry people..which means i must dislike most of all hollywood lol. these days theres rarely any movies i go to the theater for, sad i admit, but hey i just dont feel like seeing heavily cgi based movies, though admittingly theres been a few i have seen.

    • Actually, Cameron is Canadian.

      • @Dan

        Well, if someone is dumb enough to generalize about an entire country, they will probably be too dumb to realize what you and I might know, so cut him a break, intelligence is hard to come by… ;-)

        • Canada is still part of North America so American is still a correct term for him.

          The More you Know…

          • So under that logic, then even people in South America can be simply called “American.” I’m sure saying American doesn’t imply someone from the USA or anything… [/sarcasm] lol

            • Indeed Ken J, indeed , but scholars already include South America as counting some one as being and American ;)

  3. Y,didnt they just give us an extra disc on the blu ray with special features and these 8 extra minutes?!? I know theyre re releasing the movie agin but seriously?!? They just want more cash….

    • the blue-ray only had the movie, no special features.

      a more complete blue-ray set will be released in November, they’ve been saying that for months.

      • wtf cares, ricky18 has a point. cameron is just money hungry

        • *gasp* You mean he’s in the business to make money???? *shocked face*

          Did you also know that the sun is hot?? *gasp*

          • like i already asked.. how much is enough???

            • Um, if you were earning money for something, let me ask you, how much is enough if you can earn more? Are you going to be like “alright guys, stop giving me money, that’s enough!” lol, please tell me you would so I can laugh harder… :-P

              • i actually make enough to live off of and maintain my happiness thanks for your concern though lol, dont bust a gut loling too hard mr ken

  4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    It just came out. I can MAYBE see in 10 years or so, but it just came out to rent/buy!

  5. I think he just wants to try and cross the $3 billion mark

    • a re-release will not add to the record, other wise Star Wars and Fantasia would have much bigger box office numbers.

  6. greedy PoS… he’s taking advantage of the fact that most people where visually stunned to realise that his ‘very own’ story has in fact been developed by others way before him (pocahontas anyone ?)

    • wasnt pocahontas a remake of Romeo and Juliet.

      and i dont remember Pocahontas having space ships, aliens, flying monsters, or genetic research. Avatar was still more original than most films out there

      • Avatar is not original at all in a story sense. Ya the creatures look cool but its just dances with wolves: technology edidtion. If he spent one tenth the time of polishing the story as he did the effects it might have been worth watching a second time but sadly it fell into the trap of effects driving the film instead of plot.

        • Really? I mean seriously?…omg.

          So, how about we just quit making stuff and all sit down and die. Television has always been, and always will be a remake/redo/rewrite/refilm/refurbish/repackage. In case if you didn’t notice how about 99% of the films/shows are basically the same shows that were out 20-30 years ago…
          Oh wait a minute, I bet you like reality TV…cause it’s unpredictable and original all the time – BUAHAHAHAHA…except that reality shows are stupid.
          Cameron did a phenomenal job on keeping the story warm, engaging (although old and re-tried) and simple – SO THAT IT WOULD NOT DETRACT FROM THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE. I would have hated going …HUH? what is happening? wth is happening…OMG but the planet looks cool. Wait, what is going on?
          That would have ruined the film. Cameron is a genious. And I would have loved to go see it in IMAX 3D (cause it was mind-blowing) again if Nashville IMAX didn’t get flooded in May.

          Apologies for the rant.

  7. though i’m not a huge fan (i only saw it once) i admit it was a really good movie. some claim that its a rip off of Pocahontas. but Pocahontas is a rip off of dancing with wolves, which in turn is a modified Romeo and Juliet

    the movie was more original with effects and details than most films last year so i like it. i will see it again in Imax because i feel like watching a good movie in Imax.

    • Especially in 3D IMAX. It’s phenomenal. But at the least, I appreciate your level headed evaluation of the film.

  8. Holy crap people, if you didn’t like it, just don’t watch it. Keep your freakin’ panties on, seriously…

    • ken j, im with u there..but i can see why people are pissed off. theres no reason for him to re-release this, other than financial gaain for him. how much is enough??

      • Why get pissed off? Nobody is forcing anyone to go watch it, just ignore it. It seems that everytime there is any mention of Avatar on this site, there are some people that feel compelled to jump in and make negative comments about it. Seriously, if you’re not interested in watching the movie again, why click on the link detailing its re-release???

