Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu-Ray Sales Record

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avatar box office numbers Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu Ray Sales Record

If you were a fan of James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster, Avatar (and live in the U.S.), chances are you went out and snagged yourself a copy of  Avatar on DVD or Blu-ray when it was released yesterday. If you did, then you were just one of many, as the sales of the Blu-ray in particular are quite staggering.

From 20th Century Fox comes the news that first day sales of Avatar on Blu-ray came in at 1.5 million units, beating out the previous record of 600,000 set by The Dark Knight. Just think about that for a second – The Dark Knight was one of the most psychotically popular movies we’ve ever seen and the amount of people who bought it first day on Blu-ray was quite amazing. But along comes Avatar and trumps Batman by more than DOUBLE that amount.

Just shows you how much the visuals of the movie amazed people.

Retailers sold out about 60% of their Blu-ray stock on the first day of Avatar‘s Home Video release, while they sold about 50% of their DVDs. Fox is expecting to sell at least 4 million units (combining both Blu-ray and DVD) when all is said and done. If it does (which I expect it will) then it will surpass The Twilight Saga: New Moon as the year’s biggest home video debut.

Avatar logo money piles 570x427 Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu Ray Sales Record

Curse those funny looking blue people, eh Twilighters?

What you probably will have noticed if you either bought or thought about buying Avatar on either Blu-ray or DVD is the fact that it comes without any special features. This bare bones approach is something that has annoyed me and I’m sure many other people for a long time. What makes it even more irritating is that with a movie like Avatar I want to see how the movie got made just as much as I want to re-watch the actual movie itself.

I guess everyone wanting to see behind-the-scenes featurettes and so forth will have to wait for the already planned four-disc ultimate edition due out this November. So my advice is if you don’t want to pay twice for the same movie, then hold on to your hard-earned cash for that full release.

When Avatar started to creep into the front row of things quite late last year, did anyone expect it to end up being as successful as it has been (besides here at SR, I mean)? Personally, I expected it to struggle past $500 million worldwide, but it flew past the one billion mark in just 17 days! The box office amount came to a halt at just over the $2.7 billion mark and it will only continue to make more money now that it’s been unleashed onto the home market.

avatarblu raybox e1271432962444 Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu Ray Sales Record

Amazing visuals, amazing sound... no special features.

Where can James Cameron possibly go from here?

Are you surprised to see Avatar break the opening day record for Blu-ray? Were you one of the people who didn’t expect the movie to do all that well – or did you know all along it would be a juggernaut success? (Be honest! icon razz Avatar Breaks Opening Day Blu Ray Sales Record )

Sources: 20th Century Fox, Coming Soon and The Wrap

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  1. I bought it! =)
    And I'll buy it again in November!! I actually kind of hope it gets re-released!

  2. I'm kind of surprised considering it comes with no extra features, but more importantly, no 3D. It's rather obvious why they didn't put out a 3D version first (install base, etc), but it selling so well WITHOUT it is pretty crazy. The whole reason it was a great experience for me was because of the 3D (As many reviews admit, the story is rather predictable and unoriginal). Seems like a waste of money when the far superior version that will attempt to recreate the REAL theater experience is planned for sometime next year. I guess all the advertising worked and people don't care about getting that same effect (right now, anyways). I'll wait it out.

  3. man this movie was ok at best geez are people crazy.

  4. I'm waiting for the later release with actual special features…

    But I can't wait to hear how some people will explain this away… Hm, they can't argue that it's just because the discs cost more since they're talking about number of units this time… They can't argue that it's because it's 3D because it isn't… damn, can't think of anything, guess I'll just have to wait and see what they come up with…

  5. does it really matter??? how many people really sit and watch all the movie making biz behind the movie? that kind of takes away from the movie seeing how they make. all your doing is filling james” i have a big head and cant shut about the oil sands even tho i have never been there” camerons pockets

  6. I'm with you. I didn't think the movie was anything spectacular aside from the visuals. The story was pretty much old hat and predictable in every way. I wouldn't say that I was bored while I was watching the movie, but I also wouldn't say that it blew me away… I'm very surprised that it has done this well.

  7. It depends what sites you visit. Over at Marketsaw we were all expecting over 1.5 billion EASY. We had also been following the production process for years though. Also, if you buy the first dvd you will have access to the extra features coming out in November via the internet. So ide say only wait if you cant a hard copy of the extra footage.

  8. Lmao, knew this comment was coming :-P

    Not even going to mention all of the other I didn t like the movie so much I am compelled to click on anything that says Avatar to make sure everyone knows I didn t like it comments… :-D

  9. Piracy is killing the industry…

  10. Wow. That's great news for the film industry and Jimmy's bank account. But I won't be buying it now knowing there's another re-release coming down the pipe. I work too hard for my money.

  11. Another reason why it sold even double is that since Batman more people own a Blue ray player,so it's easy to do the math !

