‘Avatar’ Producer Says Two Sequels Planned, Not Three

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avatar sequels 48fps Avatar Producer Says Two Sequels Planned, Not Three

There are few film properties that make a big enough splash with their first installment to warrant not one, or two, but three follow-ups forming the legendary ‘quadrilogy.’ James Cameron’s Avatar was enough of a commercial and technical success that no one batted an eye when Sigourney Weaver claimed that three sequels were being filmed back-to-back.

Unfortunately for those already packing for a fourth trip to Pandora, the films’ producer Jon Landau has now confirmed that for the time being, only Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are being planned.

Whether Weaver (who through time-travel or other sci-fi means is set to return in the sequels) initially misspoke about the number of films being shot back-to-back, or her comments reflect Cameron’s lofty, but not concrete, hopes for the series is impossible to know. What is for sure is that as of this writing, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are set to be filmed together, with expected releases a year apart. With the latest estimates placing the first possible release as no earlier than 2015, though, things could change before then.

The confirmation comes from producer Jon Landau, who touched on the current state of Avatar production in an interview with Courier Post Online. While fans are no doubt hoping for a confirmation that Avatar films, television series and theme parks are all on the table, the truth is far smaller in scale:

“We doing two back-to-back, but not a third.”

Even if Avatar 4 is being outlined by Cameron as merely a possibility, it’s probably best for all involved if the focus is kept to something more achievable. Say, developing two of presumably the most advanced and complex films ever made, poised to become two of the highest-grossing films of all time? Even a director as bold as Peter Jackson, whose WETA special effects house will likely assist Cameron in bringing Pandora oceans to life, only bit off three consecutive shoots with actual sets and existing landscapes to film against. In Cameron’s case, committing to just twice the task of making the first Avatar seems like a wise move. Nevertheless, Landau’s comments will come as a disappointment to many blue-face-painted enthusiasts.

sigourney weaver avatar 2 Avatar Producer Says Two Sequels Planned, Not Three

It’s strange to think of any fans being genuinely disappointed that their favorite film only has two, not three sequels in production, but Avatar was no regular film. The unbridled affection it earned wasn’t confined to those who paid to see the film, but its director as well. Cameron has since restructured his production company to no longer focus on producing other scripts, explaining that from here on out he is without a doubt “in the Avatar business.” That kind of sentiment from a writer/director is always strange, but given Cameron’s passions behind the camera and beyond, Pandora seems like a suitable canvas for the foreseeable future.

As an active environmentalist documentarian and advocate it’s easy to see how Avatar 2 and 3 will highlight potential threats that our own oceans have and could face, but neither Cameron or Landau are overlooking their main priority: making enjoyable movies. Cameron has stated that the sequels will be entertaining before anything else, and Landau hopes to avoid the usual dragging plots and cliffhangers of serialized films by making each entry as complete a story as the original Avatar.

How do Landau’s words change your expectations for the series, if at all? And assuming Avatar 2 and 3 are nearly as successful as the original, is it safe to assume that 4, 5 and 6 won’t be far behind? Sound off in the comments.

We’ll keep you up to date on any Avatar 2 details as they arrive.


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Source: CourierPostOnline (via Latino-Review)

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  1. Only 2 sequels? …but I wanted to hate 4 movies!!!

  2. You’re about two days late. Everyone’s had this news but you guys.

  3. I don’t know why there’s so much negativity towards this idea. Have people forgotten that Cameron is responsible for ‘Aliens’ and ‘Terminator 2′?

    Now, I’ll admit, the first ‘Avatar’ was actually pretty good. People complain about the story, but think about this… Jim wrote ‘Avatar’ 10 years ago, therefore of course the story will feel a bit outdated and cliché. I have faith that since he is writing ‘Avatar 2′ as we speak, it will have a far better story. The only real weakness that I can see in the film (along with pretty much all his original films) is that Cameron cannot write screenplay to save his life. The lines of dialogue he uses seem so forced and unnatural. I have faith in Jim and in ‘Avatar 2′. Sign me up!

  4. I really wish people would not use that neologism “quadrilogy”.

    It’s a “tetralogy”. Sounds just as fancy shmancy, and it’s a real word.

    I guess I hadn’t heard the “four films” tidbit, I was always under the impression it was just the two followups. Unlike so many SR forum members, I really liked Avatar. I have no complaints about its “lack of originality”, or it’s being Dances with Smurfs or anything like that. I enjoyed it. I was engrossed by the story. Anyway, that said, I am VERY much looking forward to the sequels.

    Of course, I could make a bad joke about the 4th film being “Aliens and Predators vs Avatar”.

    • I loved Avatar as well. I didnt like it at first only cause I hadnt seen it and everyone told me how bad it was. but when I watched it I felt I was part of the story. very original and very creative by the director

  5. i dont care how many sequels there are. the fact that there ARE sequels pisses me off. what a waste of resources.

    • so just don’t go see it.
      it’s not your money they’re using. there’s no reason for it to
      piss you off”.

  6. Despite all the hype, are people REALLY clamoring for an Avitar 2 and 3??
    I don’t think so.

    • I am. I love the first one

    • grossing nearly 3 BILLION globally is not “hype”, it’s reality. ;)

  7. I loved avatar but, come on! The plot was Pocahontas on Pandora.

    • so what? name one thing original about The Dark Knight? he plot was Batman in Gotham City….done a thousand times. Why does TDK get a pass and Avatar doesn’t?