        Plus, of course he wants money, that’s why he’s in the movie business!!! When you go to work, you want to get paid right??? LOL, for people to “complain” that he wants money is the funniest thing in the world… I’m sure every one of them works for free, yah, I’m sure of that, lol. :-D

        Anyway, I didn’t get to watch it on IMAX, I’m kind of torn if it’s worth my money to see it on IMAX… I liked the movie, but wasn’t blown away by it, but did like how great it looked, so I’m interested in watching it like I would be in watching any of the documentaries the IMAX theater shows. Where I live the IMAX is in a science museum, so they don’t only show feature films in IMAX 3D but also documentaries, and I love those! lol. I’m kind of interested in seeing Avatar on IMAX 3D for the visual aspect of it, like a documentary of a fictional planet. :-P

        • were all entitled to rant here…it is screenrant after all dude. like it or not i’ll continue to do so on any thread i have opinios on, thanks:)

          • I’m not trying to censor anyone, I’m saying, why get all worked up over it? I’m actually looking out for YOUR health. I find it funny that people have a chip on their shoulders. Just relax and lower your blood pressure, lol. Be kind to your heart. So you’re welcome. :-)

            • im VERY relaxed my friend, trust me

        • And you would not regret it.

      • No. You are thinking it from a very close-minded percpective dude. I would pay to rewatch a ton of movies in theatres. For instance I would die to watch Labyrinth, or Jurassic Park again (among many other movies). But alas they don’t many movies. Avatar is a fun enough ride so that rewatching it in IMAX 3D is totally worth it. And I don’t care that I would have to pay to go see it again and fatten someone’s pockets. The movie deserves as much money as it can get. People will decide when is enough.

        One other thing, there are tonns of people that never got a chance to see it in theatre due to having a life…and life does interfere with the ability to do things you want when you want them. So, providing people with another chance to watch it is acceptable in my book. Again, people will decide when enough is enough.

  9. Greedy?? Just business, When it’s still day you continue to make hay. How many failures do you think Fox will have to cover with the profits of “Avatar?” How did you think the studio worked stuff like that out? They probably see themselves barely making a profit and I know people that not only never saw it, some had no intention of seeing it. My next door neighbor is of the Corvette and custom Harley crowd. He’s too busy riding or going to the races or vette show off shows, he owns two of them himself, to sit in a theater for 2+ hours. Especially for a retread story. He waits till he goes on vacation to Vegas to visit family, which is highly variable timing wise and then if he sees a movie it’s like the Rolling Stones movie “At The Max.”

  10. OK, I’m no great fan of Avatar, but let me see if I understand this:

    1. Guy works for 2-3 years creating something.

    2. He and the people that put up 300 MILLION dollars to create it want to make as much money from that as possible.

    3. People get to voluntarily decide whether to go see this movie again.

    And this is bad/wrong, how, exactly? Because money is evil? It’s bad to want to make as much money as possible from your work/investment? Other people should be able to decide how much money is “enough” for James Cameron (or you)?


    • Maybe we should start allowing the government to tell us how much money is “enough” for each of us? Hey, we’re getting closer to that reality… ;-)

      • thanks to obama, we sure are lol

  11. 1. Actually yes re releases do count toward it’s box office total re check star wars BO it didn’t make that in it’s first run.

    2. It’s greedy and stupid to re release it. It’s bad enough to re release years later but this isn’t even years later.

    3. This isn’t the studio wanting it and Cameron just going along this was his idea because he lacks integrity.

    4. I would say the same thing if Nolan did this it’s a greedy money grubbing move that shows a strong lack of integrity which is why don’t ever actually see Nolan doing it is more respectable than that.

    That said Avatar is a crap film that is nothing more than a mindless SFX film like Transformers or GI Joe…. So I’m sure the re release will be successful.

    • I thought they did re-release The Dark Knight???

    • How the hell does he lack integrity? The man has an ego probably,but can you blame him? look at his track record.Also,he’s one of the nicest guys Ive seen in interviews and discussions concerning his work.Re-releases are exactly my cup of coffee,but I dont think its right to attack a man based upon a re-release.Its not greedy.They put 300 million in his hands to make a film,it came back in the form of the most “successful movie of all time” financially.Why wouldnt you try to get more profit.Seriously people,calm down and see the sunlight and stop getting mad at everything.

