Ashton Kutcher Will Replace Charlie Sheen On ‘Two And A Half Men’

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So, who could possibly replace Charlie Sheen in America’s number one comedy? The news around Hollywood says that That 70s Show veteran Ashton Kutcher will take his place to fill out Two And A Half Men.

According to sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter, the 33-year-old is in final negotiations to assume Sheen’s spot on CBS’ stalwart sitcom. Sheen was fired from Two And A Half Men after substance abuse problems and a spectacular public row with series creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen has been on a publicity bender ever since, gaining both derision and plenty of job offers after his firing.

As early as this week, British actor Hugh Grant was rumored to be in the running for Sheen’s replacement on the show’s reboot. Grant reportedly turned the role down due to “creative differences.” Insiders speculate that either Grant was unwilling to commit to the grueling schedule of a regular TV sitcom, CBS was unwilling to commit to further extensions to cover Grant’s salary, or a combination of both.

Two And A Half Men will be a return to television for Kutcher, who has not had a regular TV role since he produced MTV’s Punk’d in 2007. That 70s Show ended its eight season run the year before. Since then he’s starred in a string of steady but disappointing comedies, including Razzie-winners Killers and Valentine’s Day. Kutcher’s last film role was No Strings Attached, opposite Natalie Portman.

Two and a Half Men CBS Ashton Kutcher Will Replace Charlie Sheen On Two And A Half Men

Kutcher seems like a solid choice to fill Sheen’s loafers. While he doesn’t quite have the clout or recognizability with some of CBS’ older viewers, he’s proven that he can nail the lackadaisical playboy vibe that was essential to the role. While he’ll of course be playing a new character (whose details are to be determined), you can bet that he’ll have a lot in common with Sheen’s Charlie Harper.

One anonymous source told The Hollywood Reporter that Lorre already has a storyline prepared to introduce Kutcher’s character. β€œIt’s really funny. People are going to love it.”

The deal is not official yet, but it’s a safe bet that with tens of millions of Two And A Half Men viewers on the line, CBS will make an announcement soon.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I didn’t know that much fail could be fit into a 22 minute sitcom.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA come on now, just can this show.

  3. Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa…
    Kutcher, eh??
    This show is now officially DEAD.
    Drive a stake through it’s heart, bury it 6 feet under and throw the dirt on top of the casket…it’s done.

    • Don’t forget the lemon in its mouth.


  4. Please tell me they are just PUNKing us! lol.

    • Nice.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this show is dumb? I know its popular for some reason but come on, half of every episode is some witty conversation that the men are having in bed with a girl who’s way out of their league. The problem isn’t so much that its unrealistic, its more the fact that nothing happens but charlie wooing the ladies and allen acting stupid but somehow still getting dates and the “kid” continuing to get bad grades or something. I genuinely don’t care for any character on the show (unlike characters on the office or modern family for example), and they simply go no where. Just my opinion, I know many would disagree but i just don’t see how this show is still alive. 3 words to describe two and a half men: corny, repetitive, annoying…..

    • Don’t forget repulsive and with a total lack of morals among all characters. I tried getting into this show but from the looks of it.. only the first few seasons of it would be worth watching (haven’t seen them). I saw the latest season to the most recent episode, and liked nothing from it.

    • Yeah, the show is bad, watched a couple of episodes, thought it was mildly amusing, then I went on about my business. Haven’t looked back since. Also, this is a downgrade for Ashton.

  6. Huh. Hate to say it, but.. That could work. Hmm.

  7. Ashton Kutcher? Really? A 33 year old is playing the older brother to 46 year old Cryer? That’s really dumb. For real. I would have gone after Emilio Estevez for the role…or hell, ANYONE other than Ashton Kutcher.

    • When was it stated that he would be playing the same character? It wasn’t actually.

  8. This is one of my favourite shows and even I know this will suck lot’s of donkey balls. If we’re honest with ourselves we all know Charlie was the star of this show, I have nothing against Ashton Kutcher but this won’t work.

  9. I am not convinced that Ashton Kutcher is the right choice.

  10. I think Kutcher is gonna be Alan’s new landlord or something. Story might start by flashes of Charlie kicking out Alan and the kid finally out of the house.

