James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

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avatar header new1 James Camerons Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

For years now people have been listening to the whispers about Avatar, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic that has been nearly a decade-and-a-half in the making.

For Avatar, Cameron has pioneered new technologies in filming that have allowed him to create “photorealistic” CGI images so detailed and textured, they are said to be almost indistinguishable from reality – and did I mention he’s done all this in 3D to boot?

Well, Hollywood directors have seen it; attendees at Comic-Con’s Avatar panel have seen it; now you can see it. Today we have the official trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar – and although it’s not in 3D, the fruits of Cameron’s labors are hard to deny.

Behold: Avatar.

The first Avatar trailer

[media id=188 width=570 height=340]

Head over to Apple.com for HD versions (well worth doing!)

Ok, so there are a few things we’ve been waiting to discuss about this film: Cameron himself has already put forth the argument that with Avatar, we are truly getting something “original” in both content and form. Do you agree with that assessment? Does Avatar live up to the hype of being visually “revolutionary?” And does the story (at first glance) interest you as much as the pretty visuals?

Watch the trailer one more time and then let us know what you think in the comments. For those of you lucky enough (like yours truly) to snag tickets for tomorrow’s Avatar Day” IMAX extended preview, be sure to look for our review of the event and tell us what you thought about the film in its full IMAX 3D glory.

Avatar will open in 3D and standard theaters on December 18, 2009.

Source: Apple Movie Trailers & MSN

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  1. What? You don’t find it amusing? Like if someone said they thought Citizen Kane sucked but Battlefield Earth was a masterpiece, you won’t find that a little funny?

  2. Its the fact that you are implying that if you don’t like Citizen Kane you must love Battlefield Earth.

  3. Um… OR it’s the humor in going from one extreme to another… NAH, that’s can’t be it, you’re right… :-D

  4. Saw the trailer today with “Inglorious Basterds”. It looked cool, nothing that will change life as we know it,,,
    The CGI looked fine I can’t believe some folks nitpick the CGI in films.
    It appears that Cameron is going for the sci-fi love story angle. He may be successful but this film won’t change cinema. (IMO)

  5. It looks really pretty, but that’s all. From the two minute preview, it seems to be another rehashing of how EVIL and BARBARIC the military is. Sorry, but I’m not interested in a movie that makes soldiers the bad guys.

  6. I was there on AVATAR DAY and got to see the 15 minutes.

    Ok, so because I got there so early I was actually the first in line at the Dallas Texas IMAX showing. It was fun talking with other fans in line about what we were about to see.
    The footage was….. Breathtaking. Totally realistic and totally incredible. I bought every second of it. Now I loved the trailer in the first place, and I can understand some peoples opinions of how some shots looked CG. but seeing more interaction between the characters definitely raises the bar to the next level and doesn’t come close to the trailer. The fluidity and motion was of Jake’s Avatar was PERFECT. The bio luminescent forest was beautiful. My brother actually got chocked up for a second on more than one scene seeing how beautiful it was! Someone else said “this is going to be the best movie of all time”. The music that plays on the Avatar website is what is playing when Jake lays onto the lab bed, just something I noticed. Amazing facial animation, you experience what they experience and feel what they feel. The overall depth of the movie is crazy. It just feels like another world completely and its hard to describe, so I wont lol Seeing him wrestle with the banshee had me on edge for some reason. I don’t know it just sort of draws you in to the scene cause it feels incredibly real.
    I can say 100% now in full honesty, that all the haters out there calling it cartoony and fake and “Epic Fail” are literally, and I mean literally wrong. There is no such thing as opinion on this subject, there is only fact, and the fact is that this movie will be awesome. Oh yeah, the 3d was outstanding lol. I totally forgot about it cause there was so much to look at and take in.
    James Cameron has done it again. But this time, at least from the 15 minute footage, It is a perfect emotional masterpiece that I cant wait to experience again : )

    ps. Saw G.I Joe afterwards because we were already at the theater with nothing better to do. Ill say this much, after seeing Avatar, G.I Joe is what I used to wipe my butt after Avatar made me crap my pants

    and dont judge this based on a trailer with unfinished scenes (according to WETA) . Judge it when you see it come December

  7. Ah stop it Aaron, stop it, you’re making the wait harder…

  8. Hmm, think i already saw that film it was called “BATTLE FOR TERRA”.

  9. James Cameron should make a movie about a guy that lives on beer and mustard until the day he discovers iced tea… That hasn’t been done before…

  10. “I’ll say this much, after seeing Avatar, G.I Joe is what I used to wipe my butt after Avatar made me crap my pants.”