  8. Who cares?

  9. The movie made nearly 3 billion dollars. Sure you say you’ll not see it, but I think we all know who is going to show up at the opening weekend..

    • I wont. I waited a few weeks after opening to see the original. If I do see any of the sequels, it will be towards the end of their run in theatres. But most likely if I do end up seeing em, will be when the dvds are are in the bargin bin at blockbuster.

      • What if there are no more Blockbusters? Then what? They’re slowly disappearing. :D

  10. I love the “I hated this movie, so no one else should have the chance to see a sequel” people.

    God, you take yourselves WAY too seriously.

    You didn’t like it. So move on and shut up about it.
    Leave those of us who DID like it alone.
    Wow, talk about dictatorial crap.

    • I agree with you. They sound just like Obama saying he hates America. If you don’t like it get out don’t go see it. Move somewhere else. Dang Liberals… Gosh…

      • ….?

  11. Loved the first, cant wait for the sequels. Though i would like to see james cameron direct something else in the near future.

    • Alita damn it!

    • Going by Cameron’s own comment’s he’s now in the ‘Avatar’ business and isn’t doing anything else.

  12. Two too many.

    • Agreed!!!!!!

  13. I have posted this before but I will ask again “will the avengers or avatar take on the modern day mantle that star wars set prior?” one having the history/fans thee other braking new ground. I hope both are massively successful but realisticly only one will stand the test of time.

  14. HEIL JAMES CAMERON! …oh wait he’s not Hitl….well close enough

    • Really? You’re going to compare one of the best directors of our generation to a madman who killed millions? Pull your head out of the darkness in which it resides.

        James Cameron destroyed millions of eyes with his mind blowing effects including ears with his shattering sound waves of effects and now 3D Technology! Man has plans like a bloody nhatzi!

        • JerseySchindler, if millions of people lost their sight and hearing why was it not reported in the media? Why were there no lawsuits in that regard?

          If you don’t like a director and/or his movies then say so, because making statements like the one you made above doesn’t help your case.

  15. I really liked the first, I hope these are just as imaginative.

  16. If John Smith and Pocahontas were still alive, they would probably sue James Cameron for stealing a portion of their lifes story.

    • but their dead so it wont matter

      • *they’re

        • Its the same plot. It stunk. The movie was just visually stimulating. Thats it.

          • So “Dances with Wolves” should have suffered the same fate and also “stunk” because it stole the plot (and even the same backdrop!)?

            When are you going to realize that there are not all that many “truly original” ideas out there? Hell, Star Wars was just cowboys in space so what’s the big deal?

    • so who should sue Christpher Nolan for the The Dark Knight Trilogy? I don’t think there is enough cyberspace to list the number of people he stole from. The point is, everyone borrows. You can find similarities in every movie. Avatar is a thousand times more original than TDK trilogy. I’m like TDK movies but I am picking on them b/c I know how much you fanboys are in love with it. But for some reason you pick on Avatar instead…maybe it’s just so you can rehash the same lame Pocahontas/smurf jokes for the last four years..ha.

      • For being one of the biggest movies ever made, the plot sucked. At least Batman had amazing acting. The acting in avator was just average. You could hear Worthington’s accent throughout the movie. For working in the entertainment industry for the past 10 years and seeing 700 + movies, this was crap.

  17. I loved avatar but it seems to me that Cameron’s imaginative mind is being limited and may be even wasted on this trilogy or quadroligy. The man is a genius IMO so he should use his vision to direct something different n whatever it may be, it will turn out spectacular

  18. I don’t think the story in Avatar was ever the point. It was more about the experience he was offering when watching it, which in that sense made it absolutely worthwhile. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed Avatar and would happily pay to see the sequels. But the initial ‘wow’ is over so he’ll have no choice but to make the story the point this time. So, good news all round.

    • +1

      Couldn’t have said it better myself…

  19. Considering how over the top ambitious just Avatar 2 will be, I can understand only doing just 2 more for the moment. I’m sure though that once the next movie is released and as successful as the original, that a 4th installment will be requested.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks Cameron and Company are going to lose their butts on this?

  21. Ohhh, so many haters, here.

    I thought everyone loved Avatar. But now it seems like you are just all bashing for the sake of bashing it.

    Who knows maybe 2 years latter Avengers will be hated like this. Fleshy, corolful, visually stunning, but the plot sucked balls and the dialogue was sometimes cringe-worthy.

    Which one am I talking about?

    I hope he can deliver something new and the time he invested in the sequels won’t be wasted.

    • I think it’s just so ironic how everyone bashes Avatar for not having an original story and all.

      Everyone I asked why they liked Avengers said it wasn’t for the story(Which IMO was basically a TF3 carbon copy) or dialgou. It was the experience. Seeing your favourite heroes together.

      I liked Avatar for the same the reason, but doesn’t make it the best movie, just a good cinema experience.

      • is there really going to be an avatar 4 movie tell me it ant so pleasetell me it ant haaping i really wanna know i heard that from my friend bill ur making a avatar movie that really true

      • Avatar is a great movie i havie the movie and the cd so watch what u say to people

  22. is there really going to be an avatar 4 movie tell me it ant so pleasetell me it ant haaping i really wanna know i heard that from my friend bill ur making a avatar movie that really trur

    • i will scream if ur making a 4orth Avatar movie and im not lying i really will