Will ‘Arrow’ Crossover With the DC ‘Justice League’ Movie Universe?

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow City of Heroes Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

With so many beloved genre franchises being transformed into expansive multimedia universes, it’s an exciting (and worrisome) time to be a fanboy or girl. While we recently gained some insight into the future direction of Marvel’s Avengers universe, the bumpy road that DC Comics and Warner Bros. is traveling has been much harder to pin down.

On the DC movie side, there’s Batman vs. Superman in the works – and little promise of anything else. On the TV side, Arrow is doing better than ever, and that show will try to spinoff a Flash TV series - and just this week it was announced that an Hourman TV show is also in the works. With the DCU alive and flourishing on the small screen, there’s been little reason to wonder about potential crossovers with the movie side of things; however, that conversation is about to start, thanks to Arrow star Stephen Amell.

When it comes to comic book movies, fans need very little to run wild with – and it seems as though these days, a suggestive picture posted on social media is enough to get them riled up good. Vin Diesel has used the tactic to great effect, posting pics of Marvel heroes Vision and Groot on his Facebook page, thereby sparking fan excitement before it was officially announced that he would indeed be part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, apparently Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has been taking notes, because he posted the following image to his own Facebook Page:

Stephen Amell Green Arrow Justice League 570x408 Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

Obviously this has sparked a great deal of speculation, which we can pretty much boil down to four prospective scenarios – each of which we’ll examine:

  1. Amell’s Green Arrow will be part of a Justice League movie
  2. Amell’s Green Arrow will be part of Batman vs. Superman.
  3. Arrow the TV series will get its own version of the Justice League.
  4. Amell is just teasing us all.


1. Green Arrow in the Justice League Movie

Green Arrow in Justice League Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

What’s funny about the image Amell shared is that both of the vintage comic book covers list the same lineup of characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter – and of course, Green Arrow. That’s just a little too on-the-nose to be completely ignored as a tease – especially since the books specifically focus on Amell’s character being inducted into the team. That COULD be a sign of things to come on the TV series (more on that later) – or it could be an indication of something much bigger. Amell previously stated on record that he wants to be in the Justice League movie; was that just wishful thinking, or a foreshadow of what’s to come?

By now Amell is a certified fan-favorite, and those Justin Hartley cheerleaders have long since gone quiet. More to the point: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a grounded character who could play well in a Justice League movie, while effectively bridging DC’s movie and TV universes in a way that’s much more effective than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been (so far).


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  1. Be dumb not too.

    • ………

  2. Stephen Amell in the DCMU would be great but that would then mean we have to have Grant Gustin as the flash in our justice league movie and I just don’t think he would cut it.

    • Thought the exact same thing! Damn… but flash has died and been replaced before.

  3. Flash the movie is a great idea. Flash the series could be good as well, if they stick to canon. Big If, because the guy they have pegged to appear as barry Allen on Arrow looks like a little kid, wrong actor, so where did he come from? You have to look the part, no matter whether you are a good actor or poker buddy of the director, there should be some expected qualifications. I look like Napoleon Dynamite…would you want me playing The Flash? Probably not. I am trying to stay upbeat despite questions re: his intro on Arrow (which is a good show, but it could end up reaching too far here). At some point I want to see Flash fight Professor Zoom (The Reverse-Flash). I also would like to see the villain The Time Commander fight somebody like Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, or Doctor Fate.
    Glad to see Supes versus Bats flick, and adding WW and Nightwing, if it happens, would be good. Defintely need Green Lantern #2, either with Reynolds or someone else (as Hal Jordan), but that thread against an evil Sinestro at the end of #1 is way too good to let go.

  4. I used to own copies of both those vintage JLA comics…brings back nostalgic memories!

  5. Green Arrow shall be introduced in JLA (Part 2)

  6. i d rather see him in mos2 or3 than cast someone else to be ga, his character is established so no need for back story.

  7. Unless amell has improved in season 2 ill pass. First balf kf season one he lacked the charisma i want in my oliver queen. Havent watched the second half yet.

    • I agree. The show is pretty entertaining, but Amell is laughably bad as an actor in my opinion. The only really good actor on the show is Laurel’s dad. The rest are like soap opera actors.

      • He’s either gotten better or my expectations of him have dropped by this point.

