Will ‘Arrow’ Crossover With the DC ‘Justice League’ Movie Universe?

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow City of Heroes Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

With so many beloved genre franchises being transformed into expansive multimedia universes, it’s an exciting (and worrisome) time to be a fanboy or girl. While we recently gained some insight into the future direction of Marvel’s Avengers universe, the bumpy road that DC Comics and Warner Bros. is traveling has been much harder to pin down.

On the DC movie side, there’s Batman vs. Superman in the works – and little promise of anything else. On the TV side, Arrow is doing better than ever, and that show will try to spinoff a Flash TV series - and just this week it was announced that an Hourman TV show is also in the works. With the DCU alive and flourishing on the small screen, there’s been little reason to wonder about potential crossovers with the movie side of things; however, that conversation is about to start, thanks to Arrow star Stephen Amell.

When it comes to comic book movies, fans need very little to run wild with – and it seems as though these days, a suggestive picture posted on social media is enough to get them riled up good. Vin Diesel has used the tactic to great effect, posting pics of Marvel heroes Vision and Groot on his Facebook page, thereby sparking fan excitement before it was officially announced that he would indeed be part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, apparently Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has been taking notes, because he posted the following image to his own Facebook Page:

Stephen Amell Green Arrow Justice League 570x408 Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

Obviously this has sparked a great deal of speculation, which we can pretty much boil down to four prospective scenarios – each of which we’ll examine:

  1. Amell’s Green Arrow will be part of a Justice League movie
  2. Amell’s Green Arrow will be part of Batman vs. Superman.
  3. Arrow the TV series will get its own version of the Justice League.
  4. Amell is just teasing us all.


1. Green Arrow in the Justice League Movie

Green Arrow in Justice League Will Arrow Crossover With the DC Justice League Movie Universe?

What’s funny about the image Amell shared is that both of the vintage comic book covers list the same lineup of characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter – and of course, Green Arrow. That’s just a little too on-the-nose to be completely ignored as a tease – especially since the books specifically focus on Amell’s character being inducted into the team. That COULD be a sign of things to come on the TV series (more on that later) – or it could be an indication of something much bigger. Amell previously stated on record that he wants to be in the Justice League movie; was that just wishful thinking, or a foreshadow of what’s to come?

By now Amell is a certified fan-favorite, and those Justin Hartley cheerleaders have long since gone quiet. More to the point: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a grounded character who could play well in a Justice League movie, while effectively bridging DC’s movie and TV universes in a way that’s much more effective than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been (so far).


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  1. I like Arrow, a little not a lot but it’s watchable. However much Stephen Amell wants to be part of a Justice League movie the guy is a television show level actor, nothing more nothing less. He’s just riding the Batman vs Superman social media train.

  2. So many character choices in Batman VS Superman. I would have Batman GA and Supes in the movie.

    • Batman VS Superman now Wonder Wonderman, Nightwing, Green Arrow…Guys I think we are feeding a DC troll that likes to make rumored articles…jk jk jk
      But maybe Snyder is going to end up calling this Man of Many[Steel]

      • Men[Man]of Many[Steel]*

  3. I was wondering about that since he posted it. With Marvel’s movie to tv crossover I wonder if they are thinking they can do the same with the success of Arrow

  4. Love the show, hate the CW aspects of it.

    With that being said, I think he’s done enough to carryover his character to the big screen. I couldn’t say that for Tom Welling (Smallville just didn’t work for me).

    • Totally agree with you on loving the show but hating the CW influenced aspects. I also think Amell could carry Green Arrow over. I think my mind will blow if this ends up happening!

      • Gonna second this, I think if Amell isn’t the lead and has a good director/script to work with he can stand his ground in a feature. A Green Arrow stand alone film? No I don’t think thatd work now. But Amell popping up in the DCCU I’m totally down for. Honestly, I think he’d do better than his obvious comparable counterpart, Renner in Avengers. In Arrow you can see that when the writing is there, Amell can I think bring it. If he’s appearing in a film lead by the big ones, I think they’d lift his game.

        Unfortunately I do think Anthony had a convincing argument a while back on the podcast that the includsion of Flash makes things problematic. Because actively sharing an actor between series and film, that’s probably not gonna happen. Not even Marvel will pull that off. So either they’d have to deal with different incarnations of Flash, or the inclusion of Flash effectively well “arrow-blocks” the CW-verse.

        • +1
          I would’ve believed it a little more if it weren’t for Flash showing up soon.

        • I agree about Renner/Hawkeye. I am just really not a fan of Renner regardless of him being a big film star, and with good writing and directing as you say, Arnell could be a solid supporting character on the big screen.

      • Definitely, in a small capacity perhaps…for example, I can see them having an open scene in gotham city at some point early on, where GA is working with Bats, chasing down some bad guys (a la Brave and the Bold), maybe Sterling City bad guys who made their way to Gotham, so GA has a reason to be there…just a quick one-off, then Bats sends Arrow off and gets into his story arc involving Supes…just a thought…

  5. If DC includes him in the Justice League movie as Green Arrow I can’t imagine how they’re going to explain the events in Man of Steel in the series. If they want to include him they’ll have to drop some of the must cringe-worthy aspects of Arrow in order to make a much more serious TV show.

