Fox Announces ‘Avatar’ Novels; James Cameron Hypes Future of 3D

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Avatar Novels Fox Announces Avatar Novels; James Cameron Hypes Future of 3D

With Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 coming out in 2016, 2017, and 2018, fans of James Cameron’s multi-billion dollar franchise have plenty to look forward to over the next five years.

But that’s not all that Fox has in store. The studio recently announced that author Steven Charles Gould (Jumper) has been hired to write four stand-alone novels “based upon – and expanding” Avatar and its three upcoming sequels.

As president of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Gould brings plenty of experience to the table and should do a great job of fleshing out Cameron’s universe. He’ll also no doubt be working closely with each of the A-list screenwriters that Cameron has brought on to co-write the sequels: Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planets of the Apes) and Shane Salerno (Savages).

avatar james cameron sigourney weaver Fox Announces Avatar Novels; James Cameron Hypes Future of 3D

There are those who argue that the seven year gap between the first film and Avatar 2 will diminish interest in the franchise. On the other hand, how many movies have made $2.7 billion at the box office? Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Avatar was a worldwide phenomena and there’s no reason to expect it won’t continue to be popular.

In other James Cameron news, the famous director recently told the BBC that 3D will be the future of entertainment.

For me it’s absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it’ll all be 3D eventually, because that’s how we see the world. When it’s correct and convenient for us, we pre-select for that as the premium experience.

Cameron’s point is certainly up for discussion, but it’s worth nothing that few filmmakers have pushed technology forward like he has, so his opinion is definitely worth considering. The big issue is whether 3D can become consistently good.

Presumably, as the market demands higher quality from its 3D content, creators will have to step up their game. Then again, if they don’t, I guess they can just tuck into a good old-fashioned book. Cameron has both avenues covered.

Would you read a literary version of Avatar, Screen Rant readers? Do you agree with James Cameron that we “pre-select” for 3D as a premium service? Let us know in the comments.


Avatar 2 is expected to theaters in December 2016.

Source: BBC

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    • +1

    • You really can’t call it a franchise yet. There is only one movie. But it’s ABOUT to become a franchise. And it’s not going away.

  1. Avatar was the best (read: only) good 3D theater experience I’ve had in recent years. If all 3D movies attained such levels of heightened realism in the future, then he may have a point.

    • The only good 3D movies I’ve seen that were worth the ticket price were Dredd, Life Of Pi and Pacific Rim.

      Avatar? Hated that first movie. Didn’t look too impressive either when you’ve played better looking video games. Story was dull too and none of the characters were engaging considering we were stuck with them for 3 or so hours.

      • Tintin was great in 3D

      • Better looking video games? LAUGH

  2. should have given this task to Alan Dean Foster!!

    • Would love that ! Glad some remember him !

    • I agree about the glasses part. I have good eyesight but to watch any movie i need to put those and i usually feel them on my nose. Without them picture is blurry with them sometimes there is 3d, not the good old 3d when stuff was going out of the screen(which is rare nowadays except for letters in the beginning) but James Cameron’s stupid technology. Even if movie officially has 2d version in my town everything is still 3d, more bucks ofcourse i understand but it just sucks for me.
      Japaneese said that in 2022 they will have holography for Olympic games or football i don’t remember, now that i want to see.

  3. The future will not be entertainment in 3D. It will be holograms. Theaters will be arena style seating with the hologram projection in the middle.

    • No they wont, if working holograms are invent, men will stop going to the movies. we will all be at home jerking like insane monkeys over holographic cgi jessica albas.

  4. alright, everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if you hate avatar, that’s cool, I can respect that, but to say it’s going to fail, or they are going to lose money on the sequel is ridiculous, this movie has a huge fanbase, and it reached all movie going demographics, if anything, the first sequel is going to break records faster than the first one did, so while the people that don’t like it, are more vocal, than the people that like it, don’t take your hate for it, as a sign that everyone hates it, it’s the highest grossing movie of all time for a reason, people loved avatar and enjoyed it, it was an unrivaled theater experience, and it still hasn’t been matched, in my opinion, I’ve seen people say, that avatar 2 won’t even gross a billion, that’s crap, it will soar past a billion, and no doubt, it will reach 2 billion, I believe these four avatar movies, will overtake harry potter, as the highest grossing movie series of all time, all this is my opinion, I respect everyone’s opinion

      • ok, now that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up, that is a very real possibility, by the time the fourth one comes out, 3d most likely will be old news, and there could be franchise fatigue, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens, regardless, it should be interesting to see what the box office is for each sequel

  5. YES !!!…Bring it on

  6. Oh yeah, I always forget that you guys didn’t think avatar was an over hyped lame movie like I did.

  7. Only reason 3d has a future because hollywood wants to keep shoving it down our throats.

    • I know this may be hard for you to acknowledge but there are people who actually like 3D. You can accuse Hollywood studios of “shoving” 3D down our throats but the real reason why it has and will be the future is because people are willingly enough to pay the extra 3-4 bucks just to see it in 3D. If people really hated 3D as much people claim they do, then Studios wouldn’t of invested as much money in 3D. 3D is not going anywhere, so people need to get that through their heads and just accept it. But of course you always have options to see it in non 3D.

