‘Avatar 2′: Schwarzenegger to Play Villain? Fox Denies the Rumors

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Avatar 2 Villain Rumors Avatar 2: Schwarzenegger to Play Villain? Fox Denies the Rumors

James Cameron has Avatar sequels ahead of him, to be released in three consecutive years. That is a massive undertaking for any director, and Cameron has the even greater ambition of once again revolutionizing film technology through new underwater performance-capture filming techniques. All that behind-the-scenes work is enough to keep fans preoccupied on something besides inquiry about the story Cameron (with help from Sarah Connor Chronicles writer Josh Friedman) has come up with for the next installment.

However, as Avatar 2 heads down the pipeline toward its 2016 release date, details of the film’s story and casting are going to become increasingly enticing to fans – and the rumor mill has already begun churning out some pretty big theories about who the next villain in the series could be.

Latino Review dropped a big exclusive claiming that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be starring in Avatar 2. They cited a quote from Cameron earlier this year, in which the director hinted that the human colonists could return to combat the Na’vi. According to LR, Schwarzenegger would play the big bad general who returns to Pandora to torment Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

avatar military jungle Avatar 2: Schwarzenegger to Play Villain? Fox Denies the Rumors

As fast as this rumor broke, however, sources within Fox (as quoted by Variety) popped up to knock it down, claiming (in no uncertain terms) that there is, “No truth to this.” However, as always is the case in Internet movie news and rumors, there is nothing to definitively prove either side right.

A Fox denial isn’t a certainty because, well, people in the movie industry lie about things all the time. On the other hand: no rumor is proven true until it is, so while Schwarzenegger and Cameron re-teaming after twenty years (by the time Avatar 2 would be filming) seems highly plausible, it could not yet be reality, as Variety adds that Cameron and producer  Jon Landau are only now entering the casting stages.

Avatar Novels Avatar 2: Schwarzenegger to Play Villain? Fox Denies the Rumors

For our own part, the proposed scenario with Schwarzenegger does sound a bit too close to the plotline of the first Avatar – a movie that has not exactly been celebrated for its narrative accomplishments. While Cameron will be getting experienced help on all three of his Avatar sequels, it’s somewhat hard to imagine there being many refreshing variations on the “evil human military vs. environmentally-minded Native Americans Na’vi” formula.

Maybe this big bad general is after their water crystal this time? And he brings a bunch of Pacific Rim Jaegers to help him get it? Just spit-balling here. Then again, it wouldn’t surprise us if something like that DID turn out to be true…


Avatar 2 is expected to theaters in December 2016 – with Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 to follow in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Sources: VarietyLatino Review

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  1. Hope the plot for avatar 2 doesn’t rip off Dances With Wolves this time.

    • You mean Dances with FernGully?

      • Dances With Pocahontas

        • Dances with giant smurfs?

  2. I’m not sure- ?Was there a Pocahontas 2? He could just steal from that. I mean hell why break trends now.

  3. The rumor will turn out to be true and the movie will be called A2: Judgment Day.

  4. I hope people don’t rip off the comments on every other story about the Avatar sequels and rehash old claims about the movies Avatar stole from.

    Oh, too late.

    • LOL! Talk about beating that horse to death!

      • I think they do that in Dances with Wolves, FernGully, and Pocahontes. ;)

        • “Dances With Smurfs.”

  5. Arnold was in Predator & Commando. Even though it’s a long shot, I could see him lead a group of humans. It be great if he worked alongside Stephen Lang’s character. Or maybe a clone of his.

    • Stephen Lang’s character died, didn’t he?

      • Yes.

      • Stephen Lang’s character died yes. So did Sigurney Weaver’s. James Cameron stated theres ways of bringing back certain characters. Same was said by Stephen Lang.

        • Sigourney’s character joined the “consciousness” of the planet, so she could be brought back easily in some sort of “Force ghost” capacity. Lang’s simply died. He’s gone. THAT is why I don’t think he will appear again.

