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avatar hi res Battle scene Official High Res Avatar Pics

It was just a few months ago that fans of James Cameron and the sci-fi genre were waiting anxiously on just a first trailer, some footage, ANYTHING, from Avatar, the legendary director’s first film since 1998′s box office smash, Titanic. But over the last few months, things have really picked up in the promotional department, something which was very much needed and expected, considering the film’s overall budget is reported to be close to the $500 million mark (that includes marketing).

On top of the trailers, multiple TV spots, posters and so forth, today we have a gallery of high-res images from Avatar courtesy of the guys over at

The photos were provided directly from 20th Century Fox, so you know they’re official, and when I say high-res, I mean it: be sure to click all of the images to see all the detailed, well… details of them.

I’ve provided just a few of the images below, but if you want to – and I’m sure you WILL – you can head over to IESB for the rest. Remember, click on each image to get the full high-res effect. Enjoy:


Avatar IESB image1 570x314 Official High Res Avatar Pics

Avatar IESB image2 570x318 Official High Res Avatar Pics

Avatar IESB image3 570x314 Official High Res Avatar Pics


For the full gallery of hi-res pics, you’ll have to head over to IESB.

As the pre-Christmas release date of Avatar looms ever-closer, the anticipation is really beginning to build. I know there is stillĀ  skepticism out there amongst the people who think the film won’t live up to the hype (although the 3.5 minute international trailer remedied that quite a bit), but I’m still very much on the side that thinks Avatar going to be awesome. Time will tell for sure.

Avatar stars up-and-coming leading man Sam Worthington and co-stars Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez and Giovanni Ribisi. It is, of course, written and directed by James Cameron.

Thoughts on the latest set of high-res images from Avatar? Which side are you on with regards to the film: will it be as awesome as the hype has suggested or will it be a huge disappointment (perhaps somewhere in the middle of those two extremes)?

Avatar hits 3D IMAX and regular theaters on December 18th, 2009.

Source: IESB

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  1. I have been looking forward to this film for quite awhile now…..i’m not even one of the die hard cameron fanboys but the premise of the story coupled with the new technology for 3D has really drawn me in……

    so far we have a group as big as 25 people goin to see it on dec.18th…..i’ll be seein it in a regular 3D theatre and IMAX….and im almost sick of waitin lol

  2. I can’t believe this movie is actually coming out soo soon. I remember seriously hearing about this movie over a year ago. One of the carefully selected movies that I will have to see on the first day in IMAX 3d. I’m having an Avatar party at my place. Your all invited, Free Beer!

  3. The film is shot in 3D with no 2D original source
    and these 2D conversions are necessarily problematic.
    Depth of field seems unnatural in the second picture and
    note the distortion in the size of his left forearm in the last pic.
    The 2D releases for Blu-ray and DVD may really suffer if this is typical.

  4. (The second frame I referred to is the second of the bottom three)

  5. wow 500million so far I bet there are some people whos lives are gonna change better or worse real soon. Im gonna c it of course but i dont think this will make it in to profit any time soon. I think in its first week it will make just over 200mill but im think its gonna be at least a month before they c profits and I dont think it will hit 1billion + dvd sales.

  6. The more I see of Avatar, the more stoked I am. And these images are fantastic.

    @ Robert Palmer:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “3D source,” but Avatar was shot using stereoscopic cameras, using 2D SOURCES — 2 of them! One 2D SOURCE for the left eye, a 2D SOURCE for the right eye, that projected together make 3D. (Recorded at 48 frames per second: 24 Left-eye frames + 24 Right-eye frames). Cameron often reviewed footage on set in 2D (only footage for one eye) checking 3D only occasionally.

    It will be shown in 2D theaters, too. Future 2D releases will work out fine.

  7. *Sorry, Robert Palmer actually said”The film is shot in 3D”… not “3D source,” … the rest of my response still stands though. :)

    - Dave

  8. @DaveO

    There is no 2D source for traditional full frame (for both eyes).
    2D frames will be constructed from 2D sources for each eye.
    This ia what I meant by no 2D original source frames.

    Judging from these frames distortion is inherent
    in the process and perhaps frames equivalent
    to what would have been shot in 2D
    full frame will not be equaled.

  9. @Robert Palmer
    Not to be a tool or anything, but I can say without hesitation that you have absolutely no f’ing clue what you’re talking about. None whatsoever.

    Allow me to bring you up to speed on how this works.

    The 3D stereoscopic effect is made from two full frame 2D sources. One camera shoots a 2D “full frame”. Another camera shoots a second 2D “full frame” at a slightly different angle similar to the angle difference we see through each eye.
    Either one of those 2D full frame sources will work perfectly fine as a 2D source for BOTH eyes. It’s only when you deliberately show only one image to one eye and the other image to the other eye that your brain puts them together and makes them look 3D.

    Unlike your eyes, both cameras have a full view of the scene, because it’s so “cropped” when compared with the human field of vision. The scene has a much narrower viewing angle than your eyes do, so there is nearly 100% overlap – whereas your eyes, when looking straight ahead have perhaps a 60% overlap. The cameras don’t shoot “half and half”. They shoot “full and full”. Just imagine that the frames being shot exist only in the overlap your eyes can see under normal circumstances.

    Don’t believe me? Go to the theater right now and watch the otherwise lackluster A Christmas Carol in 3D and close one eye. See the full frame in front of you? That’s the 2D source. It will work perfectly fine as a 2D image, and there’s no additional processing required. And that’s exactly how the stills and 2D videos for Avatar are done. They just use the footage shot for one eye.

    There is no distortion in these images, you’re imagining things – or maybe you’re just trolling. Either way, you’re completely wrong.

  10. i am not going to miss this movie anyway. what made me that much fan of this movie was the story and its outstanding eagerly waiting for that movie

  11. @ Thor Melsted

    You missed my point entirely
    failing to comprehend my points.
    And your insults prove you the troll.


  12. this movie will blow you away

  13. Robert, it seems this guy, Thor, has a very compulsive need to prove people wrong and insult them. If you don't see things his way, then you are ignorant, stupid, etc. He does the same to people on Facebook. The Mighty Thor, calls you names and brow beats you. Pathetic. He is a troll.

  14. I agree !
    The left forearm of the fictional alien creature is way too big :)