‘Assassin’s Creed’ Gets Memorial Day 2015 Release Date [Updated]

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Ezio Auditore in Assassins Creed II Assassins Creed Gets Memorial Day 2015 Release Date [Updated]

Fans of the Assassin’s Creed video game series have a lot to get excited for right now. Not only will they get the chance to rub shoulders with legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Anne Bonny when Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag arrives on current and next-generation game consoles later this year, but the series is going to be getting a big-screen movie adaptation in theaters just two years from now.

The film’s development has been pretty slow, and at our last estimate we said that it would be unlikely to hit theaters until 2014 at the earliest. Michael Fassbender, whose decision to produce and star in the film was a major boost towards getting it made, is also committed to play Macbeth in a new adaptation that is set to begin filming at the end of this year, and is currently shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It’s looking like Fassbender will start shooting Assassin’s Creed more or less as soon as he’s done with Macbeth. Twentieth Century Fox will distribute the movie through its partnership with co-producer New Regency Pictures, and has set a Memorial Day release date of May 22, 2015, according to a report by Coming Soon.

[Update: We’ve confirmed with Ubisoft that this is the official release date.]

It’s a lucrative and important summer date to go for, and for the time being there’s no other competition in that slot, though there’s a possibility that Assassin’s Creed will find itself bunking up with Star Wars Episode VII since all three prequels opened the same week in May. By the time the movie actually arrives, two more Assassin’s Creed games will have come out, according to Ubisoft’s current annual release plan for the franchise.

Altair Ibn LaAhad in Assassins Creed Assassins Creed Gets Memorial Day 2015 Release Date [Updated]

Though Michael Fassbender has been attached to star in the film for a long time, it’s unclear at this point which character he’ll be playing. Logically, you’d expect the film to start in the same place that the games did, which would mean switching between the modern setting and 12th century Syria and Israel, but the studio could also choose to base the film on Assassin’s Creed II and the two following games, which were set in Renaissance Italy and Constantinople. It’s also possible, though pretty unlikely, that they’ll jump straight into Assassin’s Creed III‘s American revolution story or Assassin’s Creed IV‘s pirate setting.

Fassbender could be playing modern protagonist Desmond Miles, 12th century assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, or Italian playboy Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He could also be playing all three, since the characters had the same facial models in the game. At 36, Fassbender is about ten years older than any of the primary characters in the franchise, but the film doesn’t necessarily need to be a precise adaptation of any of the games, so long as they keep the central conceit of people reliving the memories of their ancestors, and the ongoing war between Templars and Assassins.

Kristen Bell in Assassins Creed II Assassins Creed Gets Memorial Day 2015 Release Date [Updated]

Could Kristen Bell reprise her ‘Assassin’s Creed’ role on the big screen?

Movies based on video games don’t exactly have the best reputation, and after the Disney adaptation of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time fell flat both critically and commercially, the newly formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures is taking no chances with creative control. It was reportedly the video game company’s protectiveness of the brand which led to Dreamworks, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures all turning down the option to distribute it, and may have been what led to Sony abandoning the project as well.

With distribution organized, a release date set, funding in place, a star attached, screenwriter aboard, and the game producer’s keeping everything in hand, Assassin’s Creed seems to be on the right path, and could shape up to be one of the statistically rare instances of a video game movie that actually turns out well.


Assassin’s Creed is out in theaters on May 22, 2015.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. wow… so this movie is actually happening.

    i just wonder if the game can keep up to 2015. everyone hated 3 compared to the previous games. and everyone is getting tired of the series.

    • I disagree with you, I actually Loved AC III much better than the Previous games, it was much more entertaining, at least I think so.

      • no way. AC3 was the second worst AC game. the first AC being the worst.

        that game made me fell like it didnt want me to do all the climbing and stuff. i walked around in that game far more than the others and the forst area was not to great. it had potential but the final nail n the coffin is the character connor. to me he was so boring. and the story wasnt that great too

        AC1 is the worst cause its so repetitive. half way though i was close to not completing it.

