Autobot Showcase Video… But Where’s Ratchet?

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transformers 2 sideswipe corvette concept Autobot Showcase Video… But Where’s Ratchet?

The folks over at Jalopnik, the car information website, have posted a video showing “never-seen-before sneak-peek footage from Transformers 2” as well as a large gallery of images for the concept Corvette Stingray (Sideswipe), An even newer Camaro (Bumblebee) and the new Chevy Trax (Mudflap).

The video is basically a showcase for the Autobot vehicles of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with an obvious focus on the new GM vehicles featured in the film as it is essentially an advertisement video. There’s not much new in the video itself – I personally just like watching it for that epic music that starts playing half-way through while a convoy of all the Autobots driving together… all of the Autobots minus Ratchet, that is.

On that note, what I’d really like to talk about is the noticeable absence of Ratchet in this video and in many of the behind-the-scenes set photos that have popped up online over the last few months. This is something I thought about a while ago wanted to talk about earlier but couldn’t find the right time to do so – until this video at

Ratchet, the loyal medic of the Autobots took the vehicular form of an emergency response Hummer H2 in the Michael Bay’s first live action Transformers film. While he didn’t get much screen time (arguably, none of the Transformers did), he did manage to become one of my two favorite characters along with Ironhide.

In the final act of the Transformers movie, I really became attached to the character with his fearlessness in charging and attacking the inappropriately named Devastator (the giant Decepticon tank who should have been called Brawl) as well as how he and Ironhide defended Shia Labeouf’s character, Sam Witwicky while he ran to get to the building for helicopter pickup. I even loved his machine gun weapon which only showed up for a split second in the movie.

transformers 2 ratchet Autobot Showcase Video… But Where’s Ratchet?

Back to the point, what does his absence in much of the material we’ve seen for the movie all mean? Could he be the (or one of the) good guy(s) to not live through this movie? Or is he simply behind the scenes doing something else as a support character?

We can’t really expect all of the characters to live through encounters with the insanely huge Devastator or the aliens-esque title character, The Fallen (Both of whose images were revealed yesterday and can be seen here). There was already one casualty with Jazz being torn in half in the first film so there’s likely to be a few more with this film – I just hope Ratchet isn’t one of them. He deserves a big presence in this film with the lack of screen time he received in the first.

The full trailer debuts tomorrow night attached as a preview to Friday the 13th and we’ll have it up on Screen Rant as soon as it is available online. If you’re craving more Transformers stuff in the meantime, check out this 5 minute interview with Michael Bay discussing the movie and hinting at a third as well as the first official teaser trailer for the film.

What do you think of the new Autobot team and Ratchet’s absence?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 26, 2009.

Source: Jalopnik

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  1. I agree Rob and I’m hoping that he is at a human base doing intel between the Autobots and the humans. Unfortuately, he probably dies within the first 30 minutes of the film. :(

  2. actually he is there.
    if you look closely towards the end you can see him behind Jolt and Sideswipe

  3. “In the final act of the Transformers movie, I really became attached to the character with his fearlessness in charging and attacking the inappropriately named Devastator”

    They barely say a word, get a second of screen time, (we all know this) you can’t see the action the camera moves so fast (machine gun for a split second is a great example)and transformed well.. let’s just say I think anybody could design better robot forms.
    (I do admit they look a hell of a lot cooler drawn up than in CGI)
    and yet when he attacked devastator you became attached to the character and possibly the movie?
    most of us aren’t won over that easily.

  4. Ok, it did it for me. I feel kinda stupid.

  5. We know Ratchet is in the sequel, but it seems that he’s in little of it (if the online materials so far is any indicator).

  6. @ Ryan,

    A character doesn’t need to give a monologue or tell his friends he’s going to sacrifice himself to protect them before he does exactly that… Actions speak louder than words in many instances. Did you miss the part where Bumblebee couldn’t talk… AT ALL till the very end?

