FOX To Inundate Sunday Sports With ‘Avatar’

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avatar big screen stadium FOX To Inundate Sunday Sports With Avatar

What’s that? You’re one of the two people (Gary Busey is the other) on the face of the planet that doesn’t know what this little indie film called Avatar from this up and coming production company, FOX, is all about? Well, fear not weary moviegoer for on November 1st, 20th Century FOX proves just how important media dominance is by going for the “world’s largest live trailer viewing” on “one of the biggest sports days of the year.”

FOX Sports will take the entire country viewing FOX NFL SUNDAY, America’s No. 1 NFL pre-game show, to Arlington, Texas and the new Cowboys Stadium, where the three minute and thirty second trailer will play live from the enormous Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision screen.  The crowd attending the Cowboys-Seattle Seahawks game will experience the AVATAR trailer live just minutes prior to the noon (Central) kickoff between the Cowboys and Seahawks, on the enormous, four-sided, high-definition screen that hangs above the Cowboys Stadium playing field.  At the same time, millions of others watching FOX NFL SUNDAY will see the trailer on-air – making it the largest live motion picture trailer viewing in history.

Don’t worry if you’re not able to be a part of live motion picture trailer viewing history as FOX plans on airing a ninety-second Avatar commercial spot on all regional games from FOX affiliates, the national game on FOX and the World Series on, you guessed it, NBC – I’m just kidding, it’s FOX (or you could just watch it here).

I don’t mean to burst their bubble over at FOX, but from my experience in high school the last thing football fans are interested in are blue aliens with bows and arrows running around the jungle. I mean, my Quark from Deep Space Nine Halloween costume never got the respect it deserved, so I don’t really see our Titanic-loving director faring that well – it’s not like Avatar has a holodeck or anything.

Also, the whole “world record” attempt does seem a bit underwhelming. The “largest live motion picture trailer viewing” – that does seem quite specific. If FOX is going to play the record card then so can I. Congratulations, reader, you’re now part of the world record for the most amount of Sharpies (3) someone named Anthony can hold in their mouth while writing a story about the “largest live motion picture trailer viewing.” Top That! (Teen Witch style)

For the most part, I’ve taken a back seat approach to the whole Avatar “phenomenon.” I’m not saying that I don’t like it or that I’m not going to like it, I just don’t “get it.” I’ve seen all the trailers, stills, behind the scenes features and I still don’t get what makes this film so amazing. The most that I can tell is that it’s going to be an edgy FernGully: The Last Rainforest and while I’m all for animated Christian Slater, this film has neither – animation or Christian Slater. (Yes, I know CGI is technically animation, but you all know what I’m talking about.)

Sure, the $200 million price tag is a bit intriguing, but don’t forget that Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I. JOE: The Rise of the Cobra also clocked in at around the same budget. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Steve Carrell led Evan Almighty.

evan FOX To Inundate Sunday Sports With Avatar

Still, Evan Almighty built an ark. I don’t care who you are, a $200 million arc has to be awesome. The film – maybe not so much.

Avatar opens in theaters December 18.

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  1. ive heard its budget is 258 million

  2. Oooooo the hype! Can’t ya feel it!!

    Well you can add another 40mil to the Avatar budget. FOX ad time doesn’t come for free…

    Lol, Anthony I agree on your assessment of football fans in regards to sci-fi. I can see lots of especially Cowboy fans using those 3 min to grab a beer and hotdawgs… “Blue aliens look the lines are short !!!” Exit row left ! “(richocet sound) pseeshwwa!!”

    I find this whole thing amusing. I hope there’s some photographers that take pictures of the mindless fans looking up like cattle toward the farmer god in the sky. Mooo! Baahhh!! Aah? BaaAvatar? ,,, Yep Moooo ,,,! B,eh?

    Football fans have always struck me that way. :-)

  3. Don’t know if the Bears game will be carried on FOX or not, but any interruption — including a trailer for Avatar — will be gratefully welcomed, especially if tomorrow’s game is as bad as last Sunday’s match was.


    LMAO! I love your sense of humor.

  4. Stephie, 😉

    I’m sure this will be overheard by 1/3 of the redneck cowboy fans in attendance,,,

    “Betty, that looks like that Star Wars movie, like that Tar Jar Brinks dude?!?! Whooooooooooo!!!!!
    Go Cowboys!!!!! WooOOoooooOooo!!!!!”
    Seattle Sucks gull poop!!!! Wwoooooo!!”

