Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

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avatar 2 logo Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

Whenever a new movie becomes a worldwide phenomenon, there is inevitable talk of a sequel. To me, James Cameron’s Avatar was a nice, succinct, Disney-style fable about the evils of greed and Colonialism -  a story that doesn’t necessarily need a follow-up.

However, since Cameron himself let it be known early on that there is an Avatar 2 (and 3?) in the cards should the box office receipts warrant it (and suffice to say they do at this point), it’s only fair that we should jump into the pool of speculation about what the Avatar sequels will – and perhaps should – be about.

Our good friends over at Slash Film have done some busy work over the holiday, compiling tidbits of info to share about what is known or rumored about an Avatar sequel at this point:

The Avatar Trilogy

Just in case you haven’t heard, Cameron definitely has an Avatar trilogy in mind. With the movie out and big money coming in, that Avatar trilogy has pretty much been confirmed. As has been pointed out by our own Rob Keyes (and others), since Cameron has already made it over the major hurdle of making Avatar (developing the technology), any sequels should be easier (and quicker) to realize.

All that’s left, really, is for 20th Century Fox to set a date…

avatar after party image1 Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins

Leaving planet Pandora

Slash Film points us to an interview with The LA Times Hero Complex and James Cameron, which was conducted following Avatar‘s opening. The interviewer points out that Pandora isn’t the only orbital body circling the giant gas planet of “Polyphemus” (Cameron really has fleshed out his fantasy universe pretty thoroughly); Cameron responds by stating that in subsequent Avatar films we may get a chance to explore those other moons and find out what mysteries they hold.

You can watch the video of Cameron discussing all that by going HERE.

Now, before you get too into this notion of an Avatar sequel and/or trilogy, be sure to save at least a few of your great ideas – because you know we here at Screen Rant will have an Avatar 2 plot discussion post to share with you soon. It’s pretty much what we do icon wink Avatar Sequel Speculation Begins .

Avatar is currently showing in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX theaters everywhere (as if you didn’t know).

Sources: Slash Film, Coming Soon, Hero Complex

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  1. Did you see the video showing James Cameron refusing to sign an autograph in connection with the Avatar movie and how abusive Mr. Cameron was to the man who asked for the autograph?

    If it had been you or me asking for Mr. Cameron’s autograph then Mr. Cameron would have treated us the same as he treated that guy at the airport. Fans have come to expect autographs because celebrities usually give autographs. It goes with the job that celebrities chose. Nobody forces them to be celebrities. It’s part of that business. I don’t know if that guy intended to sell the autograph or not, and even if he did intend to sell the autograph Mr. Cameron did not know that at the time he was so rude to the man. I myself asked Fox to release memorabilia because I wanted a piece of memorabilia commemorating Avatar for my wall. Not to sell. I truly loved the movie, and I was planning to see it numerous times but not anymore. I talk others out of going to see it now because I’m that disgusted with Cameron’s behavior. We fans are not his serfs. I won’t see the sequels either. Doesn’t it bother you just knowing that he really despises us fans and looks down on us. Doesn’t it bother you that if you had asked him for his autograph he would have treated you the same way he treated that guy at the airport? How can you enrich a guy who treats people like you as doormats???

  2. @Russell

    It’s well known that Cameron is an egomaniac. I was going to say it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish what he does without that personality attribute, but then I thought about Peter Jackson…

    No excuse.


  3. Avatar for me was easily the best moviegoing experience of a 41 yr. lifetime. I would say it is not the best script or movie ever made though. When you add up the story, the 3d and the visual fx not to mention an IMAX screen, it is more than worth the price of admission. I wonder if anyone else has realized just how closely the script “borrows” from Dances With Wolves? For me it is too close for comfort and that would be the main flaw if I had to find one.

  4. Dances with wolves? How about fern gully the last rain forest. If the big whatever it was called had suddenly broken out in robin williams voice saying “my name is batty, my logic is irraty” I wouldn’t have even blinked. This was a live action (sorta) reboot of fern gully down to the big tree in the forest…

  5. Avatar turned out to be crap, as expected by everyone. That America didn’t go to see it isn’t surprising to anyone. Those Hollywood box-office revenue figures are as fixed as their bad movies and talent shows, and their bogus Twitter accounts pushing their junk. Entertainment is a dead horse on crutches falling down a rabbit hole.

