Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels To Shoot Back-To-Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

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Avatar 2 3 4 Three Avatar Sequels To Shoot Back To Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

Fans of James Cameron’s Avatar have been eagerly awaiting a sequel since the film was released in 2009. Cameron has been teasing us with the slightest details of what the next Pandora-set adventures might involve, but he has been very coy about story specifics and start dates. However, it now looks like Cameron is finally about to start shooting THREE new Avatar movies back-to-back.

Avatar SPOILERS follow.

Sigourney Weaver divulged the details to Showbiz 441 at the premiere of her new Clinton –inspired series, Political Animals. The actress stated that once she completes work on the series, she will feature in a short run of a Christopher Durang play and then segue into James Cameron’s three Avatar sequels. This again confirms Weaver’s involvement in the Avatar world – even though her character died in the last film. It should be noted that when the actress was asked about a timeline for the production of these movies, she said that she didn’t know, replying “I just show up”. However, it does look like a second series of the six-part Political Animals will have to wait until Cameron completes work on this new trilogy.

This mammoth undertaking is probably one of the reasons why Avatar 2 was bumped from its intended Christmas 2014 release date, and it gels with what we heard last month when Cameron said:

“I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in the Avatar business. Period. That’s it. I’m making Avatar 2, Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4, and I’m not going to produce other people’s movies for them.”

Cameron to make Avatar sequels Three Avatar Sequels To Shoot Back To Back, Says Sigourney Weaver

The move to shoot three Avatar sequels at the same time makes sense for a number of reasons. Avatar wasn’t cheap to produce (over $200 million), and three films would come at a reduced cost if Cameron concentrated on one extended shoot, rather than dismantling everything only to have to rebuild (and re-hire) a few months later. Peter Jackson shot the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the same time, a move which kept costs to a minimum – and we all know how that turned out. The move also ensures the availability of cast and crew. One blocked time-frame means that you may not have to recast roles, or shoot around actors who are busy elsewhere (hence the reason why Political Animals will have to wait for Weaver).

However, there could be a downside to this plan. Avatar was so successful ($2.7 billion globally) because audiences had never seen anything like it before – it was a “game changer”. The effects, coupled with the use of 3D, made it a true cinematic experience, but Cameron risks cheapening the brand, (if you will) by flooding the market with too many Avatar films. Sure, there is pent-up demand for Avatar 2 now, but will fans be so willing to part with their cash to see parts three and four in quick succession?

Screen Rant readers will know that Cameron likes to keep his Avatar cards close to his chest and this should be treated as speculation until it is confirmed or denied by the director. After all, how many times has Tom Arnold said that True Lies 2 was on the way?

Source: Showbiz411

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  1. I’d probably watch Avatar 2, but I can’t imagine a third or fourth movie… I just can’t. What would they be about anyway?
    Like other comments above mine have stated, Avatar was pretty much just for the stunning visuals, so unless Cameron goes even further/bigger with the next ones (I’m not even sure that technology exists yet), he’d better give us a good/better story this time round.

    Still, I’m surprised at some of the comments here (*cough*jwalka*cough* ;)), poor Cameron is getting even more hate than Michael Bay!

    • LOL…right. I would take Cameron over Bay anytime of the week. I am not going to judge until I see where it’s heading and see if the story gets better

    • I think it’s cool that he is doing 3 more movies i would buy however much movies he makes.

  2. its a bit conceited of cameron to be so confident that people are gonna shell out money for not one or two but THREE. avatar 1 made money because its special effects etc were unique and that made the film a sort of one-time event. this changes that.

    • *not one or two but THREE sequels

    • James Cameron knows what he is doing. He is very smart. If he is indeed making 3 Avatar movies back to back to back, I am 100% positive it is because he has some kind of insanely awesome idea for a trilogy. The original AVATAR will simply serve as his version of The Hobbit to his version of Lord of the Rings. Get ready for this, you are dealing with the master of sequel greatness.

