James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

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avatar header new1 James Camerons Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

For years now people have been listening to the whispers about Avatar, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic that has been nearly a decade-and-a-half in the making.

For Avatar, Cameron has pioneered new technologies in filming that have allowed him to create “photorealistic” CGI images so detailed and textured, they are said to be almost indistinguishable from reality – and did I mention he’s done all this in 3D to boot?

Well, Hollywood directors have seen it; attendees at Comic-Con’s Avatar panel have seen it; now you can see it. Today we have the official trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar – and although it’s not in 3D, the fruits of Cameron’s labors are hard to deny.

Behold: Avatar.

The first Avatar trailer

[media id=188 width=570 height=340]

Head over to Apple.com for HD versions (well worth doing!)

Ok, so there are a few things we’ve been waiting to discuss about this film: Cameron himself has already put forth the argument that with Avatar, we are truly getting something “original” in both content and form. Do you agree with that assessment? Does Avatar live up to the hype of being visually “revolutionary?” And does the story (at first glance) interest you as much as the pretty visuals?

Watch the trailer one more time and then let us know what you think in the comments. For those of you lucky enough (like yours truly) to snag tickets for tomorrow’s Avatar Day” IMAX extended preview, be sure to look for our review of the event and tell us what you thought about the film in its full IMAX 3D glory.

Avatar will open in 3D and standard theaters on December 18, 2009.

Source: Apple Movie Trailers & MSN

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  1. It’s great, simplz. I wish they hadn’t hyped the photo real aspect, not necessary. I envy those who have no idea this is coming. Coz they are the only ones who will sit in the cinema next week when the trailer hits cinema’s and are like “Holy Crap” that looks amazing. And more importantly won’t strutinise the CG for looking “too cartoony”.

  2. I also noticed, taking another look, apparently the native Na’vi have only 4 fingers instead of 5.

    And the way the female shoots her bow, which I’m sure was done for a cool effect that you may never see, would make pulling back more difficult for a human. But then again we don’t have tails.

  3. Alphonse, I don’t think it’ll look cartoony on the big screen. It appears to me that for some odd reason, the bigger the screen you’re watching it on the more realistic it looks. Don’t know why.

    I watched it three ways, windowed on my laptop screen, on my blackberry screen, and then HD full-screen. And on the small blackberry screen, it looked very CG, on the windowed mode, it looked better, but still you can tell it’s CG, but in HD mode full-screen, it actually doesn’t look bad, the colors don’t look too saturated like it’s “cartoony” or anything. I’ve tried looking back at all three versions in different order and sure enough, the every time, the smaller the screen, the more fake it looks. So hopefully that means that on the big theater screen it should look pretty good.

  4. They look like Warrior Smurfs…or if Beast from the X-Men and the Caminoans from Episode 2 had babies…either way, most people are going to think this is a kids movie

  5. OMG. I saw the IMAX screening in australia. It was Everything James Cameron said it would be. he’s created a whole new real world and what looks to be an amazing story.It only went for about 15min all up.

    Oh…. I saw the trailer online and it looks crap

  6. Can everyone please relax. The IMAX screening was one of the most amazing things i’d ever seen. A small screen doesn’t showcase the movie at all………… This movie looks bad-ass real

  7. Patrick, I suspected as much, in regards to the IMAX vs. small computer screen appearance.

    I withhold my ensuing judgments until a future date!

  8. why is everyone so preoccupied with “oh this looks like this” and “that looks like that.” How many different ways can you really make a large mechanical robot you sit in and hummer-type jeeps with guns mounted on them. forest worlds have been in a lot of movies.


  10. Looks really cool to me…I want to see it!

  11. The trailer doesn’t look bad at all on the small screen, it just looks like ILM CGI. Like Ken J said (and others who have actually seen the IMAX trailer), a larger screen helps. Even if this wasn’t made for the larger screen, I would go see it just from this trailer.

  12. This is another movie that is more concieved out of selling merchandise than the movie it self. Look what they did to the last 3 star wars movie.

    If I wanna see a hyped of good sci fi movie like Avatar claims to be give me a story and a vision never seen before.

    Sorry this movie doesn’t offer anything new.

