Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

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avatar 2 logo Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

Whenever a new movie becomes a worldwide phenomenon, there is inevitable talk of a sequel. To me, James Cameron’s Avatar was a nice, succinct, Disney-style fable about the evils of greed and Colonialism -  a story that doesn’t necessarily need a follow-up.

However, since Cameron himself let it be known early on that there is an Avatar 2 (and 3?) in the cards should the box office receipts warrant it (and suffice to say they do at this point), it’s only fair that we should jump into the pool of speculation about what the Avatar sequels will – and perhaps should – be about.

Our good friends over at Slash Film have done some busy work over the holiday, compiling tidbits of info to share about what is known or rumored about an Avatar sequel at this point:

The Avatar Trilogy

Just in case you haven’t heard, Cameron definitely has an Avatar trilogy in mind. With the movie out and big money coming in, that Avatar trilogy has pretty much been confirmed. As has been pointed out by our own Rob Keyes (and others), since Cameron has already made it over the major hurdle of making Avatar (developing the technology), any sequels should be easier (and quicker) to realize.

All that’s left, really, is for 20th Century Fox to set a date…

avatar after party image1 Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

Leaving planet Pandora

Slash Film points us to an interview with The LA Times Hero Complex and James Cameron, which was conducted following Avatar‘s opening. The interviewer points out that Pandora isn’t the only orbital body circling the giant gas planet of “Polyphemus” (Cameron really has fleshed out his fantasy universe pretty thoroughly); Cameron responds by stating that in subsequent Avatar films we may get a chance to explore those other moons and find out what mysteries they hold.

You can watch the video of Cameron discussing all that by going HERE.

Now, before you get too into this notion of an Avatar sequel and/or trilogy, be sure to save at least a few of your great ideas – because you know we here at Screen Rant will have an Avatar 2 plot discussion post to share with you soon. It’s pretty much what we do icon wink Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins .

Avatar is currently showing in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX theaters everywhere (as if you didn’t know).

Sources: Slash Film, Coming Soon, Hero Complex

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  1. Gosh am I really reading about how someone was mean to someone else?

    Look, I could care less about Cameron and whether or not he’s a nice guy. He is an artist. Artists tend to be … odd. And there are many different kinds of odd.

    Do I wanna meet Cameron? Nah, I could care less. Unless I was going into his line of work then you betcha! Otherwise, I’ll continue to go to the museum (theater), view his paintings (movies) and enjoy the beauty I see in them.

  2. @ nowhereman,

    It’s too bad you took the name “nowhere man” because it was written by John Lennon, a man who had a lot of pride and you don’t seem to have a lot of pride because you are James Cameron’s willing doormat.

    And your comedic post showcasing how silly you think my point is, is really just your way of rationalizing away your dignity. You know my point about Cameron disliking us (his fans) is valid and you’re making light of that point to try to make that point seem silly so you can pay to see the movie even though you know you shouldn’t. You know the things I’m saying about Cameron disliking you and disrespecting you are true so you have to justify rationalize/pretend that my issue is silly so you can see the movie even though you know that doing so makes you his doormat. Check out the below story…Cameron thinks his fans, you included, are punks.


  3. @ Red Skull,

    As a result of Titanic James Cameron became one of the few celebrity director and Cameron knows this. I remember the company that produced Titanic was selling Titanic memorabilia during Titanic’s historic runup into the record books. Posters of the movie were selling by the movie producer (not ebay) through J. Peterman for $1,000 with James Cameron’s signature. James Cameron was in the newspapers almost every freaking day for months. He is one of the few celebrity directors and he knows it. If he didn’t want fans of Avatar asking for his autograph then he shouldn’t have put out Avatar. He chose to be a famous director. He chose to be a celebrity. If this were some nonfamous director you might have a valid point but this is not some nonfamous director. This is a director who is at least as famous as the stars in his movie.

  4. @ Cole Rieger

    You’re analogy is apples and oranges. When I was in college I had to take some classes but I do not have to go to a movie. I have already seen Avatar once so what I am saying is that I am not going to the repeat showings I was definitely planning on doing. When I came out of the movie it took me hours, maybe days, to process what I had seen. It was beautiful! I could not stop talking about Avatar. I truly love the movie and I was planning on seeing it 4 or 5 times. But now that I see that Cameron feels disdain for people like me (his own fans) I’m not spending anymore of my money on this movie of his or any other project he’s involved with. And you can believe me or not but I assure you that, that creep James Cameron does care about my “revolt” because when it comes to us pigeons/rubes all that matters to that creep James Cameron is how much money he can get out of us. I have been badmouthing James Cameron on every site I can, and in person to everyone who will listen. When the movie’s run is over it will definitely make less money than it would have if not for the “revolt” by dignified people like myself.