      Aliens. Terminator 2. I need not say more.

      • Aliens nearly ruined the franchise. Alien3 and Prometheus are both better than Aliens because Aliens did the opposite of what Alien did. Alien was an elegant and slow-boil thriller while Aliens was a slightly higher quality Michael Bay film.

        • This is an incredibly odd thing to say. Aliens is one of the greatest sequels ever made. It’s the REASON Alien became a franchise.

          To say that it is a “slightly higher quality Michael Bay film” is just silly trolling.

          • Yeah, Aliens introduced the queen and established the xenomorphs as a hive-oriented species. Alien and Aliens are two completely different types of films, but they are both great in their own way.

            • It’s just surprising to me to see all this Cameron hate. T2 was an awesome sequel to T1 and Aliens set the bar for the Aliens franchise with the introduction of the Queen/xenomorphs. Yes, they were done years ago but that tells me the guy has the talent to make something great. Do I think there should be 3 more sequels? No, of course not. I think 1 more is perfect and 2 could be pushing it unless it’s done right but as for me, give me Cameron over Bay anytime of the week.

  3. I remember Avatar more for being the vehicle that ushered in the 3D era
    and accelerated the digital projection (inferior) of 2D movies shot on film.

    To be blunt it is not a fond memory. I could live without both of the trends.

  4. Three Avatar sequels back to back, talk about overkill.

    • Just like that Peter Jackson jerk, and his 3 Hobbit sequels! What an idiot!

    • Sounds like Peter Jackson… Those 5 crummy Hobbit movies he insisted on making.

  5. All this hate for the guy that brought us Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, True Lies and The Abyss.

    Oh that’s right he made Titanic which went on to break all sorts of records and win Oscars then he beat his own records with Avatar. So yeah it figures everyone would hate that guy, he’s just too damn succesful and all we can do is criticize.

    Director, writer, inventor, engineer, explorer, adventurer, philonthrapist etc etc. Yeah I hate him too

    • You seem to misunderstand why people get fed up with James Cameron.

      • I’m kind of with Rocky there and don’t get all the Cameron hate. So maybe you can catch us both up on the reasons that I’m not seeing either.

        • I am kind of with ROCKY also…Rocky Balboa! He had FIVE sequels, and they were all good! Not overkill at all. An epic story!

      • Why? Why do they get fed up? Why? He is story teller. He has a story to tell. Let him tell his story. If he flops majorly with the new Avatar trilogy, so be it. It could happen. He knows that. He could have died in that submarine mission he went on a couple months ago. He knew that too. Maybe he is being an arrogant bastard who wants to have the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time instead of just the top 2, or maybe he just wants to tell an epic story. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Won’t we??

    • The same can be said about Michael Bay

      • No, not even close

  6. But when are they getting to the fireworks factory?! By fireworks factory I mean Alita.

  7. Not interested. The first one was visually stunning, but the story was basically Dances With Wolves with Blue Cat People. I’ll skip all of these.

    • But what if the next story is actually (gasp) better? It sounds like they’re going for a more epic story if they’re going to shoot three movies back to back to back. I’m going to be curious enough to see the second movie, but I do agree with your description of the first movie.

  8. honestly in my opinion Avatar 1 was ok at best. Three sequels? yeah those are movies to rent from redbox. Not worth seeing in theaters

    • Actually no. The strongest element of Avatar 1 was the special effects. It’s very likely the same will be said of the sequels. Therefore, it makes NO SENSE to rent the sequels, as the F/X will be diminished

      The correct response is see the films in the theaters / IMAX, or don’t see them at all.

  9. Franchise will make billions and likely be the most successful move franchise in box office history, if he makes 4. James Cameron knows what hes doing. The man does have the number 1 & 2 highest grossed films of all time. Calling him arrogant is arrogant in itself. The man has an Oscar and hes made one of the best sci-fi films of all time! Whats up with all this resentment?