    We all know and agree (and I wrote about it in this article) that the bots didn’t get enough screen time. However, the last act is all them and all the characterization you’d need for Ratchet is given then and before that, there just wasn’t enough time given to enjoy the bots more.

    I highly recommend re-watching the last act of the film if you get a chance to see what I mean now that what I’ve said will be fresh in your mind.

    However, from what you complained about the designs you’d of been negative about it regardless of the amount of screen time.

    And for clarification, out of the Transformers in the movie Ratchet and Ironhide became my favourite and I gave my reasons why out of what was shown in the film.

    The film overall was disappointing in many ways and had many huge problems which we all could point out.

    So what I’m trying to say is, I don’t understand your logic… it sounds like you’re implying people can’t have favourites from the movie despite it’s problems…

  7. @Alpha Trion

    Welcome to Screen Rant, you should feel right at home here. :-)


  8. lol Alpha,

    You nailed most of them. I love the Shia quotes, haha

    …but if some of your thoughts were applied to other movies, the original Star Wars would become horrid :(

    One of the points that sticks out is the action part – you missed out on all the chase scenes which are important since the title characters are in Car mode most of the time. So if you count up the the actual “action” minutes and worked out some crazy ratio and applied that to The Matrix, you’d bash that film too on percentage of action to non-action.

    About the screen time the Transformers had… I think everyone can agree on that… but why doesn’t everyone get the reason why? budget! It feels like in every thread I need to remind people that $150 million can only go so far in start-from-scratch development of the first movie in a franchise. The budget for the sequel is double and there are many re-used designs so we should expect significantly more Transformers on-screen… let’s just hope they’re used right this time.

  9. I love how every TF thread have people posting the same problems about the first movie. You know what? The second is going to the same problems, in fact, probably moreso because there are a lot more TFs in the sequel. Anyway, let’s move on.

    Is that video really scenes from the movie? Why isn’t Optimus leading? Or at least Ironhide as the heavy hitter. just seems strange.

  10. BTW, I saw the newest trailer last night. Shows a bit more of “Devastator”, and Ravage. There’s probably a bootleg on the web somewhere.

  11. ya there is, but unlike certain other sites we’re waiting for the official high quality trailer.

  12. I true can’t believe you Alpha. However I do respect your oppion. But I would just like to state some things.

    1)I like the TF robot designs. To me, it feels more realistic. If they had done the TF’s in a G1-CGI style(Liquid metal?), I’m pretty sure the movie would have been laughed at and nobody would like it. It would be much too cheesy. And very unrealistic.

    2)Budget. Budget. Budget. So many movies are ruined because of budgets, exspecialy in this time. That’s why the TFs had so little time.

    3)Humor? I enjoyed a lot of the humor. (She said ‘If you hurt my DOG, I’ll kill you.’). And I’ll asure you, many people enjoyed it just as much as I did.

    4)And, you do realize, that stereotypes like you described do exsist in real life? I walk through my school and hear many, many kids talk just like Jazz(It’s strange, because even white kids talk like him). The ‘mammy’ or ‘speak english’ thing? Samething. I come across people just like that as well.

    5) I also greatly enjoy Shia, he’s been one of my favorite actors since I was little. He’s got very good humor and he’s a great actor.

    6)The ‘shaky cam’ and ‘close ups’ add to the movie, if you ask me. Action movies aren’t very still.

    7)I agree with Rob. If what you said applied to other movies, you’ve just dissed many, many movies. Good and bad alike.

    8)Yes, there were things wrong with this movie but there were still good things to it as well. In my eyes, the good out weighs the bad. I teared up when Bumblebee was captured and I laughed(as did my mom) when they talked about ‘Sams happy time’. I was still able to attach myself to the characters. It wasn’t what they said but their actions.

    I much too tired to write everything that I want to but I really just don’t have it in me to fight you, after all, it’s just a movie and these are oppions. I just wish you stated yours more kindly becuase there are people out there, like myself, who greatly enjoyed this movie. When I read your comment, I feel like you are saying, ‘Anyone who likes this movie is wrong/stupid.’ But I understand your comments and I will respect your right to state them as you will. Thank you for taking the time to read mine.

