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avatar final battle Avatar: Creating The World of Pandora

Are you still in awe of what James Cameron did with Avatar? You still wondering how Cameron could pull off something so visually wondrous when other  SFX companies don’t even come close to matching it? Are you an amateur filmmaker hoping to learn from the example of James Cameron (in a filmmaking sense, at least)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions (or having a passing interest) then you should check out this behind-the-scenes featurette, Creating The World of Pandora, courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

VIEWER BE WARNED: This video ain’t short. If you’re at work right now and looking to kill time, you’ll need the good part of your lunch break to view it.

However, if you do have the time on your hands might as well check it out. It’s pretty interesting:

Wow, feel like I just saved myself the cost of a DVD/Blu-ray – at least to see that particular special feature that I’m interested in icon smile Avatar: Creating The World of Pandora .

Seriously though, I’ve heard people trying to knock Avatar down a peg or two for about a month now – but for me, this video proves just how much vision and work went into bringing this story and film to life. Call me a brown-noser or whatever you want, but this movie wasn’t just “all effects,” – it was great work done by dedicated actors, spearheaded by a truly visionary (and yes, willful) director, some of the best designers, artists and f/x minds in the business – and the end result really did justice to their efforts.

That’s how I feel. Let the mocking commence.

What did you think about the featurette – learn anything new or interesting?

Avatar will still be in theaters for the foreseeable future.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. amazing!!

  2. I still maintain that Avatar is a revolutionary, innovative approach to filmmaking, and this 22 minute featurette is only further testament to that. The only gripe I have had is that it didn't have as much substance to it as other films I've seen. Being a new approach to filmmaking, they probably would need to take the safer route and not throw anything much newer at people. Saying that, I hope whatever sequels emerge combine innovation with substance.

    Still a solid film experience, but not the best film. I think such a comment isn't necessarily mocking it.

  3. I agree that in terms of revolutionary or groundbreaking visual effects, Avatar is the greatest of this era. I would rather them leave this movie alone and move on to something else. This movie doesn't need sequels. Let it stay where it's at which is on top. This doesn't need to be a Star Wars type franchise or trilogy. Leave it be and lets move on the next big movie with an even better story.

  4. This movie has made over a billion dollars worldwide so far lol. You know damn well that they're going to come out with at least one sequel! And I have faith that James Cameron can definitely do it again. Think of the possibilities of what else could be on the other moons. Think of what else James Cameron has up his sleeves lol. This man is a mastermind and I say bring on more Avatar!

  5. You won't need the dvd ??? After that I want 10 hours of the making documentary.

  6. LOVED avatar. it moved me….i know i wasnt the only one who cried from the epicness.

  7. I’m just not that impressed with his ability to “create” a new world. Any child with an imagination can create new things. George Lucas created an entire universe back in the 70’s and J.R.R. Tolkien did it before that. Creating an alien race that is blue with tails and are “close to nature” is not really a new concept IMO.

    I’m not hating on Cameron nor am I ignoring his achievement but I refuse to wet my pants over a movie that was, for the most part, a cartoon. Granted, a well drawn and beautiful cartoon but a cartoon nonetheless.

  8. This is what I'm talking about…crying over a sci-fi/fantasy film? For what? You didn't seriously cry did you?

  9. Well, you'll probably get a little from column A and a little from column B with that. Some of the sequel news has guessed Cameron may move onto a different project as a director (though maybe staying as producer for Avatar sequels), so I wouldn't doubt his next directing project (maybe Battle Angel) will use what was developed through Avatar. But, like Sin said, there will be sequels if for no other reason to milk Fox's cash cow and make good on the investments they made in the process of creating Pandora. I can understand the latter rationale, but I don't show much pity to the former.

  10. @ Sin_Casa, tu casa es mi casa pero no vivimos juntos. Anyway I can see them wanting to continue with sequels but I think taking it across neighboring planets or moons and other races would be better. Ok, we saw the N'avi. Lets see some other aliens and stuff ,Pandora is cool but lets see some other worlds and if its a sort of spin-off of Avatar onto other planets and stuff, I'm with it. We've already explored Pandora lets go somewhere else now.

  11. Maybe Jake Sully's Avatar could leave to help save other planets or something, maybe he'll meet the ThunderCats, i don't know but I'm all for seeing some other not so beautiful or creepy or maybe even more beautiful worlds other than Pandora.

  12. O….M…..G!!!

    Once I pull my mouth up off the floor, I'll return with more intelligent praises of a movie so compelling and well done.

    Hats off to you Mr. Cameron. Hats off.

  13. I'm cool with them traveling to one of the other moons, but they hardly touched the surface of Pandora. We only caught a glimpse of the ocean, for all we know there's an entire aquatic civilization living in gigantic coral reefs lol. And while that was said in jest, I bet Cameron could actually make it work and make it look AMAZING.

  14. If you can't acknowledge the technical achievements as being anything but “a cartoon,” then there is really no point in trying to even talk to or sway you on this subject.

    You don't like film, have been slamming it for sometime now – so congrats, you've made your stand.

    The rest of us are going to enjoy ourselves now :-)

  15. “I’m not hating on Cameron nor am I ignoring his achievement” – you must have missed that part of my comment. The purpose of that featurette and this article was to talk about how brilliant he is for creating a world that doesn't exist. I was addressing that only as not being that BIG of an achievement.

    What was new besides a few plants that that hide when you touch them? Blue creatures that talk? Smurfs beat him to the punch. Alien race that lives in trees? Ewok were there first. Humans in robot suits fighting? Matrix has been there and done that. Giant flying, colorful dinosaurs type creatures? Eh, I might give you those but the fact the I can relate them to something means they aren't that original.

    OK, so he made up an entire Na'vi language. So did Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and a bunch of my friends in high school (the nerd types).

    As for the CGI and cartoon comment: I stand by it. I'll be impressed with his “photoreal” tech when it's able to fool me into thinking I'm watching a live actor on screen and not a CGI one. Was it pretty to look at? Absolutely. Did it make me believe Pandora is a real place…um…no. My two cents.

  16. I'm with you. It was visually impressive, yes, but there were serious problems with that script. The dialogue is laughable, some of the performances were really stilted, including one of my all time favorite actresses, Sigourney. The movie was good, but I wouldn't say great.

  17. I'm with you. It was visually impressive, yes, but there were serious problems with that script. The dialogue is laughable, some of the performances were really stilted, including one of my all time favorite actresses, Sigourney. The movie was good, but I wouldn't say great.