  6. @russel

    the answer is no I dont need more friends I need more good movies.

  7. If you think those box-office revenue fitures are fixed, then you obviously haven’t been to the cineplex over the past week. Already in the second weekend, the auditorium was packed with lines trailing outside and all showsing pre-sold out for the entire day. It’s already earned over $600 million worldwide in less than 2 weeks. Considering Cameron’s track record in the past, I don’t know anyone that was execting Avatar to be “crap” aside from a few skeptics thinking that it was going to have a hard time making its money back. While I doubt it will match Titanic’s record, I don’t doubt it will be a solid success.

  8. I could see a reason for a sequel. I wouldn’t know about jumping ship and going to explore another planet, as that would involve creating YET ANOTHER world from scratch when they could just expand more on Pandora. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do an inverted form of “Aliens”: the “aliens” on the planet are trying to protect themselves from the return of the corporation seeking to make good on their investment in the planet.

    If they invested the money they did in the whole operation and serve to gain what they can from the mineral, it’d almost seem foolish to utterly turn tail and run. I see a military response in the works, though I don’t know how they’d make it work. If a trilogy, that would be the first sequel, and then the follow-up sequel might be . . . I don’t know, maybe the military “wins” in the first sequel and the follow-up is almost an insurgent/guerrilla warfare approach? At that point it might seem too much like the unfortunate sequels to “The Matrix,” though.

    So, yeah, dunno.

  9. @MCZ

    EVERYONE sees the Dances with Wolves similarities. :)

    @blistery day

    Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Get a clue. “Fixed” box office numbers? Right.


  10. @ KantStandYa

    It isn’t about whether or not you need friends more than you need good mivies. The issue is whether or not we fans are treated with basic common sense decency or not.

    If there was a picture of James Cameron shooting a fan for asking for an autograph would you say that you need good movies more than you need friends? Give me a break! The point is that a lot of celebrities treat fans much better than Mr. Cameron treats his fans. He treats his fans like doomat serfs. With a mean arrogant person like Cameron the only way to teach him to treat fans respectfully is to punish him. With a nasty fellow like Cameron you get the amount of respect that you force him to give you and no more. He treats his fans like dogs. If that is OK with you then go ahead and make him richer and richer and richer. But all I am saying is that if you don’t give him the money he covets then he will feel that and he will start treating his fans better. It sounds to me like you do not have pride because it is OK with you if he treats you like a doormat as long as he keeps making movies for you to watch. And by the way that is what he thinks too…he thinks you are basically incapable of standing up to him and punishing him. He thinks he can treat you like dirt and you will still give him your money. From what you posted it looks like he’s right.

  11. Cameron’s imaginative genius along with the new filming technology and FX blended together makes hands down one of the best movies ever made to this day taking in consideration on the difficulty to make an “OK” movie that works Cameron set the bar on film making really high.

    I would love to see a sequal and I predict that it will break records if its made…

    One question, other than the voice overs, where were the Black people? hmmmm! Classic European/American go to a foriegn land to take and destroy culture and land, good stuff Cameron.

  12. It doesn’t matter to me if hes a douche in real life. Camerson’s personality doesn’t affect my enjoyement of his film. Hell, Michael Bay’s views on women make him a scum bag, but I still enjoy his films.

    Whats funny is that you hear guys talk about how “hot” Megan Fox is, and she is always talking down to men. Saying that they are “dirty” and she feels “safer” with girls. Yet, that doesn’t change most people’s view on her.

    As for a sequel, theres no doubt we will get one, but I think “Avatar” stands good on its own.