  13. Looks good, but doesn’t look like anything as special as it’s made out to be. Maybe on the big screen in 3D it’ll have more of a WOW factor, but it almost looks like one of the last movies in the Star Wars saga. OF course I am going to see it, but I am really more excited about Iron Man 2 and Green Lantern than I am for this film.

  14. I agree doesnt really look all that interesting to me, I dont know what all the hype is about. I have never even heard of Avatar before

  15. YAWN !

  16. I’m curious as to how many of the people saying this doesn’t look interesting flocked to see Transformers 2, lol. Just curious. 😉

  17. I saw the 15minutes in 3D today and my eyes got an orgasm.

    For me this movie looks like the best cinematic adventure since LotR.

  18. @Haggislaw, much better than the 2 minute teaser right?

  19. Hey Vic, how about a “15 minutes of Avatar” Review? lol

  20. OK, so I finally saw the HD trailer and I will admit that the CG does look a lot better than on low res. Here is the problem that I have with this movie after seeing the trailer. I have to agree with many that the hype for this film does not live up to my expectations that it should be. Cameron hyped this film along with the media and the like, to be next gen in digital graphics, which the trailer clearly does not show, even in CG. The problem is the CGI and the human eye. It is because of the millions (and I am not exaggerating here) of colours, shadings, and field of depth variations the human eye can perceive and the brain process, that programmers cannot account for. It is why programmers need motion capture to mimick “real” human motion b/c programming human motion takes way too long just to perfect a few steps. CG is no where near motion capture b/c to date there is no tool that can capture the hundreds of visual variables and translate them to CGI,that is why you have programmers to fill in the visual details. They can do their best but, when they CG animate objects, specifically, CG humans or humanoids (the Navi), the human brain cannot be fooled. I am not saying that the CG in AVATAR is not going to be great, but the problem is that there will be an overwhelming amount of it used that you will be able to tell. Cameron should of taken a foot note from Jackson’s LOTR’s triology and used models and CG and specifically had the Navi be actors with rubber suits with face paint like Jackson did with the Uruk-hai warriors in the Two Towers. Mix in the CG Navi and then you would have something. Now I could be wrong about the “photo-real” CG in AVATAR but as of now I don’t think so.

  21. @Ken
    I just saw the 16 minute preview and I must say it was close to amazing! 1000 times better than the teaser without a doubt. It’s a totally different experience. You guys will be shocked at the difference but I don’t want to build up any more hype than there already is.

  22. Thanks MCat, for that report.
    I have faith in this film and I am looking forward to it.

  23. @MCat

    Yah, thanks for the heads up, still waiting on more opinions frmo people who have seen it. But from my not-so-scientific experiment of seeing the trailer on a blackberry screen, in windowed mode in normal definition flash, and then full screen on high definition, it seemed to me that the bigger the screen, the more realistic it looks. So based on that, logic would suggest that since bigger=more realistic, then that means it should look great on the big screen.

    I guess what I’m saying is so far from the few things I have read about the footage on IMAX compared to the trailer, it seems this theory holds water. Everyone has said so far that it looks far more real on the big screen compared to watching the trailer on your computer…

    But in the end, it’s the story telling that will be the most important, and James Cameron hasn’t disappointed in that aspect yet, and I hope he doesn’t start now, lol.

  24. It wasn’t playing near me but Kofi saw it and is writing something up on the footage.


  25. Well hurry your slow typing ass up Kofi, geez, what a slacker… 😛 just kidding, lol

  26. So, I also saw the 15 min today too. Actually, just arrived from the theater. My impression: brilliant. I even enjoyed every minute of the preview, and yes, the visuals look a thousand times better on a big screen… and in 3D. And it does look very real, but I guess they’ll still work on it a bit. What I also like is that the scenes showed didn’t show too much of the plot, so I can still say I don’t know what exactly it will be. Stephen Lang should be awesome in the film, and of course, I smiled the moment I saw Sigourney Weaver on screen. Damn, I can’t wait ’til Dec. 18th!

  27. I’m so jealous… stupid IMAX here wasn’t showing it, what homos…

  28. @Ken

    Are we really bringing in the TF2 comment into this also?