Sony Acquires ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Video Game Movie Rights

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assassins creed movie Sony Acquires Assassins Creed Video Game Movie Rights

Ubisoft Motion Pictures was formed earlier this year, with the intention of emulating Marvel Studio’s approach to adapting popular comic book titles (Thor, Captain America, etc.) – so that future adaptations of the former’s biggest video game properties could actually… well, both be good and remain loyal to their inspiration.

Development of 3D movie adaptations based on three particular Ubisoft franchise titles – namely, Ghost ReconSplinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed – has likewise commenced. Now, Sony Pictures is in final negotiations to acquire the screen rights to the last of those brand names.

Ubisoft Motion Pictures was largely developed to allow Ubisoft a means of retaining more creative control over cinematic adaptations of its products. Assassin’s Creed is just the latest video game movie project picked up by Sony, alongside the studio’s Uncharted adaptation – which, as it were, is being completely revamped, following months’ worth of stories about how previously-attached writer/director David O. Russell was aiming to deliver a strikingly different take on the source material.

Part of the reason behind Ubisoft’s recent business restructuring has to do with last year’s Prince of Persia movie, which was the first motion picture based on an Ubisoft IP. The film was given an overall mediocre critical reception, managed a $330 million worldwide gross (but on a $200 million budget), and failed to even reach the $100 million mark at the U.S. box office. Hence why Ubisoft began to take matters into its own hands, so to speak.

Here is how Variety (which has the scoop on Sony’s deal) describes the Assassin’s Creed franchise:

“[Assassin’s Creed] revolves around a bartender named Desmond Miles who is captured by a secret corporation called Abstergo Industries and forced to go back in time to various historical periods like the Renaissance and Crusades to [relive] the memories of his ancestors — all assassins — in order to recover ancient artifacts.”

Or, as Screen Rant‘s Rob Keyes puts it, “Think of it as ‘Prince of Persia’ meets ‘Lost’ but with an actual story and legitimate characters.” 😉

assassins creed Sony Acquires Assassins Creed Video Game Movie Rights

Assasin’s Creed is arguably well fit to make the jump to the big screen, based on its unique spin on science-fiction genre elements and often gorgeously cinematic between-gameplay action sequences alone. Now it just remains to be seen what creative talents (writing, directing, and acting) end up being recruited, in order to properly realize the time period-jumping storyline in 3D film form.

For more about the Assassin’s Creed franchise – including information on the fourth installment, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, due out on November 15th, 2011 – head on over to our companion site, Game Rant.

Source: Variety

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  1. The game-to-movie genre needs to be put to rest..most of these adaptations stink for a reason….it is a very difficult genre to try and create a good film from…

    • Same thing can be said about a large percentage of comic book movies. Ubisoft approach to open their own studio is a great idea. This way they can keep creative control and produce movies that are story driven as oppose to giant action pieces in slow motion with milla jonovich running on walls dual wielding submachine guns.

  2. I can understand people wanting certain video games to be adapted to film, like say, Zelda, or other games that put gameplay before story, because the film medium would demand for the story to be fleshed out and enriched. But for a game like Assassin’s Creed that’s already story heavy and very cinematic, as a movie, this won’t really accomplish anything that the game didn’t. Especially since most of the story is set in the past, and the present day story is full of exposition dialogue right up until the end. Maybe the movie will be able to correct the flaws of the story told in the game, but I don’t have my hopes up. Still; the stories in the games are fascinating, so this has the potential to be awesome.

    • I agree to your point that so many of the video-games nowadays are cinematic (Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Fallout series, etc.), and I don’t see the point in making them into a movie franchise (except of course from a studio executive’s financial prospective of using an already popular title). I prefer playing through each game’s story, but I’ve been into gaming my entire life. I’d like to see a new, original story about an old game (like Rygar, Solomen’s Key, Galaga, Contra, Metroid, Gauntlet, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Battletoads, Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, Xenophobe, etc.). With that said, I’ll still watch an Assassin’s Creed movie because I am that guy (I’ve watched almost every video game film adaption even though I know I shouldn’t). But, I’ll wait for the DVD.


  3. I think Rain should star in this movie!

  4. They need to make a Halo movie instead.

  5. I LOVE the Assassin’s Creed games, so hearing that they might make a movie about it, leaves me feeling a bit confused…
    I would really like to see an Assassin’s Creed movie, but it would have to be done perfectly right — if it isn’t absolutely perfect, then it WILL flop IMO (it’s not like Prince Of Persia where the movie was still “somewhat enjoyable” — with AC it’s either going to be a hit or a crash)
    So while I do want to see an AC movie, I also kinda don’t because I don’t want to see the franchise’s fail.

    It is good to hear that Ubisoft will still have some control over it though. I’ll remain positive (yet skeptical) until further news arises.

  6. C’mon guys we all know Hollywood will change the story so dramatically that it will be nothing like the games at all. Character names and the basic, very very basic, story aspects will be kept-ish.

    I doubt they’ll use Altair at all, most likely Ezio will be our Assassin.

  7. Get new actor to play the part someone we have not heard of. Lets not just cram another star into a role he was never ment for.

  8. TV is now so well written that I would much rather this be a TV series. There is so much story to be told! So much!! The general public seems to be more accepting of fantasy and sci-fi as seen recently by the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, why can’t we see some more Game to TV adaptations (remember how great Mario Bros was? okay, okay, bad example…)

    I would like to see them start with the 2nd game. There’s a lot of umph right in the beginning of the story and Ezio could be such a great character! for the ladies 😉

    I love this franchise so much that, guiltily, some part of me will love whatever it is they do.