    And then cut to the new landlord – Asthon Kutcher. The new err… man.

  11. All I can do is laugh at how bad this sounds.

  12. It needs a reboot, how about “2 and a 1/2 women”! oh yeah. Let’s see some ladies behaving as badly as Charlie Harper was.

  13. I predict that the shows ratings will be really realy high its first week. Not because people are interested in the show, but because people will watch the first week to see how STUPID OF AN IDEA THIS IS!!!!!

    I HATE Chuck Lorre with a passion and I will NOT watch this show for teh sole reason that I do not want to watch something that he produces.

    Will the show be funny? Maybe. Will ever be the same or better? Not a chance in hell. No way.

    The show was funny because of Sheen, he was the show. The irony of the whole show was that his character on the show was similar to him in real life. Both were drunken over the hill middle-aged men that could not stop partying, sleeping with beautiful younger women, and could not stop living the young man’s life. This is what made the show. And as idiotic and foolish as Sheen has been these past year, one cannot deny that he did still have this charasmatic attitude that is COMPLETELY lacking from Kutcher.

    What will they do? Hmmm Lorre hates Sheen and wants to banish him from the show for all time, so I say that they will say that Charlie Harper died from too much partying/drinking (sticking it too Sheen) and will have Alan move in with his younger, and also successful, brother (half bros) who also lives the 20 year old’s partying life style (even though he is just past his 20’s and looks like he’s 25?)

    I hope this show goes down and I honestly hope that Sheen watches and gets a good laugh from it. While I do agree that Sheen is a bit over the top, like he said, he always showed up to work on time and able to work. The more he was in the media, the better it was for the show. Enough said, Lorre you are an idiot, completely stupid person

  14. I’m all for a replacement to Charlie who is an alcoholic, promiscuous and sarcastic person who plays the piano and makes jingles… and has a perfect set of boobies.

  15. Ashton Kutcher? Dang, I was hoping for Keanu Reeves!

    • I was hoping for anyone other than Ashton Kutcher and John Stamos who I think was a consideration at one point.

  16. I may watch to see if the tone of the show changes. I quit watching when it degenerated from humour to tastelessness. If it is still that, then I haven’t lost anything.

    • The tasteless jokes were written by the same people Charlie complained about and I agree. Some of the jokes have made me cringe and I am not one who is easily offended. Charlie had a right to complain concerning the writing for the show. This show could have gone on a long time had they replaced the writers or warned them about some of the horrible things that come out of the actors’ mouths. Bring Charlie back, change the writing or writers or can it! Don’t lose all dignity by adding Kutcher!! Truth be told, I think America has seen enough of the “Wonder couple only in their own minds” Moore and Kutcher!

  17. I could see this going 2 more seasons at the most. It was Charlie Sheen who replaced Michael J fox on Sin City and that worked for about as long. Also you can’t forget that this show has been on for a long time now. How much further can they go with the characters?

  18. hmm this will last maybe 1 season not worth watching

  19. …Hmmmm…. This could actually be good!

    • No, this will not be good

  20. Are they kidding? Comparing the acting ability of Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher is like comparing drug free Whitney Houston to Britney Spears as far as talent goes. Kutcher is an idiot and a no talented one at that. He is only famous now for marrying an actress 14 years older. The only show or movie he showed off any talent in was That 70’s Show. Everything else has been crap! Just can the show or do whatever you can to please Charlie Sheen, get him some help without being a bully about it, swallow your pride, and get down on your hands and knees and beg him back! Ashton Kutcher!!!! This is a joke, right? Please say so!

  21. This is the KILL switch that Sheen was hoping for :) Over the year Alan has been WAYYY more annoying than anythng, so this new just solidifies the fact that the show is on its death bed.

  22. Come to think of it, I wonder if Demi made him go out and get work, since his movies have been sucking hard as of late. Hahahhaha

  23. Who cares.

  24. give him a chance

  25. The show is dead guys. Sheen was good (albeit a little off the rocker at the end).. but you can’t replace him. Period.. a waste of time if you ask me. Sheen made the show.