    I caused that a-hole to lose some money and that is good enough for me and the other “revolters” who are also angry about James Cameron’s attitude toward his own fans.

    Fine, you wanna be his doormat, go ahead. That is your right. But I have too much pride to be a punk for that mean arrogant creep.

  5. @Russell

    OK, that’s enough – let it go. Otherwise I’m going to start deleting comments.


  6. @ Russell

    It sounds like you are just as jaded and arrogant as you claim James Cameron is……so why should we listen to you?….who the eff are you?…why should I be YOUR doormat? Do you work for TMZ or something? you sure like to add that link to your rants. I actually like the way Cameron treated that phony “fan”….so I would prefer to be Cameron’s doormat, and not yours. You’re the man Cameron!!

  7. I don’t really see how the way James Cameron treated a guy asking for an autograph is in any way relevant to Avatar or a sequel to Avatar.

    Some people are a-holes, that’s just life. In the arts in particular you’re bound to find a lot of a-holes, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the quality of their art. I’m sure that John Lennon wasn’t always kind to screaming fans, but I doubt that that has ever stopped anyone from purchasing a Beatles record.



  9. The more you get into the lives of actors/celebrities the more your going to find out there not pure as bottled water.

    Btw if some guy shoved his sweaty pen in my face and demanded an autograph I would tell him to ef off as well…
    Then as I walked away I would comment, “learned that from Cameron!”

  10. I dont care Its JAMES CAMERON! he’s amazing pratically everyone luvs his films, hell that fan fan is an idiot, I wish James Cameron would swear at me, hell he could call me a prick infront of my mother i’m still gonna tell my future kids, that I met him & he hated me!

    Trust me that is a good thing…I’m glad he’s a prick! it makes me like him more,
    It really does.

  11. Sod you Russell! I’m gonna go watch True Lies & laugh my ass off.

  12. After reading the rants of James Cameron and his non autograph signing blasphemy i would like if we could to bring this back to the sequel discussion.
    Personally i would like the sequel to stay on Pandora, they have a whole world to show us. The other tribes of Nav’i, more crazy animals, also go more into detail about how the world works with the Deity and the tree goddess(cant remember her name) I think there is a lot of untapped stories on Pandora and i think keeping around Jake Sully would be good for the Avatar name.

  13. It would be cool to see the Na’vi take on a different threat other than the humans this next time around. The humans could even be the heroes in the sequel,,,

    True to Cameron style,,, T2, Aliens,,,

  14. At The Uk Premiere, none of the cast stopped to talk to the crowd, and having been to a few that is very rare indeed. But I didnt care. It is just nice to see the stars.

    Didnt love the film though, I tried, but I dont think I was able to shed all of my built up ideas about it. Looked nice though.

  15. All humans were no the bad guys in this film..the scientists were good…the mercenaries were not..and not all of them..but it would be nice tsee a sequel where the Na’Vi are adided by a human military force… Very good point 790

  16. How the hell are the Na’vis going to other planets?!

  17. GK333, what I meant was that in the same style of T2 or Aliens in where Cameron turns everything upside down in terms of who the bad guys are and who you can trust.
    Other sequel ideas.
    Who’s to say that the humans actually left Pandora, they could have lifted off and parked in Orbit. Maybe they have no choice due to engine cryo problems?
    Are they waiting for back up? Are they going back down for fuel? Who’s in charge? Does the corporation have a back up military option?

    What about the other planets in the area, any life on those? ??????

  18. @Jake Sully

    Well since they kept the scientists and booted off the military, they now have access to the tech that was put on the planet by the humans…


  19. Well, it was mainly the corporation that was the villain in this, the mercenary force was just their means of taking control. The sequel can involve an actual military force, meaning one sanctioned by a government body going to Pandora for humanitarian reasons maybe because of the bad press that might have been generated by the actions of the corporation in this first movie. And like 790 said, they could encounter a different villain this time and the human military force can actually be allies to the Na’vi this time.

    I wonder if any of them will say “Come with me if you want to live” lol. Imagine someone in a mech suit saying that to Jake Sully in his now permanent avatar body, lol.

  20. It had been mention that the previous Toruk Makto, and all of them united all the Na’vi clans on a time of great sorrow.

    It seem that the Na’vi could have some natural enemies which return once every few generation, and they need to united together to fight it…

    Or else why do they had 5 Toruk Makto? they can’t be fighting among themselves, right?

