Austin Powers 4 Still Happening

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Austin Powers still 570x369 Austin Powers 4 Still Happening

Remember awhile back there was talk of another Austin Powers movie? You’d forgotten about the prospect of it, hadn’t you? Well, it’s time to start thinking again about the world of “The International Man of Mystery,” as it looks like another Austin Powers is still in the works.

Last we reported on Austin Powers 4 was back in July 2008, when Mike Myers had started writing it alongside Mike McCullers (co-writer of the second and third Powers movies). The plot was said to focus on Dr. Evil and more specifically his relationship with his son Scott… Wait, wasn’t that part of the plot in every Austin Powers movie so far?…

We speculated back when that Jay Roach, director of the entire Austin Powers trilogy, would likely be back to helm Austin Powers 4, and that appears to still be the case.

Last week at ShoWest in Las Vegas, Roach was honored with the Comedy Director of the Decade Award (on top of the Austin Powers movies, Roach is best known for Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers). While chatting to the director about the award, MTV managed to slip in some questions about Austin Powers 4. Roach responded:

“[Mike Myers is] working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I’m all good for it… I love those characters.”

Roach also said he was grateful to Myers for helping him get his first directing job on the first Austin Powers. I have to say, for a first-timer that was a solid movie. Other than that, those hoping for details on what the plot of Austin Powers 4 might be (beyond it concentrating on Dr. Evil and son) are out of luck. All Roach said when asked about which direction the franchise would go was, “That’s hard to say… Somewhere you haven’t thought of.”

Austin Powers still Dr Evil 570x372 Austin Powers 4 Still Happening

Classic Austin Powers scene - Dr. Evil tells his son Scott to "Zip It!"

Hmmm… that doesn’t give us much to go on but it’s always fun to speculate. I’m not really sure where they can take the franchise since they’ve done all kinds of ridiculous things so far. Part of the fun of the movies is seeing Dr. Evil hatch one of his evil plans and Austin saving the day in the end (every time!). But can they do that once again without it just being tiresome?

Hell, whatever he does, Myers can’t exactly do any worse than The Love Guru now can he?

What do you think the plot of Austin Powers 4 should be? What can Myers do to keep the franchise fresh and funny?

There’s no release date set for Austin Powers 4 (although IMDB lists it as a 2010 movie – fat chance!). Stay tuned to Screen Rant for any updates.

Source: MTV

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  1. Oh Ya Baby !!!!!

  2. Dr Evil was always my favorite character, so i'd be happy to see another one. No matter how silly.

  3. Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait!

  4. Have Dr. Evil come up with the simplest plan ever to kill Austin Powers and actually succeed then realize how boring his life is without Powers and decide to revive him as a bionic austin powers and then do old 80s sci-fi jokes

  5. “Classic Austin Powers scene – Dr. Evil tells his son Scott to “Shhh!” “

    Actually he's telling him to “zip it”. haHA

  6. He should have Dr. Evil successfully take over the world or whatever his plan is and then leave it as a dark cliff hanger. Kind of like “The Empire Strikes Back”. Of course it would be a hilarious parody of those types of movies but going strong with the 60's spy film influences is what makes the first two films so funny. Not things like mini-me(sorry mini-me fans) and the 1970's.

  7. At the end of the third Scott was taking is father place has a vilian, maybe the movie can be about Dr. Evil taking back is rightfull place.

    • I actually like that. That’s what I said on another story about the movie, except that Dr. Evil works with Scott, and then he doesn’t like how things are run.

  8. They already pointed out that Powers and Dr. Evil both have the same dad. Making them brothers. I just hope that Verne Troyer is back.

  9. Oh God, please no. I personally can't stand the Austin Powers movies, nothing but unfunny repetitive dick and fart jokes. I suppose Mike Myers has nothing better to do at this point…

  10. I'm definitely up for another Powers movie, Goldmember is both the funniest and weakest entry in the series, the jokes are hillarious but at a cost of any story or character.

    They are endlessly quotable movies.

  11. I have to say that is an amazing idea, I can really see that working!

  12. Really? Did I miss a posting, or altogether forget the 3rd movie !!! LOL – well, if it was a posting – that would also be an interesting twist to the storyline.. opposites as good and evil !! I love it..

  13. Ya. If I remember correctly they showed it in the third movie and that is why Scott took over because Dr. Evil got to emotionally involved or something like that. I havent seen the third movie in awhile. I am definitely going to watch them all again before the new one comes out though

  14. I don't know why everybody frowns upon The Love Guru so much. I thought it was a great movie. It has some of the same type of humor as Austin Powers movies. I probably like The Love Guru more than Austin Powers anyway.

  15. a Good idea for Austin Powers could be that Dr. Evil travels by Tine warp to Germandy with his family Just to Rule the Country with an iron fist and as always Austin Powers is on the case except with two anthor Agents one Man [Starred By Billy Zane] and one woman [starred by Natalie Imbruglia if possable] who Basil [Austin's Friend and Boss] had hired to make sure that austin completes the mission but he does not tell austin about why his hiring of these Two Agents, however Austin overcomes and defeats the german fembots with his charm and defeats the bad guys like always and locks in jail in the 21 centry, however Scott Evil [who unlike his family did not end up in jail] he wants his revenge. after that scence it then has Austin Powers parting down like it is 1979 in autin’s place with Britney Spears the fembot version and Basil and the two anthor agents and his Father Nigel Powers and his Brother Dr. Evil including mini me and not forgetting Number Two also dancing at the party.

  16. or my otner idea is to have Austin Powers [only this time he is starred by Hugh Grant] sent on a mission by Basil but basil also sends Secret Agent Matthew Stevens [Hayden Christensen]To make sure that The Mission succcends even if it means disguising himself as Austin along with Speical Agent Victoria Simons a insanly hot Supermodel turned agent with the same lifestyle and Personallity of that of Austin Powers [starred by Alicia Silverstone] teams up with Agent 25 to aid and help Austin on The case of Scott Evil Dr. Evil’s son who created his own army of Fembots and has an a human army of highly trained Mixed Martial arts Ninja Masters at his disposal as he has taken over Goldmember’s Lair Disco Studio 69 via by time portal who’s plan is to use a machine that will brainwash everyone in England into believing that they came from The Disco era and not from England. so it is up to Austin and Agent 25 and Victoria to save the world and look good while doing it.after that have Austin Powers and Speical Agent Victoria Simons and Secret Agent Matthew Stevens with Basil and Nigel Powers austin’s dad and not forgetting Number Two also dancing at the party in Austin’s place in 1979 after competeing the mission of course meanwhile Secret Agent Matthew Stevens was smooth talking Britney Spears [not the fembot version] and anne hathaway [the non fembot version] then danced with both of them James Bond style. the end! feel to browse and enjoy the idea!

  17. I think it will be about how scott is evel and all of them become nice and them scott will try to take over the world but they try to stop him and i possibly think dr evil and frow should have a baby cause since when has there been a action/adventure comedy movie including a baby through the whole thing

  18. Considering how Dr. Evil became “nice” in the end of Goldmember (after finding out he’s Austin’s brother) and Scott threatens to “kill them all” in the end of Goldmember, I think it should be about how Scott wants to destroy Austin and Dr. Evil and Dr. Evil is trying to be nice to his son. However, considering how rotten Dr. Evil treated Scott, Scott should refuse to forgive him and carry out his plan to kill Austin and Dr. Evil. I think that, in the end, Scott should be fed to the “sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads” and Dr. Evil and Austin live in harmony with each other. I think it should be made obvious in the end that the series is over (if it is after this film).

    • BRILLIANT!!! :D