Avatar: Full Scene Clip & Speaking the Na’vi Language

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avatar new image2 Avatar: Full Scene Clip & Speaking the Navi Language

If you missed Avatar Day this summer, no worries – one of the clips from the footage previewed at the event has been released online and IGN has been good enough to share it with the rest of us.

In addition, we’ve got some crazy backstory to share about the all the intricate work James Cameron invested into creating a realistic language for the alien race of the Na’vi. Sci-fi fans, get ready to expand your alien-language dictionaries!

The scene featured in the clip is the “Thanador Chase”. It features Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver’s characters, Jake Scully and Dr. Grace Augustine, taking their Avatar bodies out for a spin in the alien jungles of Pandora, only to run afoul of some local wildlife, in this case, a “Thanador.”

If you haven’t been impressed by Avatar‘s visuals so far, may this will change your mind?

Ladies and gents, I present to you the Thanador Chase:

For a hi-res version (you really want to watch it that way) go HERE.

Now, just try and remember that pretty much all of what you just saw was CGI. If you STILL don’t think the visuals for this film are impressive, let me be the one to tell you: on an IMAX screen, in 3D, it looks even MORE impressive. Of all the footage screened on Avatar Day, this scene was probably my second favorite (Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) tutoring Jake how to wrangle himself a flying creature had to be my top fav).


The LA Times brings us a report about one of the more honored aspects of any sci-fi universe – the fake languages of its alien races!

Apparently, James Cameron has been so meticulous in his creation of the Na’vi culture in Avatar that he even reached out to a renowned linguist to create a 1,000 word vocabulary for the “Blue Cat-Smurfs.” Here’s what USC Professor Paul R. Frommer had to say about taking Cameron’s initial dozen-word vocab and expanding it into a legitimate language:

“I’m still working and I hope that the language will have a life of its own…For one thing, I’m hoping there will be prequels and sequels to the film, which means more language will be needed…The constraint, of course, is that the language I created had to be spoken by humans…I could have let my imagination run wild and come up with all sorts of weird sounds, but I was limited by what a human actor could actually do.”

“I was surprised [the actors] all did very well, and it gave me hope, too, that other people will try to learn it and speak it…I’m excited because there is going be a Pandora-pedia online and a lot of material for people to learn more about the planet. There’s this incredible devotion to detail. It’s been fascinating to me. It’s almost academic in its approach.”

Frommer (photo courtesy of the LA Times)

Of course, teaching the language to the actors was an equally daunting job – so Cameron and Co. reached out to dialect coach Carla Meyer, who has worked on such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Erin Brockovich and Angels & Demons. If Frommer’s praise is to be taken at face value, Meyer did her job well.

Check out the full article HERE to see what Frommer thinks about speaking Na’vi vs. speaking Klingon, and what it’s like to be the only guy to understand a faux language.

What did you think of the scene from Avatar? Are you a sci-fi fan who loves to learn alien languages?

Avatar will be in theaters on December 18, 2009.

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  1. Well the whole alien languages thing has always fascinated me (technically, they are “synthetic languages”).

    They are probably one of the major reasons I have read and re-read Lord of the Rings so many times.

    And an interesting detail: there would probably BE no LotR if it had not been for Toklien’s fascination with synthetic language. The books were basically a setting for his languages.

  2. I can see how people feel like they’re getting overloaded with Avatar info but I say keep it coming.

    Even though the language isn’t real I think it’s cool to use it in a real way in the movie.

  3. Was that Jurassic Park’s T-Rex what I heard there? :Dz

  4. Ok, don’t know why it defaults to low quality, watch that in high quality… The whole time I was watching it, I wanted to pay particular attention to the CGI since everyone’s bitching about that. And I kept thinking, wait, is it all CGI or is just the blue parts and the monster?? Because come on, if you don’t say that the entire environment, monster, water, the main character, doesn’t look completely realistic, you’re lying to yourself… I can’t tell that any of that was CGI… It was freakin amazing…

  5. http://movies.ign.com/dor/objects/800318/avatar/videos/avatar_trl_thanator_chase.html?show=hi

    For the high quality version, come on SamBeckett, come on anyone who says it looks like a cartoon and Final Fantasy looked better, watch this and try to let those lies roll off your tongue…

  6. Has to be Steven, thought the same thing. Pretty awesome sequence!

  7. It doesn’t look like a cartoon and Final Fantasy didn’t look better.

    It DOES look like a REALLY good video game though. Best fully animated CG yet. It’ll look even more amazing on an IMAX screen for a paltry $16 bucks.

  8. @Jess

    Even on the PC, I’ve yet to see graphics that good in a game. One day definitely, maybe not even that far into the future seeing as how fast graphics tech is moving. That would be cool though if graphics in games were that realistic, you will forget you’re playing a game, lol.

  9. Kofi any news on when the 150 min trailer is coming out?

  10. Everything was moving so fast I found it almost impossible to tell how good the CGI was.
    I loved Terminator but I have to say I’m not too enthusiastic about this movie. I’m not saying it looks terrible, I’m just not very interested.

  11. @790

    Yah, it’s not like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and just about every other big movie had multiple trailers, featurettes, and entire scenes released prior to the film premier or anything. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this crazy notion. So good call. ;-)

  12. When he is under water it looks like CGI (HD or not) and the slow motion scene looked like CGI and not completely real..I will still see this film nonetheless..

  13. @ 790

    Dec 18th, 2009. Probably won’t need to see it by then because of all the footage that has been shown recently but I will anyway

  14. LOL @790 :-)


  15. Even the stills are getting spoiler like LOL,
    good one 790. New restaurant meat Ava-tar-tar. Maybe I should E-mail the linguist… Nah.

  16. SWEET!!!!

  17. Woa, now that was intense. Nobody can bash the visuals now nothing in a movie or game has looked that good period. Look how real the water looked on him after he emerges from the waterfall. It looked sick on my highres monitor but I’m stoked to see it in all its 3d imax glory! I haven’t been this hyped for a movie since like Spiderman back in the day.

  18. Anyone heard yet, and I know this is early but these days they seem to be planning this stuff way in advance, what extras if any the DVD/BluRay release will have that the films does not? I had heard somewhere that a good bit fo footage was cut to make the movie fit within a specified time period so as to allow the film to be shown twice at night and 3 times during teh matine time slots. This even though the limited number of plays per day didn’t hurt ticket sales for Titanic.

    Also does anyone know if there is any 3D involved? Knock the 3D if you like but some of the recent release using the Real3D tech have looked great.

  19. @Fenix

    They’ll keep trying…

  20. And before “Avatar” and “Star Trek” there was Bill Shatner speaking Esperanto, in the film called “Incubus”.

    See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F77k6SQX7iQ&feature=related

    As an Esperanto speaker I found it terrifying! His Esperanto pronunciation that is, not the film.

    Your readers may be interested in http://www.lernu.net :)

  21. I want to learn Paul Frommer’s Na’vi language. I really really want to learn it! I don’t know how, but I am trying to find out. god, I mean Eywa, I really want it. I love Avatar.