        • The first was fun as hell, and was a good step forward and hardly the worst. I think that title goes to Revelations for its extremely short main storyline that felt at best to be a Brotherhood victory lap, but just felt like goading. It didn’t add anything and the only interesting part about it was the large CGI scene at the end. It’s never good when all you can say good about a video game is that it had a neat end cinematic.

    • Oh ya, it’s happening. AC then Splinter Cell then Ghost Recon.

      As for AC3 – which is the only one I’ve not completed – it was the best-selling game in the franchise so the series fatigue thing isn’t true. That being said, Ubisoft’s own peeps expect AC4 will sell less than 3 so it may peak here until they do something drastically improved and different for the next-gen consoles.

      They should have called AC4 just “Black Flag” and made it an extension of 3 since it’s truly not worthy of the “4”, especially with Ezio getting two non-numbered sequels.

      • AC3 is the best selling cause it had so much hype, thats the problem. no AC game has been as good as AC2. everything in that game was perfect. So it doesnt shock me AC4 is expecting less sales. i wont be getting it day 1. gonna wait for it to get cheap

        Brotherhood and Revelations are not numbered sequels because they are still Ezio’s story. He was the main character.

        Conor was only the lead in 3, he is not in 4 and thats why the game is not AC3 Black Flag.

        • “Conor was only the lead in 3, he is not in 4 and thats why the game is not AC3 Black Flag.”

          I’m curious to see your source for that. Nothing at all has been said re Ratonhnhaké:ton’s role in Black Flag, so it would be pre-emptive to dismiss his appearance completely (especially if you consider the fact that they are so closely related).

          • Black Flag is set 60 years before the start of the Revolutionary War. Connor hadn’t been born at that point…

            • Doesn’t mean he can’t be in it.

            • Altair was in Revelations b/c of some First Civ tech, so it isn’t “not possible.”

      • Anytime a new main ancestor/character is introduced in an AC game, it gets a numerical next to it.

        AC: Altair
        AC II: Ezio
        AC III: Connor Kenway
        AC IV: Edward Kenway

        So it wouldn’t make sense to drop the IV from the game, when a new ancestor is introduced.

        The AC series is one of my favorite video game franchises ever but the Abstergo story in modern times has become really confusing and they need to fix that up tremendously if they plan on having that in that movie. The ending of AC III was just strange and very disappointing.

        • No such person as Connor Kenway.

        • Have you played AC3? He is the protagonist. People call him Connor because his true name is way to long.

    • Hated 3? What? It was definitely the best of the series, gameplay of course, the story and ending was eh ok though

  2. I would be so happy if kristen bell came back. I could watch anything with her in it.

  3. So… I am surprised you are not mentioning this possibility, one which I actually find most likely:
    That this movie will not be a rehashing of any existing story, and will instead be advancing the overall storyline, telling a tale in that world which might not translate as well into a game in the franchise.

    This would serve them well by avoiding the game mechanic translation trap that most game to movie conversions fall prey to.

    • Well… that’s one thing, or they’re just going to add a character whose story runs parallel to Desmond’s. They do mention other groups in hiding in the series. So, either way, the movie might be worth watching as long as they don’t directly follow the games’ plot thread.

  4. I really only remember the original game, so if this is a movie based around genetic memory that sounds pretty dope.

  5. I am so excited to see what comes out of this! I love the game series and while 3 was a misstep for the franchise it still produced a lot of more interesting game mechanics that I’m sure will play well with Black Flags. For me starting the story out with Altair arc is crucial. Altair is such an enigmatic character. And t0 play off of Desmond’s more emotional and hard headed demeanor will suit well with Altair breaking the flow with his stoic mood. Now I just want some directing news!!!! If my dreams could become reality Danny Boyle would direct this film. I honestly think that with it’s fast paced sci-fi hard action vibe he could make it so awesome!

