Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels To Shoot Back-To-Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

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Avatar 2 3 4 Three Avatar Sequels To Shoot Back To Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

Fans of James Cameron’s Avatar have been eagerly awaiting a sequel since the film was released in 2009. Cameron has been teasing us with the slightest details of what the next Pandora-set adventures might involve, but he has been very coy about story specifics and start dates. However, it now looks like Cameron is finally about to start shooting THREE new Avatar movies back-to-back.

Avatar SPOILERS follow.

Sigourney Weaver divulged the details to Showbiz 441 at the premiere of her new Clinton –inspired series, Political Animals. The actress stated that once she completes work on the series, she will feature in a short run of a Christopher Durang play and then segue into James Cameron’s three Avatar sequels. This again confirms Weaver’s involvement in the Avatar world – even though her character died in the last film. It should be noted that when the actress was asked about a timeline for the production of these movies, she said that she didn’t know, replying “I just show up”. However, it does look like a second series of the six-part Political Animals will have to wait until Cameron completes work on this new trilogy.

This mammoth undertaking is probably one of the reasons why Avatar 2 was bumped from its intended Christmas 2014 release date, and it gels with what we heard last month when Cameron said:

“I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in the Avatar business. Period. That’s it. I’m making Avatar 2, Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4, and I’m not going to produce other people’s movies for them.”

Cameron to make Avatar sequels Three Avatar Sequels To Shoot Back To Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

The move to shoot three Avatar sequels at the same time makes sense for a number of reasons. Avatar wasn’t cheap to produce (over $200 million), and three films would come at a reduced cost if Cameron concentrated on one extended shoot, rather than dismantling everything only to have to rebuild (and re-hire) a few months later. Peter Jackson shot the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the same time, a move which kept costs to a minimum – and we all know how that turned out. The move also ensures the availability of cast and crew. One blocked time-frame means that you may not have to recast roles, or shoot around actors who are busy elsewhere (hence the reason why Political Animals will have to wait for Weaver).

However, there could be a downside to this plan. Avatar was so successful ($2.7 billion globally) because audiences had never seen anything like it before – it was a “game changer”. The effects, coupled with the use of 3D, made it a true cinematic experience, but Cameron risks cheapening the brand, (if you will) by flooding the market with too many Avatar films. Sure, there is pent-up demand for Avatar 2 now, but will fans be so willing to part with their cash to see parts three and four in quick succession?

Screen Rant readers will know that Cameron likes to keep his Avatar cards close to his chest and this should be treated as speculation until it is confirmed or denied by the director. After all, how many times has Tom Arnold said that True Lies 2 was on the way?

Source: Showbiz411

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  1. 3 more avatars??i cant wait to see how this will work

  2. Well hey, if it turns out that the 2nd and 3rd films are great, I believe people will no matter what keep paying to see future Avatar movies. Which by the way I think James will do a great job with Avatar 2! He always makes good sequels.

    • Well, he’s only ever made one sequel to his own movie. And of the other two, Aliens was great and Piranha Part 2 was, well…

      • Terminator 2

        • Rocky, Speshlk37 already mentioned Terminator 2 when he/she typed “he’s only ever made one sequel to his own movie.”

          • oops :)

          • Yeah Rocky, jeez.

            • Rocky you dumb sob, can’t you read?

    • Totally agree with you.

  3. The only reason to watch Avatar was for the visuals.

    Not much else to say. If I want to see another Pocahontos, Fern Gully, Dances With Wolves, I will actually watch those.

    Especially Fern Gully, that movie was actually pretty cool.

    • Totally agree…though I never saw “Fern Gully.” The story of “Avatar” was hardly original…in fact, more overdone than anything. It was the stunning visuals that carried this movie and kept moviegoers wanting to revisit Pandora over and over again.

      “Avatar 2″ will be a big draw, but 3 & 4 would be overstepping.

      • I agree, but for whatever reason, the story drew me in. The 3D played a part, but I just think Cameron is a good storyteller. I think he basically “babies” his audience. He spoon feeds us. The result is that you can sit back and just let him sweep you along.

        That said, I think he has the oppourtunity to expand on this world (and beyond) and tell more complex stories. He has the good will of the audience. Too many wanna-be series (Green Lantern and John Carter come to mind), try to toss the audience into the deep end of the pool and hope they like swimming (some do).

        So Avatar could have been the “shallow end of the pool.” Plenty of people are comfortably in the water. Now he can take us deeper if he wants.