      • Lets go on a website like tumblr, facebook, or twitter and play a game called count how many times some one says”Im here stuck watching this movie in 3D because my theater doesnt have any 2D showings” or A related game of “Why are 2D showings scheduled at such weird times?” or another game called “This movie only has one 2D showing and 6 3D showings”

        • Tumblr; Facebook; Twitter???? Are you serious? Don’t assume EVERYBODY hates 3D just because you read a few comments off of social media websites. Those aren’t polls. Your argument is invalid. But like I said, like it or not 3D is not going anywhere. 3D is popular with the main stream audience and people are paying the extra buck to watch their movies in the 3D format.

          • That wasn’t what he was saying. He was replying to the part of your post where you mentioned “But of course you always have options to see it in non 3D.” which, as he was trying to point out, simply isn’t true.

            I still haven’t seen Pacific Rim or Wolverine yet. Why? They are only offered in 3D at my two local theatres.

          • Dude. There called examples. How many more people are out there that have the same problem when it comes to movie theaters trying to mess with movie scedhules to get them to fork over more money. I never said EVERY ONE goes on that site. But they show that there are people out there that are not happy about being screwed over when it comes to seeing movies because they prefer 2D over 3D. Thats my point im trying to make across here.

            • Don’t blame the 3D or the Studios for having only the 3D available to view. Blame the theater owners. They are the ones who decide which viewings will be available to see. But don’t get me wrong, I completely understand where you are coming from and I can see how that would be a huge annoyance for people who would not prefer a 3D screening, but you just have to take it up with your local theater manager/ owner.

  8. I fully agree with James Cameron. 3D when done right & view right will the first choice for all by default. No one would like to go back to 2D.

    • I gues im no one then. Ive seen prometheus in 3d, avatar in 3d, tron legacy in 3d and the last transformers in 3d. I also saw all of these movies in 2d. Yet every single time rewatching them in 2D I just keep thinking to myself I am missing out on NOTHING! OTHER THEN SOME PARTICLE EFFECTS COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN… 3D ADDS NOTHING TO THE MOVIE! ALL IT DOES IS COVER UP THE TURDS! 3D NEEDS TO DIE AND PEOPLE NEEDS TO STOP EATING JAMES CAMERON’S WORDS! HE IS WRONG! 3D DOES NOT ADD TO THE STORY! IT DOES NOT ADD TO THE CHARACTER! IT ONLY ADDS TO SOME SMOKE EFFECT! THAT IS IT! Thanks but no thanks. I am DONE with 3D and Hollywoods 3D propaganda. DOWN WITH 3D!

      • Too much caps man. Generally i agree though. But the thing is if you don’t want to wait half year to see a movie you’ll go to the cinema that shows only 3d version and they know it.

        • Actually, I refuse to see movies in 3D. If it means missing out of seeing it in cinemas, so be it.

      • adds nothing?? Camerons technology is based on the way your eyes see. I respect your opinion but just for the life of me can not understand how you think Avatar was not the best use of 3D so far. Also, why should 3D die when we have a choice?

      • Bro, no one is forcing you to see it in 3D. I seriously don’t understand your outrage. And honestly, if you really can’t tell the difference between watching Prometheus and Avatar and Tron all in 3D vs the 2D format, then I really think you are just saying you hate 3D just to say it. You probably liked the 3D but did not want to admit it because you already had a negative biased opinion about 3D before even watching 3D movies. I say you are in denial. lol

        But seriously, all jokes aside,I think 3D does add a special element to movies; if done correctly. I like 3D. I was actually pretty sketchy about it before Avatar came out and when I finally watched it in 3D, it changed my mind. Also post converted 3D is getting better. Just look at Jurassic Park when it was released in 3D. AMazing!! Animation uses 3D pretty well too. For example look at How to Train A Dragon. Very good use of 3D.

