Details on ‘Avatar: Special Edition’ & Upcoming 2-Disc DVD/Blu-ray

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avatar jake neytiri 570x2431 Details on Avatar: Special Edition & Upcoming 2 Disc DVD/Blu ray

In James Cameron’s Avatar, a group of natives fight back against an evil corporation that’s willing to destroy their civilization in order to acquire a valuable commodity. In reality, capitalism isn’t personified by a two-dimensional villain and without any sense of irony, 20th Century Fox is asking fans to open their wallets again and again and again.

I’m kidding of course. Amusing parallels aside, Cameron and Co. are only delivering what fans have been begging for – a deeper glimpse into the inner workings of Pandora.

As THR reports, between this Friday’s theatrical re-release and an upcoming 2-Disc DVD and Blu-ray set, the filmmakers are keeping their fingers crossed that you really can’t have too much of a good thing.

Unlike Avatar’s initial release, audiences will only be able to experience the special edition of the film in 3D. The expanded cut clocks in at 171 minutes and Fox domestic distribution chief, Bruce Snyder, says fans can look forward to seeing something brand new roughly every fifteen minutes.

Avatar’s worldwide gross reached $2.74 billion and Cameron insists that had it not been for other 3D releases commandeering theater space, the film would have continued to thrive at the box office. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, the innovative filmmaker reveals the other motivating factors behind Avatar’s re-release:

“Audiences repeatedly told me they wanted more of Pandora, and wished they could have stayed there longer. So we’re making that possible. AVATAR: SPECIAL EDITION will be exclusively in 3D, and will have eight minutes of never before seen footage, including new creatures and action scenes. Whether you already love the movie, or you’ve never seen it, with this Special Edition, you’ll be seeing it like never before.”

Producer Jon Landau elaborates:

“We tried to look at what people have responded to in the film and give them more of that… There’s a whole new scene that takes place in the (Na’vi) school, there’s more night bioluminescence, there’s new creatures, and there is a new action scene. The scenes don’t just feel like added scenes — they are very organic to the story and embellish it.”

Our friends at Collider were able to get their hands on two new images from Avatar’s re-release. You can check them out below:

avatar special edition 01 570x320 Details on Avatar: Special Edition & Upcoming 2 Disc DVD/Blu ray

avatar special edition 02 570x320 Details on Avatar: Special Edition & Upcoming 2 Disc DVD/Blu ray

If eight and a half minutes of new footage still isn’t enough, even the most ravenous of Avatar fans should be satisfied with the sixteen minutes of new footage that will debut on the DVD and Blu-ray release this November. For those anxious to experience the film’s groundbreaking 3D effects at home, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year for yet another DVD/Blu-ray release.

Ordinarily I loathe when studios force you to double dip on popular films, but in the case of Avatar they never disguised the fact that a special edition would follow April’s bare bones release. So when I start adding up how much money I’ve spent on this film, I’ll be sure to remember that I only have myself to blame.

avatar final battle Details on Avatar: Special Edition & Upcoming 2 Disc DVD/Blu ray

Avatar certainly has its critics- any pop-culture juggernaut inevitably will. I know a lot of people wish the story had been as revolutionary as the special effects and I’ll admit that I’m one of them. However, what invites repeat viewings of the film for me is the level of detail Cameron painstakingly implemented into every aspect of the mythology.

I love that the production design is vintage Cameron and that all of the military tech could stand side-by-side with anything from Aliens. Though the choice to tell the story in broad strokes initially bothered me, I’ve since learned to find something charming about its simplicity.

Regardless, I still roll my eyes every time I see Quaritch pull that huge knife out of his AMP suit.

Will you be rushing back to theaters this Friday to experience Avatar in 3D again or are you content to wait until November’s DVD/Blu-ray release?

Avatar: Special Edition opens in theaters this Friday – and release on DVD and Blu-ray this November.

Source: THR, Collider.

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  1. I’m going to wait for the special edition DVD. It sounds better than spending $10 bucks on the rerelease theaters out on Friday.

  2. A movie haven’t seen since the second time I saw it in Theatres at the beginning of the year, I’ll be interested to see it again ths November (I won’t be seeing it in theatres again). I’m glad I didn’t buy the bluray when first released, I think an 11 month hiatus will suit me fine for enjoying this movie again.

