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  • Halloween 2

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll tell you right up front that I am not a fan of the Halloween franchise; never have been,…

  • Legendary Wants to Bring Us The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    40 years ago last Saturday, one of the greatest rock ‘n’ rollers of all time both celebrated his country and took a stand against its…

  • Toy Story 3D Double Feature

    You’ve done it again, Disney (and Pixar).  All the years that I’ve spent convincing myself that I am free of the tractor beam that is…

  • Brad Pitt (Finally) Speaks About Moneyball

    Let’s run the bases real quick and recap the whole Moneyball fiasco(cue the movie-montage): Oscar winner Steve Zaillian spun a script from Michael Lewis’s book…

  • After ‘The Hangover': More R-Rated Comedies on the Way

    With the unavoidable success of the raunchy, R-rated comedy The Hangover, Hollywood sees an opportunity that it’s not ashamed to exploit irrespective of the consequences,…

  • Stanley Kubrick’s Unfinished Work May Get Finished

    Quick list of people that have continued to produce art, even after they’ve passed on: Elvis, Tupac, Jacko, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marely, Biggie, Heath Ledger….

  • Gremlins Falls Victim to Hollywood

    The wave of 80s movies remakes continues to claim victims.  As you all know, Tron is coming, Robocop is in the works, there’s an A-team…

  • The Lorax is Coming!

    According to Variety, Universal and Illumination Entertainment recently decided to use Dr. Seuss’ 1971 tale, The Lorax, as source material for an upcoming project.  Here’s…

  • SDCC ’09: Wanted 2 Update

    Ok, so if you’ve been keeping abreast of our coverage of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, which I’m sure you have, then you know that…

  • G.I. Joe Keeps Sommers Around For The Sequel

    At a junket in Australia hosted by the native press outlet, Jabba, when asked about the word going around the water cooler (read: the internet),…

  • Iron Man 2: It’s a Wrap!

    Those of you waiting with bated breath for the return of Ol’ Shellhead (a.k.a. Iron Man) your hours of white-knuckled anticipation will soon be coming…

  • See Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3D!

    In a not-so-shocking breaking story, Disney has announced that it is going to continue to do what it does best: rework old classics, re-release them,…

  • Depp to Play Martin…or is it Sinatra?

    Daughter of famed crooner Dean Martin, Deana Martin, recently publicly revealed that she LIKE likes Johnny Depp  as a candidate to play the role of…

  • Monty Python Reunion: The Bright Side of Life

    In 1969, Monty Python debuted on BBC with six members: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin.  In the…

  • Jack Ryan, Meet the New You: George Clooney

    [UPDATE: It now appears that Jack Ryan will get the reboot treatment see the end of the article for details.] Let’s throw another pancake on…

  • 300 Sequel…A Zombie Flick?

    Marc Canton, the producer of 300, had a conversation with MTV Splash Page‘s Larry Carroll recently, where he confirmed speculation that a sequel to 300…

  • First Look: Kevin Smith’s ‘A Couple of Dicks’

    Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, blah, blah, blah. Yet there’s a dark little place in my heart that secretly loves Jersey Girl.  There, I said…

  • Revenge of the Fallen May Have Its Revenge…

    Say what they may (and they will) about the recently released Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but I suspect they’d be singing a different tune…

  • 300 Sequel…301 or 300 Part 2?

    The perfect sequel contains new and old tricks that blend to make a new movie with characters and stories that genuinely deserved closure or extension….

  • SR Picks: Futuristic Movie Timeline

    Everyone knows the best way to sell the audience on the veracity of your own nonsense is to accompany it with a graph.  A graph…