        To start with I had him pegged as a poor man’s Affleck, but I’ve really been enjoying S02 now they’re opening up the world a little more and so on.

      • Thank god… I thought I was the only one who found his acting terrible.

        He’s easy on the eyes, and that’s about it. Otherwise he’s “soap opera” quality acting.

        The show is ok. I can’t say I’m hooked, but I’m watching it every week, curious to see what will happen, but his acting is just.. painful. Actually, they’re all pretty awful.

        Stephen Amell really doesn’t belong on the big screen.

        • Me too! I thought I was the only one!

      • @Mark

        You sure you’re watching the same show as the rest of us?

        Paul Blackthorne was great in The River but for some reason, his acting quality dropped as Quentin Lance in Arrow.

        Manu Bennett is also good as Deathstroke (although it’s a shame he’s been given generic military based lines instead of letting him loose like he was in Spartacus).

        The rest (other than Laurel and Diggle) have done a pretty good job on the acting front.

  8. Mad props to the guy for being in a successful show, but I find his acting abysmal. As a superhero fan, martial artist, and a traditional archer, I want to like this show, but the cheezy TV elements and Amell’s wooden acting are extremely painful. I just do not see any director or producer in their right mind thinking that Amell is suitable to stand alongside Cavill and Affleck. You never know I guess, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

    Negatives aside, I do think the archery and martial arts are pretty cool on this show.

    • The wooden acting I always thought was how he was told to portray the character. He himself is a pretty charismatic guy, which is why I like to believe this. If they do put him in a movie i’d hope they let him portray the character a bit differently though.

      • Agreed, Oliver/Green Arrow has always been sarcastic and playboyish. In the show they make him serious and broody

        • I feel he struggles(character) to act normal nd is overly nice to people who don’t know his identity like he’s trying to be his old self with them(so it comes of cheesy)but in reality he’s changed and is not only physically scarred but emotionally scarred ND more serious(they going with the mos nd nolan batman).so I think its part of how they direct him like that,also his acting and the overall show has improved(personally I couldn’t picture anyone else playing the character nd a cameo down the line wouldn’t hurt anyway)

          • I fully agree.

        • that is true but now we are in a new era they pretty much re-invented the superhero genre that’s what is working serious, dark and gritty that is what we want at least me lol

  9. I really enjoy Arrow and i really enjoy him as Green Arrow. It would be great to see him after they fully establish his hero status in the show in a big time movie

  10. I know it’s asking a lot, but what if Ben Affleck were to make a guest appearance on Arrow? They’ve already name-dropped Ra’s Al Ghul, so a crossover with Batman would make perfect sense. Plus it may give fans a chance to see Affleck in action, and make them quit whining about the casting.

  11. No, no I don’t think this should happen. Beside his version of Green Arrow isn’t on par with the comic book original and animated series regular. I think he just sounds desperate. Beside Green Arrow isn’t in the original league line-up and I think DC got a different idea for their cinematic universe!!

    • Wait…. and every comic movie/show has been on par with their comic counter part or any animated series?

      (Last I remember) Ollie was stranded on an island and learned his skills there.

      He had issues with people close to him who had a hand in him getting to that island.

      He wants/needs to clean up his city.

      Im only on episode 11 of the first series but so far I can correlate comic Ollie and TV Ollie which having him to become movie Ollie would not be a stretch.

      Loved the nod to the Royal Flush Gang btw.

      What do you think DCs idea for their cinematic universe?

      • I assume she means a Justice League International line-up, which featured Green Arrow and Catwoman as Batman’s counterparts, should he need to be taken down (along with the rest of the JL).

  12. I’m thinking the makers of Arrow are kicking themselves now, and are trying to back-peddle on their ‘no powers’ mandate.

    I for one think that this is a great show, but too many changes have been made to the source material to tie this in to the DCCU…Surely?

    • Well, they could always go the “X hero/villain II” route like in the comics.

      Basically, a first iteration of a character appears then dies and a second version appears with different powers.

      We saw the third Dollmaker (from The New 52 books) on Arrow last week and the Arrow version of Brother Blood seems to be either the second or third Brother Blood from the comics.

  13. I think the Arrow universe, where, for example, the Black Canary requires a device for her canary cry, couldn’t and shouldn’t jive with the movie universe. It’s too bad though, but Arrow is fairly well removed from the source material.