  13. @ Matt Keith,

    I’m not simply saying that he’s a “douche.” There are lots of ways a celebrity director can be a “douche.” A director can be a douche because he’s hard on the actors but that isn’t really an insult to the fans. A director can be a “douch” because he’s slow in paying subcontractors but that isn’t really an insult to the fans. James Cameron is a douche in the very exact and specific way that he treats we fans like dirt and he has a low opinion of us fans. By not standing up to him we are showing that he can shovel any ole s*** in our faces and we will eat that s*** and smile about it because that is what James Cameron wants us to do. Basically, one has to have no pride in himself/herself to support James Cameron given that Cameron looks down on us the way he does.

  14. I don’t know why people are so surprised about his actions. I mean, most celebrities have there heads up their ***, but people don’t seem to bother. Hell, people even defended Bale when he made his tirade.

    But, like I said I don’t let an actor/director’s personality or personal beliefs affect my enjoyement of their films.

  15. I saw the movie in 3D and enjoyed it more that I thought I would, to be honest. Kofi’s statement that “James Cameron’s Avatar was a nice, succinct, Disney-style fable about the evils of greed and Colonialism” is a pretty good one.

    The story was certainly a bit of a retread of others, but overall they did enough to win me over. I actually thought Sam Worthington’s performance was fine, quite good in parts. I didn’t trip over his “hybrid” accent – I don’t think the script necessarily identified him as “American”, did it? Zoe Saldana’s work was outstanding, she is a very talented young woman.

    The movie’s visuals were something to behold, that’s for sure – glad I got to see it in 3D. It’s actually the first full length movie I have seen in 3D, so I guess I’m spoiled for anything else now.

  16. @ russell,

    lets be honest for a moment though, he didnt apply for the role of celebrity, thats just the media giving him that role. wanted or unwated. he “role” is movie producer/ writer/ director etc…
    try being in his shoes for one day, yeah the money is rediculous but the man cannot go anywhere without being harrassed, chased, mobbed, videod, photographed etc… see how annoying that could get? and thin k of the amount of autographs he has signed compared to that one he didnt. maybe he was having an off day. we all have those. after all he is human.

    back on topic, i cannot wait for the sequels the possibilities are endless for exploring the other moons/ planets. maybe another race of aliens? and especially as the tech to make this movie is going for be alot better in years to come when the sequels come out. so expect nothing but beauty from the next two!!

  17. At the end of the day its just a movie… Who cares about getting Camerons autograph? Who’s looking to buy that?

    I enjoyed Avatar but I’ve only seen it once. It didn’t change my life or alter the way I deal with reality. I think as people get older they look back on the things they used to care about and wonder, why?

    Make a sequel, whatever, its the last thing on my mind at this stage of life. :-)

  18. @Russel

    Not going to see his movies just because you don’t like his attitude is like not going to a college class because you think the professor is a jerk; it’s childish. You act like you’re serving a higher cause with your “revolt” and that you’ll be teaching him some kind of lesson, but, really, you’re serving your own ego just as much as he was when he didn’t sign that autograph. He will not miss you and I certainly won’t mind one less person standing in the ticket line.

    Bottom line: Avatar is an amazing film, just leave it at that and move on. I personally will be waiting for the sequel with bated breath.

  19. I didn’t buy the movie ticket so that I could get a piece of Cameron. I got my money’s worth through his work in the way he wanted it presented. All this whining about autographs is obsessively petty. We are better off with visionaries like JC to push the envelope of what is possible than without, regardless of whether or not he has social skills. It’s obvious he resents the fame that goes along with success, so just leave him alone and all will be much happier.

  20. I was really trying to enjoy the remarkable images brought to life in Imax 3D, but I just could’nt get the thought of that Demonic James Cameron…Cackling wildly at the thought of sucking me into yet another of his COMPLETELY WORTH MY MONEY films! I just couln’t get myself into a relaxed state to enjoy the movie and relax. Not with him out there…lurking in the shadows and awaiting a chance to belittle or dismiss me…Oh God…I cant NOT look at it…I’m such a loser to let James rule me like this…I’m so ashamed…(snicker)

  21. Personally, I thought the movie was excellently done, filmed, and themed. I would love to see a sequel, but perhaps not with the same characters as before, at least not yet. What if the military could find the ore on a second planet and actually destroys much of the native life. Big climatic battle in which the natives loose.

    The Third movie features Pandara coming to the rescue.