      • It doesnt matter how bad or good Avatar one was. Only thing that matters is how good Avatar 2 is. If Avatar 2 is good and I think it has a pretty good chance of being better than the original, people will see the third one & the 4th. Everyone always wants to see how a epic story ends so I think the 4th Avatar will do well regardless of Avatar 3.

        So if Avatar 2 kicks ass, his quadrilogy will make billions and will likely be the highest grossing franchise in the box-office ever. Im guessing Avatar 2 will be good. Aliens was good (sequel is a sequel, if its from your film or not) and T2 was really good too. Its James Cameron people! He’s made nothing but good entertaning films since 1984! So I wouldnt call him arrogant or bet against him.

        People who say “Only saw it for the visuals”. Have you seen Transformers 2 & 3. Transformers franchise seriously had nothing going for it besides a C+ original film and those movies made boat loads. Just saying Avatar franchise will be very lucrative franchise if they make 3 or 4 films.

        • Thank you for an actual objective/logical comment, rather than all the Cameron hate by people who think they know better. Sorry, but these films aren’t being made for you – though many of you will probably still see them anyway.

          I’m not a Cameron fanboy (I didn’t like Titanic), but he’s constantly been successful since that piranha movie, and if Avatar 2 does well then the others do stand a chance. Heck, there are plenty of other franchises that spawned 3 sequels or more and still did well.

          It might be hard to not keep repeating things and still having interesting things to show on the planet, but I’m hoping it can be pulled off so that we can have entertaining things to watch.

  4. Cameron will have to be careful here. He hasn’t made a sequel to one of his own films since T2. He will have to try to make sure people don’t actually end up getting overloaded with Avatar. He doesn’t want to come off a little too overconfident (dare I say arrogant?) in thinking that 3 Avatar films are what the public wants.

    • whats T2??

      • Wow, you must be very young. T2 Stands for Terminator 2, Christopher

        • Sheesh, condescending.

        • oh ok that makes sense and yes it did come out before I was born. still need to see it though Ive only seen the the first and fourth movies

        • besides Im only 20 thank you very much

  5. Bad idea. This is a movie beloved for its visual spectacle, not its thematic resonance or stunning performances. The story was told. What else can you say about the planets biosphere? Do I really care about what happens to jake sully? Cameron better be careful or else he’ll turn into George Lucas…and that’s not a good thing. Move on man.

    • You can hate on Gearge Lucas all you want. Im not a huge fan of George or James C. But you guys are seriously wrong. How much did Star Wars episode 1-3 make? BOAT LOADS OF MONEY! You cant call it a mistake just because you felt like you made one when you watched the film. Its not a mistake. Its going to make boat loads, good or bad.

      AGAIN Transformers (ironic because that crap franchise is on there 4th film!). If that franchise can rake in a crap load of money Avatar can make even more. You guys are so wrong. I bet even tho your all saying the films will suck I bet most of you even go see them in theaters.

  6. Wow I am still sad I paid to see the first one. He has lost his gourd.

  7. further showing that he is one arrogant piece of trash that should do what lucas does now and put his saddle up and just back the f*** off cinema. he got lucky that his blue and green load of cliché bs was so popular amongst clueless idiots, i dont think these sequels will be any better.

    the fact that the 1st was a ‘step beyond’ is a total load of bs, he just spent alot of time screwing around to make it look like there was time and effort put into the movie. making 3 movies back top back doesn’t do anything besides show his stupidity towards cinema since he wont be presenting us with anything new (besides higher shades of blue and green) and the narrative will be a load of horse s*** just like the 1st ones.

    now a proper sequel to terminator is something i would love to see – him going back to action b/c if there is one thing this egotistical a**s can do it would be filing a solid action movie (regardless of how much t2 copied from t1).

  8. further showing that he is one arrogant piece of trash that should do what lucas did – put his saddle up and just back the hell out of cinema. he got lucky that his blue and green load of cliché garbage was so popular amongst clueless sheep, i dont think these sequels will be any better (in any aspect).

    the fact that the 1st was a ‘step beyond’ is a total load of bs, he just spent alot of time in pre-production to make it look like there was time and effort put into the movie, just look at the script and you’ll know what i’m talking about. making 3 movies back to back doesn’t do anything besides showing how big his dirty ego is.

    • Someone’s mad that Cameron didn’t stop to give him an autograph.

      • is that it, you just gonna make a clown of yourself instead of debating properly ?

        gtfo you joke, wish rejects like you didn’t have access to the internet b/c it’s people like you that disrupt everything and for what ? nothing besides laughing to yourself in your empty room.

