‘Asteroids’ Movie Snags Writer of ‘Fair Game’

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Asteroids Movie New Writer Asteroids Movie Snags Writer of Fair Game

Some movie projects orbit the edges of entertainment news in a seemingly endless cycle of vague updates, pre-production rumors, and innumerable creative hand-offs. These ephemeral properties don’t seem to inhabit Development Hell as much as they do Development Purgatory.

A prime example of these whispered-of but little-seen ghost-projects is the classic video game adaptation Asteroids. Announced three years ago, Asteroids immediately gained a reputation as another instance of Hollywood scraping the bottom of the creative barrel. After years of vague plot reports and script changes, it appears that the production has taken on yet another writer: scripter Jez Butterworth. 

According to a short article published by Variety, the Asteroids film adaptation has signed Jez Butterworth to revise and restructure the film’s existing screenplay. The movie’s script was previously tackled by Matt Lopez (Race to Witch Mountain) and Evan Spiliotopoulos (Wanted 2). Asteroids has always been the pet project of producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, one of the major producers behind the Transformers series.

The acquisition of Butterworth to rework the Asteroids script may be a coup for the production. Butterworth has more experience in scripting than either of his predecessors, having written screenplays for The Last Legion and Fair Game. He also has experience as a director and actor. Whether he channeled this experience into a workable Asteroids script is, as ever, up in the air.

Asteroids Updated Asteroids Movie Snags Writer of Fair Game

‘Asteroids’ has seen numerous graphical updates over the years.

An undeniable limbo project, Asteroids has spent years as an “upcoming release” with no clear timetable for production. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura gave a brief description of an early plotline, saying that it involves, “…two estranged brothers that must team up to save Earth from an alien race.” Despite insisting that a “strong, deep mythology” has been built for the film, one can only imagine that the number of changes in writers and scripts reflects the difficulty of “adapting” a video game that literally dates from the first days of the medium. The Asteroids production seems to share more than a few traits with Battleship which is to say that a completely plotless IP is going to be used to sell a generic special effects extravaganza.

That said, the upgrade to a more experienced writer may allow Asteroids to rise above its rather hollow beginnings. Also, the lack of solid source material can be as much of a boon as it is a hindrance. If the film actually does follow up on the promise of a rich mythos, it could transcend its arcade cabinet origins and become a fun new science fiction property. One can only hope that the movie will be more than two-and-a-half hours of exploding space rocks.

Asteroids has no projected release date.


Source: Variety

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  1. Asteroids movie? Really? We already had one of those even though it was a big asteroid in Armageddon.

  2. Isnt roland emmerich attached to direct this?

  3. Is that Uwe Boll I hear?

    I think it would be right up his alley. :D

  4. Then we could have a Astroids/Star Wars crossover!! There could be a end-credits scene in Star Wars 7, then the next year comes Astroids, starring Harrison Ford reprising his Star Wars role and maybe even Chris Pine could make a cameo as Captian Kirk!! Then have a passing reference to Lost in Space and we are in for one epic blockbuster!!

  5. So, I’m curious. Who’s going to play the Little Triangle Spaceship? lol. What’s next Q-Bert? Missile Command? Skate or Die? or better yet? PONG. Seriously, Hollywood has to come up with Better ideas.

  6. Someone must be dense and desperate. How do you make a movie out of this? How shallow! I personally think even the title sounds like some kind of boil on somebody’s bum!

    • Personally I don’t think it is a terrible idea per se. They COULD make a great space opera where that happen to shoot a rock out of their way somewhere in the movie or a rock storm flies by, but unfortunately you will probably end up being right and we will just get a shallow, pointless movie.

  7. Bollocks. Just Bollocks. How bloody stupid do the freaks in hollyweird think we are, %**$@ Asteroids . Ppffffttt!!!

  8. I don’t get it. They obviously want the Asteroid brand name to help sell the movie but how many people are actually going to see it because it’s based on the game. I find it hard to believe it’s going to sell the movie in any possible way. Why not just make an original sci-fi movie instead of immediately getting stuck with a negative stigma like Battleship got when it was first announced. It has to be hurting the movie more than it’s helping.

    • Only the whackjobs in the upper studio levels know the answer to that, and I would be very surprised if they could convincingly argue their “reasoning” if you asked them.

  9. Haemorrhoids more like, this has the be a joke right?? Am still waiting for monopoly the movie after battleships! After asteroids we have galaxian and centipede. Seriously, Hollywood needs to stick to what it knows – remakes, reboots and making things ‘darker and grittier’

    • there is talk of a monopoly film, with ridley scott attached in some capacity

  10. Maybe one of the dumbest ideas for a movie, especially after seeing the ‘plot’.
    Here’s a better idea: A ship is damaged in a deep space asteroid field. It must destroy asteroids that threaten to destroy the ship and kill the crew as they wait for help from another ship. The crew could also get outside the ship and try to make some repairs themselves. It could be a good movie if there is more of a focus on the interactions of the crew in such a high stress and seemingly hopeless situation, rather than the sci-fi aspect of it.

  11. Here is the problem with this. The nostalgia factor only works on people who played this game back in the day. The target audience is much younger then that. For them this is like making a movie based off Tic Tac Toe.

    Why would anyone buy the rights for this? Asteroids couldn’t have been taken.

    This whole barrel scraping makes no since because the barrel is full. If anything it’s overflowing. Though I think that’s probably the thing. They don’t actually care about the asteroid name but they just want to be able to use it as something when the time comes.

  12. As is, it sounds like a combo of Battleship and Armageddon. This COULD work if a new approach incorporating new science is taken. Say a rogue planet enters the solar system and knocks the asteroid belt out of it’s orbit and sends 1000′s of asteroids to the inner planets. An experimental ship with hyperdrive and high-powered lasers is the only hope to keep the earth from being wiped out.

  13. So it will be a film with asteroids in it then I guess with a plot largely created from scratch I suppose, which in the end will have nothing to do with the video game. Why not cut out the middle man and just write an original screenplay about some jeopady involving a few asteroids and make the whole thing have a bit more integrity?