        • Actually, to some extent, they are “forcing” you to see it in 3D (that, or don’t watch it at all until it hits video) by only having 3D showings. I see it all too often already, and I imagine it will only get worse.

          The real reason they push 3D (regardless of whether people like it or not): they can charge more money, and it makes it harder to film/steal. So, money. That’s it.

          • ^This!^

            • Also I wanna point out that I am a lucky one that can choose from 2D or 3D showings. So… I am not getting pissey for myself. Im getting pissey for those like me who had enough with 3D but do not have a choice between 2D and 3D showings. The fact that many movie theaters across the world does not give the people an option to choose just to make more money off of them is just wrong on so many levels.

          • I stated this in the other post, but its actually up to theater owners to which movies the audience gets to see in 3D. And depending on the size of the theater if it is small, then they may only show 3D screenings for certain movies to try to keep revenue up. Thats also why they charge so much money at the concession stands. SO in reality it’s not 100% studios fault but the theater owners.

  9. Novels?!1???

    NOVELS about Avatar???


    These should be COLORING BOOKS not Novels….

    • +1 lololol

  10. people hate on 3D for no reason and I have never understood it. Avatar was the first movie I saw in GOOD 3D and it was incredibly real. Why in the world would someone not want the theatre experience to be enhanced by that? yes there are some crap conversions out there…yeah clash of titans im talking to you…but if its done properly like Cameron, I have no problem with it and actually prefer it. But the internet nerds are going to hate it because their buddies do and that’s cool. Before you mindless nerds come back and say no one likes it remember movies come out in both formats now so you have a choice and more people are picking 3D now. ok let that backlash begin from momma basements everywhere.

    • Because they have not figured out, that people look with a peripheral vision. 3D Movies are only as good as the glasses used to view them, you normally have to keep your eyes focused.

      But most people see past the scope and view of the screen, so 2D Creeps in from the sides and bottom of the glasses.

    • Old technology = we can see 3D stuff floating nearby. Eyes hurt, so majority of the movie we’re not watching through glasses. Anyone can choose to view 3D version or 2D.

      Cameron technology = we can’t see 3D stuff floating nearby majority of the time except for the small details in the movies i could care less and titles. Eyes don’t hurt for majority of people and because of that we can’t choose what version to view 2D or 3D and have to watch 3D.

      Note: Cameron is selling his cameras and is making money off this technology, what do you gain to promote it here?


    ohhhh no a capital letter!!! someone must be really upset!!

  12. I can’t wait. One thing I do not care about is 3D.

  13. Working at a theatre I personally hate the 3D. 80% of the movies we get are 3D… If its one that’s offered in both normal and 3D we get the 3D one… Also when I think 3D I think about the stuff jumping out at you or feeling like you can touch or interact with a lot of what’s on the screen but almost every 3D movie to me doesn’t have that and just makes the characters seem like they are “highlighted” or something you know? Definitely not a 3D fan…. Though for the record I did enjoy Avatar in 3D…. December 2008…so it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve seen a decent 3D film.

  14. The market has been saturated with movies with crappy 3D. I think if all movies in 3D were the same quality as Avatar, I think 3D would become the norm.

    Unfortunately, most 3d is crap.

  15. I LOVE Avatar…but I hate 3D. There’s a part in me that really despises Avatar and Cameron for what they have done to conventional 2D cinema. But the film itself is wonderful, if watched in 2D on a huge flat screen. FLAT screen, and no 3D gimmickery…

    Cameron claims that 3D is the future of entertainment because we “perceive the world in 3D”. However, that is only true for the real world, not movies. When I want to watch movies I want to escape exactly that real word.

    3D means working, having to eat and sh*t, having to deal with serious problems like overweight, smoke addiction etc… 2D movies are a way to escape those real-life troubles… Why would I bring back 3D complexity into my escapism? Nope, the world of entertainment is FLAT! The world may be a globe but the world of fiction is flat…at least this is what I want it to be. 3D is trouble, toil and tears, 2D is fun and escapism…

    Poising my movies with 3D tech and imposing that “progress” upon us as it is currently done in Germany with 3D blockbusters is a cinematic rape of the worst kind. It’s a threat, it’s a crime against real movie making. 2D is art, 3D is abomination…eat my sh*rts, James Cameron!

    • Modern day George Lucas, that is.

  16. Avatar sci-fi. Version of disneys Pocahontas. Yeah what a great story. That movie does not deserve all the money it made with how piss poor the story was, and no I dont care about the 3D or how pretty it was. James Cameron hasn’t made a good in over a decade! !!! Drops the mic*

    • Made a good movie*