Sanctuary: Ashley Is Dead

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sanctuary ashley is dead Sanctuary: Ashley Is Dead

After watching the first few episodes of the 2nd season of Sanctuary, we all started to wonder if Ashley was dead, as in “dead dead”, or dead as in, “for dramatic ratings and she’ll be back dead.”

Yet the clues were obvious – even before our confirmation.

Though they drew out Ashley’s (Emilie Ullerup) death out for 2 episodes, she is dead.  And she’s been replaced by one of the most dead-pan characterizations of a character I’ve ever seen, in the form of Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi).

In an interview with ÜberSciFiGeek, Emilie confirmed that she was let go due to a network decision and was not expecting her character’s death. As far as that network decision is concerned, Damian Kindler, the executive producer of Sanctuary, said that,

“… it was a decision we arrived at with our two major networks in the U.S. and Canada creatively, and we really felt it would have the deepest, most dramatic impact on the series and the characters… “

I’m guessing the studios have heard the backlash regarding Ashley dying.  In a sort of back pedaling kind of statement, Kindler added in the article that, “people don’t necessarily have to die in sci-fi…” and if Sanctuary actually makes it to a 3rd season, there is a story they’re developing involving Ashley.

It might be a challange to get a 3rd season if viewers bail because Ashley and the mother / daughter / father relationship was their appeal to the show. I’m really not sure what the reasoning was behind it.  Sure, she took some time to grow on me, but she eventually did. I won’t even go into how Freelander gets on my nerves in so many ways.

Like many, I’m not too motivated to watch the show any more.  If I’m around, I’ll turn it on.  If not, well, whatever.  Please be kind and constructive in your comments gang!  We already have a good idea how you may feel.

Sources: ÜberSciFiGeek, Sci Fi Wire

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  1. Those in power made their bed. Now they must lie in it. Wish the Cast and crew(both past and present) the best of luck in their current and future endeavours. I do hope there is a season 3 for the show. I just won’t be up watching it.

  2. I think that Ashley death was a fake.. they knew that sanctuary will be renewed for a 3 season so they “kill her” for show as something more deepen or emotional …

    she will be back and I tell you that was be awesome because amanda tapping said that she was doing whatever was need for ashyley come back..

    I am super,mega,ultra happy amanda tapping was a great actress… 3 season must start on actober again .. so just more 10 months and sanctuary is back

  3. well, I am a amanda tapping fan , not EU fan… but I will be lying if I said that I won`t be whatching the show because I love that show, I spend the last 6 months pray for sanctuary begin, because I was very curious , they “kill” Ashley ? yes that was a mistake, but don`t stop watching because if you stop they will give up and amanda will be sad because she love that show, please trying be less agressive, we will bring ashley back… but we must raise our voices , please help us , but don`t do that to amanda , not stop watching …

  4. The large number of people that have stopped watching are the only voices the network actually listens to. They didn’t listen to the Sanctuary team when they forced Ashley off the show, and they haven’t listened to all the outrage fans (or former fans) on the internet. Ultimately only ratings matter to networks, so unless ratings go down they’ll just pretend that they made the right decisions.

  5. I know that , but they just can cancel the show nad waht? we don `t watch sanctuary anymore… is not that we want , so … they just renewed for a 3ª season because of ratings, they hit the roof on november or december i am not sure … but your point of view is right I agree, but with stop watching we just bring them a motive to cancel the show…

  6. Not interested in them bringing Ashley back. She was way over the top and it just seemed corny.

  7. I am a new Fan of Santuary and LOVING IT!!! Though i enjoyed Ashley's Charachter i will still watch it 4 i enjoy all of the other characters also and the story lines and mischeif they all get themselves into. I also enjoy watching Will and Magnus' bond grow stonger as the eps continue.

  8. ……BUT I LOVED ASHLEY AND WANT HER BAK!!!! She was an amazingly interesting character and actor. I loved the mother daughted fighting team/bond. She is kinda what kept me watching it- i related to her!! BRING ASHLEY BACK!!!!

  9. I am a new Fan of Santuary and LOVING IT!!! Though i enjoyed Ashley's Charachter i will still watch it 4 i enjoy all of the other characters also and the story lines and mischeif they all get themselves into. I also enjoy watching Will and Magnus' bond grow stonger as the eps continue.

  10. ……BUT I LOVED ASHLEY AND WANT HER BAK!!!! She was an amazingly interesting character and actor. I loved the mother daughted fighting team/bond. She is kinda what kept me watching it- i related to her!! BRING ASHLEY BACK!!!!

  11. This actress has a natural character in which she can blend into any kind of scenerio. I'm sure she'll be offered bigger and better things and tough for Sanctuary. Too bad.

  12. It was a stupid mistake to remove her from the series, even if she comes back in the third season. Really we watch the show to see them pull out of mad situations and kicking some serious ass along the way – Ashley was a fresh breath of air, not being all so serious and grown-up all the time. I miss her and the relationship issues her, John and Hellen had.
    Thought it would evolve into something..

