Arrow Season 3 Premiere Synopsis: New Romance, New Danger

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Arrow Season 3 Premiere Preview Spoilers Arrow Season 3 Premiere Synopsis: New Romance, New Danger

WARNING: Arrow Season 1 & 2 SPOILERS.


Arrow continues to be a hit for DC Comics, Warner Bros. TV and The CW, paving the way for a whole lot of new superhero TV series, come fall. However, while the freshman heroes try to find their place in the TV pecking order, the godfather of modern super hero TV is coming back for season 3 after an epic season 2 finale left our hero, Oliver Queen/Arrow (Stephen Amell), fully transformed from hooded vigilante into full-blown hero.

We’ve already gotten spoilerish details and casting announcements for Arrow season 3; today we have a synopsis for the season 3 premiere, which carries the ominous title of, “The Calm”.

Posted over on Zap2It (which sources The CW), the synopsis for the Arrow Season 3 premiere reads as follows (MILD SPOILERS):

“In the aftermath of this victory, Season 3 opens with Arrow now a hero to the citizens of Starling. Crime is down, people feel safer, and Captain Lance even calls off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Basking in his success, Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity out on a date. But the second Oliver takes his eye off the ball, a deadly villain reappears in Starling, forcing Oliver to realize that he can never be Oliver Queen — not as long as the city needs The Arrow.”

Peter Stormare Count Vertigo Arrow Season 3 Premiere Arrow Season 3 Premiere Synopsis: New Romance, New Danger

Count Vertigo in the ‘Young Justice’ animated series.

We already know who the “deadly villain” is: the Peter Stormare version of Count Vertigo. What’s odd about this supposed synopsis is that it words the appearance of Vertigo as a ‘reappearance,’ instead of “a deadly new villain.”

In the original casting report, Stormare’s character was detailed as being a spin on Werner Zytle, who is the modern version of Count Vertigo featured in DC’s New 52 continuity. In the comics, Zytle is a fallen aristocrat from Eastern Europe who regains power through organized crime – and it sounds like Arrow will be angling for a similar storyline. That makes the wording of the synopsis a bit inaccurate – however, the real question is: will Stormare’s Vertigo finally have his trademark balance-disrupting powers?

Arrow City of Heroes premiere stills Felicity Smoak in blue 570x414 Arrow Season 3 Premiere Synopsis: New Romance, New Danger


Finally, fans will no doubt zero-in on the supposed romance between Oliver and Felicity featured in the season 3 premiere. Romantic subplots have not always been Arrow‘s strongest point (read: Laurel) – but personally speaking, this one sounds like a tease, rather than a major seasonal plot thread. One of those “Just as they were finally about to kiss…” bait-n-switches, you know?

Arrow season 3 Premieres on Wednesday, October 8th @ 8/7c on The CW.

But first, be sure to catch Stephen Amell introducing the new DC TV Universe at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 on Saturday, July 26th @ 8pm.

Sources: Zap2It & Twitter

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  1. The whole Oliver/Felicity story is the dullest thing on this show and I LOVE Arrow.

    • The dullest thing other than anything that happens while Laurel is on screen.

      • hahah I second this.

        • I third it, though they sort of picked up her reason for being on the show in those final few episodes.

          • Yeah, but no amount of writing can fix bad acting.

            • Except maybe if Laurel dies or leaves to go on her ‘journey’ to be a hero :-)

            • Except she’s not a bad actress, she’s just not written well.

    • Agreed. I don’t get the whole Olicity thing.

  2. Maybe this Count Vertigo will be the father of the previous one, looking for revenge on The Arrow for his son’s death? Or is that too cliche?

    • Well since Merlyn is already the “vengeful dad” how about his boss or something? How about the guy who invented Vertigo? Nevertheless, I love all these European characters in the show, really makes it stand out. I love Arrow!

  3. I took a “deadly villain reappears in Starling” being Malcolm Merlyn

    • One would think that, the picture of Count Vertigo confused me a bit. Not sure how they could bring him back, unless it is a copycat of some kind…

      Maybe someone has a kind of device to make people feel the effects of vertigo?

      Still, I think it would be Merlyn. But Slade, Deadshot, and Bronze Tiger could be the returning main bad guy. We never did see how Oliver knew Bronze Tiger. It would be interesting to see that.

      • Peter Stormare was cast as another Count Vertigo.

      • I would assume that the new Count Vertigo will be somewhat like the New 52 Count Vertigo.

      • I never realized that Oliver and The Bronze Tiger knew each other.
        That is interesting. I think it would need to be a Villain that poses a threat to the general public the way they said The Arrow would need to come back for the city.

        Could be Harley Quinn?
        And you’ll learn this at Comic Con this year?

        It’s a dream.

        • I’m pretty sure Manu Bennett let slip earlier this year that Merlyn and Deathstroke will be the main season 3 villains. Whether that’s still the case, we’ll have to see.