    Most of his films may not be timeless masterpieces but there always entertaining, fun & current. Everybody goes to the theaters to see them including all you haters.

    If James Cameron, let me repeat that.. JAMES CAMERON says he wants to make 3 more films then he has some descent ideas for 3 more films. They made a Pirates 4, there making Transformers 4 but theres no way they can make Avatar 4?

  10. There was one part of the first Avatar movie I absolutely loved, and that was the final fight scene. The rest of the story was kind of boring to me – it was definitely too similar to Dance with Wolves. To people (especially kids) who haven’t seen that movie though, I’m sure it was a thrilling movie experience to remember and they will be back for the sequel.

    I’ll be curious enough to check out the second movie. That will largely determine whether I will want to see the rest of the sequels.

    But I’ll give this to James Cameron – he doesn’t rest on his laurels. He’s constantly out there trying to do something different. I think we might be pleasantly surprised.

  11. Yeah,thats good news !
    Actually,nothing gets cheapening the Brand. The avatar Universe has many stories to tell,and 2 Movies are just not enough ! Now that the Characters are introduces he can concentrate on great stories,fantastic action sequences and spectacle ! I am exited about this news.

    James cameron is one of the best directors out there,his movies never disappoint. And are always game changers and inspire generations to come.
    His Focus on Avatar just ensures us this. HE lives and breaths it,…man what better news do you want ? I am and gladly spend my money for this.

  12. What movies will he plagiarize for the sequels?

    • Considering there really aren’t any truly unique ideas anymore, what is your point? If you start ragging on Cameron for Avatar then you also need to complain about Dance with Wolves since it wasn’t truly original either and then go after the likes of Lucas for basically plagiarizing a cowboy movie and adding a space twist to it.

      • Actually, the commonly accepted consensus is that Star Wars ripped off Hidden Fortress, a Kurosawa samurai film. After years of denying it, Lucas actually gave up the goose a few years ago and admitted it.

  13. I thought his Aquaman movie set all the box office records with $116 million.

  14. Sounds like there gonna do a trilogy feature. Meaning one continuous storyline throughout the three films. Which might not be bad. One set up film to lead into an entire new universe. I mean from the way the last one left off, Why would the Company just let a band of crazy indians hold onto there own land that is worth so much. Forget that, We’re going back to take em down and reclaim something that was not ours to begin with. Man I bet Cameron is gonna go all out with his Native American history lesson in blue. And he does have a lot to work worth. So I guess the first one could be called Little Big Horn, while the next three will be Star Wars in the jungle. But who they gonna cast as Darth Vadar? Just have to wait n see.

  15. Turning Avatar into a tetralogy would leave enough room to explore the presumable other planets/ moons. Jim talked about his intention to create a feast for the eyes or so, i am totally in for that. But what is missing is a kind of antagonist in the franchise. Never ending war with mankind? Interplanetary war with another alien species? Let`s see

  16. Avatar seemed like a one and done deal. The story reached a decent conclusion

  17. Maybe in the next films the actors faces will blend in more with the CG bodies & look like they aren’t so cut & pasted.

  18. I find it amusing that people keep saying how arrogant Cameron is for deciding to cost effectively shoot back to back, and that they won’t be successful. Such commentary is hypocritical to think that they won’t be good or successful cause of one’s opinion on the film. I remember almost every comment before it was released saying it was going to flop. Look at it now.

  19. I just bought the 3 disc special edition of Avatar.
    Very beautiful work, I also know now how Cameron and the crew did it.
    I am really looking forward to the next Avatar movies.
    The only way is up…
    But James Cameron is a young fellow (grin), and I certainly hope he will do a good movie about the ascent of man in the stone age too in the future, including mammoths, neanderthals, and giant bears.

  20. I thought the first one was excellent. The story was much better than I expected. I am stoked about a second one…quality of that will depend on seeing three and four!