    With that being said, I would really like to see him on the big screen.

    • I’ve been thinking about this, and… what if Arrow takes plays currently years before Man of Steel? If Arrow runs for say 5 seasons, by then he might have adopted an older look (the beard etc) and that older Arrow might be the one who starts to hear about Superman, which could mean they have one season where essentially they go through the previous cinematic timeline, and then he could stream into the films.

      Or he might actually go into the films after Arrow has ended, as an older GA who’s had his personal arc, but now simply adds to the roster’s strength of the JL.

      It’s the fact that CW is doing Flash that’s most problematic I think.

  6. I love Arrow and think Amell does a very good job with the character, but to have him in a big blockbuster doesn’t seem viable. my guess is he is either teasing us. or they’re going to pull a Smallville and slowly introduce members of their own JLA, which makes the most logical sense seeing as Barry Alan will be introduced later this season, and we know from last season GL exists.

    • Agreed. I’ve also noticed they have introduced the Watch Tower so there you have it.

      • When did they introduce that?

        • Sarah/Canary has been hiding out in the Clock Tower in Starling City. They showed it in aerial night shot in the most recent episode prior to the final battle sequence. There’s even a reference to her being a bird on a wire, as I recall. :)

    • what did I miss something,how do we know from last season that Green Lantern exists ?

      • Yeah, did they mention Green Lantern?

        • The plane that Fries was trying to shoot down was a Ferris aircraft which ties in with the GL mythos of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris.

  7. If those images were confirmation of the lineup for JL, I would be a very happy camper. Team Martian Manhunter!

    • I love me some martian manhunter. He’s such a underrated character.

  8. Amell could cross over. He does a good job.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing Amell along side Cavill and Affleck. That would be pretty sick

  10. I Think This Is A Last Minute Ditch Effort By DC, Due To The Fact It Comes Hours After Marvel Just Shocked Us With Their Announcement Of The Defenders.

    • Maybe. Or maybe WB is trying to create buzz for MOS (which will be in stores in a few days). Or maybe Amell is genuinely trying to get noticed by the execs in the WB office because he knows a lot of the fans will get behind the idea.

      I have no problems with Amell being in a Justice League movie. I think he’s earning that spot every week.

    • I think this was posted by Amell prior to the Marvel announcement

  11. If Arrow is in the movie, is it possible that Batman is from “New Gotham” (i.e. Birds of Prey tv series) as “Arrow” is from Starling City and not Star City?

    IMO, unless the tv series can write-in a city name change from Starling City to Star City, then I think I’ll be okay with it. For me, I want to see a little “consistent connection” between the movie version of the DC Universe and the comic book one.

  12. I’m totally cool with Arrow existing in its own universe, and I’d probably prefer it. In fact, I would prefer that it sticks to its “realistic” grounded tone, but obviously that’s not gonna happen since they’re bringing in the Flash.

    Nonetheless, if Oliver shows up in MoS2, even if it’s a half second flash of his face on a news broadcast, I will crap my pants.

  13. I think Arrow will have it’s own Justice League, there’s already Green Arrow and Black Canary, so they’ll probably add a few 2nd tier members like Red Tornado, Metamorpho and Hawkgirl. Leaving the major members for Man of Steel 3/Justice League.

    Although I’d be down with Amell in JL the movie, not Man of Steel 2, that film already seems overcrowded.

  14. I’d like Arrow to cross over into the Justice League movies if only to have one coherent universe. It would be awkward to have two separate DC universes and two Green Arrows running around our media at once. Amell wouldn’t be the main character of Justice League so his acting wouldn’t have to carry the movie. He could be up to snuff for it.

  15. Actually, Stephen amell posted this yesterday morning.

  16. I watched the pilot episode of Arrow after seeing it being mentioned a few times on Screenrant.

    To be honest, I thought the dialogue and acting were just about on par with a low budget television soap opera. I absolutely hated it. The pilot played out like an actually comedy sketch or spoof of Batman Begins with one of the most unlikeable protagonists I’ve ever come across on TV. His acting is atrocious. I don’t care if it got better as the season went on, I was done after the first episode.

    (he shot an electronic arrow into that corrupt business mans office wall or safe and it was able to extract the funds from his bank account) F**K OFF,,,, how do people think this is a good show?

    Anyway, no cross over with the DC movies thanks, Arrow sucks

    • Well Arrow is a good show. I’ll admit that the first season had a few bad episodes. Season two is SO MUCH better. Overall, Arrow is a better show than Smallville.

    • so the electronic device that extracted funds from the bank account bothered you but a guy shooting an arrow didn’t?

      • Nope, the whole thing bothered me

    • See the whole show…. its quite brilliant…second season specially has been phenomenal. The acting is vastly improved, the character references to DC are numerous, the action has improved…and it moves at breakneck speed…the twists are pretty good too

      • Agreed. It is light years better than last season.