          • Deathstroke was a bad a$$ no doubt, but I’d like to see someone new. Maybe someone Slade knows is the new villain and Arrow has to go to the island to ask him about the new threat. I’d like to see Deathstroke again as a cameo in Season 3, and bring him back later in season 4. I’d love Harley Quinn to be the villain just wrecking Starling city, you could end the season with The Arrow handing her over to NightWing to take back to Gotham………..EPIC!

      • Merlyn Sounds more likely than the count. They’ve hinted a strong League of Assassins presence in season 3 and Merlyn has a past with them. Oliver realizes merlyn is alive, the league learns of this and starling city becomes a battleground between the three parties. I don’t think they’re gonna waste their season intro on a sub-villain.

  4. Felicity is a stone cold minx

  5. They gotta stop playing with that dude. Let him be happy now and again. Poor guy always looks angry. I say let Olicity be a thing…but maybe with a catchier name.

  6. What if somehow this Count Vertigo comes from central city or somewhere nearby that gave him the balance disrupting powers and then comes to star city to take over organized crime there

    • From what I’ve read, Peter Stormare will be playing as Werner Zytie based off from the New 52 version of Count Vertigo.

  7. I really want Prometheus………

  8. Yes. Laurels face needs to go die in a fire lol

  9. They ought to adapt aspects of the comics when Oliver had lost all of his money and was developing his left-wing political views. Wasn’t it around the same time he grew his trademark beard? More of that!

    And of course, I love Felicity, she and Ollie have a lot better chemistry and makes more sense as a couple than Laurel. And for the love of all things artistic, DON’T MAKE LAUREL BLACK CANARY. We already have a really good, almost definitive, version of the character in Sara. Make Sara the Arrow-verse Black Canary and STICK TO IT!

    (But while you’re at it, give the Lance sisters some acting lessons. God damn).

  10. It’s a great show except the Laurel character. Wish they would just admit she was a mistake and write her out of the show. I don’t know if the writers messed up or if the actress is just awful, regardless of why, she just doesn’t work and she has ZERO chemistry with Stephen Amell. The rest of the cast and show is top notch.

  11. awesome cant wait for season 3

  12. felicity is one smokin hot mama truth be told Laurel is damaged goods ..

    • Here, here!

  13. I just don’t care, give me Felicity Smoak’s backstory and Original Team Arrow. I just can’t take the rest of the crap that the show is pulling. There’s a lot of dead weight on Arrow that I hoped would be removed in Season 3, I guess I was wrong. At this rate we’ll never find out about H.I.V.E.

    • I agree, while i love this show, i find that Oliver is looking for love,but he looks so sad in most scenes.come on writers,cheer him up, get him a “lady” so he can be happy again, Felicity should be with Ollie,i wanna see this happen soon.I think it will please many viewers and fans.

  14. Arrow Season 3 episode was a fear centric episode its about time! Thea has not been much of a character in the first two seasons. Its refreshing that they are finally bringing the character to the forefront. I guess the writers weren’t kidding when they said season three will be a writing of girl power. Will Thea be Thea Queen or Thea Merlyn that is the question for this season of Arrow? I hope in the end dhe will be Thea Queen. If she chooses evil that’s on her, she can’t blame Oliver or Roy for that. Every body has their secrets including Thea this season. When she finds out that her brother is the Arrow she has to know at some point that her brother and father will come to blows. She knows that the Arrow is looking for her father but she does not know that her brother is the Arrow. It will be interesting to know how Thea reacts when she learns the knowledge her father have of Oliver being the Arrow. I can’t wait to see this! One of my most favorite scene was the battle sequence between team Arrow and the Assassins. One of the best of the seasons so far.
    Roy Pallmer I love the scenes between him and Felicity. I think they are a great romantic couple. He is definitely a good guy but he has his secret. I can’t wait for him to develop the atom technology. It will be interesting to see this!
    Now on to brass tacts ha, ha, ha,.
    Laurels first fight as vigilante what a disaster. She should of known better. I guess when you are angry and upset you make foolish decisions. Did anyone realize that she fought better in season one than she has done in season three. I guess she needs a refresher course. It will be interesting to see the training between Laurel and Ted Grahm AKA “Wildcat”. Although wildcat is a boxer and boxing is a good place to start. She needs more than boxing training if she is going to be an effective vigilante. This has been quite an intense first half of the season and we still have the rest of the first half and all of the second half to go over and I give the episode a B-. I would of like to see more brother and sister moments between Thea and Oliver.
    Thank You,
    can’t wait to comment on the next episode

  15. The great movie history in America 2014 . i watch it so many times and after watching i got the new lesson . Calton haynes youngest famous stars who get the grand fan following in short year .

  16. I’m not fans of luarel. I hope they bring tommy back alive.the season 1 and 2 the show is great but season 3 not great at all and the season 4 i don’t will be great too. I hope to c felicity and oliver together in the season 4 finale. They really make a great couple. Anyway comment also no use because the director will always follow the comics so what the point to comment. So sad.