      Also,I have yet to see it b/c im waiting for the fully loaded blu ray this holiday.Ive heard the story is cliche,but this film is nowhere near the negative package that is Transformers 2.And GI Joe isnt the best film but its popcorn,b movie action.Lighten up dude

      • i probably wouldnt be so hard on cameron for this, except the fact that he is planning on re-releasing titanic as well…i say, just move on, make more movies instead of starting what will be a trend of hollywood re-releasing stuff

        • The only thing I have against him re-releasing Titanic is that I’d much rather him re-release Terminator 2 or Aliens… I’d love to see either (or both) of those again in theaters….

          • either way he wont be getting any money from for these re-releases

          • MMMM…Aliens. I’d love that very much indeed.

        • 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary since the ocean liner sank. They’ll release it in 3-D, which Cameron is supervising…

    • Greedy and stupid. Yeah, OK.

      I love when people tell other people how much money they should make.

      If I could make a grand by republishing an editorial article from two years ago, I wouldn’t even bat an eye in hesitation.

      If that made me greedy and stupid, so be it.


      • Actually it makes good business sense. Are you up for “Star Wars” or “Raiders” in 3-D? Studios will very likely be looking at “Titanic’s” success with an eye on converting more movies to 3-D. Why, proven bankable properties for the price of your average comedy.

        Well Vic I’d say you just might be able to dust off a few reviews from the past tweak them for the 3-D showings and run them again!

        • I know we all have our favs that we cheerish and feel protective of but we must rememeber that WE do NOT ownany of these films and so we don’t have any say so in what is done with them. If the rightful owne wants to do something stupid (and I’m not saying this re-showing of AVATAR is stupid) then that is their right to do so. All we can do is voice our oinion by refusing to let said person or studio make money off of us for whatever it is they have done.

    • I hope you lead a happy life…which I am sure you would respond that you do. But alas, you don’t since simpler things seem to not give you any pleasure. And integrity? lol look up the definition of the word before using it.

  12. It is possible that a large group of people missed it in the theatre (myself and husband are in this group) and then saw it on DVD and said, “I wish we would have seen it in the theatre”. The special effects and color were stunning. The story is exactly the same as New World (with Colin Farrell). In New World it was Pocohantas and Capt. John Smith, the story lines are so similar it could be called a story rip-off. But yes I am glad I will now have the chance to see this movie on a big screen.

    As far as being greedy, I have seen/read/heard of people in modern society do much worse in the name of greed than to re-release a popular film?

    • I don’t see how it’s so wrong or greedy for someone release a film for the sake of earning money. That’s why ANYONE releases a movie. And it’s not like anyone is FORCED into seeing it, it’s 100% VOLUNTARY, meaning if you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it, pretty simple, no hoops to jump through. What is greedy is if money is required of me or is compulsory, such as taxes…

  13. With the money FOX is losing at the box office this summer, I can’t say I blame them for re-releasing Avatar.

  14. $14+ dollars for 8 minutes of new footage? Thats almost $2 per minute! Sorry no, I will not be shelling out any more money on this flick.

    I was always amused at the absurdity of the big robot powered suit first loosing his giant sized gun, so it pulls out a giant sized Bowie knife then he gets disarmed again….so Im guessing the 8 minutes of new footage will include a giant sized brass knuckles, or maybe a giant sized pair of Nunchucks! yeah!

    • That woul be so cool.

      • “would”

  15. Oh great, another chance to not see it.

    9/11 really did a number on American cinema. They had a hard time acting like they cared and this movie’s concept is old and tired, like the rest of Hollywood.

  16. I could be wrong Ken but I don’t believe they re released TDK. It was discussed but I don’t believe it was. They were considering doing it for the oscars don’t remember all the details but if I remember correctly Nolan didn’t want to and it never actually happened. Either way though it was for award season not money.

    • Yah, I’m sure they were going to re-release it for free…

  17. ehh he has enough money, he wont be getting anymore of mine either way

  18. Just 8min ?
    Sorry,I was hopping for those 40min they mentioned before !
    But as far as I know,they can’t do that in Imax,so lets hope for the Blue ray disc !

