James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

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avatar header new1 James Camerons Avatar Trailer is (finally) Here!

For years now people have been listening to the whispers about Avatar, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic that has been nearly a decade-and-a-half in the making.

For Avatar, Cameron has pioneered new technologies in filming that have allowed him to create “photorealistic” CGI images so detailed and textured, they are said to be almost indistinguishable from reality – and did I mention he’s done all this in 3D to boot?

Well, Hollywood directors have seen it; attendees at Comic-Con’s Avatar panel have seen it; now you can see it. Today we have the official trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar – and although it’s not in 3D, the fruits of Cameron’s labors are hard to deny.

Behold: Avatar.

The first Avatar trailer

[media id=188 width=570 height=340]

Head over to Apple.com for HD versions (well worth doing!)

Ok, so there are a few things we’ve been waiting to discuss about this film: Cameron himself has already put forth the argument that with Avatar, we are truly getting something “original” in both content and form. Do you agree with that assessment? Does Avatar live up to the hype of being visually “revolutionary?” And does the story (at first glance) interest you as much as the pretty visuals?

Watch the trailer one more time and then let us know what you think in the comments. For those of you lucky enough (like yours truly) to snag tickets for tomorrow’s Avatar Day” IMAX extended preview, be sure to look for our review of the event and tell us what you thought about the film in its full IMAX 3D glory.

Avatar will open in 3D and standard theaters on December 18, 2009.

Source: Apple Movie Trailers & MSN

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  1. Somebody at apple must have an apple watch that isn’t compatible with the real current time…

  2. I’ll have to check the trailer when I get home from work. My darn work computer doesn’t have Quicktime and it blocks me from downloading it. ***sigh***

    At least I can still get to Screen Rant. :D

  3. Since Apple is screwing up, we’ve linked up a French version (there’s no dialog so it doesn’t matter).

    Andy, try it out, I don’t think it’s Quicktime.


  4. Man that looks AMAZING! A “TAD” more cartoony than I thought it was going to look (the Na’Vi, I mean) but still pretty incredible looking. I’m glad they didn’t give us a b******* teaser that just showed the word “Avatar,” they showed some real proper shots in there:)

  5. Oops, meant to say “lucky Canadians get Microsoft to host theirs, we get Apple, look which one works…” Looks like I can’t type normal English… pwned… :-( lol

  6. the trailer looks awesome, the CG not as realistic as i expected, especially when they are on pandora, but in the theater i think that it will be better, but with out hearing any dialogue or getting any more of the story, it is hard to tell if it is completely original.

  7. i must say before i wasnt too excited about this film seeing only a couple screens before hand , but you can always count on james cameron to make something impressive this looks like an instant classic.

  8. Thanks man owe you a lot thanks for the trailer .I know lot of people will be talking trash about this movie but the movie looks fantastic and i know the will be revolutionary in 3d .I have my ticket for the avatar and will watch that too in 3d imax theater can’t wait for that too

  9. perontoc, i’m definitely going to have to agree about the CGI. Everyone has been talking it up to be akin to the next coming of jesus, and from that trailer, it was good yes, but not as good as many have claimed it would be. Cameron will still deliver the goods, aside from the minor CGI detail, this film looks pretty good so far.

  10. Wow! Very cool, however, watching this trailer I get the feeling that I have “played” this property before. It feels like a video game, like a mix of Mech Warrior meets King Kong meets Jak & Daxter. Actually, the Na’vi look quite similar to the humanoid creatures in the Jak & Daxter games.

    Ah, who cares though–
    James Cameron + New Film + Sci-Fi genre + Spectacle + IMAX = Movie well spent at the cinema!


  12. kissjonez = studio plant? serioulsy who goes to see a movie 20 times in the theater? Sorry but so far all I feel for this movie is $@35 million for this? Eh? *teeters hand*

  13. I looked at the HD QT version of it frame by frame in the action scenes, and the CG seems to differ from some scenes to the other. Some scenes you can’t tell it’s CG, looks more like a person in a rubber suit, still not quite “real” but the texturing and lighting is very organic, very real. Other shots it’s easier to tell it’s CG. But one thing I definitely noticed, is watching the non-HD version on the MSN player and then watching it in HD, it looks much more realistic in HD, so under that logic, the bigger the picture, the higher the resolution, the more realistic the CG looks. I have faith that this will look great in the theater.

    But speculation aside, just from the trailer, the CG is very impressive. Try this, watch the scenes with just Pandora itself, then look at the scenes with the creatures. To me, without the creatures, everything is photorealistic as promised, but when they are in the scene, it doesn’t as much. But looking at it frame by frame, even at its worse, the CG is still as close to photo realistic as I’ve seen, I honestly think the only reason why it doesn’t look completely photorealistic is psychological. The creatures look way too fantastical for our minds to wrap around, and therefore, just the knowledge that they are CG is making them appear more-so that way. I think when watching the movie and you’re drawn into the movie and your mind stops thinking about the CG and starts thinking about the story, you won’t notice the CG again.