        • jwalka…

          Haven’t you already been told COUNTLESS times by both the SR staff and various other responders that you need to stop with the insulting, obnoxious comments (speaking of not debating properly…)?

          Seriously, do you always have something stuck up your butt…is that your natural state?

          Every frickin’ time I see you respond to someone…SHEESH.

          As for “Avatar”, I enjoyed the film. Yes, a good bit of that was for the visuals, but I also found the story presentation to be well done…granted, not original, but well and interestingly presented. I am looking forward to, at least, “Avatar 2″. If I enjoy that one, then I’ll consider 3 & 4.

          If you have a problem with that…I don’t care.

          Learn to debate (Hell, learn to even ARGUE) before you criticize someone else’s style, personality, intellect, etc.

          …oh, and no, I’m not a “follower”…or is that the only argument you can manage?

        • Dude, you should really take a good look in the mirror

  9. If it really is that cost effective it makes sense.. The profit from part 2 alone may be able to cover the budget of a 3rd and 4th film. With that being said, I’ll like to see how Cameron will be able to bring something new to the table after each film.. Usually with him he’s only as good as the technology that’s at his disposal.. So with these film basically being made at the same time it will be nice to see how he’ll bring something new each time with the same technology. No doubt he could do it.

  10. I heard originally that Avatar 2 was scheduled for a Christmas 2013 release date, then it was pushed back to 2014, and now he isn’t starting to shoot until Fall 2012? That pushes the first sequel to where, 2015? I’m sorry, I absolutely loved Avatar and seeing it in IMAX 3D was an experience, but the people who loved the film and saw it repeatedly in theaters will probably have moved on in the 6 years between films. Dear James C, if you wanted to make a Star Wars-esque world and series, maybe you shouldn’t have waited around so long!

    • 7 years between alien and Aliens and same thing with Terminator and T2

    • Well I don’t exactly think that anyone is going to have lost interest in Avatar entirely, when it comes out. People only move on like that with other people they once depended on or something, mostly because they actually invested time in it.

      On the other hand, I think people may forget about Avatar until they hype it back up, and then everybody will remember how big it was when it first came out. Especially out of curiosity of what must be in store for Cameron to have taken so long, people will once again flood the theaters.

      For 3 and 4 though? That’s a little much to me, unless it does turn out like the original 3 Star Wars. That would take a helluva plot structure though.

  11. I hope Cameron does to Avatar what he did with T2 and Aliens, make them just as good if not better than their predecessors. I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar even with its cookie cutter story, but I think that’s a good way to introduce the world he created. Though I think three more sequels is a little much, I personally can’t wait.

    • not going to happen, in both aliens and T2 cameron took established property with strong female leads in vulnerable positions and turned them into badasses. In Alien Ripley in is in her underwear for probably thirty minutes of the movie, in Aliens she is kicking ass with a flamethrower, and a similar transformation happened with sarah connor. I don’t know how cameron will be able to take a weak story/characters and turn them into the success that Aliens and T2 were (from a cinematic/artisitic perspective not box office). He will probably go the titanic route instead, i.e. melodramatic emotional manipulation. I find the comparison to Lucas to be quite apt, I’m sure these films, like the star wars prequels will make bank, but be poorly received by critics and retrospectively by audiences, although I am also sure that by this point, (like lucas) cameron has only surrounded himself by yes men and believes his own bs.. in my opinion

  12. Although the plot definitely was the pits, the movie visuals and scope of the Pandoran world and creatures was awe inspiring.

    I’ll go see the second film just to see his take on the Oceans of Pandora, although I’m sure the plot will be some ‘free willy’ drivel, much like the 1st film.

    I’m guessing Weaver will return as the spirit of Gaia or something lame like that.

    Although…it would be nice to see how the world was discovered, and what led up to the developement of the ‘Avatar’ clone thingy. A ‘prequel’ that features Weaver might be interesting.

  13. Not a chance. This will not happen.

    • I have to agree with you here.
      I just can’t see it happening.

    • Why is this so unbelievable? As the article astutely points out, Jackson did it with LotR. So why not?

      My only question is, where the heck is Cameron planning to go with Avatar in three MORE movies?

      • Lord of the Rings is a deep, rich story that is known by the world over. You cant compare that trilogy or the way it was made to Avatar. You just cant.

        • um, I wasn’t comparing the stories (since we have zero clue where Avatar will be going), only the ability of Cameron to film 3 films back to back.

          So yes, yes I can.