    (20 seconds later)

    “Jethro, are they showing like the whole movie this has gone been on for over a minute? Gimme some of those chips!”

    I’m sure to get slammed for this later,,,lol,,, 😉

  5. It’s a great way to advertise. Only about 50 million people will be watching football Sunday with Brett Favre going back to Green Bay.

  6. 790

    you need professional help :)

  7. Yeah M-Cat the guy at $cientology said the exact same thing… 😯

  8. @790, You’re killin’ me! Don’t stop, ever!

    Anthony, I’m with you. I’m just not impressed. And apparently, we aren’t the only 2 otherwise why would they FEEL THE NEED to advertise this film in such a manner?

    Maybe they checked the posts on Screen Rant (and other lesser sites) and noticed that there are just as many who couldn’t give a rats behind as those who can’t wait to see this incredibly expensive Dances-With-Wolves-video-game-made into-a-movie, movie.

    Gary Busey, now THAT was good!

  9. JessSaying

    yeah, that’s everyones reason for advertising a movie.

  10. @M-Cat,
    Brett’s going back to GB? What year is this?!
    (My cryo tube must have malfunctioned. Crap!)

    Did the Dodgers win? or the Angels?

  11. hey im a cowboys fan till i die and im still syked about this trailer. and @jessayin goin to play at lambo feild still on the vikings.

  12. No offense Kantstandya,,,


  13. I guess whatever they are doing is working when people feel compelled to talk crap about them with no knowledge of the material to work off of, lol. 😀

    And I’m pretty sure the people hyped about this movie isn’t hyped because of its budget. I don’t know, call me crazy but I highly doubt that… Lol

  14. Lol, I’m not sure what’s worse, all the rednecks from Texas or all of hippies from Kalifornia… 😀 I’m glad I live in Florida where all we have are air boat riding hillbillies or Cubans… Wait, where do I fit in?? Doh! This sucks, I have to move back to China with my steady diet of cats and dogs…

  15. You know this makes want to do a little informal and very loose research. I think I’ll ask the neighbor, who goes out Sunday to the sports bar with friends to watch the game. I’ll have him take a poll see how many notice the commercial…

  16. Amen! This article needed to be written. The idea that they are going to be so in your face about this to football fans is going to backfire. The buzz for this film is going to be how not to market. Paranormal Activity will be the success story of the year.

  17. I don’t know if you could actually call this “the largest live motion picture trailer viewing”. How many people in the stadium are even gonna be paying attention to it? You could be at the game, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be looking at a screen to watch blue aliens run around, and I gurantee the audience at a football game is nit the audience that will be there in theaters to see Avatar.

  18. So,how did it go ?
    did the crowd start shouting “Navi,Navi,”CAMERON!”

  19. Hudson that hippie talk came from out of a Florida Mental institution…

    Pay no attention to him,,, 😉

  20. I am a Cowboy fan too, and I have zero interest in this movie, and I am no redneck I just don’t think it looks that good. The story (other than the using another body part) has been done before. It is all hype. And not too many people from Dallas are rednecks since it is the second most technologically advanced city in the USA (silicon valley 2)

  21. Bryan you are wrong, Paranormal Activity “is” the success story of the year

  22. Well I don’t care how freaky “Paranormal Activity” is “District 9″ is the success story in my book,,, 😉

  23. To compare Paranormal Activity to Avatar is hilarious. Alot of people were bored to death of the PA, and I doubt there will be anyone who will be bored watching Avatar.

  24. Be quiet stpauly, you’re from texas so that means you’re a closet redneck at the very least! Lol, just kidding. I love football, just too bad my team sucks, but they beat the Jets and Bills, two NY teams lol. That Saints game was a freakin disaster though in the second half…

  25. I think it worked. The 65 year old guy I worked with came in this morning and started raving about it…

  26. The trailer IS pretty impressive looking. If the movie is as good that would be sweet. The last time I made that comment was for Iron Man and its awesome trailer and thank goodness we were not disappointed there. :-) There were other times where that wasn’t the case though lol.

  27. @ Ken J….

    Can’t argue with you on that point. Avatar’s trailer was very impressive (saw it twice yesterday… once during the Cowboys game and again during the World Series).

    My question is… what movie would dare go head-to-head with Avatar, especially if it gets very good critical and audience reviews?

    Could we be seeing the “Battle of the Christmas Movies 2009″? Should be interesting to see which film will be relentlessly promoted to counter-program Fox’s Avatar ad blitz.