Avatar 2 and 3 May Shoot Back-to-Back

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James Cameron Avatar 21 Avatar 2 and 3 May Shoot Back to Back

With the upcoming re-release of James Cameron’s Avatar only a few weeks away, there’s been renewed interest in every last morsel of information regarding Avatar 2. Cameron has previously indicated that the sequel will delve into regions of Pandora unexplored in the first film (specifically the planet’s oceans) and that he has no intentions of rushing into it.

Despite the fact that Avatar 2 is still several years away, it turns out it might not be too soon to start speculating over Avatar 3 as well.

In an interview with MTV, Cameron reveals that he’s talked to the studio about shooting back-to-back sequels – so that they can capture the performances for both films all at once.

So far the only information we’ve heard on Avatar 3 is that it may widen the scope to include other planets in the Alpha Centauri AB system. Cameron obviously has a grand design for the larger story and now he might be fleshing out the details sooner than initially expected:

“We’re actually talking about [doing 2 and 3] back to back. That’s not a decision yet but that’s something that makes a lot of sense given the nature of these productions because we can bank all the capture and go back and do cameras over a period of time… cause the way these sort of back to back productions fall apart is you’re trying to do two live-action films back to back and you’re working on it for like a year and a half shooting. Everybody’s dead- it’s not humanly possible. But this type of film it absolutely would work.”

Considering the amount of time in-between films, the availability of the actors, and the cost involved with mounting two separate productions – shooting the motion capture elements for Avatar 2 & 3 at the same time certainly seems like a smart solution. Cameron’s still waiting for an official deal to be made with Fox but let’s face it – Avatar 2 is inevitable and given the success of the first film it seems unlikely that the studio wouldn’t be interested in investing in future installments as well. I have no doubt the ink will be dry on all the necessary contracts soon enough.

avatar final battle Avatar 2 and 3 May Shoot Back to Back

Cameron also discussed his Avatar novel which he promises will be more than just a tie-in novelization of the film. In fact, it sounds as if he’s hoping it will be the first step in allowing other artists to expand the mythology of the film’s universe:

“Ideally that becomes a kind of bible for any other writers that want to come along and riff off of it with other Avatar-based stories, which I’m not ruling out. I don’t mind opening up the universe – I just don’t want that to happen until I’ve got more meat on the bones.”

Cameron admits that Avatar skips over the details regarding what happened on Earth, The Company’s history on Pandora, and the back stories of certain characters. These are all issues the novel will tackle – in addition to really fleshing out the specifics of the Na’vi culture. Cameron doesn’t say when we might see the novel, only that he’s been hard at work – and had originally hoped to have it ready before Avatar‘s release.

There’s no indication of how a back-to-back film schedule could affect the rumored 2013 release for Avatar 2.

avatar jake neytiri 570x2431 Avatar 2 and 3 May Shoot Back to Back

The majority of the criticism leveled against Avatar centered around what many considered to be a simplistic and predictable story. However, there’s no denying that Cameron created a world that captivated audiences and left many fans eager to return – and experience it over and over again. With the introductory story out of the way, I’m really looking forward to seeing how he plans on expanding the narrative – and seeing if further installments will be as dense thematically as they are visually.

Cameron is a fiercely intelligent man and I’ve always been a fan of his work and the potential for Avatar 2 to be one of those rare sequels that’s better than the original seems well within his grasp.

Source: MTV

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  1. OMG i cant wait!!!! I wonder if the story stays strong or if its gonna fail:/

  2. Really? Parts 2 AND 3?? Oh my Lord. That was one of the most over rated movies EVER! I just finished watching it and it was okay. Merely okay though. I don’t see why it garnered so much praise.

    • I think its’ praise was due to the 3D IMAX experience, it was truly one of a kind. Visually stunning, great soundtrack, and a combined premise of numerous classic tales.

      I’m looking forward to these, a lot.


    • CLC
      “I just finished watching it”
      I promise the reason you didn’t enjoy this film as much as the majority of people that built the hype around it was that you waited for DVD, When Avatar is re-released in a few weeks do yourself a favor and experience it the way Cameron intended for it to be viewed. This film is one of the few where the 3D is integral to the enviroment and only adds to the overall enjoyment.

    • The 3D efects were prety good, wether people like it or not the 3D was the best ever done in a movie theater til that point. yes the story was not all that we’ve seen it in other movies over the years.

  3. CLC
    I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about it is great the music,story,action EVERYTHING! Not perfect but great:)

  4. ok so i really enjoyed avatar, and i hope that whatever follows is up to the same par as whats been set. I do feel that if they are plannin on expanding the universe that it still stays true to the style now, the film feels so majestic and looked amazing and i wouldnt want low budget straight to DVD crap tarnishing the franchise name later on.

