‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Nabs Screenwriter

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Assassins Creed Writer Assassins Creed Movie Nabs Screenwriter

The film adaptation of the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise has moved forward largely in fits and starts. After sitting in limbo for almost a year, the adaptation shot forward with the announcement that Michael Fassbender would both produce and star in the movie. When at last a deal was hammered out with New Regency to help produce the film, it seemed as if the production was about to start moving forward relatively quickly.

Now, after some months of relative silence on the project, Assassin’s Creed has received another shot to the arm. Those interested the state of the film’s screenplay have something to chew on, as British playwright Michael Lesslie has been announced as the project’s scriptwriter.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that the BAFTA-nominated Michael Lesslie has been tapped to write the script for Assassin’s Creed. Lesslie’s script will be the first created for the Ubisoft Motion Pictures film.

While Lesslie is a more-or-less unknown quantity in mainstream film, he is considered a promising young talent in British theater. His play Prince of Denmark received plaudits last year when it was performed in England’s National Theater. Lesslie has written no produced feature films. However, he has apparently penned scripts for several short subjects that have seen production – including the 2012 film Skirt, which was directed by Amanda Boyle (Skins).

Adapting the labyrinthine story of the Assassin’s Creed games will be no easy task. Despite being heavily narrative-oriented, their often complicated science fiction storylines could be too dense (and oftentimes ridiculously over-the-top) to work as a straight conversion to film. All this said, the tale of bartender Desmond Miles’ technological journey through his ancestors’ blood-soaked lives is filled with grand spectacle, memorable characters, and moments of taut suspense. Of the three Ubisoft video game properties currently being groomed for movie adaptations (see also Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell), Assassin’s Creed is easily the best suited for a run on the silver screen.

Assassins Creed Altair Ezio Connor Assassins Creed Movie Nabs Screenwriter

The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games span several time periods and many different characters.

Thus, assigning the script duties for a major franchise to a largely untested screenwriter is a fascinating gamble. This is especially true of a writer who has (so far) made his bones on the stage. The transition from theater to cinema has stymied more than a few aspiring screenwriters. Fortunately for those nervous about the Assassin’s Creed movie, Lesslie does indeed have some serious cred in England, and his relative youth makes him a lock for Creed‘s target demographic. Hopefully, Lesslie will bring the same kind of enthusiasm for the subject material that has made Michael Fassbender such a strong proponent for what was once a languishing adaptation.

Though Assassin’s Creed has no concrete release date, we at Screen Rant will sound the alarm whenever we hear anything new about this possible science fiction epic.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. cool! hopefully it will be the first movie based on a videogame that doesn’t suck!! so far it looks like its going to be :)

  2. They should just use the Game Writers,and keep it as close as possible to the game ! Best is use no Filmamkers,and more gamers to make 6this movie happen ! But Hollywood and the masses would never listen !

    • That would not work at all the story is way too complicated and long to go straight to screen as it is. Also quite frankly making games and making movies are COMPLETELY different. I do NOT trust gamers/game makers to direct or write a movie. I would not put them in charge of much beyond design and production.

    • I think that about a lot of games. Let the people who wrote the amazing game story do the same for the movie. Much better than getting some pretentious screenwriter who thinks they can make it better. A game writer is just as talented as a screenwriter ,or a comic book writer, or a novelist. They all probably took some of the same writing classes. I don’t know about gamers making the movie, but a writer is a writer.

  3. Uncharted, Halo, God of War, inFamous, Devil May Cry, Metriod, Mass Effect, out of all those games they choose Assassin’s Creed? Sorry but that game is average at best, no replay value, the game is boring as well. I think i’ll pass on a movie.

    • What makes you think the movie is going to be like the game? These are two different mediums here.

      • If I don’t like the game there’s no way i’m going to see a movie based on the game that i hate. I don’t like the Green Lantern comics, so did i bother to buy a ticket to see a character that i don’t like? nope lol

        • Then why are you here? Frankly, maybe if you bothered to read between the lines and pay attention you’d find AC has a plot on par with ME (both games I love.) and how dare you even say halo has a better story or gameplay. In a nutshell: either you have bad taste, or you weren’t paying attention.

          • @Max You got a little sensitive with your response, you okay?

            • Don’t shrink me. It’s called screen rant, ranting is, therefore, allowed. You have a position to argue I’d be more than happy to debate with you, but don’t try tell me I got sensitive, it’s condescending.

              • But on a serious note. I just don’t like the fact that assassin’s creed is getting a film before metroid, ninja gaiden, halo, devil may cry & god of war. All 5 of those games are long overdue for a movie but assassin’s creed is fairly new but meanwhile they have a screenwriter. Norrin apologises.

