‘Avatar 2′ Arriving in 2013?

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James Cameron Avatar 21 Avatar 2 Arriving in 2013?

Avatar director, James Cameron, isn’t slowing down. Even after spending ten years creating the most successful film of all time, Cameron is hopping right back onto the pre-production horse – with the intention of releasing his next film in “three to four years.”

The blockbuster director hasn’t been shy about the possibility of Avatar 2 but don’t expect any official sequel announcements any time soon.

If you’re looking at that short production time-frame and thinking Cameron might forfeit the 3D platform, in favor of a quicker turn-around on his next project, think again. Speaking at the recent All Things Digital Conference, Cameron made it clear that his next movie would continue to expand 3D film-making.

Even if the upcoming project isn’t an Avatar sequel, it will be “some other big film that uses that same technology.”

And why not? It’s a platform Cameron has been aggressively promoting – even so far as to convince NASA to include a 3D camera on their upcoming Curiosity Rover.

avatar jake neytiri 570x2431 Avatar 2 Arriving in 2013?

Three to four years would be pretty tight for Cameron these days (especially if he plans to expand on the 3D experience) – making it a strong possibility that the pre-production gears on Avatar 2 are turning.

Back in April, Cameron was already talking about the sequel (with the intention of a third film):

“We expand out across that system and incorporate more into the story – not necessarily in the second film, but more toward a third film.  I’ve already announced this, so I might as well say it: Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment – a different setting within Pandora. And I’m going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won’t be a rain forest. I’m not saying we won’t see what we’ve already seen; we’ll see more of that as well.”

Doesn’t sound much like Cameron is prepping for an entirely new story to me – especially with the mention of a third film.

avatar final battle Avatar 2 Arriving in 2013?

Obviously, Cameron and 20th Century Fox aren’t going to outright say that they’re working on the sequel next. But, with so many ideas still to be explored, and so much money to be made – it’s difficult to imagine the director taking us anywhere as elaborate as Pandora in such a short amount of time.

What do you think Cameron will work on next? What are you hoping to see in Avatar 2?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I hope they manage to come up with a more original story this time around. A sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid won’t cut it.

    • Free enterprise and capitalism will be gone by then, I don’t think our country’s gonna make it to 2013!

      • whatever it will

    • Ha! i know riht cause the first one was just atlantis and tarzan mixed together XD

      • right*

      • its like the grown-up version of FernGully…so nineties but so good :)

    • You mean Pocahontas?

  2. isnt he doing battle angel? i hope thats his next project it would work well with the technology

  3. Cameron stated that he will use the same tech in Avatar for Battle Angel Alita. So, here’s hoping that film is next.

  4. I would just like him to just leave Avatar alone as a classic and move on. He should concentrate on “Thundercats”(using his 3Dtech of course).

    • i on the other hand belive he shouldnt leave it alone because in the very end of the movie where jake is put into his avatar body by ewen and he opened his eyes of his avatar. i belive if he doesnt make another it would ruin this movie for me and im sure for alot of other people

  5. I wouldnt mind him leaving Avatar alone,But a CLASSIC?

  6. Quiet MDG333 your fearmongering views are so unpatriotic.
    ;-) 8-O :-)
    But seriously, Its a total house of lies at this point. On every level.

    Fantasy movies like Avatar help ground a lot of people into this state of consciousness.

    • And make some want to kill themselves apparently. Just remember Obama warned us about technological distractions… I wonder if Avatar would count

      • they were all partially mentally unstable to do that and they probably had really bad jobs but that is fear mongering to make avatar seem like a bad film and to stop James Cameron’s efforts in making a sequel which will be better than the first

  7. The movie made over a billion dollars. I dont think the next movie is avatar 2. I think its too soon. It might be battle angel or something else like that.

    • He said three to four years down the road. Three to four years is plenty long enough to make the general public wait for a sequel to the highest grossing film of all time. Any longer and the public has such short attention spans that they will lose general interest in the film.

      • ummmm yes 3-4 years is long for me toooo long i want to see the second movie now i mean i just can’t wait that long

        • same m8. i cant w8 till the nxt 1

  8. I just wish he was making the next Terminator film…. :(

    • say ‘yes’ if you like avatar,yes i know i do you guys need to stop saying bad stuf about avatar the movie ROCKS!!!!!!!

      • Why? Not everyone agrees that the movie “rocked”. And yes, I loved the movie, but I don’t care for a sequel now. Cameron has had fans of Battle Angel waiting for years on his live-action film, and I’m more interested in that film than Avatar 2 (which I don’t think should even be made).

      • i think avatar was brilliant & i’m looking forward to the sequal it may take time but it will be worth the wait

  9. Oceans of pandora?!? Let me guess, ‘unobtroleum’ spill?

  10. i would like to have Avatar 2 done first then the ThunderCats

    • same here i don’t care about ‘cats’ i need to see avatar NOW!!!!!

    • eh – the Navi are basically cat people anyway. Thudercats, Avatar 2, what’s the difference. Both will have some deep message about capitalism and / or environmentalism with love story thrown in. He’s KING OF THE WORLD

    • i agree on that

    • it would be very nice to watch ur movie avtar and i realy get impresed after watching the animation effect,and the story which u imagine in ur mind and bring it into theator. it was marvelas

  11. @Panda I could see Avatar 2 having a eco theme. Cameron has said that the second film will deal with the oceans of Pandora.

    And Cameron just recently called the executives at B.P.(British Petroleum) morons so I’m betting it will have a oil spill related theme.

