Is Austin Powers 4 On Its Way?

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austinpowers Is Austin Powers 4 On Its Way?It really didn’t surprise me when I learned that Mike Myers and co-writer Mike McCullers were officially working on the script for a 4th Austin Powers movie. Why no surprise?  Because, after a five year absence from live-action movies, in which he made two Shrek films, Myers returned with the big bomb: The Love Guru.

What else could Myers do, to regain his popularity? Wayne’s World 3? Nope, despite his and Garth’s (Dana Carvey) appearance at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. It’s been 15 years since the crappy sequel (I saw both in the theater, when I was in high school: Part 1, yeah!; Part 2, bleh!).

So why not dust off Austin Powers and do the 4th film everyone was talking about in 2002, when Goldmember opened?  Apparently, the film is going to focus on Dr. Evil’s relationship with his son. Again? Really? Didn’t they beat that dead horse into the ground?  And didn’t we meet Austin’s Dad in Goldmember, too?

The problem is what about Myer’s career?  Being out of the live-action limelight seemed to hurt his career a bit, though friends who actually sat through The Love Guru told me it was horribly rotten (or was it rottenly horrible?) so that only made things worse.  I don’t think we’ll see Austin Powers 4 before 2010, but no doubt  director Jay Roach, of all three previous films, will return.

I liked the first and third movie; I actually saw the first one opening day, early May 1997.  Not a lot of people in the theater, but it was a home video and DVD hit.  Part 2 was meh.  So maybe part 4 will be fun?  Maybe if this was 2-3 years ago…

Bit of trivia: Did you know that Myers had the “Love Guru” in Austin Powers‘ original script, but cut it? According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Paramount (Love Guru‘s studio) had New Line Cinema (Austin Powers’ studio) sign agreements that they didn’t own the character.

Anyway, one more thought… these sequels and prequels of films we once loved, that have been coming out lately (like Indiana Jones 4, X-Files 2 and Die Hard 4) seem to have mixed critical and box office results.  Not only do I want to hear from you about a 4th Austin Powers movie, but I’d love to hear what you think of all these sequels and prequels to movies that have been out of sight, out of mind for a decade or more.  I feel nostalgic, but I’m getting kinda tired of it.

However, here’s a sequel I’d love to see: The Thing 2, starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter.  ‘Nuff said!

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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  1. Ah,, The Thing 2, now were cooking with fire !!!!

    Personally I couldn’t care less about MM carrer that’s his prob,
    I’m all for a Austin 4.
    Dr Evil is the best part of that franchise. Let’s hope MM writes the film with some of the same pinky sucking humor that I loved in the first 3 films.

    Also, am I the only person that watched X-Files here or wtf???
    The movie was great btw!!! (Stay for the end credits). 😉

  2. I want an Austin Powers 4 AND a 3rd Wayne’s world, that skit on MTV was incredible and it was so amazing to see them together again after the ol feud back in the day

  3. I watched X-Files off and on throughout the years, but became a bigger fan through the old book tie-ins and DVDs/repeats in the last 5 years. I want to see the movie, and that got me pumped. Poor reviews and box office worries me.


  4. Pardon me Austin Powers fans for a sec,,, go A4 !!!!

    Heath the reason its getting bad reviews isn’t because of sucky story, its a dark thriller of a film. I think alot of the critics were expecting a tour de france action romp with aliens and werewolves. Its nothing like that at all.

    ((No major spoilers))

    The film takes place 10 years after the end of the show. And primarly deals with Scully and her inabilty to accept Mulders “faith” in the paranormal. (You remember that was the crux between them in the series) well this film has a great disturbing story with that primary theme as a overall arc that in the end, (end credits “don’t miss them!!) we see that Scully finally believes after all these years. She finnaly see’s an act so profound that she no longer doubts Mulder,,,
    For smart fans that really have been paying attention the last scene will make you cry ,!!!

    Great film and I went in, thinking it would suck.
    Check it out and don’t forget to stay for the final scene in the end credits.
    There’s also a cameo by Chris Carter see if you can find him, (hint he’s carring an urn). Now go see the film, I know it premires friday in the UK.

    Did I mention stay for the end credits!!! :-)

  5. I love the idea of a 4th Austin Powers movie! I loved all 3 of them! I thought Goldmember was probably the funniest of them all, especially that opening scene!! I had NO interest in the Love Guru. Even the previews looked awful.

    790, I saw X-files tonight and was disappointed. Until the last 20-30 minutes of the movie. It just didn’t seem to have the same feel as the show did. Actually, it felt like they took a good idea for an episode and stretched it out with filler.