  3. I’ll totally go see it again in the theater and buy the special edition blu ray.

  4. I’ll see the new version, and I’ll buy the 3D blu-ray version next year.

  5. Waiting for the blu-ray. It was cool in 3D, but not worth the price of a 3D ticket twice.

  6. I won’t be one of the gullible people double dipping or even triple dipping for this movie. I thought it was vastly over-rated and was just a huge hype machine. The story was comparable to something that could be written in a 6th grade literature class. After fifteen years worth of work James Cameron has given us Blue Jamaican Indians! The special effects were the only thing to enjoy in the movie and even then they 3-D “gotcha” factor was forced. All I have to say is that I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it.

    • LOL..i havent seen it and dont plan on it either

      • Then you’re doing yourself a disservice. ‘Avatar’ was one the greatest films of last year. The story isn’t original, but Cameron did an incredible job at telling it.

        • i really couldnt care less matt, sorry man :)

        • how can you say it was a good movie, it was half decent at best. put it this way if it had no visual effects then would you still was its an ‘incredible’ movie ?

          • @”how can you say it was a good movie”

            I never said it was “good”, but incredible. Yes, if you took away the visuals I would still enjoy the movie, because it was the way the story was told that got me in too the film. The visuals only added a little to it.

            • It is an incredible movie. It’s got a good message. And to each his own if someone wants to say it’s incredible than thats there opinion.

              • @ sully
                like you said ‘to each his own opinion’ no need to keep pushing your point.

                • Same goes for several here. (pots and kettles).

            • ever heard of pocahontas hehhee seems awfully familiar with cameron’s avatar, it might even be a rip off of it seeing as how cameron’s avatar has an ‘original’ story.

              • Yeah yeah same argument we’ve been hearing since it’s release. Who cares if the story is similar to that. doesn’t make it bad. besides every story, movie song was inspired by something else. Originality is a loose word.

                • Also neither Matt K or I said it was original.

                • my point is, people cry about movies having similar storylines etc but when it comes to this PoS they turn their heads and pretend they never said anything.

                  have you seen never back down, if so then what are your thoughts about the story in that movie.

                  • Now who’s pushing their poing :)

                    • THANK YOU.

              • Where did I say it was original? If you look at my reply to Anthony, you’ll see that I said that it wasn’t original. It was the way the story was told tht made the film incredible.

                There’s no such thing as an original story anymore. All films feature a plot similar to another movie. All that matters now is how it’s told.

                • i just hate how everyone gives his credit for having an ‘original’ story and i don’t see how it was told in an ‘incredible’ manor please give me an example of how it was so.

                  • When they say “original”, I think they’re referring to the fact that it’s not a sequel, prequel, remake, or reboot. It’s a new film in a franchise.

                    I just thought Cameron did a great job on tranforming Jake Sully from someone who couldn’t care less about the Na’vi, and ended up fighting for them. IMO, Cameron went into soo much depth with the story and characters. I literally got lost in the world of Pandora. I actullay cared for the what the Na’vi had to got through. Hell, I’ll man up and admit that I cried during the scene in which the home tree was destroyed.

                    • Same here. The people in the theater when I first saw it were actually hugging each other (total strangers, mind you) when the humans were defeated. Really brought the room together.

                    • the only message i received throughout the movie is that humans are a bunch of greedy bastards which will go to extremes to get their way/making money.

                      i seriously can’t believe that people would cry, get really emotional whilst watching this movie. no i’m not a cold hearted bastard… at least not all the time, i myself felt somewhat passionate/upset at the end of terminator 2 when arnie says he has to go and john starts to cry (showing that the closest thing to a father figure he had was a machine), i felt connected to jake tyler from never back down as we both where/are almost identical character/personality wise. Yet when i watched avatar i was thinking ‘jesus christ wtf is this CGI fest gonna end’, ohh and for the note, we had a full house and i didn’t see/hear anyone crying, hugging or hanging themselves.

                  • It was an absorbing premise. It was an absorbing premise when it was Dances With Wolves, and it’s an absorbing premise regardless of technology and a 2 billion dollar profit. What I JUST HATE is that people squeal to high heaven about how weak and pathetic a film is using the same shallow arguments day in and day out despite the fact that the opposing side nods in understanding. It’s not original- WE GET IT! Who honestly cares anymore?! It’s still a damn good little movie that many people enjoy (repeatedly for an absurd admission price).

                    And the word you were looking for is “manner”. A manor is a large house.