  21. and the navi only know about humans thru what they saw and could learn from jake ,and if the threat from the other planets do get involved that does not mean it has to be another war ,a advance being from the other moons can go to pandora and capture them for purposes unknown and jake knowing more then pandora and use his knowlege to help remember they tryed to teach other sky people.

  22. Somehow it´s funny after the success of Dark Knight, on almost every movie board people were talking how much this movie would change the industry and that people would no longer accept tentpole movies with unoriginal stories or with characters lacking psychological depth. That was 2008. Now we have reached the end of 2009 the year of ROTF and Avatar and it seems almost as if we had reached the end of cinema as we know it. Goodbye to movies as storytelling device and hello to movies as non-interactive-videogames. Or maybe it´s just that cinema started as a fairground attraction and now it seems it will end there.

    But maybe with the technology going cheaper and cheaper and more and more movies following this pattern people will someday get tired of it. Hope dies last.

  23. I was pretty angry at James Cameron when I read about him abusing that guy at the airport. I have had a partial change of heart after reading something by John Mayer (sp). I don’t know who John Mayer is but he did say some interesting things about how celebrities are treated when they get of airplanes. He talked about how some people will follow the celebrity “barking” at the celebrity for autographs. I think this is true because I was at an airport where I saw a celebrity walking down the hall and somebody was walking beside the celebrity and it looked like the person was pestering the celebrity. Now mind you that the celebrities hands were full, he had just gotten off an airplane and another person is walking besides him bugging him. I can imagine that James Cameron was probably just getting back from a promotion, was very tired, just wanted to get home to catch his breath, and the “fan” was probably shadowing James Cameron and barking at James Cameron for an autograph. I know that in the beginning of the videotape it looks like the fan is being polite but that video starts after the fan and Cameron were already engaged so I do not know how the fan initially approached Cameron or if the fan was coming off as some kind of barking hustler, which I believe may have been the case. Hustler types can’t hide their hustle behavior and I can imagine that the “fan” may have come across to Cameron as a hustler type…pushy and not very courteous. So after thinking about it a week I think that there is a real possibility that given that Cameron was tired, just got off a plane, wanted to get home to catch his breath, and some hustler type of person starts being pushy and barking out demands for an autograph, well if I had been in Cameron’s shoes it wouldn’t have sit well with me so I can imagine it wouldn’t sit well with Cameron and so Cameron decided not to be gracious. The fan was probably inconsiderate and hustler-rude and he acted like this at the wrong time because Cameron had just gotten off a plane and just wanted to get home to take a breather from all the Avatar commotion.

    I think Cameron is probably getting a raw deal with the negative publicity he’s attracted from this situation. I think he should do some kind of online fan-appreciation thing/event to send a signal to us fans that he is with us, and the event at the airport does not reflect his true feelings about fans.

  24. @ Vic Holtreman

    I just posted a retraction of my previous badmouthing of Cameron. If you wish to delete it and my other posts that is fine with me. I do not care. But I think that in fairness to Cameron you should leave all my posts so that other fans who might be angry at Cameron too can see that someone like them who started out angry at Cameron could think the situation over and have a change of heart. if you delete my posts then other people who are also angry at Cameron will just be left with the negative stuff I said about Cameron and not the new stuff I just said in Cameron’s favor.

    Do what you want to do with my posts…I could care less because I won’t be back. I have a real job and stuff like that so I don’t have time to goof off at fan sites.

    Have a nice life Vic.

    Russell Dee

  25. @Russell

    Seems like you certainly MADE the time with your string of comments. Anyway, I won’t be deleting your posts.


  26. @ Russell Dee

    Thats funny! Why so serious?

    And I have a real job too, but coming on here is meant to be fun, dont take it so seriously!

  27. Ironic how art imitates life or at least politically extreme bloggers that focus a little too much on celebrity.
    Russell Dee, check out the film “Children of Men!”
    Its a great film about the future, where infertility has gone global and nobody can reproduce. The film starts out with the youngest person alive getting killed because he refused an autograph.

    Maybe you’ll learn something from this film? In the meantime take your meds and happy new year.

  28. I love avatar!so please james cameron, make the sequels sooner..let the story like now, theres jack n neytiri. Thanks

  29. Please not a sequel to this!! First of all I don’t even see how they could make a sequel to this, and second… I won’t see it even if they do (and they will.) Cameron tries to act like he’s so creative and came out with something no one else could do, but if he makes a sequel to this then he’s just as bad as all the other people in Hollywood trying to make a quick buck. As you may know, I didn’t really like Avatar very much. Sure the effects were great blah blah blah, but if you don’t have a creative idea/story to tell with the effects, then what’s the point?