  12. Yes, that has to be it! Yes, what other reasons must there be! No way Avatar is simple successful because people liked it, NO WAY!!!!!! lol

  13. Yea, I got it. Not sure if it was opening day. But Walmart was selling it for 19.99 on Blue-Ray. So I grabbed it. No, it was not a fantastic movie. Hell, “James” was working on it for like 20 years. So you can bet you had seen the story before. I personally am not into all the behind the sceens stuff. So I wont be getting the 4 disc set later this year. I really think that they need to rethink the way that they count the money movies make. Movies are much more expensive now a day then they ever were before. Hear rumors that 3-D movies are going to $19 a ticket. That happens I will just start renting.

  14. let's just get this out of the way I hated pochahontis in space errr I mean avatar it was the most unoriginal pointless movie I've seen in a long time. It was incredibly uninteresting and not just a rehash of other stories but a complete ripoff I mean The New World anybody? The only positve thing about that piece of garbage was the special effects which brings us to the subject at hand. Sure u could make the argument that more people have blu Ray now and that's valid to a point but let's face it we are taking about the greatest special effects ever attached to a crap movie or not if u like sfx u will get this on blu Ray. It's just simply a comment on society sfx are more important than plot depth acting or originality. This is the world we live in. A comment above that bashes the hurt locker and says avatar should of won the Oscar shows u just how low our world has sank. If u like avatar fin but to firmly believe it actually deserved an Oscar for anything other tha sfx is just sad.

  15. OR you could just watch the 2D version and not even care how expensive the 3D version is…

  16. Wow, someone has a chip on his shoulder. Did the movie insult your mother or something?? :-D

  17. It was to busy insulting the intellegencr of the viewing audience to focus on my mom. I would love to hear ur counter to explain to me the originality. Perhapse u could explain what made the story so compailing or possibly how it isn't just simply The New World but in space. Riping off a mediocre story and making it even less meaningful and thought out does not make a good movie. I would love to hear what avatar had to offer other than sfx and an overated director who sells movie tickets with his name not his art. Just like titanic the avatar craze will pass and most fans will move on and forget. Let's not forget how many people rushed to see titanic 50 times and now most of those people admit in retrospect it wasn't even that good.

  18. Why would I “counter” anything? I enjoyed the movie but didn't really like it THAT much… I just enjoy reading all of the comments whenever Avatar is brought up because I find it amusing the people who didn't like the movie, but feels compelled to go to anything and everything that says Avatar just to tell everyone how much they disliked the movie, lol. Seriously, don't you have better things to do?

    And before you ask, right now, no, I don't have anything better to do than to laugh at comments on an Avatar article, lol.

  19. Funny u should ask I have very very boring job where I sit on backside all day and find ways to kill time. For example I spent most of my work day playing with my iPhone or reading. So to answer your question no I have nothing better to do maybe if it were my off day.

  20. Well, I'm sure there are things you actually ARE interested in you can comment on, geez, lol.

  21. One I am actually interested in avatar I may not like it but I'm stll interested I find it to be an interesting study of human behavior. Two news has been slow not much exciting this I've commented on every thing I wanted must of the comment section are pretty dead not slot going on. Also I wasn't planning on commenting here but the guy bashing hurt locker claiming avatar should get an Oscar got under my skin. Than I saw comment and how defenseive u were being about it.

  22. Define “defensive” because I've already stated I didn't buy the blu-ray/DVD and that it's not at all one of my favorite James Cameron movies, I want the one with the behind the scenes stuff because I'm actually more interested in the technology behind the movie. So tell me how I'm being defensive for the movie if I've already stated that I didn't think it was THAT good. I just don't see how it is soooooooo offensive apparently that people feel compelled to jump to everything with the word Avatar on it to announce to the world how much they hated it…

  23. The main thing is it was a bad movie that made way to much money it's aggrivating to see a crap movie become the highest grossing movie only based on it's sfx. Also to see the fans clamering it deserved an Oscar at all let alone over hurt locker. Ull notice I almost never comment on avatar news this one got me based on one comment.

    U seem defensive because the moment someone says a negative thing about the film u jump on them for it.

  24. Alright, I have to say something. You actually liked Hurt Locker?? Come on, seriously, you realize it only won because of the politics right? I know I'm in the minority, but that movie wasn't that good. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters, ESPECIALLY not the main character. That sniper scene was just retarded even though people think it was so realistic…

    First, the shots took about a second and a half to reach. Which means they were REALLY far. The insurgents were using something like a SVD Dragunov or one of the other longer barrel 7.62x54mm rifles of that type. I know all of the video games call it a sniper rifle, but it's NOT a sniper rifle. It's a medium range Marksman rifle. Which means its effective range is probably 600-800m MAX. Hardly worth calling a sniper rifle… Not to mention training, to be an effective spotter, you must have extensive knowledge on range finding, calculating bullet drop and windage adjustments, etc. etc. Yet, according to this scene, a bunch of rag tag insurgents with a SVD Dragunov type rifle can outsnipe a bunch of highly trained spec-ops guys with a Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle… RIIIIIGGGGHHTTTTT……. Then the “oh, it won't load with this blood on it” part somehow made a ridiculous scene even more ridiculous… Seriously. It was a downright stupid scene that should have been cut from the movie and I might like it a little more. But even so, the rest of the movie wasn't so great. The whole him shooting out the window of the guy running the checkpoint… yah… if someone was going to run a checkpoint, that car would have been so riddled with bullet holes LONG before he got to where he did in the movie. That whole scene was just trying real hard to develop some tension. I was just shaking my head and going “uh, this is dumb” while watching it…