  6. Maybe the movie could be about one of the people used as test subjects before Desmond (or maybe even Subject 16)?

    I agree with a comment above, if a movie like this (or Gears Of War or Halo) is to be turned into a successful movie, it should run parallel to the actual videogames in terms of plot and not try to recreate characters in the game on the big screen.

  7. I’m actually hoping for a unique story on its own. I honestly don’t see how AC1 could be adapted on the big screen. ACII maybe but i’m hoping Fassebender is a new assassin on his own. If done this will be a huge leap forward for video game movie adaptions. Creating a new story in the video game universe for the big screen would be a bold but most likely successful move

    • I agree. It’s a bit like Doctor Who – they’ve got the whole of human history to explore, so it would almost be a shame if they just revisited old turf from the games. Still, it could work out well either way, provided they approach it right.

  8. I can’t wait for the Dead Island movie and The Last of Us movie

    • id rather see a uncharted movie be made

  9. What the hell This crap sseries, which I’ve never played , is getting a film before splinter cell!!????

    • “crap series, which I’ve never played” I’ve played them all, and it’s one of my favorite series this console gen.

      Well, a Splinter Cell movie is in development with Tom Hardy attached. Although that was recently announced so expect to wait a while for fresh info on that.

  10. I liked prince of persia lol also splinter cell will be awsome if tom hardy stays attatched

    • Why Tom Hardy I mean don’t get me wrong he`s a talented actor but not for Splinter Cell just a bad choice which I think is not gonna happen.

      • He is already attached if im not mistaken

  11. Meh, inFamous or Dead Space would have been better choices. Assassin’s Creed is a little generic

    • Infamous isn’t generic? Really?

  12. Like vladiator said above uncharted needs to get moving. Its the most adaptable since its essentially a modern day indiana jones. It would be a fun adventure film

  13. One film that will really be awesome “Assassins Creed”

  14. This is exciting…
    looking forward

  15. My only hope for this movie is that, like avatar : the last airbender, it doesn’t take a lot of time to explain the assassins creed to people who have never played the game, but want to watch the movie.

    • Avatar TLA was the worst movie i have ever seen

      • +1

  16. If done right this has the potential for a really good movie. I’m concerned about Hollywood’s track record regarding video game adaptions and the whole “done right” thing, though. Having said that, I did like the first Silent Hill and Prince of Persia movie, so there’s still hope.

  17. So…Fassbender is playing Desmond and all of his ancestors, I assume?

    Maybe not. I always thought Hugh Jackman would make a great Ezio

  18. AC has lost it’s appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re some of the best games out there but releasing one game every year is too much. This doesn’t have to be “Madden Football” I say put out one game every 18-24 months to work on actual game play and story. With that being said each game will be able to explored more instead of just trying to finish the missions and comeplete the game. I’m super excited for this movie and hope it follows the original AC with Altair. It may not be the best game but it really does offer the best description for things to come and what the entire Brotherhood is.

  19. This movie will suck. Just like Prince of Persia did. They should never make films from games. AC is good except for desmond.

  20. michael fassbender? isn’t he a little too… how do i put this delicately… white? desmond is… not white. maybe they should cast that guy who was deported from saudi arabia for being too handsome (seriously… google it.). Omar borka Al Gala. he would be a perfect for all the roles. i heard he’s an actor too

  21. i think that they should make the movie run parallel to the video game franchise. it could even be about an abstergo (I don’t think I spelled that right)agent going into an animus or something (I don’t know) I just really hope that they don’t make it about desmond or any of the assassins in the games. they could take it back even further and it could be about the leader of the assassins from AC1, before the events of the game. there are so many possibilities, I just hope they don’t screw it up.

  22. oh, and they could go to the civil war after black flag

  23. This will flop. assbender is overrated.

    He can’t pull off Ezio Auditore.