  6. Andy you didn’t think that story was kinda cool, it was like Fargo, Silence of the Lambs and Saw,,,
    The film delt with Mulder and Scully overall and it was a great finale.
    did you stay for the end credits ????

  7. Austin Powers,LOVED The original.
    I didnt like the second except for fat bastard.
    I liked the first 5 minutes of the third.
    I liked Indy 4 and Die Hard 4.
    I think the main reason the reviews and box office might be lackluster is that this is movie can be quite gruesome at times .
    I think the first film was more accessible to non fans .
    I thought X-Files:I want to Believe was well acted across the board.
    But this is strictly for X-Files fans and hardcore horror fans.

  8. I enjoyed the first AP-movie quite a lot (I also liked Liz Hurley). The second one also had its moments (especially as a Bond-parody) whereas the third one was… bad. Pretty bad!

    On the other hand, if Myers gets the stronger aspects of Bond-parody back on track, why not another sequel?

    Regarding The Thing 2… now that’s an interesting idea! But how is it supposed to work?

    Either they just “remake” the first one. Then it will be more like Escape From L.A. (oh, please not). OR they do a proper sequel. Which means: back to the UFO (it’s supposedly still there and not blasted as in the original b&w-version) and see what happens (and don’t get sued due to similarities with AvP!).

    On the other hand, the best kinda sequel would have been a straight sequel. Meaning: the story continues just where the first film ended. Unfortunately, Russell is already too old for that.

    Anyway, I hope Carpenter has his act together (again) and we get more decent flicks (again)!


  9. While I’ve enjoyed the Austin Powers movies (mostly)…I think it just might be time to keep him retired.

    In an article I read on WENN (via IMDB), they said this new AP will be written as a tribute for his deceased father…which I thought was interesting, considering they recently had another article about Love Guru that said the same thing…

    I, for one, would want to see another Wayne’s World movie…they showed the first one on TV earlier this month, and I watched the whole thing. I had almost forgotten how funny it was. It prompted me to go out and buy the DVD double pack (yes…I know…shame on me for not already having it).

    As far as the other Prequels, sequels, and “re-imaginings,” while a few may hit the mark…most will not.

    My butt will still grace the theater seats, though…I love movies, and I’ll see anything, even if it’s based out of a morbid curiosity…

  10. 790, I did think that the story was a throwback to the show, but that it would have made a better hour long episode than a 90 minute movie. Maybe I was expecting too much as I loved the show when it was on. I did stay past the credits, I always do unless I get a tip not to on ScreenRant. Maybe when I watch it again on DVD, I’ll feel better about it. The whole movie almost felt forced to me.

  11. Andy,and more humor would have been nice too .
    Unlike the first X-Files film ,
    This one didnt have a lot of entertainment value.

  12. I just wanted to add that it would be nice if hollywood only remade BAD movies.Wouldnt it be great if Hollywood turned coal into diamonds once in awhile?
    can anybody think a bad movie that had a BETTER remake?

  13. If we have The Thing 2, we must have Keith David as well. He was there at the end too. Loved Childs in that movie.

    ‘What if we’re wrong about MacCready?’
    ‘Then we’re wrong!’

  14. I loved AP1 and 2, but by the time 3 rolled around — the franchise was effectively dead. Myers just went overboard with the potty humor. Clear sign that he’s run out of gas. Austin Powers is a great character, so I hope he can do it a 4th time. But I’m not holding my breath. The deal with sequels and prequels — if they’re good, great! Problem is most aren’t.

  15. yo. ap4 will rock muh sox. fo bouncin..peace outtttt

  16. yes! I want Austin Powers 4 !! can’t wait to watch it !!

  17. i want a austin powers 4 sometime where austin or dr evil goes back to the 70s or 80s just like bttf went from the 80s to the 50s the 1st and 2nd movies of austin powers from the 90s to the 60s and today the 3rd from the 00s to the 70s

  18. I saw the Love Guru. It was a horrible movie. Horrible. I thought it sucked, alot.

    Oddly though, I found myself laughing throughout most of it, and would probably watch it again.

    I would DEFINITELY love to see an Austin Powers 4…But, oddly enough, I didn’t really like the others, despite how funny they were and how many times I watched them. O.o I guess I like Mike Myers because I dont have high expectations when a film comes out with him. Lawls.

    Oh, and Indiana Jones 4, was an amazing movie.

  19. yes im exited about Austin Powers 4,besides i liked the first
    3 why not have more.funny, and tired of cia murder movies
    so please bring it on!

  20. I want a Pitch Perfect 2 .