                • How exactly do you expect anybody to accurately translate any of those games (save maybe Halo) into a strong and compelling movie adaptation?

                  I highly doubt any DmC movie would have Dante flying through the sky with a scythe twice the size of him slashing through enemies with a giant “A” plastered in the corner of the screen. Yet, if the didn’t have that, fanboys would moan that it’s straying from the source material…

                  Just because something has been around longer does not mean it is better suited to the silver screen. Have you seen Battleship?

                  • They tried to make a Halo movie but the deal went sour. I read it’s because Microsoft wanted too much money. Didn’t bother me since we got District 9.

                    I didn’t even realize DMC had a story.

                    Metroid – The Metroid movie was originally set for a 2006 release but slipped because of Tiger Hill was spending most of the development time attempting to go around Nintendo’s restrictions on the Metroid franchise and the characters, the reason for Nintendo’s restrictions was the critical and commercial failure of the Super Mario Brothers movie which, according to IGN, “had left an indelible impression on Nintendo and how it would approach future licensing deals with Hollywood.”

                    Uncharted – Has been passed around so much. I’m no longer holding my breath.

                    Even though Assassin’s Creed game play is “average at best” the story is pretty interesting in my opinion. I feel a Mass Effect movie is going to run in the same problems as Bioshock, that the price to make it is too high. Hollywood isn’t going to take a chance on something that is going to cost a ton and then fail at the box office.

                    • I can’t believe how stupid this is.

                      The whole point is that Ubisoft themselves opened the studio, and therefore with AC being one of their biggest franchises, they’re making a film based on it.

                      Every other franchise you mentioned there has nothing to do with Ubisoft. Jeez, that was painful to read.

                    • I think his arguement was that, as those IPs have been around longer than Assassin’s Creed, they should get preferable treatment when choosing an adaptation to make.

                      The fact that none of them were created by Ubisoft, or that none of them (with the exception of Halo) would actually translate well into film, was ignored.

    • Not a single one of those games besides Uncharted and maybe inFamous is marketable to a larger audience. As cool as they may be to their small audience most people wouldn’t go and see them. There is very little that a normal person can relate to. Assassin’s Creed focuses on recognizable historical events that a broader audience can make a connection to.

  4. Awesome can’t wait one of the best suited games for a tranistion to movie, would love to see them use woodkid iron as theme tune like they did in the advert .

    • I can see where that’s coming from. I’m concerned they’re going to ruin the series with a film flop too, though. I mean, I was waiting for a Spyhunter movie until Dwayne Johnson entered the picture. No offense, but we’re almost looking for a Jason Bourne type character there. Anyway, it’s cool where you’re coming from. Mostly upset because you compared AC to that green lantern movie.

      • I’ve never seen Green Lantern, I don’t care much for the character (hal jordan to be specific) i perfer john stewart or kyle rayner

        • You “I don’t like the Green Lantern comics” yet you know enough to specifically like 2 of the other Green Lantern characters? Something smells.

          • “I don’t care much for the character (Hal Jordan to be specific) i perfer john stewart or kyle rayner”

            ^^That’s what i said, reading is important, didn’t they teach you that in school?

  5. I predict this movie is going to be the Iron Man of videogame movies. It’s going to open the marked for a load of big budget videogame movies. Hopefully Metroid and Castlevania will follow.

    • Norrin hopes you’re right because i do think that video game films can be just as successful as comic book movies. All you need is the one movie to break that barrier.

      • Uhh…hello…TRON…

      • Tron isn’t a video game movie…. It has had video games based on it made, and it is set in a computer (effectively), but it isn’t based on a game.

    • I think people should give credit to Sam Raimi’s Spiderman as the jump start for comic book movies as a norm for today’s movie genre. Iron Man was for Marvel and it’s universe.

      • I think you mean “X-Men”….

        • X men was good, but Spiderman set the standards for a proper Superhero origin we see around now and it drew a lot, LOT more in the box office.

  6. cant wait to see assasins creed on the big screen finally

  7. What happened with uncharted? It has to be the easiest to adapt along with splinter cell

  8. one of the least Adaption I want to see in the big Screen

  9. Finally got around to playing some of the Assassins Creed games these past few months. Good fun. I’d totally welcome a movie rendition. As well, and this is dating myself quite a bit, but even as a kid I always thought a Fallout movie would be fun too. :)

  10. This is good news. Hopefully Ubisoft are ad committed to the overall control of the film as they were back in the days of the Sony deal.

    Please don’t suck! As long as it has that special ambience AC1 had, it could be great…

  11. A well scripted version of AC cant fail. The story is deep and incredibly creative. I am amped for a big screen version. And to to all the haters, too late. Its already been proved better than dmc or bioman or whatever. AC gets A MOVIE. You dont. Win!