  6. he will be coming back after 15 years to find out he got one of the na’vi pregnant

  7. No Arnold please. Atrocious idea. No bad genral again. If they do want a genral again, maybe make his character completly different? Like he respects the natives, is honorable, etc but will do what he has to for his world? Not a power hungry insane person like the first? So we can have some differences.

    • @ Bob

      Imo, interesting idea that may be. But would only if there was someone higher than him on the field he’d oppose when he’d have to choose between Na’vi what his the company wants for his world. I wouldn’t say Stephen Lang’s character was power hungry. He was there to do a job taking & giving orders.

    • You mean actually make him an interesting character? Unlike the completely 1-dimensional bad guys from the first one. Yeah, I’d be down for that.

  8. That’d be interesting….

  9. Latino Review has been really hit or miss the past two years. I don’t put much stock in the rumor.

  10. Make sense, when Cameron wrote Avatar in warly 90′s it was speculated to have arnold as the lead. But we know how the sotry goes, Cameron shelved it until CG tech could catch out to his vision.

  11. Abadah!

  12. Isn’t this obvious to everyone?

    Arnold will become the Avatar Merman General leading a Merman army, lol!

  13. However, it would be a way to guarantee more bums on seats at that’s what cinema is all about. But what could he do to top that for the other remaining 2.

    • …NOT have Arnold in the films. That right there would immensely improve their respective quality.

      • I dont know man… All previous collaborations between Cameron and Schwarzeneggar have yielded awesome movies. But his Terminator films were waaaaay better than Avatar, like in every way.

        • Yeah, but those roles have benefited from Arnold’s specific brand of “acting”…I just don’t think THIS film would fit his style. I actually enjoyed “Avatar” (yes, the story was simple and had been done before, but I appreciated the way it was presented here). I think Arnold can pull off comedy or “tongue-in-cheek” drama…not so much more serious films.

          I don’t want him in this series.

        • I agree with you, MovieDude. Arnold would actually increase my interest in Avatar2, and he would fit right in in that world. Predator and Terminator were comparable in imagination and tone. He has his detractors, like any other actor, but I think he would have far more supporters in a role like this.

  14. I would welcome that. I’m an Arnold fan, and frankly any baddie would be better than that buff dude from Avatar. He was just a cookie-cutter bad guy that we’re all supposed to hate. I couldn’t really buy into his character at all.

    • Yes, there were very simple characters, and a very simple story, in Avatar…

      Humans = bad. Avatars/Na’vi = good. Industry = bad. Nature = good.

      Life is a lot more complicated than that, isn’t it?

  15. Might be that the humans installed Skynet in one of the computers in the Military Base on Pandora, Thus creating a similar world on Pandora to that of Earth during the Machine years allowing humans to extract all they want uninhibited..Until Skynet becomes self aware again and starts killing everyone, then the Humans and Navi have team up to fight the Machine Hell.

  16. If Arnold was in it, I might be tempted to watch it.

    Avatar was atrocious though, wasn’t it? It looked like Halo 3 visually (ie you’d only be impressed by the visuals if you’d never played a modern videogame) and the story was just so bland, not to mention the one dimensional characters and the running time that felt like the movie lasted for months. I started watching it on Christmas Day 2010 and by the time it finished, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I looked at the calendar and it said that it was mid February.

    I don’t mind long movies, it’s just that Avatar really took the cake.

    • I agree with you completely, after my small group went to the see the movie we went to a restaurant and talked about it. While a couple of people were thoroughly impressed, a couple of us (myself included) said, the effects and 3d were impressive, but that storyline has been done more times than courtney love in a drug house.

      • Great analogy! I got a good chuckle from it.

  17. I had no interest in the first one. I didn’t watch it. I doubt I’ll watch the second one.

  18. “Listen to me, Jake Scully. These are my tortillas. It is not a tumor. Get to the choppah! Where is John Conner?”

  19. I like the jaeger robots going to pandora to smoke him out, heck why not. Avatar
    Copied at least 5 movies that i can think of.