‘Assassin’s Creed’ Script to Be Rewritten by ‘Exodus’ Writer Duo

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assassins creed movie writers Assassins Creed Script to Be Rewritten by Exodus Writer Duo

Ubisoft appears to be quite serious about getting it “right” on the first project from its newly-formed Motion Pictures production house, no doubt hoping to emulate the success that Marvel Studios achieved once it extended its reach beyond just comic books to also encompass films, with Iron Man back in 2008. As such, the video game company has been attaching top-tier creative talent to its upcoming movie adaptation of the Assassin’s Creed game franchise, including star/producer Michael Fassbender and the writers recruited so far.

A director has yet to be formally attached to Assassin’s Creed, though the initial script draft for the project was written by Michael Lesslie, a young up and coming screenwriter, as well as an award-winning playwright for his work in the British theater. Later, news emerged that Lesslie’s draft (or elements from it) has been revised by Scott Frank, whose resume includes such respected genre fare as Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight and Sydney Pollack’s The Interpreter, in addition to well-received pop genre material like The Wolverine.

According to Deadline, Assassin’s Creed is getting another rewrite, this time courtesy of writing duo Bill Collage and Adam Cooper; it’s not clear how substantial their revisions will be, nor whether they are working with story and character material that was cooked up primarily by Lesslie and/or Frank.

The pair essentially started out their careers as writers-for-hire ten years ago, when they penned the Olsen Twins’ vehicle New York Minute; from there, Collage and Cooper kept pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, co-writing the aptly-named Brett Ratner heist flick Tower Heist. Most recently, they’ve moved onto more ambitious subjects, covering the story of Moses with their script for Exodus: Gods & Kings (the recently-expanded title for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical epic previously known as just Exodus), as well as the script for the George Washington war drama The General, which Darren Aronofsky (Noah) has been attached to direct for a couple years now.

exodus movie ridley scott christian bale Assassins Creed Script to Be Rewritten by Exodus Writer Duo

Christian Bale as Moses in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’

All in all, it’s encouraging to hear that either proven and/or promising writing talent has been attached to Assassin’s Creed, given the potential for the film to explore complex sci-fi themes inherent to the source video games. That includes the basic premise, which involves sci-fi tech that allows for the main character to access his genetic memories and relieves the experiences of his ancestors (including, a 12th-century assassin). It was that intriguing concept that attracted the Oscar-nominee Fassbender to the project in the first place.

Sometimes, having too many screenwriting cooks in the kitchen can be a problem with genre blockbusters, though as was mentioned before, it’s not clear yet how much each of the four aforementioned writers will have contributed to Assassin’s Creed (or, rather, done enough to earn final credit), when all is said and done. Hiring a solid director to call the shots would surely help to ease any concerns about the direction in which this game adaptation is headed, of course.

Let us know if this latest Assassin’s Creed update reads as good news or possibly a signal of trouble for the film, as well as who you would like to see brought onboard to direct this video game movie.


Assassin’s Creed is currently scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on August 7th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Are they using a new assassin or one from the games?

    • That is a good question. I think Altair makes the most sense.

    • I’ve been keeping an eye on IMDB since this was announced and Fassbender’s character has changed from Altair to Ezio and now is simply Desmond Miles (rumoured). I don’t feel the newer Assassin’s games/story is what attracted Fassbender to the project so hopefully it may be a Revelations style story where he plays Altair/Ezio and therefore Desmond. Or, if they’re looking for another franchise, he’ll be Altair/Desmond in the first movie and then go on from there like the games.

      • F-ass can’t play any of the lead game characters. The only way it will work is to have a new character side story. But this will not work because most of the cool locations and history have been used. Just give it up, rewrites, and jumped from one character to another. Mike is a decent actor but like the comment below, he can’t carry a movie on his own. He is boring.

  2. Look, studio execs, this is a sign. The fact that you have to REWRITE this script just proves that this is not a venture worth undertaking. The world does not need an Assassin’s Creed movie, nor does it need a Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, Uncharted or The Last of Us movie either. Just let these things stay as they are.

