Before the second Avatar trailer hits (which is apparently “soon”), we have six new high-res images from the film, by way of SpoilerTV, for your viewing pleasure. Even if some people were left disappointed by our first proper look at Avatar by way of the first ever trailer released in August (let’s try and forget the trailer accessibility fiasco…), I am still on the “Avatar looks great” bandwagon and these latest images only further that feeling.

The six new Avatar images are mostly shots of the blue Na’vi creatures which inhabit Avatar‘s planet, Pandora, as well as Sam Worthington’s Jake Skully as his Avatar. But it’s always great to see more and/or better shots of them in all their CGI glory (get past the strangeness… they look awesome, people!). On top of those, there are also a couple of new non-CGI images which show off some of the human cast which includes Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez.

Anyway, enough from me, check out the six images below that (according to our own Kofi Outlaw) are taken straight from the footage shown on “Avatar Day” (click for high-res version at SpoilerTV, once there if you click AGAIN you’ll get SUPER hi-res versions):

avatar new image1 Six New High Res Avatar Images

avatar new image2 Six New High Res Avatar Images

avatar new image3 Six New High Res Avatar Images

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avatar new image4 Six New High Res Avatar Images

avatar new image5 Six New High Res Avatar Images

avatar new image6 Six New High Res Avatar Images

Pretty damn awesome in my eyes. With regards to the last image – notice anything familiar? Anything from a certain classic sci-fi/horror film that starred Weaver and had the reigns picked up in its sequel by Avatar director, James Cameron? That’s right, I’m talking about Alien, and I’m referring to what appears to be a “face hugger” on the shelf to the right of Michelle Rodriguez above. Check out a close-up version (thanks to UGO) for a better look:

avatar facehugger Six New High Res Avatar Images

Could it be a face hugger? You decide…

No matter if some people were let down by the first trailer for Avatar, I have no doubt that when it opens a week before Christmas this year that it will be one of the biggest movie events of the last few years. Not only is it Cameron’s first movie since 1997’s Titanic, but it also employs a technology newly developed by Cameron himself. Word is that once you see it in the format it was made for (that is, 3D IMAX) it is really a spectacle to behold. I have every faith that will be the case come December.

What do you think of this latest batch of Avatar images? Were you disappointed by the trailer and do you think it will live up to all the hype?

Avatar is set to hit theaters on December 18th, 2009.

Source: SpoilerTV and UGO