          If Jackson can do it then I see no reason why Cameron can’t do it. Lets also not forget he does have a stellar track record so if anyone knows what he’s doing it would be him.

          • I think with Jackson, he focuses on the story. He wants to not only show that great visuals but also tell a great story. With Cameron, we really don’t know since there is no outline info that is provided. Only time will tell

  14. Avatar 2/3/4 hopefully will have a more interesting story than the first one. I found it such a simple theme: man wants resource, people in the way, destroy the people. The visuals were cool but….

  15. Even if this happens, which I don’t think it will I predict,
    Part 2. Huge hit but not as big as the 1st.
    Part 3. A hit but not as big as 2nd.
    Part 4. It won’t bomb but bye then people will have had enough.

    • exactly

  16. I never saw Avatar; it didn’t look like my cup of tea. But is it really THAT good? I know it made boats loads of cash, but I never hear about it anymore. It seemed to show up, make its money, and go away. it’s like like a Star Wars, or a TDK, or even a Twilight.

    • It wasnt that the story was all that great. The 3D effect were ground breaking. Visually its like nothing else Ive ever seen. It was made for 3D. That was the pull.

      • I think it can go 3 ways

        1. He develops the storyline/plot into something that will actually have some sense to it and pull in even the 50% of the doubters
        2. The storyline is subpar but does another groundbreaking visual effect that wows people again
        3. He keeps everything the same and the movie falls flat and becomes another John Carter type of movie

        I hope he does a combination of 1 and 2 but highly doubt it. It’ll be interesting to see how the Hobbit turns out visually and see if J Cam will build on that technology.

    • It’s one of those movies that you will be a prisoner of the moment and praise it. Let 15mins go by and you will be singing a different tune.

  17. I think J CAM should focus on other projects than beat a dead horse like Avatar. I agree with a lot of people above, wasn’t a thrilling story but the visuals were pretty awesome. I mean, he has the number one movie EVER. Don’t tarnish the name with sequels. I keep forgetting the golden rule in Movie Making these days . . . “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good” – Gordon Gekko

  18. This is not a good idea IMO. Cameron is a great film maker but sometimes he gets caught up in his own ego. Making a sequel is almost a must but several at once will not be a success. As I mentioned in an previous post the story for Avatar was not that deep and its been told before (Dances with Wolves). The special effects, no matter how good they are, are only going to take Avatar sequels so far. Not far enough for 3 at once.

  19. DOes anybody else feel like James Cameron (“I’m in the Avatar business”) and George Lucas (let’s re-release Star Wars with 13 seconds of additional footage) are performing a double dutch rudder while talking about their products?

  20. Peter Jackson hurry up!! District 10

    • It’s been 3 years…….

  21. I would like to see J. Cameron helm a different project like Battle Angel that he supposed to film right before Avatar.

  22. Hmm.

    Not looking forward to it.

    In all honesty, the story was completely derivative of other, frankly better movies and the visuals looked similar to some of the best looking videogames on the market so other than Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver showcasing their acting abilities and getting to look at the beautiful Michelle Rodriguez, Avatar really had nothing going for it in my opinion.

    Plus, having been sucked in by 3D movies and TV shows since the 80s and still not enjoying that 3D fad….I won’t be going to see any Avatar sequels and I’m honestly glad I didn’t see the first one until a year after release when it aired on Sky Movies Premiere or I’d have been demanding my money back for the first time ever.

  23. It will be interesting to see what he has planned. I’m sure he has a clear vision or he wouldn’t plan to film them simultaneously. Rather than debating whether he should or shouldn’t make sequels, let’s throw out some ideas on what we think he will do. I’m going to rewatch the film and let you know what I think.

  24. f*** BttF 2 & 3, they’re going Ma & Pa Kettle on this one.

  25. I think he’d want to explore other parts of Pandora, like under the sea, and maybe other planets. Really the sky is the limit. I could see him doing this, and I think he has a good sense for solid entertainment.

    I’m wondering if “Avatar” will still be a fitting title. Are all the movies going to involve some species or other using the avatar technology?

    • I think exploring more of Pandora would be a great direction to go in. There MUST be other life forms somewhere on that planet that they could encounter.

  26. How about NO MORE Avatars That would be great. I saw the first one, didn’t like it.

  27. Loved Avatar and how epic it was, the final battle was awesome!

    I just don’t like that Cameron is going to dedicate the next however many years making Avatar movies, I’d rather see him sort out the Terminator franchise or make a Hindenburg movie or something

    Do we really need another 3 Avatar movies?!