  5. Cameron’s trying way too hard to make Avatar into Star Wars. Too bad no one wants action figures of grown up smurf/thundercat hybrids or are interested in expanded universe stories about animals raping their environment with their hair.

    • But then again I’m sure a lot of people are. *facepalm*

  6. haha sweet! I didn’t want to wait 15 years for Avatar 3 and now hopefully I won’t! There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll both be even better, if there’s one man in the world who can make a badass sequel it’s JC.

  7. IMO, Avatar was almost as overated as TDK. I couldn’t care less about 2 sequels.

  8. I wonder what Disney movie he’ll rip off this time.

  9. Avatar was a fun film that was an introduction to a whole new level of hollywood tech.That said the story was a classic story about natives that can serve as the start of a much better story.

  10. CLC, it was due in part to the mind numbing effects of 3D,,,
    Cameron has definitely created a unique style of movie making. With his motion capture process seems hes also changing the way sequels are produced…

    Will his hunger for power ever end?

    • no, it wont lol. still havent seen avatar, more than likely wont either.

  11. I hope he does Battle Angel Alita before Avatar 2. I loved Avatar, but it was great as a stand alone film, and I’ve been waiting for Battle Angel for years.

    • Agreed. I really hope that materializes at some point and isn’t just something he’s perpetually got on the back burner.

  12. Well seeing camerons track record on sequels i bet the will surpass the first. Im sure he took criticism of the first with objective and i can’t wait.

  13. 3 years is still a long way to come. I wonder how he’s gonna make it just as good as the first one

  14. Some you guys who are so negative tell me one one thing.You Would crap out gold bars and still complain..The movie’s fantastic and much better than lot of dung films that has been passed off good movies.. I feel sorry for anyone who cant sit and watch a film like Avatar and not enjoy anything of it because a person like ath is miserable and unhappy inside too bad too as for myself i enjoyed it whole heart and will enjoy more as well as reading Cams up and coming novels..By the way i never heard of battle angel..can anyone give a idea of what its about?

    • it’s an anime movie, if you haven’t seen it check it out. also check out Ninja Scroll while your at it. you wont be disapointed.

  15. Oh my gosh! Can Hollywood NOT stop after one film these days?
    I had just come to terms with the first Avatar, and now Cameron wants to make 2 more?
    Sequels, reboots, prequels, GIVE ME SOMETHING ORIGINAL!
    /rant done

    Anyway, it all comes down to money. Even if Avatar 2 or 3 aren’t as good as the original (which may be a good possibility, but I will withhold judgement until I see them), both films will make a Titanic-size load of ca$h (sorry for that reference…).

    • go back into your cave.

  16. Um Avatar was original. And no one complained when he made aliens or t2.

    • Well put Sully well put.lol!

      • beacause those films were GOOOD

    • I’m not saying Avatar was un-original…
      More or less that sequels from original stuff is getting old…

      Sorry. I’m not hatin’ on Avatar!

  17. Thanks rouge :). Some peeps are just mad cause they wanted it to flop.

    • Yea it is sad too,because these types of negative Nellie’s are unhappy with their own personal lives they are unable to enjoy things at all..So they have to rag on others or even the best of films..They will never be happy because they are not happy with themselves and therefore they are unable to enjoy the true enjoyment and relaxation of a good movie instead they nitpick every little thing i every scene..I cant wait to be able to ask my daughter to movies when she gets to an age to enjoy and understand them.

      • exactly. a lot of the haters I know (on this site not personaly) probably don’t get the message either. Probably never stepped outside the city into the woods or even camped. I’m a hippie, where’s the nearest tree i can hug…

        • i love the outdoors ,in fact i live less than 1/4 miles from the St john’s in Florida..in fact my family has a horse farm i go up rugged..i raise my baby alone..so i have learned to appreciate the god stuff..i believe a lot of these guys have never had it tough to appreciate simple stuff..BTW..I love hippie folk:D..I was more the grunge goth type Asa kid..even though my rots are country..i just wanted to be different later i was hooked om the comic/convention life and u to my pregnancy having my daughter i was quite active..lol.

        • may i ask if you chose your user name from the character sully from D.Q.M.W..i actually enjoyed that show.lol!

          • No it’s a take on my last name and my favorite band wich is 311. I’m out here in oregon so the outdoors are second nature to us even in the city. Grew up in the grunge scene, Seattle ain’t that far, and got a pentagram tattoo on my leg.