    That’s just my theory though from looking at the scenes very closely in the HD version… When I get my computer up and running (stupid storm blew my power supply) I’m going to download the 1080p version and watch it on my HDTV. :-) Using my laptop now, resolution is not 1080p on this 15.4″ monitor, lol. Oh well.

  14. It looks okay I guess, I don’t see what all the hype is about.

  15. ok, calm down jonez

    I think i was really expecting a lot more. This looks very cartoonish, very World of Warcraftian to me. Knowing Cameron, it’ll probably have a great story, but i was really thinking the CG woul be more lifelike.

  16. Looking at the Navi very closely, one thing I think that is making them look less real, is their eyes. Because the skin’s texture, lighting and shading and all of that is actually pretty photo realistic in almost all of the scenes. But they obviously used live actors to capture things like facial expressions and where the eyes are looking, movement is very subtle and precise, not dead like most CG eyes. But the problem is where they are placed. The characters in the movie, the eyes are farther apart on the head than on the real human counterpart, yet they are using the captured positions of the actors’ eyes. So it looks like they are focusing on the wrong object, which makes them look “off” sometimes. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is because I’ve moved through a lot of scenes frame by frame multiple times, each time focusing on something differently, and when I focused on the eyes it kind of jumped out at me while with everything else I had to really nit-pick. What do you guys think?

  17. Doesn’t look special to me.

  18. LOL, did you just say World of Warcraft?? They didn’t have big shoulder pads and the textures of a 16-bit game like WoW. I never understood how people would pay for that game, much less keep paying for it. You would think that with all of that money going in they would spend some time making better textures and maybe more details in their geometry… I haven’t seen boxy flat colored graphics like that since the N64 days… Anyway, back on topic… :-P

  19. I don’t think watching this online can really do it justice – I’m betting on the big screen it looks a lot more realistic and impressive.

    Guess we’ll find out this weekend after people have seen the IMAX preview on Friday…


  20. The characters remind me a lot of the the first Star Wars Movie (2nd Trilogy.) The CG does look very well done, I’m sure they are still doing touch ups and edits to make it all better. I agree some of it looks very animated compared to other parts maybe due to the fact that they are working on it.

  21. The Na’vi all seem to have such excellent posture~!

    When he says revolution, it’s always a loaded statement.

    This movie looks like a feast for the eyes – and speaking of eyes, the facial expressions
    of the Na’vi certainly seem believable. This looks dramatic in a Disney epic feature sense – which I think is a good thing if he wants to make his money back. ;)

    It’s always funny to see an actor (Worthington) step into what is clearly an all CGI environment (the base). He looks around with this look on his face like – “What am I looking at? … Seriously, James. What am I supposedly looking at?”

    But hey. If this type of look can eventually produce a Thundercats Movie (since that’s basically what the Na’vi look like, to me at least) – then the sucker’s got me.

    I don’t think it looks real, or even realistic. But it does look pretty darn cool- which is a better goal to achieve anyhow! Movie magic. … Does it mean actors are obselete? Thankfully not, b/c for all it’s flair, District 9 did seem (almost frighteningly) more real and human. This is clearly a fantasy. Dances With Na’vi Wolves. Combined w/ Pocahontas.

  22. I think so too, like I said, comparing the small Canadian version to the larger HD version, for some odd reason it looks a lot more real on the bigger version and more cartoony on the small version, which is what most people are seeing now. I don’t know why, but following that logic of going bigger makes it look more realistic, then on the big screen it should look amazing… Unfortunately the IMAX around here isn’t doing the screening, but maybe it’s for the better anyhow, don’t want to completely ruin the surprise, lol.

  23. I’m going to have to agree with Ken J. The planet is the real show stopper, it’s phenomenally crafted and believable. If i didn’t know any better, i’d say they actually shot on location. As for the Navi, i like their facial expressions, but as for their overall look, i’m not completely blown away by it.

  24. Looks okay so far. I’m still going to see it when it comes out, but now, I’m not going to drive an hour tomorrow to see the 16 minute preview like I had originally planned. I think it’s going to be ok. just ok. All the hype is uncalled for.

  25. This hype for this film has been staggering.
    Viewing the trailer my impression is it
    may very well live up to the hype.

    The extraordinarily high expectations
    associated with this movie are seemingly
    impossible to fulfill. This trailer says maybe.

    The last time I felt this way
    was for a film named Titanic.

  26. Well, not so revolutionary at first glance. You can see Na’vi are CGI from a mile away.

  27. this reminded me of the matrix revolutions animation. Matrix anime or something. it looks good looks like a video game trailer. kind of cartoony.

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