                  • @jwalka

                    The story in “Avatar” is NOT original by any stretch of the imagination, BUT it presents the oft-told tale of “hero coming into his own/good vs. greed/open yourself up to new experiences/discover or rediscover the world around you/etc.” in a visually powerful way. The story is older than dirt but still told very well in the film.

                    You want AN example of how it’s told in an incredible manner? How about three?

                    1. Using the brother of the person who was SUPPOSED to be the newest Avatar as the second-chance recipient. The idea’s been used many times before, of course, but it often involves a stranger or an associate of the original choice or an initially uncooperative, unwieldy recipient. Jake, being related, has a more personal stake in accepting the job and his sheer joy at having his legs back and being out in the field is quite infectious.

                    2. The world as computer motif of the film, while being a variation on many other SF tales is certainly a fascinating way to show the characters’ interactions with the setting and even LITERALLY makes the world, itself, a chararacter in the film.

                    3. The growing love between Jake and Neytiri, the bond they develop, harkens me back to my chilhood watching the growing attraction between Leia and Han in the Star Wars films. Mushy? Probably. Worth every moment of back and forth? Definitely.

                    You’ll notice none of the three points even considered the visual (3-D, newfangled future-tech) aspects of the film, other than the fact that it IS a film and, thus, meant to be watched.

                    See? people DO have real reasons they enjoyed this film…these were just SEVERAL of MANY of mine. :)

  7. I never saw Avatar in a theatre, just on cable TV. I’ve been informed that I missed a fantastic experience. I don’t plan to blow the re-release.

    • do you really have a chicks last name?? ive never seen that before

  8. Anthony~
    I myself really abhore the whole 3D trend these days but I gotta say man, if you have never seen the film its really worth it to check it out in IMAX 3-D format. The little things like the “Heads up” displays in the command center are incredibly well rendered and have a depth that I’ve never seen in any other “3-D” flicks. Not saying that I either loved or didn’t care for Avatar in and of itself, but if you are interested in checking out what true 3-D is all about and are a fan of new tech, I would reccomend shelling out the cash and giving it a look see.

    Just sayin…pretty cool stuff when shot for 3-D instead of post 3-D.

    Party on mate :)

    • naw, i wont bend on this one, i stopped watching Cameron films after True Lies. that was it for me. when he did Titanic, i knew we’d never see another Scifi film from him again, its hard for me to count Avatar as such, i know im alone in that statement, but i’ll live withthe heat that it will cause here. its not a total live action film, its heavily mixed with CGI, had a HUGE budget. i just prefer he makes Scifi films like he used to is all.

      • I understand completely…I was just expressing my thoughts as a fellow movie buff. Its a sad fact that original ideas aren’t as achievable as advanced film technologies these days…could you just imagine?

        One can only hope.

        Have a good one, and stick to your guns, mate! :)

  9. Definitely missing out anthony. I had doubts too till i saw it. The 3D isn’t gimmicky and the story as it may be basic is still good.

    • AGAIN, no i dont think so but thanks for yours and everyones concern :)

  10. I’m good with my bare bones copy.

    The films worthy of my collection but its nothing I would pay to see again in the theaters.

    How funny would it be if the film tanked the second time around. 8 minutes of new footage is pretty weak. (Imo)

  11. DAMN i have it on bray already i couldnt wait! oh well,i dont plan on getting it again,it all depends if i have enogh money LOL! And yeah Anthony you really ARE missing out of a near perfect movie.

    • no, i dont think so man, sorry to have to disagree, i made my feelings about this in older posts before you were here ricky and wont go into it all again lol.

      • It’s not perfect, but it’s highly enjoyable. I think for you it’s one of those things you’d have to bump into by accident on TV or something. That’s how it was for me with Grosse Point Blank- saw it by accident, came to love the hell out of it.

        • differnece is Grosse Point Blank is a much better film LOL i saw it in the theaters years back :)

          • You say GPB is “better” than ‘Avatar’, but you also claim to have not watched ‘Avatar’. How can you think it’s “better” than a film you haven’t seen?

            • Seriously, you can’t claim one is better without seeing one of them. That’s just illogical. That’s like saying dominos is better than pizza hut without ever trying it.

  12. I don’t mind paying to see it again in theaters even for the 3D imax price. To me it’s the same as paying to see a band you like live.

