Asteroids Movie Coming To The Big Screen

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asteroids header Asteroids Movie Coming To The Big Screen

It seems we’re just going to have to get used to the fact that Hollywood is adapting all sorts of beloved properties from our childhoods – everything from toys, to board games and video games. Today we get the news that Universal has bought the rights and are developing a movie based on the classic Atari arcade game, Asteroids.

That’s right, even the arcade isn’t a safe haven…

Universal recently won a four-way studio bidding war for the film rights to the ’70s/’80s Asteroids arcade game. Matthew Lopez, who has penned the scripts for Race to Witch Mountain, Bedtime Stories and the upcoming Sorcerer’s Apprentice, has been hired by Universal to write the script. Although no director has been attached as of yet, Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I. Joe) will produce.

For those of you who may have only heard of the Asteroids game and not actually played it, you basically just control a small triangle spaceship and shoot at flying “asteroids.” Since there’s no real story, premise or mythology to the game, it leaves Universal with basically a blank slate to create one. And you know what that means, don’t you? The only reason Universal has scooped this property up is to capitalize on the name recognition.

asteroids arcade game Asteroids Movie Coming To The Big Screen

One of the classics.

If Asteroids is going to be a space movie about destroying “attacking asteroids”, then why not just create an original movie from scratch, calling it “Giant Space Rocks Attack!” (or something)? Because Universal thinks using the name Asteroids will get people saying, “Oh yeah, I remember that game. Let’s go see that tonight…” And as far as a script, expect the same old “the Earth is going to end unless we do something,” sort of storyline (Armageddon, Deep Impact or The Core, anyone?).

Still, of all the board game, toy and video game adaptations in the works, I think Asteroids is probably one of the most harmless. Since there’s no real story to the game, there’s no real story to ruin either. But nonetheless, it’s still irritating to see this Hollywood trend continuing at full speed.

Do you think there is enough there to make a worthwhile Asteroids movie?

Asteroids is currently in the early development stages and no release date has been set as of yet.

Sources: THR and /Film

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you being serious? Really? Asteroids the movie? This is a joke right?

  2. What’s next, Pac-man the movie? :)

  3. @Huggybear,

    Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised. Let’s throw more out there:

    Pong: The Movie


  4. I’m with SK-47 on this. I mean… really??? Bad enough when Hollywood takes short stories that are too meager in terms of plot to fill a whole movie, but “Asteroids???” Who are they kidding (other than themselves)?

  5. They are really beating to death out of any brands possible. This sounds stupid already, unless they get Bruce Willis in it.

  6. Didn’t we already have a asteroid movie called Armageddon.

  7. I really can’t see how “Asteroids” will really benefit from name recognition. It’s not a very unique title, like Pac-Man or Pong, so I feel like a lot of people won’t even realize the movie is “based” on the game.

    But the ship had better have a triangluar shape, seeing as that’s literally the only thing they could possibly screw up with a movie like this.

  8. If you don’t like it, stop going. TRANSFORMERS made 200 million in 5 days… as long as that keeps happening, Hollywood will keep looking for classic IP to exploit as feature films. Pretty simple equation.

  9. THey should make a movie about a late 30- early 40ish, slacker, dude still living at home with their parents (with for some reason a really hot stuff magazine-ish girlfreind who can’t act but looks hot in long slow sweaty closeups) who actually has the original arcade console shown above and is on the verge of breaking the world record (shot King of Kong docudrama style) when a real life Astroid storm hits and aliens show up (Exactly like the Last Starfighter) recruit him as an astroid fighter pilot to shoot the astroids out of the sky before they crush Earth’s cities. All the while they can seamlessly include digitally enhanced and remastered cutscenes from Meteor(especially enhancing Sean Connery’s rug) Starring Sean Connnery and Karl Malden working with hard core Commies(no Not Obama, Pelozi, Reed, Waxman, Feinstein, et all,. the real Russian Commies!!) to use both nation’s orbital nuclear platforms to destroy the really big astroid that the last Starfighter Astroids 2nd place champion can’t wipe out in his fighter.
    This way other than completely ripping off the typical one or two films that Hollywood does as is it’s want. They can actually rip off 3 (King of Kong, Last Starfighter and Meteor) or more cult classics and capitalize of the death of Karl Malden as well. and Judd Apatow could direct it.

  10. @L,

    So I’ve to stop doing my absolute favourite pasttime so that they stop making these kinds of movies? That would kinda’ suck…

  11. Coming 2011 …


    “They shouldn’t have done it.

    They went too far.

    They took from him what mattered most in his life.

    And now they are going to pay …

    Get ready for non-stop action/comedy/horror/drama as this timely tale unfolds and buck-teeth go flying!

    He’s furry, he’s funny and he’s is royally pissed off!

    ‘Give me back my cereal, punk!’

    He’s the Trix rabbit and he’s poised to open up a box of sugar-frosted a** whoppin’!”

    Starring Brad Pitt as the Trix rabbit and Brad and Angelina Jolie’s kids as the protagonists little brats who stole his cereal.

    “Have I got a Trix for you!”


  12. @ INK

    Awesome. Expect agents to be calling you within the hour to buy that.

    The funniest part of this news is that FOUR studios were in a bidding war for “Asteroids” of all things … that just astounds me …

  13. @INK…that was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day man. Thanks, I needed a good laugh!!

    Wasn’t there already a film in the 70’s called Meteor that is essentially the same thing? Just remake that. It sure sucked the first time, so they couldn’t really make it worse.

    I’m really surprised we don’t have a Space Invaders movie or a Centipede movie.

  14. LMFAOROF,,,, Puke!!

    Space Duel was a far superior game.

  15. Joust is severly needing to become a movie.

  16. Mskatzburg, we had that it was called “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

  17. How about Space Invaders, Duck Hunt, Centipede, Missile Command. Though I would love to see A Legend of Zelda Movie, That could work.

  18. Good shout – The Legend of Zelda is a game I’ve been waiting years for, ever since playing Ocarina Of Time on the N64, hey probably from the cartoon days lol. Imo a Zelda film would as epic as lord of the rings

  19. I smell a Mario Bros remake.

    And Jim Carey as Pac-Man. You know its coming.

  20. I played Asteroids on my Atari 2600 when i was a kid. I was so good that i reached max score of 999,999 points and the score reset to zero. Took me about 2 hours non-stop. it was pointless to play it again after that.

    Movie would suck.

  21. “What’s next, Pac-man the movie?”

    I heard that they actually ARE making a Pac-Man movie.

    • As long as they make a cool space movie with a decent plot I’m happy

  22. Spaceships, asteroids,
    all very visual.
    It makes sense to me .

  23. I think we all know how this ends.

    The little ufo comes out (Sirin’s a blazing), its touch and go for a bit, we destroy the ufo and whew its over. Then out of the either more asteroids appear. The captain hits the Hyperspace button,,,, roll credits.
    We won’t know if the ship survives until Asteroids 2.