James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

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avatar header new1 James Camerons Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

For years now people have been listening to the whispers about Avatar, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic that has been nearly a decade-and-a-half in the making.

For Avatar, Cameron has pioneered new technologies in filming that have allowed him to create “photorealistic” CGI images so detailed and textured, they are said to be almost indistinguishable from reality – and did I mention he’s done all this in 3D to boot?

Well, Hollywood directors have seen it; attendees at Comic-Con’s Avatar panel have seen it; now you can see it. Today we have the official trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar – and although it’s not in 3D, the fruits of Cameron’s labors are hard to deny.

Behold: Avatar.

The first Avatar trailer

[media id=188 width=570 height=340]

Head over to Apple.com for HD versions (well worth doing!)

Ok, so there are a few things we’ve been waiting to discuss about this film: Cameron himself has already put forth the argument that with Avatar, we are truly getting something “original” in both content and form. Do you agree with that assessment? Does Avatar live up to the hype of being visually “revolutionary?” And does the story (at first glance) interest you as much as the pretty visuals?

Watch the trailer one more time and then let us know what you think in the comments. For those of you lucky enough (like yours truly) to snag tickets for tomorrow’s Avatar Day” IMAX extended preview, be sure to look for our review of the event and tell us what you thought about the film in its full IMAX 3D glory.

Avatar will open in 3D and standard theaters on December 18, 2009.

Source: Apple Movie Trailers & MSN

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  1. I thought it was amazing. When it jumped to the wide shot of the floating rock/mountain/boulder things I was blown away. I thought it was real for a second. And the rest of it looked like it could be real. I also liked the clip of the alien animal biting down on the soldier and chucking him into the air! Also I think that towards the end were supposed to “root” for the aliens. Humans=bad guys

  2. CGI looks alot like star wars III, Im not liking it

  3. I’m not really liking the whole humans=bad guys thing. I’m hoping that it was just some big corporation pulling the strings and when the actual government finds out what’s happening they tell their Marines to stand down at the end or something…

  4. why not? didn’t you know humans are evil by nature?

  5. Yes, but we should be better at hiding it, lol.

  6. if we are the evil beings as human/earthlings in this movie, it would almost be like Independace Day reversed. I see where you are going with your ending. Some guy in command has a crazy power trip with no supervision across the galaxy, then when the higher ups realize whats going on, they intervene.

  7. I tried as best I could to imagine what some of those images would seem like in 3D, and I can definitely see how they would blow me away. Still a little vague one what the story really is, though. I think the story is still going to be far more important in the long run.

  8. The film itself does look stunning. From the wrinkles on the N’avi’s feet when he wakes up to the battle in mid air at the end of the trailer. I have no objections to the CGI and/or visual effects. However, somethings do pop into my mind when watching this trailer. The story may be original but some of the designs look to be taken from other movies. The ships look like they are from the Halo universe (I even think I saw a warthog in the background) and the Mech suits look like they are from the Matrix. Whether its in homage of said previous material or not is unclear but the movie is still my most anticipated movie of the year. Looks gorgeous!

  9. If it follows the scriptment, the humans’ behavior isn’t the result of some kind of Kurtz-like local commander. It’s policy, and humanity is evil.

    Seriously, read “The Word For World is Forest.” It’s like a roadmap to this movie.

  10. Do you really think that the military industrial complex wouldnt exploit another race if it saw that it could make them gobs of money?

  11. The visuals didn’t impress me much. About on par with Beowulf or Final Fantasy. I thought they were supposed to look realistic?

    The idea of the humans as the bad guys and the aliens as the good is pretty old hat in SF novels and not all that new in movies.

    Might still be an entertaining movie but nowhere near the blockbuster it’s being hyped as.

  12. better than transformers

  13. Guys, remember that Super Bowl commercial for Iron Man where he looked CGI walking away from the tank? Incomplete CGI rendering. If you were at Comic-Con and saw the footage for 2012, it looked amazing, but Emmerich said it was only 75% done.


  14. One thing they need to work on is head movements. Real people don’t suddenly jut their head forward into someones face when they speak. That’s from Disney cartoons. They also don’t pull their head backwards till there under chin is convoluted and then shake their head till their jaw swings back and forth like a dog with a flea in it’s ear. I didn’t see that here but wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

  15. Saw in comments on another blog:

    “It’s HALO in Ferngully.”

  16. man yall are crazy watch that again those visuals were insane never seen cgi that fluid. I couldnt tell at one point what was cgi or not its hard to pull that off, and whats the story about they go in to some kinda different universe when he transforms or is he still in the real world?

  17. @Sean

    You can’t really say the mech suits are from Matrix because the mech suit from Matrix were inspired by the mech suit from Aliens, which is from James Cameron. The only difference is the one in Aliens was not armed with guns…

  18. And for those of you comparing this to Beowulf or Final Fantasy… I’m not sure if time even needs to be spent addressing that, go watch those trailers again and come back and say the same thing. Ridiculous…

  19. Even incomplete, the visuals look fantastic in the trailer. The finished version of the film should really be breathtaking…

  20. @ ken j
    sooooo… Do you still find zoe hot in blue or do you draw the line at inter-species erotica…? Lol just joking man.

    Anyways trailer looks cool but i’m going to try and stay away from everything avatar so its not spoiled for me when i see it.

  21. i had to go through so much crap just to get to the trailer!…. but it was good

    and if it is Man=evil………Im still rooting for man lol

  22. Noticed some people saying they can’t watch the vid easily. You can download a 1080p .mp4 file of it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QB7J9X2L

    Even my laptop can play it, because it’s a .mp4 file. If you aren’t already aware, .mov files suck big time.

  23. @Jago

    LOL, you know, I’ve seen the trailer so many times, I’m starting to notice the emotion more than the CG, maybe after watching the movie I might have a blue girl fetish, lol.

  24. I think there was too much hype leading up to this Earth shattering trailer.

    I am not sure what I was expecting, and what I saw looked cool, but I was like, waiting for something even more… am I getting too greedy?

  25. The only thing I’m disappointed by is that Zoe Saldana is all CG’ed and it’s not her in all of her hotness… :-P

  26. So I just finally watched it.Looks good,but not “revolutionary”.Nothing to make me soil myself.

    I’m going to assume that the effects aren’t quite finished yet because the Na’vi look too cartoonish to me,and not very realistic at all.The motion is good,but their overall look leaves me with more to be desired.

  27. I love how quickly everyone is to judge a movie that out of all people JAMES CAMERON is making. So what if the CGI looks a little funky right now? Does that make it a terrible movie that 20th Century Fox wasted their money on? Hell No. Because quite frankly the same type of pessimism was around near the release of Titanic and look how that turned out. The bitchy fanboys were completely wrong about it then, give it a chance now. It’s not like this guy has ever failed at anything before.

  28. you guys got a furry fetish with the hot blue character? j/k
    so im just goin by what im seeing, but is worthington’s character transferred into one of the blue bodies?

  29. Yeppers.