    Keeps people grounded to reality,,, lol

    • I hope it doesn’t… one film with a heavy-handed environmentalist message was more than enough for me. I hope Avatar 2 is just an entertaining movie like Terminator 2 or Aliens, because that’s the way it should be.

  12. I hope his next film is Battle Angel, but money speaks louder than anything else in Hollywood, which is a shame……

  13. I think this is def avatar 2 and I really hope Cameron studies his critics responses to his film and give some more depths to his characters and tell a more complex story in general. There is still so much to explore and he could focus a little more on the wonder and beauty of the world instead of jumping right into conflict. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with the Eco theme as long as he doesn’t get too carried away. And he says the third film would possibly leave pandora so the possibilities are unlimited. Exciting stuff too bad that’s in like ten years.. I’ll be pushin 30… My two cents

  14. Yeah,I want another avatar though I don’t think it’s gonna be better than the first……

    • imagine if they had internet in the 70s when they made Star Wars, people would probably say, i think when they make the other movies its just going o fail” Avatar is going to be like star wars, a saga that tells the story of the moon of Neptune, so you’ll just have to wait and see, mabey in 2050 the jocks will call people nerds for watching Avatar just like now sorry for babling

      • Avatar wasn’t based on the moon of Neptune, it was based in the Alpha Centauri star system, dumbass.

  15. 4 years is not short it is actully very long and for number 3 by the time that comes out ill be around 24 years old. and anyways mostly every movie takes around 2 years to make and why wouldnt Cameron make Avatar 2 the Avatar actully made nearly 3 Billion Dollers and was Universally acclaimed as the Best Movie Of All Time the Characters the stroy has so much Depth i have never connected to a movie more then the avatar heck i no lots of people that cried in the avatar no joke litteraly cried. i also state the Avatar is the (BEST MOVIE EVER CREATED) THANK YOU JAMES CAMERON.

  16. Yeah,Avatar is like the best movie made without a doubt.I’d give it 5 stars as well as Titanic,lion king,up,toy story,bugs life,dark knight,and all Harry potter movies. These are like my fave movies!!!!!

    • I fully agree with khalid here. This was the best movie I have ever seen, I quite literally can’t wait till the 2nd one … what will keep me occupied until then? Watching Avatar at home in blueray! And yes, James Cameron is THE BEST director ever.

  17. Whoever said it was a moon of Neptune is an idiot. It doesn’t take light-years to travel to Neptune. “Pandora” is the theoretical planet in the Alpha Centuri AB system – Earth’s closest star. But the movie was great. A little apprehensive about two and three though.

  18. Excuse me, “Pandora” is a moon of a theoretical planet in Alpha Centuri AB.

  19. okay not meaning to push anybodys buttons, but i really don’t think Avatar was the best movie ever made, it is a more digitally enhanced Pocahontas. The storyline is shockingly predictable, i mean look
    1. boy meets girl, girl thinks boy stupid
    2. girl teaches boy, and finds inner qaulity
    3. boy nails girl
    4. boy loses girl
    5. boy wins girl
    6. happy ending

    but i admit the graphics were amazing, and i had fun watching the movie. i hope that for avatar 2 he makes it more sci fi and strange.

    For those of you that think avatar is the best movie ever i recomend you check out: Casablanca, Key Largo, The Dark Knight, Time Bandits, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Equilibrium, Star Trek (the new one), War of the Worlds, Keeping Mum, and The Treasure of the Serra Madre. All these movies either feature: excelent plot, great action sequences/good visual affects, true humor, an original romantic storyline, or strangeness. Time Bandits is definetly the weirdest of the bunch, directed by Terry Gilliam, but it really kicks ass.

    • I agree with you on a lot of those movie choices you listed, don’t know about Time Bandits being “great” but it was fun. For a great Terry Gilliam film I would have to say 12 Monkeys is one of his best. Along with the other classics you have listed I would add Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Psycho, The Maltese Falcon and How To Steal a Million.

    • I have seen all of those movies and still think Avatar is by far the best out of them all. You said it is predictable. I read a quote in high school from one author who said “there are only three stories in the entire world”. I can’t wait for Avatar 2, although I don’t know how they are going to make it as good or better as the first. I am sure if anyone can do it it’s James Cameron.

    • You’re all wrong. Johnny Dangerously was the best movie of all time!

  20. I believe that Cameron should defiantly make the second avatar, because at the end of the first movie he leaves it, kind of a cliff hanger to make you think that there will be a second movie.i mean it would really be awesome to just continue making a sequel to it.

    • there are so many questions, like where they live, whos the clan leader, and numerous more amounts that really make for an exciting number 2

  21. Avatar a stupid movie never understand the way of this movie they say it’s a work of art just being madE by james it has no full story i think this movie is like a non-hollywood film but the special effect is good like percy jackson lightning theft can’t even understand the way of this movie too i thought american were the most creative in making a film like james but then again maybe not

    • What??!!

  22. The underwater thing sounds cool. So does the aspect of exploring other moons. If he rlly does film them back-to-back I can wait til 2014 for the second one and 2015 for the third one.

  23. In Avatar 2 I’m hoping to see Jake and Neytri with a baby.

    Another war happens again. New creatures appear

  24. i love avatar i think u should explore other worlds aswell and build it up to the ultimate avatar

  25. But what would it be about? I loved the first one but I just don’t see how a second one fits into the storyline. Another war with the same people winning? Now if he told from say a different perspective or say continue the same thing on another planet almost like the events on Pandora, I might be interested, but if it’s on the same planet when the humans come back to fight them again, I wouldnot watch it.

  26. AVATAR 2 IS GANNA BE AWESOME I CANT WAIT. 2013 is right around the corner.