    • I like the device though. I find it better than her having a deadly scream like in the comics.

  14. My only problem with integrating the show into the films is that The show already tv’d Death stroke, he’s a cool character but On arrow i find him to be a little smallvillish, It would completley eliminate the chances of seeing that character on film unless they retconed or made it so that spartacus was being a trevor to the real death stroke. But other then that yeah go for it Stphen amell has hot body but lose the makeup mask, its dumb

  15. Sorry but this is NOT the version of Green Arrow I want to see on the big screen. I want to see the brash, Errol Flynn-esque, GA with the goatee, NOT Mr. grim and gritty realistic who doesn’t have a funny bone in his body.

    • He’s a bit more “All My Children” or “One Life to Live” than “gritty realistic”.

      His acting has a bit of that high-school drama club production earnestness to it, which doesn’t really belong on television, and certainly not on the silver screen in a multi-million dollar production.

    • I always thought Todd Lasance should be a movie Green Arrow because he was brash, cocky and arrogant but battle hardened and good at what he did as Caesar in the last season of Spartacus.

      It’s also why I feel David Lyons (Sebastian Munroe in Revolution) should be a movie version of Barry Allen. Brings that toughness, intelligence but dramatic ability.

  16. I hope Green Arrow is in the movie as he was in the Dark Knight Returns comicbook. GA was pretty epic the small portion he was in.

    I think in the Batman VS Superman movie, DC will aim to have a core Justice League already assembled. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Flash. Superman will be recruited into the League at the end of the movie. Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Hawkman etc will be introduced later.

  17. I don’t know…it seems like they’d have to address some things in the show before he gets to the big screen. Like, where was he when Zod attacked? Why aren’t characters talking about Superman or relating what the Starling City vigilante does to the one in Gotham? It looks like we’re gonna see Ra’s al-Ghul eventually in Arrow so that means if he ever appears in a solo Batman flick, they’re gonna have to make sure that continuity matches as well. It seems like waaaaaaaaay too much work to me.

    • It could be set up that Arrow takes place before MoS or at least the first two to three seasons so that by time seasons 4 and beyond take place, the show will have caught up with the MoS/Batman/Justice League timeline….that’s one way to attempt, beyond that I can see your point. However, I kind of get the feeling that we’ll be seeing movies and shows that take place all over different time periods that aren’t massively far apart but are far enough that we can see characters grow and evolve into the iterations we would like to see or at least have enough traits that they are recognizable with a few differences that some may find acceptable.

    • where was he when zod attaced – same place he was at the begining of seasom 2 episode 1
      why dont they talk about superman – maybe since they havent come up against anything like aliens the subject doesnt seem to relevant, wouldnt want AoS style referencing going on
      or the guy in gotham – maybe the people of stsrling city dont see the comparisons that the audience do between this GA and bats, or people far from gotham consider him an urban myth and so dont talk about the bat to often

      granted i’m stretching with that last one but starling city has just been through it own catastrophe maybe people are busy looking a little closer to home, rather than worrying about the alien in metropolis, or the vigilante in gotham that dresses up like a bat

  18. I almost absolutely want to see Arnell’s Green Arrow be a part of the DC film universe. I think that the tone is close enough on a basic level (CW-isms aside) between Arrow and Man of Steel that it would fit well, and with good execution it has the potential to pay off HUGE (!!!) for Warner Bros. They have a well-liked, established supporting character who is ready to go, and perhaps is not as expensive to include as a big-name film actor.

    Black Canary could eventually follow suit. They are already trying to make the films a bit more realistic than past incarnations (as far as not being pure fantasy), so lack of actual superpowers should not be an issue for some characters.

    I do not want to see a “TV Justice League” if it features separate versions of characters such as Flash. The Smallville thing was very much the “Jr low-budget version” and it was cute, but the only true JL that I want to see is a big-budget, big screen spectacular.

  19. If Amell’s Arrow crosses into the movies the show would move completely away from the reality-based theme which makes it, imo, part of why it’s so good.

  20. I think it would be awesome. I think Arrows universe fits in with the Superman universe presented in Man of Steel. This is the route that the DC movie/show universe should take in order to make a Justice League movie faster. Developing some characters in tv shows and others in movies would keep audiences tuned in to DC for more time instead of having to wait for one or two movies every year. Obviously these shows would have to be great, they would have to step up their game, which in the end is better for us the fans.