            • Ah ok..lol Cool so you may have lot in common with me..lol I have the anarchists symbol tattoos om ,y shoulder left arm and the classic x-men logo tattooed above my left breast..lol the neonatal nurses were weirded out about me.lol I have pierced tounge and naval..lol

              • Nice! I got the tounge barbell too. Dark Horse Comics headquarters was a block away from my highschool and down the street from my parents. They got a coupe big Predator and Alien statues in their window front. Comics were engraved in me since day one lol

                • wow! thats awesome.please keep in touch ok!

                  • word! find me on facebook mock311@gmail.com

                    • LOL…Screenrant hook up!

  18. This should be interesting. I think I’m more excited about Cameron opening up the Avatar Universe so other people can get into it.

    • whats next an Online mmorpg?

  19. I think avatar 2 has a good chance of making more money than avatar…..what do u guys think?!?

  20. Yes I think your right on Rickster, but only if its presented in both 2D, and 3D formats.
    I’m very curious to see how this Avatar rerelease is going to fare,,,

    • peoeple will bow to it 790, trust me, ev en the ones that already watched it, and bought the dvd lol

  21. Yawn

  22. i dont think this is gona work he should take his time to perfect it like he did with the first the most anticipated film of all time and tbf it was a long winded film but so was return of the king and that was amazing so i think he should take as long as i needs so more people will be willing to see it cause it seems to me hes trying to get it over with like oh the first got mixed reviews lets astonish the critics with something better behold avatar 2 over the top action **

  23. If Mr Cameron is going to have a book on this Avatar film then i will be 1 of the first to buy it. I must admit that Avatar is by far the best film i have ever seen in my whole life so far.Looking forward with great anticipation for No 2.

  24. 790
    Yeah i think many ppl will see part 2 since part 1 was so effing awsome. I still cant believe it made that muc money!!! What i keep wondering is what the story will be in the second one…

    Guys if u have any ideas for avatar 2 regarding the story please let me know^^

    • ricky18, why would it matter if anyone here has ideas lol cammy will do what cammy wants, no more, no less :)

  25. vic, anyone…what was the budget for Avatar?

  26. Anthony
    WHAT?!??!?!?!?! U havent seen avatar?!?? (someone please pinch me i must be dreaming)….. Anyways ok,u HAVE to see it Ant,u MUST see it!

  27. Anthony

    Im just curious thats all i dont think cameron can top the first one to be honest,i mean to have a sequel of avatar is dangerous its either gonna suck,be ok,or be pretty awsome! But i think its one of the first 2…..

    • it isnt a must see for me lol. i lost interest in cameron movies after The Abyss. never saw or cared to see Titanic. all you sequel fans out there will flock to this sequel though, so its a win for cammy either way :)

  28. Anthony
    OMFG please u have to see the highest grossing movie ever!!!! Its really good Ant trust me!!!

    • Yeah, I really loved the movie. Maybe it’s because I’m a tree hugger, but I felt it was the second best of last year. Just behind District 9.

      • had the aliens werent so prawn-like in apperance i might have enjoyed D9 i might have enjoyed that one more than i did, maybe i just need to watch it again

        • I think that was the point of their appearance to be hideous, so the audience would sympathize with them. They look ugly, and the audience thinks they’re the villains, but it’s the opposite.

  29. I’m not saying its never happened but does anyone recall when a trilogy that had parts 2 &3 filmed back to back ever worked out better in terms of the end product other then LORD OF THE RINGS?

    MATRIX: Part 1 awesome; Part 2 good; Part 3 ‘what the hell happened’

    BACK 2 THE FUTURE: Part 1Awesome; Part 2 “eehh, OK”; Part 3: Better but still..

    It just seems like anytime there;s bee an attempt to do parts 2 &3 back to back it seems to have been a mistake. Unless they’re dealing with an established story (i.e. LOTR) its seems more often the not that they goof on the sequel and try to make up for that in the third film.

    • not enough Kung Fu in the third matrix movie is what happened LOL, that and Neo getting blinded sucked, didnt care fo that scene at all. i still loved Hugo in it though, he made the movies for me

      • The Matrix sequels were crap (IMO) because they were made by hacks who brainwashed us into thinking they new what they’re doing with the first film. If you don’t believe me, then watch ‘Speed Racer’.

        I am worried about the films being shot back-to-back, but Camerson has shown me to never doubt his directing ability. I was worried that ‘Avatar’ would suck because it was Camerson’s first film in 12 years (and because it was over-hyped), but absolutely loved it.

        • the second matrix worked for me all the way until the end when Neo suddenly has powers in the real world. Too much real world in the third with that bizarre storyline. The in-Matrix story wasn’t bad.