    And really, the numbers fixed and no one going to it?

  22. The Avatar movie was a landmark in almost every way; spectacular visual effects, plot line, acting. I thought its one of the best movies ever made, with a good message for everyone. There is a deep symbolism within the movie depicting (in my opinion) the Native Americans (just remove the “ti” in native and you have Navi people) struggle with invading European countries of their homeland, take from it what you will. I believe that a sequel is well on its way because of the great success at the box office. The movie was retelling the classic story of good against evil and if you think about it the same story has been told over countlessly..its the way you present it and interpret it. If James Cameron disrespects his fans that is his problem, it has nothing to do with what he does with his cinematic career or the movies he directs. This movie will be hailed for its complexity for many years.

  23. @Russell

    Dude, you are so clueless. That so-called “fan” you are referring to is NOT a real fan. He is one of those a*hole paparazzi stalker types that bait celebrities. That douchbag is NOT a fan at all. He is just trying to sell autographs and trying to make celebrities look bad for his video so he can sell it to TMZ. And you Russell, are an idiot for falling for it. I would love to shake James Cameron’s hand for calling that asshole out….Way to go JC!!! You rock!

  24. @ Tronam

    The issue I’m raising has nothing to do with why you bought the ticket to Avatar. The issue I’m raising is that James Cameron hates you, because he hates all of his fans, and you are letting him punk you by giving him your money. Basically, he treats his fans (people like you and me) like dogs and you should punish him for this if you have any pride. I went to one showing of Avatar but I certainly will not go see it again because I have some pride. I love the movie but I do not support people who treat me (or people like me) disrespectfully. If you continue giving him your money then you have given up your dignity. Check out the link below.


  25. As far as a sequel….hmmm….I will like to see a entire Na’vi race and Humans in Amp Suites to ban together and crush a squad of paparazzi stalker autograph seekers. That would be a great start. I would pay to see that.

  26. @ pyro

    And James Cameron would pay to see you (a fan of his) fall off a cliff but not until after he gets the money from your wallet. Get it fan, he is no fan of yours. He just wants your money and other than that he looks down on you. How does it feel to carry water for some guy who actually dislikes you.

  27. @ Pyro

    No! You are the idiot, and you’re Cameron’s doormat as well. You see, I have no idea if that guy asking for the autograph was a fan, or a paparazzi stalker, of if he is someone who just wanted the autograph to sell it on ebay, but NEITHER CAMERON DIDN’T KNOW EITHER. You make it sound like super-sleuth Cameron knew right from the jump that the guy was not really a fan so super-sleuth Cameron let the paparazzi stalker/ebay hound have it right where he deserved it. But that is a BIG FAT LIE. Cameron had no idea if that guy was a paparazzi stalker, an ebay hound, or a real fan, and Cameron DID NOT CARE. He would have done the same thing to me or you and I definitely would cherish any momento I would have gotten. I idolize and admire him (Cameron) and he thinks of me as s***. I’m not giving that creep anymore of my money. You can give up your money (and your dignity) to him by continuing to support him but I am not going to.

  28. @Zack
    Actually, if you remove the ti in Native you have Nave, but I get your point. :-)

    I say bring on the sequel. In the real world, a corrupt corporation who has invested soo much money in such a project would not let it go without a fight. They would come back in force and try to take what they feel is theirs. I can see a sequel where this does happen and the final film in the trilogy where the Na’vi finally break the will of the invaders.

    If I based my movie-going experience on the attitudes of the people involved in the film, I wouldn’t see probably any film. Avatar was a good movie-going experience and I will not let a director’s idiotic psyche hamper my enjoyment.

  29. @Russell
    But Russell, you’re assuming a lot here. You are assuming that this is how Cameron acts with all fans; you are assuming that there was no history between Cameron and this person; you are assuming that this was a normal day for Cameron. We don’t know if Cameron actually knows this person or how his day went. What if someone showed you a video of Cameron actually signing his autograph and actually smiling? Would this change your view of him? I try to be nice to everyone I come in contact with but I have had days when I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. You may have seen one of those days for Cameron.