  21. Hawkeye would wipe the floor with Robin Hood

    • Maybe robin hood… but not the Green Arrow!

    • Hawkeye wishes he was Green Arrow.

    • Hawkeye sucks. He would lose against Merida from Brave.

      • hahaha

  22. As much as I love the Green Arrow character, and Arrow as a show, I want it to remain independent of any other shared universe. It is kicking butt and holding it’s own just as it is.

  23. I say use him, yes hes not an established actor and could use some more experience but the show is good. Amell does a decent job and why recast for all we know the show could be set in the past. Anotherwords justice league isvthe future so they can make him more seasoned by then. So i say yes! as for the flash with the mentioned actor i dont know yet. Sounds like hes a peter parker not a barry allen

  24. I know it’s a bit off topic but a couple other sites are reporting that Gla Gadot and Elodie Yung have screen tested for this “female lead” in Batman/Superman. Aside from Alexander, I don’t think these women are screen testing for Wonder Woman. I think they may be testing for either Julie Madison or this universe’s version of Catwoman or Talia al-Ghul. Catwoman and Talia have been frequent love interests (Bruce even has a son by Talia) and Julie is a girl that Bruce dates in the earliest Batman comics. IF, and a big if at that, but IF WW is indeed going to appear in this movie, I think it might just be a cameo and these women have tested for a different role.

    • Plus it’s a Variety exclusive, a trusted news source in my opinion. They’re also saying Diana Prince, not Wonder Woman will be making an appearance as well as Flash.

      • Really? The Flash? I wonder if these are just gonna be very small cameos like a TV news story or something like that.

      • I just read the Variety article and I’m not sure if they have all their info straight. they’re saying that Alexander is out of the running because of her commitment to Marvel which isn’t true. And the Flash will of course be in a JL movie but the article doesn’t say he’ll be in BvS.

  25. I love Arrow, Stephen Amell is a great Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and it would be pretty cool to have him in a Justice League movie BUT to use him as his character in the movie universe would (presumably) mean they would be combining the continuity of the Movies and TV show, which would mean a good big screen version of Deadshot or Deathstroke is highly unlikely. Those 2 characters work well in the TV show but I would prefer to see a Slade Wilson a little closer to canon and a Deadshot that doesn’t look so… ridiculous.

  26. He’s aware of the power of social media and is taking advantage of that to garner fan hype/support so he can make some of that movie money. At least, that’s what I would do.

  27. I really do want to see Amell involved somehow. He deserves to be there with those guys. He was a huge surprise in Arrow. The first little while I was thinking “man, this guy is a really bad actor.” But sticking with it he is incredible. He’s not a bad actor at all, he was just playing the 3 different parts that encompass his character perfectly….and I love it.

    The show is full of network garbage, bad writing (dialogue, not story), even worse action sequences, and spoonfeeding the audience but Amell is a very strong lead and that’s why I keep watching the show.

  28. I worked in a theater for 10 years now and I am a full on, frothing at the mouth, DC fan. I’ve of course seen some of Arrow. I keep hearing I need to see season two. I had a hard time getting into season one and I stopped watching. Amell, to me, just don’t feel like the Oliver Queen that I have come to know. I know writing is a large part of it along with casting and acting mostly. I’m going to give the show another chance now that they’ve had more time to develop Ollie and Starling City. They are too far from the source material IMO ATM. I hated what I’ve seen of Black Canary. I haven’t heard about a canary cry yet. I loathe the casting choice for The, eventual, Flash. I imagine having any of the Arrow cast reprise their roles on the silver screen will drive me to insanity. They cant play two different versions of the same character it would confuse the masses. No Tom Welling for the big blue boyscout. They don’t seem like a fit for the MoS universe. I think this is just a nod toward a JL on Arrow next season. I hope Amell is just trying to show off two vintage comics he bought while having some fun at our expense. I give 99% odds ill be heartbroken if this all ties into the JL movie we all want. I think it will ruin DC. They aren’t big screen attractions for me at this point.

    Please, what ever the powers that be do, don’t ruin Justice League or The Flash.

  29. No. Arrow was bored on the tv series.