    And yeah.. I hate what they did to Stargate with the Universe crap. Syfy has it all wrong. To make series for the target group, listen to the target group!

  13. I think that the mother/daughter dynamic was an important one, and if she HAD to die it should have been on in further seasons. I hope that they bring her back, with a bit more depth. She got the short straw in the writing department.

  14. I just started watching Sanctuary, as it just came on in Australia. I think killing Ashley off was stupid move, she’s much better then the idiot female in it now, she’s annoying. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep watching or not, maybe I will watch it and see how I goes but I seriously doubt it will be very interesting without Ashley in it. Nice to see a blonde with *balls* and not the usual dumb blonde bimbo type.

  15. the worst mistake ever, i am very disappoint with this…i really don’t have any mood to keep seeing this series… you destroy the hall magic this serie has..

  16. I agree completely that freelander is a waste of space. Her character feels tacked on to every episode and for the most part the character is like the token black guy from the 90’s style writing. Basically most writers for these shows have lost any ability to truly write anything worth watching. Most of the choices are made to see what products they can sell and where they can open a new market.
    I am also watching the show if I am home and nothing else is on. Hell I will even watch re-runs of other shows before I watch these. If the show makes it past a third season will be because the sales are up not because it is a good show.
    For the most part if the writers become original again like they were in the beginning then the show would be worth watching. As for the big names like Tapping I would be willing to bet that if a show with better writing came up she would find a way to break her contract with what the show has become. If she doesn’t then she runs the risk of loosing any credibility as a decent actress.
    From my friends I am the last one that even watches this show and with the way things are going I might not be before the third season is over.

    • you sound jealous and a liar. possibly even envious. all from your choice of words.

  17. Kind…it’s hard to be kind. There is absolutely nothing redeeming or likable about Kate Freelander. Some people like her because she’s ‘sexy’, but um, while the actress is very very pretty and I’ll support her if she goes into modelling (she has the attitude, but not subtle enough for acting), Kate was canonly established as FLITHY. Everytime she swagger onto screen my mind started silently screaming “LICE AND CRABS! LICE AND CRABS!”

    Like dude, remember the state of her room? She has been there for less than a week, she can’t even keep the place where she sleeps from being a major rat paradise, it’s not like she doesn’t have a trashcan, or just eat out if you are THAT lazy. I can’t believe that one season later, this pathetic waste of space is still here, and probably still wearing the same underwear from End of Nights.

    • you sound bias to her ethnicity

  18. Playing the race card eh?

    Well,I’m just glad that character is off the show, mostly, and I wish Agam Dashi better luck elsewhere, and NEVER come back.

    If they want to multi-colour up the cast (and I agree, the all white in Canada is a problem), they could have brought in Will’s ex-girlfriend, who was more well rounded in one episode than Kate was all season. Sloth endears a human trafficker as much as clumsiness rounds out a cardboard female lead in rom-coms – not at all.

    Filth is gross, it’s primary used in two ways:
    1. Pure comedy of a character designed to be awful all around – usually the fat dirty sexist pig – Fat Bastard from Austin Powers
    2. To show a workholic or genius character type as in need of mothering. Important!!!: Because sloth in this case is suppose indicate the workholic/genius as A Child Inside, this character should not be sexualised (hitting on anyone), or it becomes 1) Abhorrent Admirer.

    Kate isn’t a well thought out character at all, some ‘writer’ shook out some cliche into the garbage disposal and gave us the puree, never minding that some cliches don’t work together or in absence of what made them work.

    Take her ‘happy family’ brother, that was suppose to make us identify with her, but that actually made it worse, if she had a family almost like us, why did she turn out this way? Abusive Parents are cheap, but well, it would at least, explain so much, if Kate had parents that had literally sold her out.

    Plus the sloth thing again, just ew.

    It’s like my rule of sums regarding stupid/mean: You can be stupid and nice. You can be smart and mean. It’s nice if you were nice and smart. What’s not tolerable is stupid AND mean. It’s a matter of whether there is enough good stuff to redeem the bad stuff. Hell, attractive traits are a part of it. Sheldon Cooper is a jerk, but his cleaniness appeals to a LOT of a women tired of slob. There are characters who are killers but have huge followings because they are so gosh darn POLITE.

    Kate has nothing.

    I actually stopped watching the show because of her.

    • I’m a new fan, only 14. I like Kate better than Ashley. Ashley is way too nice. Kate just seems more real. Most people are like her. And she is easier to connect with. Besides I believed that Agam Darshi is a great actor. I belive that not watching the other seasons is judgemental if you only base it on a few episodes. So is saying that she is a bad actor. This is my opinion and I’m sorry if you take offense to it as that is not my intention. I enjoy the show and I know several people who like it, too. I stay up until 5am every Saturday night just to watch it. It is one of my favorite shows and I wish that there were more like it.

  19. I agree completely Ashley must return if their is a season 5