    • I’LL agree w/y,but by 6/7 episode it gets better.

  17. I wouldn’t have been up to if I only saw season 1 but season 2 has been so good this season, I’d be down to see Amell join the Man of Steel universe. I think he’d look great alongside Cavil and Affleck.

    Do I think it’s actually going to happen? Nah, I can see them doing their own little league on the network but that’s about it.

  18. I would like to see Amell’s Green Arrow on the big screen, even just a cameo, or small part, make it so there is no need or requirement to use any other characters from the show

    it wouldn’t take much to make the bridge tv and films at this point – doesn’t have to be as on the nose about the sharing of the universe as AoS – wouldn’t take more than a headline on the news broadcast they sometimes include on arrow mentioning the progress of the metropolis cleanup, similar to how they have been hinting at flash
    but given the introduction of Flash on arrow and the casting choice that has been made there, I doubt that they are going to cross the tv and movie universes
    Amell could probably look the part next to Cavill and Affleck, in and out of the costumes, but the kid they have playing Barry Allen most certainly could not (IMO)

    • @JLAvenger88 i see what you mean about flash. At first he doesnt look the part, but grant guston, the kid playing the flash, is taller then henry cavill. Hes 6’2 while cavill is 6’1. He just needs to add some more muscle on himself and he could do alright. Obviously he isnt anybodys first choice but i think he could do good alongside Cavill, Affleck, and Amell. Plus hes a pretty good actor.

      • I didn’t know grant gustin was taller than Cavill, but my issue with him in my head isn’t so much due to height, since filming trickery can make up for things like that with little effort
        It’s more his presence, Cavill did kind of own supes in MoS and has effectively earned his part for the future, Ben Affleck (like him or hate him) will bring a presence to his turn as batman,
        After a season and a bit Amell has grown into his role of green arrow and now would be able to carry that presence into a film (which would give him a chance to work with a better writing and higher quality crew than what he gets at CW)

        Gustin just doesn’t really look how I pictured Barry Allen, a bit on the young side, would have less of an issue with him being Wally West or Bart Allen
        But I haven’t seen him in the role yet and will give him the same chance to convince me that Amell got when arrow started

  19. Man, there’s a lot of DC rumors sparking up this week. I wonder if they’ll announce anything at the Man of Steel Q&A this Saturday.

    • Yeah. So, I’m guessing all the DC rumors will be addressed/discussed by Kofi and friends on next weeks podcast.

  20. Spouting lines through gritted teeth isn’t going to go well on the big screen.

    Has anyone else noticed that Willa Holland has Jack Nicholsons Joker smile imbedded on her face?

    • > Has anyone else noticed that Willa Holland has Jack Nicholsons Joker
      > smile imbedded on her face?

      LOL. Now, every time I see her on Arrow, I’m thinking Smilex…

      • I dare you to ever watch that without it coming to mind! It annoyed me at first but then devised a drinking game around it, now I cant watch Arrow on school nights.

  21. I hope not. I think Stephen Amell will get seriously outshined standing next to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil.

  22. I thought about it and I think it will be epic

  23. Wishing something loud enough in Hollywood seems to be the new method of trying to land a role. Case in point, Jaimie Alexander and Wonder Woman. I like Stephen Amell, I think he’s done a much better job with Green Arrow than any previous incarnation. That said, I don’t see him being a real presence against Cavill or Affleck. The thing is, Arrow doesn’t have to be front and center. Perhaps that would work for him, to be a second-tier hero. Like many, I’m hopeful they don’t bog down this film with too many heroes. Save something for the Justice League.

  24. In season 1 arrow was in the police station when two cops were talking about a man in a red cape aka Superman

  25. Just make a justice league and add some diversity for god’s sake
    Where’s cyborg ???

  26. Cyborg in batman vs superman would be welcome

  27. I’d be really okay with this. First…it puts arrow into mainstream dc movie continuity. Secondly, Stephen Amell has been really quite good and Arrow is genuinely one of the best shows around, largely due to amell’s believable portrayal. As a cameo, or a part of ensemble, this could really work wonders. As to it actually happening, the fact that the movie is going to be keeping the dark knight returns comic in mind, is a definite factor. For DC, a small cameo for Green Arrow in Batman/Superman doesn’t hurt and could do wonders. I think Amell has the chops to carry out his scenes perfectly.

  28. What about Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and The Atom? No love for them?

  29. I’d love seeing Amell in the JL movie.

    He doesn’t need his own solo movie because of the show. I think that the best way to fit arrow into the MOS universe is on the season finale.

    So whatever is planned for the finale, once its all ended assuming Arrow wins. He’s back in his home hanging out with Thea and all of them, and then all of a sudden all the lights and electronics go out. Then the TV comes comes on and its Zod’s PSA to the world about Kal-el. Then you just end it right there.

    That way they can just fast forward past the MOS events during its time off. Oliver doesn’t have to go to Metropolis to investigate supes or anything cuz it’ll be all over the news and from what I understand about GA he seems more preoccupied with Starling city (or Star city) anyway.

    IDK just my two cents