  13. not even gonna bother, 8 min is nothing in a movie, i bet all they’re gonna show is a couple of those rhino things roaming the jungle and extend the final battle scenes.

    this PoS is really over rated/hyped, i gave it a 3/5 only because of the insane visuals… which mind you got boring and dull after the 1st hour (to much green and blue, its not even that intense in real jungles ffs).

    funny fact, cameron was a real whore through production, a teacher of mine worked on the floating islands (designs/map paintings) and she said all he would do is scream at people during live conferences etc

    • Yeah, I think the majority of people agreed with you…

  14. What I liked about Avatar was its portrayal of humanity as a spiritually and technologicaly flawed species.

    We have achieved space travel only to still rely on destructive primitive fuels, while we become the hand of death to a peaceful human type race. The science fiction parallels weere pretty cool. Humans had become the alien invasion force.

    The 2D version looked great. (I don’t watch 3D), and I cheered at the end when the futuristic Blackwater troops were beaten down, to the ground,,,

    Loved it, but I do admit that I after a few beers I fast forward to the battle scenes. Lol

  15. I’ll wait and buy it for 3 bucks at the flea market.

  16. Lol jwalka, I’ve heard stories silimilar to that about Cameron.

    Basically, he’s a raging power crazy egomaniac. Lot of people won’t work for him, that’s one reason he’s has this I’ll do it my way approach.

    • and thats the exact impression i get from him every single time i see him in interviews 790.

    • To an extent I can’t blame him for that- he knows what he wants, and then he doesn’t necessarily get it… But then you have Del Toro coming in and sweet-talking his crew into creating exactly what he wants and doing so in such a way where they adore him and seek to work with him again and again.

      • I’ve worked with musicians who are like that. Sometimes people just have a vision. I can be like that to when writing with a band.

      • umm my teacher and the whole map painting crew got abused by him, she said that all the artists would mute their computers so they wouldn’t hear him since they where already under alot of pressure trying to meet deadlines etc (not to mention they had to do alot of running around taking photos, drawing processing then viewing (she said rendering took around 1hr or more depending on how large scale the image was)) to see if it came out good, only to be shot down and have to do it al over again).

  17. Hey Sully. Btw that beer you asked about (Fat Weasel) is a california local brew. 8-)

    Drinking some now.

  18. Sweet. You got try some oregon brews sometime. Over 190 breweries up here.

  19. Anthony
    I wont even TRY to convince u LOL! youve already made up your mind so whats the point?

    • 790, look up Stone Brewing, its local here in san diego county, good stuff :)

  20. Yeah Anthony, at least he’s not a $cientologist. Lol
    I think he’s a dabag as well, but he does come up with some great films.
    You might find this link interesting,,,

    Cheers, 6 virtuals on me! ;-)

    • 790, lol good article..maybe i should challenge him to a debate about that busted up scene in T2 and why it was reshot hahahah

  21. Sully, Californians get messed with up there in your parts.
    I avoid Oregon like a gang rape.
    Lol,,, no really.

  22. I’ll check that out Anthony. What stores do they sell that in down there,,?


    • they carry it at BevMo here, and other liquor stores here, i think Vons used to carry it too, not sure anymore, that place is on my banned list



    • and why is this young sir?

  24. What part do you mean in T2, also what’s the best Stone brew?

    I’ll check BevMo.

    • look for Arrogant Bastard Ale, and SMoked Porter, thier IPA Ale is good too. the aquaduct scene when the semi’s window was smashed out, then next scene it was miraculously fixed

  25. Cool I’ll check those!

    Oh that… Yeah there’s a lot of little mistakes in T2, but they were all forgiven at the time. Back in 92,,,

    Note on the chase:
    When the shot of the T-1000, pans up from the Peterbelt logo on the rig, you can clearly see the lighting truck reflected on the trucks outer front.

    I close my eyes.

    • i called it out in the theater i was in when i saw it 790, people were not happy about it lol. dont get me wrong, i LOVE the movie, but a blatant mistake like that, i just cringe everytime i see it

  26. I’ve had arrogant bastard. 790, oregon is full of hippies (mostly transplants from cali) you’ll be fine lol! Besides you can find oregon brews at trader joes.


    Because youre in san diego! Damn i wish i was there. Oh well,its boring AZ for me :(

  28. Your in Arizona Ricky?

    Hey how did you hear about ScreenRant?

  29. 790
    yes and i effing hate it,im from cali. i was just browsing for movie websites and i thought this was the best so here iam :D

    • You weren’t mistaken…about the site, I mean. lol