    And what kind of padlocks cannot be cut with BOLT CUTTERS that are able to cut through reinforced forged steel bolts??? I want some of those padlocks dammit! lol. And another scene that people loved, the whole him digging through a car to look for the detonator… Um, apparently the device was supposed to be set off by a shot to the gas tank, or set off remotely. If it's the shot to the gas tank, then there shouldn't be a detonator, if it's the latter then they would have blown him up long before he found it… Again, another scene just trying real hard to develop tension, and it didn't make much sense…

    But don't worry Daniel, obviously I don't think Avatar deserves the Oscar either, well, except for the special effects obviously, which were amazing, but story-wise, it was nothing special. So yes, I agree with you that it doesn't deserve the best picture Oscar, I don't think it even deserved the nomination to be honest, but it had a huge economic impact and I guess they couldn't ignore it… But I also don't think Hurt Locker deserved to win either. I honestly believe it won by politics alone…

    And just so you know, defensive would probably require some “defending” on my part, and I haven't done so. I actually think it's funny when people jump all over it. But to be honest, I've been let down, there was only a few this time, usually there is a whole bunch of them, I guess people are starting to forget how utterly offended they are by the movie… :'(

  25. Yes I actually did enjoy hurt locker it wasn't my all time number one movie but I can think of an 09 movie that deserved the Oscar more given how crappy the year was. By the way there is a real bolt like the one in the movie they are very sturdy and u would be hard pressed to try and cut them with a standard bult cutter.

    Ultimately hurt locker was a good film best of 09 as far as Oscar worthy films go but wouldn't make it in my top 10. 2009 just was a good year for Oscar worthy film which is funny given that they added a fifth spot starting that year

  26. It won't let me reply to your latest post, but this is in response to your post about Hurt Locker. For me, Hurt Locker didn't make it into my top 10 movies of 2009. But none of my favorite movies of 2009 seem like Oscar bait type movies anyway. I loved Star Trek, Zombieland, and too bad Gran Torino was considered 2008 instead of 2009 even though it didn't open wide until 2009, because I think that EASILY is better than Hurt Locker, hand over fist… Out of the ones that got nominated, I would say UP is my favorite, but it was surprising enough for an animated movie to be nominated, much less win it, so that was a long shot, but I definitely think that was a better movie than Hurt Locker. The story telling was less gimmicky, the characters were relatable and loveable, and it was just enjoyable to watch. Hurt Locker was painful (pun not intended) to sit through in my opinion. I can't really understand how people thought it was so great… I guess the same way you feel about Avatar, except I don't keep my eyes peeled for Hurt Locker topics just to talk crap about it… Or maybe I do, who knows, lol.

    Taken came out in 2009 right? I loved that movie, but again, not Oscar-bait type movie. They always like the sappy dramas, especially those with a controversial theme like Milk and the like…

    A lot of people liked Moon, although I haven't seen it, so can't put my input on it… A Perfect Getaway was surprisingly entertaining, although I know it's not an “oscar worthy” movie… (yes, I'm looking in wiki for the movies that came out in 2009 and picking out the ones I thought were good, lol) District 9 is another movie that I'll have to be in the minority in saying that wasn't as good as everyone says it is, although I would say I liked it more than Hurt Locker… Gamer was entertaining in a stupid and ridiculous way, I totally understand it getting panned by critics, there's not much good I can say about it other than that I enjoyed watching Dexter be a bad guy, lol. I actually really liked Law Abiding Citizen, but again, not an “Oscar bait” type movie… The Princess and the Frog was cute, saw that with my girlfriend, awwww, lol. Brothers was horrible, they tried to make that Oscar-bait, you could tell, and that's why it's bad, you can tell they were trying to be all dramatic and shocking, but it was just lame and laughable…

    I guess you're right, 2009 was not a good year for movies, but no way Hurt Locker was the best of 2009. Out of all of them, I would say UP should have won, even though I liked Star Trek more, but I know that's not the type of movie those snobs of the “Academy” usually would nominate… And admittedly there were a few movies that a lot of people say were good that I missed out on in 2009 and maybe one or more of them could have been better than the movies I liked of 2009, but I guess I'll find out when I get around to renting them…

  27. I'm with u on district 9 I couldn't stand it. I see people on the web go on and on about it but I havnt met one person in real life that liked it. I really hated the camera work the most. Gran Torino should of won last year it was a great movie loved every minute. Milk was crap but as always play gay get an Oscar. I enjoyed trek but it is not an Oscar film and taken is a last year film like gran Torino I think if I'm wrong I would actually say it should of been considered. Up was a nice film one of the most emotional amazing cartoons I've ever seen but still i can't see it as picture of the year.