    • lol ios…yeah you’d think he wouldnt be stingy like that huh

  19. For 8 minutes. I know the movie was good but 8 minutes isnt going to change my life so ill just get it on dvd or blu ray. But i know still alot of people is going to see it again. Who knows, it might be #1 again

    • caped, i bet it will be, too many mindless zombies out there lol

  20. Vic,
    Thats hilarious!!!!!! Same here……

  21. Like it, don’t like it. Doesn’t really make a difference. I just think its kinda funny how much of an impact it had. Whether or not its a rip off of pocahontas or Dances with wolves (it is, for anyone who is questioning my opinions), it was still pretty good.

    And for the record, I almost wished he had won Best Director, because it could have meant we got to see something like this:


    • naw i think its fitting his ex wife got that and won best picture lol

      • Not unless you agree with the politics of it, because The Hurt Locker wasn’t a good movie, sorry, I’m aware that everyone is on the “The Hurt Locker was brilliant” bandwagon, but most of what happened in that movie was completely ridiculous to me. I guess I might enjoy it more if I didn’t know how the things shown in that movie really work…

  22. A lot of you fail to realize that there is a large Avatar Fan base, were sometimes called Avatards.If anything,its us,not Jim or Fox that is the culprit behind the re-release. The best way to see Avatar is on the big screen in 3D. Bottom line, much to Avatar haters dismay, is we will pay to see it again and again that way.

    • i actually REALIZE the fan base based on box office ticket sales, me, im just plainly against re-releases in general. plus the fact its ONLY 8 mins of additional footage….not to mention its been on DVD/Blu-ray for a while now.you guys go ahead play more for 3d, and all that needless crap, im not one for making a guy richer for something that was released once already.

  23. In the entertainment business it’s always about someone getting paid, and usually you pay the same person or business more then once if you enjoyed the product or services rendered. I am willing to bet you have dined more then once at the same place because you liked the food.

    • we’re comparing this to food now?? LOL case closed man

  24. I’ll be honest- I rarely go to see a movie in the theatre. First of all, I have hearing loss so a lot of the time I don’t know what people are saying and I get completely lost. Also, I’m too stingy to see a movie in the theatre. I go maybe once a year. So, all of the hype about Avatar wasn’t enough to get me to go see it.
    I got Avatar from my local library (thank you, tax dollars). About 10 minutes into the movie, I realized what a colossal mistake I had made in not going to see it in the theatre, on the big screen, in 3D. All I could think about was how I had missed my chance.
    I’m no Avatard, I didn’t think the plot was brilliant (agreed, it’s not exactly a new story) but I truly appreciated the special effects even on an average-joe tv at home, and look forward to seeing them as they were meant to be. I’ll be parting with my $15 bucks with a smile on my face.

    • This is exactly why they’re bringing it back out Jennifer. For what ever reasons people didn’t see it in theaters where if they so choose they could watch it the way it was intended. They claim, don’t know how true, that most performances in I-Max sold out all the way up to when they had to vacate contractually for “Alice in Wonderland.” Most of you have probably already heard this but I thought it bared repeating. If not for other movies wanting to play in a limited venue it could have played maybe as long as “Titanic” did, which was what, 10 Months?! By the way Jennifer some theaters accommodate the hearing impaired you should call and ask see if they have a special pickup. I would think most I-Max theaters would be accommodating!

  25. Does anyone kno exatcly what this additional 8 minutes of footage will include? I really dislike it when the extra footage advertised ends up being basically worthless.

    If I’m going to pay to see thsi again I want 8 minuites of intense battle footage and not merely an 8 minute conversation between the films primary male & female; something like discussing some exotic flower and how its dealdy to the touch. I fear that the 8 minutes will end up being something like that.

  26. Everything I’ve read indicates new creatures and action scenes. Which is keeping with fan desires for more Pandora…

  27. Hehe, spark some hate but I loved the movie and didn’t mind the story not being original, but how it was told. A good example is how people would sing a song; if one person sang a song all monotone or with no emotion it wouldn’t be as exciting or enjoyable as someone who sang the same song with emotion and/or passion.

    But I WILL go see it… again… for the 18th time (only 8th time in theaters :D ). Sure I might slap down another $15 or $30 to go see it 3 more times.

    1) Who cares where my money goes as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?
    2) If spending $30 will help them afford a better writer for the sequel then I’ll do it

  28. Oh I see so your saying you can only follow a simplistic story can’t handle that difficult thinking stuff.

    A film should be about more than pretty visuals. If you can’t craft a decent story with actual character development around your special effects than your no better than Micael Bay.