    To Rob, I hope nothing too bad happens to Ratchet. He is my favorite. When I first saw the movie, it was his parts that made me laugh the hardest(‘His pharamone level sudjest he wants to mate with the female’ ‘Tingly! You should try that!’) As a medic, he is also very important to the team. Also, cool picture of Ratchet and his much-too-cool saw blade.

  13. I’m Going to have to agree with Diane on this one Alpha It seems like you’ve been looking to hard into it and ended up not enjoying it at all. I’m not trying to dig at you in anyway but yes due to budget and time i can’t imagine them doing lots of scenes with transformers. I think they did an absolutely mind blowing job with the transforming. I’m currently studying in animation and i can’t imagine how difficult it must be to do each of those transformations to me its talent.

    As for the acting; yes some of it is tacky but come on sometimes its a bit of a laugh most of the other things make up for it like the special effects and the fact that its Transformers, I mean come on the fact that they managed to pull off a transformers film is something don’t you think?

    I think I speak for most when I say it was a very effective portrayal of a excellent old TV show. The second one, with the more money and possibly bigger production team should have a lot more in store for us. Just looking at the trailers says alot about what is coming. I for one am so excited and will probably like it no matter what =D.

  14. Ollie,

    I totally agree with you, but you’re posting on the wrong site saying anything positive about TF.

    I get the backlash about the stupid humor (I just ignore it). Underneath it was a successful movie that achieved what Bay and co. set out to do. I don’t know anyone out there that would argue it’s a 5-star, but it was entertaining

  15. I didn’t find it entertaining, I found it frustrating. Every time I started to get even remotely into the cool/serious/action side of the movie, it would abruptly cut to some stupid humor sequence.

    I felt whiplashed back and forth through the whole film. As a matter of fact it felt like two different, incongruous movies intercut into one.


  16. @ Panda
    yer your probably right haha and at what it was supposed to do… it wasn’t half bad! I’m not a picky kinda person but I always worry for sequels as alot of the time they just add more ontop of some of the bad bits in the previous one thinking that those were the parts that were good. Lets hope they keep the silly light toning humor to a minimum and give us alot more action! they have no excuse now they made enough from the last film so they should have the money to create something amazing… we hope =D

  17. lol, to bring balance to what Vic says.

    I didn’t despise the movie like many Screen Rant writers did.

    A lot of the humour parts I found funny, I totally dug the designs (comparing to the original show is such and overrated and invalid argument – organic metal aliens ppl! Not easy-to-draw box figures for a low-budget cartoon… a cartoon that if you watch now is bad if not for nostalgic purposes. It was fun when I was 7 but is not past that (unlike the X-Men animated series which is high quality still to this day).

    My problems came with how some of the characters were used or not-used to be more accurately. Optimus goes from being a killer in the highway scene to being absolutely useless against Megatron and not using the weapons that he has built into him.

    Also, there were many horrible characters from the Sector 7 dude played by John Turturro to the Australian nerd to the cop on drugs…. poor poor writing. Oh and John Voight’s character…bad as well.

    This movie had everything going for it except for a bad screenplay which brought much of it down.

    Nevertheless, it was very entertaining for me the second time watching it and onwards and I expect the sequel will do the same. After just watching it once, I felt a lot of what Vic says about it except I still loved the action scenes at the end and how the Autobots act in those scenes.

  18. Rob,
    I’ve said the same thing about the cartoon… I remembered it being my favorite show as a kid and watched an episode a couple years ago and it was much worse than I remembered.

    I will even go as far as to say that a flurry of scenes in the movie with serious dialogue between the bots (of which there was almost none) just wouldn’t work. I could be proven wrong, but I just can’t imagine it.

  19. ratchet is in de second movie if you wana check just see the movie yourself but he talks less