    • I agree with the TV part! This would make a great TV series. It could show us the three main assassin characters, and maybe follow other assassins as well.

      I disagree about starting with Ezio though; Altair’s story might not be as good, but it’s necessary, and if adapted to TV the mistakes it made could be improved. It works really well, structurally too; 12 kills, 12 episodes. An episode for each kill. Since the first game is mostly set up for the later stories, this would work really well, because each episode would somewhat be a stand alone, but still have an overarching story. And then when you get to Ezio, perhaps he could get three seasons, and all of those games have different structures because in the first, he has to kill just 5 people, and then the second is about taking back Rome, and I guess we’ll find out what happens in Revelations soon. And like I said, it could follower other assassins as well. And maybe (this is getting convoluted but), the story in the past could parallel with flashbacks of Desmond’s life, as well as what’s happening with the Templars in the present day. *shrugs* The budget could totally handle it.

      But yeah. Sorry, I rambled.

      For such an intricate story filled with so much mythology, film doesn’t feel like the right medium.

      • I thought about Altair’s story, but I feel like it could be something they do through flash backs (as horrible as that sounds), because I think Ezio’s character has a wider appeal and might hook people in better.

      • @BlueHeroBH

        That’s a dope idea. Get HBO, Showtime or Starz to air AC so it can stay violent and bloody. Hour long episodes. I’d like more than 12 episodes so it doesnt become a straightforward kill of the week scenario. I do wanna see Altair first though. I like his col heartedness.

        • Agreed, an episode or two more would be good. I like Altair too, more than Ezio. And I think Altair would also be good to be used first because he cones off as a typical cold blooded assassin, but the show could slowly peel back the layers to him. And Ezio would be best second, because his story is a total change in dynamics, since it’s about someone (more or less) reluctantly becoming an assasin, on a quest for personal revenge. HBO would be best. They are awfully interested in period pieces now a days, so… *shrugs*

          • HBO won’t work because there is a lot of violence, but not enough nudity. Well at least with Altair, maybe possible to add that with Desmond or Ezio.

            • and HBO always has nudity and violence

            • OoOo I didn’t even think about getting to see Ezio getting’ it on 😉

    • An Assassin’s Creed TV series? THAT. IS. AN. AWESOME. IDEA!
      (Can’t believe I didn’t think of it ;))
      I would MUCH rather see an AC tv series than an AC movie (hell, I’ll even help fund the series if I have to)

      They just have to stick to the source material (i.e. that which we saw in the game)

  9. “[Assassin’s Creed] revolves around a bartender named Desmond Miles who is captured by a secret corporation called Abstergo Industries and forced to go back in time to various historical periods like the Renaissance and Crusades to relieve the memories of his ancestors — all assassins — in order to recover ancient artifacts.”

    Shouldn’t that read “relive the memories of his ancestors”? I’ve never played the game, so maybe he does relieve memories.

    • Yeah, it should be “relive,” I’ve fixed it… and for once, that (technically) wasn’t my error. 😉

      • You didn’t make an error for once?! Well, will miracles never cease. 😀

  10. I could see James McAvoy pulling this off. He has the look and the action chops to do it. And he wasn’t bad in X-Men First Class either.

    • too baby faced. I need someone gruff and Italian, mmmm

    • Too baby faced. I need someone gruff, edgy and Italian, mmmm

  11. Javier Bardem as Ezio, Spanish and Italian are extremely similar language wise. And the guy needs to get into a franchise!

    • I could get on board with that

    • Javier Bardem is attached to the Dark Tower franchise though. So… *shrugs* He’d be a good older Ezio, though.

  12. antonio banderas or viggo mortenson for ezio

  13. this is bad news

  14. I did know why prince of Persia did not do so well at the box office. I thought it was the best video transfer to big screen movie i had ever seen. Its a pity and i hope they bring out part 2 of persia.

    I don’t mind they remaking Assassins creed once its the same people who did persia.

    What i would like to see them put on the big screen is God of War. I’d just like to see on the big screen more than anything right now

  15. I think if anyone would do the best job it would probably be Sony Pictures. They already have stake in the VG franchise so it would be in their best interest to translate the game to film with care. Although they look nothing alike, I think Paul Bettany would make a killer (no pun intended) Ezio Auditore.

  16. if they go ahead with this (which they will), the movie should be a prequel to altair, or be about the in betweens of the games, not a straight out adaptation of the games.

  17. they should actually have a contest for the lead role, a contest for someone who can actually act, but also that person should be able to do some parkour stuff, because that is a really big thing i loved about assassins creed, actually scaling walls and jumping off, not having a stunt double you know? someone who deserves it

  18. This sounds like a cool idea ive actually been thinking about how assassins creed would make a sick movie but i never thought they would make it into one.But enough of me i think the person who playes the assassin should be beable to do it without a stunt devil like the other guy said and he should already know the story maybe play the first 3 games you know so he can know what the fans expect of him when he is acting.But hats my opinionI think if anyone would do the best job it would probably be Sony Pictures. They already have stake in the VG franchise so it would be in their best interest to translate the game to film with care. Although they look nothing alike, I think Paul Bettany would make a killer (no pun intended) Ezio Auditore..

    • um about that part after my opinion my lab top copied and pasted that by itself so thats not what i think at all.i really think ubisoft should make it cause its there creation and there game.

  19. So as Long they keep a coherent plot that follows that of the Creed, I’m going for it.! xDD