    • or…or… They want to get the movie right and instead of taking the first draft given to them. They keep hiring for a rewrite to make sure the script is right before moving foward.

      • This is more accurate.

        Many movies go through several rewrites. The original Star Wars movie did. To assume it’s a bad sign is to reveal yourself to not know how the movie business works.

        • Please, this script has been in development for close to three years. They even got Michael Fassbender to star and produce it. There’s no way this rewrite is just to keep the story straight, or even the second or third draft to have been submitted. And Star Wars was a miracle to even have succeeded given just how much had changed over the course of development.

          A lot of my opinion is based on the fact that I don’t think turning the Assassin’s Creed franchise to film ala Marvel Studios is a good idea, but from what I’m hearing, it just sounds like a disaster regardless. Not to mention that videogame movies tend to suck, anyway.

          • My view is they are making sure they dont half a*%$ this. It’s Ubisoft Motion Pictures flagship endeavor. The reason they made thier own studio in the first place was to ensure they retain creative control. I take it as a good sign they are investing in just making sure they release a polished movie that fans of the series and movie-goers alike will appreciate.

            I see your doubt with the track record of Videogame movies to date. However this isnt a Uwe Bol farce that only has the name or the resident evil poop shoot that Paul W.S Anderson seems insistent of destroying with every turn (however much money they make) And it most certainly is not in the same vein as Super Mario Brothers.

            I await this movie with an open mind and faith in Ubisoft.

    • I’ll give Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed a watch on Netflix. I like Ridley Scott’s work (well, quite a bit of it, anyways), so that is usually a plus when I see his name attached to anything. I will give Exodus a watch as well.

    • Rewrites are done on every movie whether it be mega bucks studio movie or independent.thinks of it as polishing.it states quite cleary they dont know how much is been revised.now if the whole script was been tossed fair enough.then i would be worried.personally outside of a director there is the perfect lead and top writers for this to work and do well.do you think Fassbender would star and produce a sinking ship !this movie is gonna be amazing.

  3. Please don’t let it suck
    All the video games to movies sucked so can this please be a first to not blow

    • I’m hoping the same thing. This one has a bit of an edge over past game-to-film adaptations though in that the publisher responsible for the game is in charge of it. This isn’t quite as good as the studio, i.e. the developer team themselves, responsible for the game being in charge but I doubt that will happen anytime soon for any franchise. Halo might do it since 343 Industries was in charge of the “Halo: Forward Unto Dawn” miniseries. Anyway, I really do hope this film is done right so all the game films that follow it can see how it is done. Then maybe the Warcraft and Mass Effect films will be high quality as well. One can hope.

  4. Honestly, i’d kinda wanna see Zach Snyder brought on to direct this, kinda in the style of 300 (from 2006, not the new one). Or Guillermo Del Toro would also be good…but seeing as how theyre both busy (i think) maybe Christopher Nolan could do something great, although im not too sure if he’s busy, or if he’d be that good with period pieces…

    • Your spot on with Synder but there’s zero chance for obvious reasons.Del Toro ! not for him i dont think.Nolan would never go near this in my opinion.he has said he is done with the like.what about Paul W.S Anderson ! yer i’m been serious.he gets a lot of s*** for the Resident Evil films but they have proved very proffitable and for good reason.for all the hate game fans and non fans have gone in droves to see them.long as they dont put Alice in it lol

  5. Nolan is more of an original work guy.

  6. It sounds like the top brass read the script and decided it was too hard to understand. So they called in some kiddie writers to dumb it down for the general audience.

    • I agree, it works because it is a long game, with many details about the story that make it great. To cliff notes a movie of games that are 20+ hours each would cheapen the story. It will make money, mostly becuase the tickets are 15-20 dollars but will it be a solid film, Nah. As said above. Netflix or torrnt.

  7. Assbender cannot carry a movie, he is a good addition to an ensemble but he can’t carry a movie on his own. They should scrap this idea.