    Too funny. :-P

    And Haggislaw, your comment about using 3D to add subtle depth to scenes is what I absolutely love about the tech. I hate the in your face stuff, but in Beowulf for example, the depth the tech added to rooms where some characters were near and others far was really something to see.


  11. Robert A. Heinlein (starship troopers) meets George Lucas (star wars) meets John Scalzi (old man’s war) meets Chris Bunch (dragon master trilogy) meets John Ringo (Looking Glass series) meets Kim Stanley Robinson (Mars Trilogy).

    I’m still wondering where the “new, never before seen content” went?

    It would have been better to have used the money to feed half the world than make this conceptually rehashed mash-up.

    New content = new ideas

    They pushed the tech and lost the point.

  12. Looks pretty to me, too, but I’m with the person who commented about it being another rehashing of how evil and barbaric our military is. I am the daughter of one military man and the wife of another, and the LAST thing I need is some movie with an anti-war, anti-military bias being shoved down my throat, or any other bodily orifices, for that matter. I am proud of our men and women who serve in the military, and it makes me furious when some anti-war JERK shoves their views onto a silver screen near me.

  13. @steph

    I get where you’re coming from, but I have doubts that James Cameron is doing that, despite him being a liberal himself. The reason is that I think his brother was a former Marine?? I forgot, someone in his family was a Marine, and that’s why if he has military men in his movies, they tend to be Marines. Look at Aliens and the “Space Marines.” And so far he has never disrespected the military, law enforcement, or anything like that in his movies. Even in The Abyss where the “villain” was a Navy SEAL, it was really only because that one guy went crazy. Look at True Lies, it was not at all anti-government or anti-war-on-terror. He made the organization Arnold worked for look completely bad-ass. And in Avatar, those are all Marines.

    That’s why I’m thinking, and hoping, that there’s more to this, like ultimately the antagonist is a single individual with a lot of power, which kind of instigates this battle or at the most an organization, and somehow the Marines themselves would not really be guilty of anything, like they are simply following orders or something like that. Perhaps in the end of the movie the military high command gets light of what’s going on and orders his Marines to stand down and ultimately you see that they are the good guys. Unless Cameron has really changed his ideals, I’m pretty sure he won’t make the Marines the bad guys.

  14. Even if it was a 3 hour anti military liberal parade, he’s not “shoving” it down anywhere. to see it you have to get in your car, drive to the theater, park, walk to the ticket counter, cough up 10 DOLLARS! and sit next to some moron in the dark and keep your eyes opened for the next 3 hours… hardly shoving anything anywhere…. that being said, this movie looks like a cg mess… revolutionary would be if we couldn’t tell…

  15. @ Ken J

    Cameron is Canadian and has several siblings but I am pretty sure he didn’t have a sibling who was a Marine(US Forces)..

  16. @ Steph

    How can you make those assumptions from a 2 minute trailer?

  17. @greenknight

    I know he was born in Canada, but that doesn’t mean any of his family can’t move here and join our military, not that I’m saying it’s for sure, but I remember him saying something about the scene with Arnold firing the M79 at the door inside the Cyberdyne building, he said something about somebody, I am probably incorrectly remembering to be his brother, being in the Marines telling him it can’t be done since it has to rotate 9 times before it’s armed, but he shot the scene anyway hoping nobody will know… I forgot who he said he knew that little fact from now…

  18. Honestly I wasn’t excited about this movie in the first place, and this trailer didn’t change my opinion. It doesn’t look like anything new to me. All this hype and nothing that special. Will I see this movie? Yes! The way Aaron described the 15 minute Avatar preview made it sound amazing, but this trailer just didn’t do much for me. I don’t really care about these “advanced effects”. I like movies with good stories… and even some without. (I enjoyed G.I. Joe!) And as sci-fi genre goes… my favorite is E.T. which is also my favorite movie of all time. Talk about feeling what they feel! I felt what E.T. felt. I’d show more sympathy to him than a scary blue human-looking thing. I don’t want to sound too harsh. It doesn’t look terrible… just doesn’t live up to the hype. Luckily I didn’t buy into that hype. I’ll see the movie when it gets released, but I won’t be first one there midnight showing obsessed. I’m in no rush to see this film, but I will see it and have an opinion.

  19. EPIC!

  20. So what if the military ends up being the bad guys in this movie, the bad guys are bad regardless of where they come from. People need to stop being butthurt and accept that in order to have good military you need a population willing to kill of the corrupt segments of it. If the military is corrupt as a whole then the hell with it. If there is a political agenda, this movie if anything would give a warning to what the military could be like if it go’s unchecked.