Epic 3-Minute ‘Arrow’ Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

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Slade Wilson has come to Starling City for one thing and one thing only: revenge on Oliver Queen. The CW’s Arrow has been building to a showdown between Oliver and Slade, a.k.a. Deathtstroke, ever since the series opener teased Deathstroke’s mask with an arrow stuck through its eye. This season they mean to deliver.

Throughout season 2 we’ve come to know Slade Wilson (Spartacus‘ Manu Bennet) while watching him and Oliver bond, only to be later torn apart by jealousy, grief and super serum-induced insanity. The island flashbacks have yet to make it explicitly clear how their relationship ends, but since Oliver was under the impression he had killed Slade, it obviously wasn’t a very peaceful parting.

Now that Oliver and Slade have been reunited, things are going to escalate quickly, something this impressive three-minute trailer (seen above) for tomorrow’s night episode, ‘The Promise,’ makes abundantly clear. For even more evidence that Slade Wilson coming to Starling City is bad news for Oliver and all those he holds dear, check out a clip from the episode below.

As you can see from both the trailer and clip, the confrontation between Oliver and Slade won’t simply involve the two of them. With an ever-growing inner circle, Oliver has more allies than ever, but each one of them could become a target. Even Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance, arguably one of the toughest members of Team Arrow, looks positively terrified and that surely doesn’t bode well for what’s to come.

It will be interesting to see how Oliver and company plan to take on Slade. The trailer hints at a situation where the Arrow, Canary and Roy will all face off against him, and while Oliver and Sara are both exceptional fighters and Roy’s now got super-strength, it’s hard to believe Slade will go down easy. Even with the three of them it will undoubtedly be an almost impossible battle to win.

Epic Trailer for Arrow Episode the Promise Featuring Deathstroke and Suicide Squad 570x294 Epic 3 Minute Arrow Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

But Team Arrow won’t be alone in facing off against Deathstroke the Terminator. The Suicide Squad, fully unveiled just recently, make their first appearance as a team in this trailer. Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and a few surprises have been recruited by Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to hunt down Deathstroke in what also appears to be something akin to a government crackdown on vigilantism.

In addition to the Suicide Squad, another staple of DC Comics and a returning face on Arrow, Jessica deGouw’s Huntress, will also appear before this season is out. Her return is just one of the many surprises still in store for season 2, though we can assume she’ll be appearing in the upcoming episode (number 17) titled ‘Birds of Prey.’ But will The Canary be her ally? Or her enemy?

With nine more episodes to go, Arrow season 2 is shaping up to quite the climactic season, already surpassing the first in intensity and stakes. What do you think will be outcome of Oliver’s final showdown with Slade? And how will other interferences, like the Suicide Squad, affect it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW @8pm.

Source: Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page

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  1. ohhh sweet mother of everything holy.

    • You took the words out of my mouth! Wow, can’t wait for the to see these episodes!!!

  2. The cloth mask we saw Deathstroke with before looked awesome, but the plastic Halloween mask he wears at the end of the trailer? Not so much.

    I’m still undecided if I should watch Arrow or not. To be fair, I thought this trailer was pretty cool for the most part. But the acting seemed REALLY bad.

    • The acting isn’t bad. There are a few parts where it can be kind of wooden, but Stephen Amell is really getting a lot better. I can see why people might stop watching during Season One, but Season Two has really been great so far. If you have Netflix watch Season One. If the acting doesn’t pull you in, the story should. It does get better, I promise.

    • You havent watched it? So who cares what you think about it.

      • Well I’ve watched it… and the acting(with few exeptions) is really bad. Some lines are purely embarrassing…

        I watch this show just like I watch TWD. Beacause I tell myself the next episode will be better, knowing it will not.

        • It sounds like you’re torturing yourself.

        • Then dont watch it.

        • +1 to what Cody said^ Also I think you’re mixing up their acting with the lines they’re given to read- as a CW show it’s required to have a certain level of drama (teen angst maybe? See also: Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, etc.) that I believe the cast has handled VERY well.

          But honestly with that said I can’t imagine a better show on television right now. This trailer speaks for itself, awesome show. If you’re hating you’re really not giving it a fair chance.

          • I can’t stop. If I started the series I have to see how it ends, even if it’s mediocre(which is the best adjective I can come up with when talking about this show).

            And no, I’m not mixing things. Some actors are bad(ex. Black Canary) and the script is not that good either, some lines are simply embarrassing.

            And I really don’t get people claiming that this is the best show on television. Seriously? I mean, I get that you enjoy it. But the best? I can thing of three better shows without trying that hard(Hannibal, Vikings and True Detective).
            You say it’s alright, I can’t say anythings. It’s about taste. But the best? You have to be a little uncultured(drom a cinematographic point of view).

            • Hmmm… but you understand my confusion then, some lines are embarrassing to me constitutes the writing or the way it is written. Not the actors themselves. And I would still argue it’s not even bad writing per se, just the requirement of being overly melodramatic that results in some awkward dialogue. But I don’t believe this characteristic is unique to Arrow.

              I’m not lobbying for a best-actor nod here.. Just still think it’s unfair to blame writing on actors.

              And yes, as my good friend Dale would say, this is my opinion, but Arrow provides the most enjoyable viewing experience of television shows currently airing. Best, to me, means most enjoyable: I would argue that it has the strongest blend of plot, character and spectacle of any show on television.

              Again, I think you’re confusing quality with “high concept”. As is the case with Hannibal or a show like TWD. True Detective, because it’s on HBO and has two phenomenal actors (alright, alright, alright) does not automatically make it a good show (honestly, I have yet to see it). And Vikings, really? Sounds like a real brain buster… (ha, ha… punny). And no, I’m no cinematographer, but I don’t appreciate being called uncultured, my mother had me tested :(

              • That came out really long winded.. sorry. Just a little bored at work. And possibly like arguing too much. Really nothing against you Control, I hope the show picks up and is more enjoyable for the both of us!

              • No, I’m not confusing quality with high concept. I’m talking quality, just that. And obviously you’ve seen none of this shows.
                True Detective is perfectly written and filmed. Can’t say the same about Arrow. Everything is very simple(for everyone to understand) and very often the characters explain the plot(already very simple to follow)… and plenty of chessy lines, let’s not forget that.

                And don’t get me wrong! That’s not the problem I have with this series… But don’t tell me it’s the best show on TV, just that!

                And probably you haven’t read the comics either. This guy has nothing of Oliver Queen’s personality. He’s Batman with a bow… and that’s not what I want to see. I want to see the Green Arrow since this show it’s named Arrow.

                • P.S. I’m however happy to see Deathstroke and Manu Bennett as Slade. I loved him as Crixus. He’s perfect for the role.

                  P.S. 1. Vikings it’s way too intelligent for people who quote TBBT(a.k.a. yourself) to understand.

                  • Perfectly written and filmed… wow, you’re screaming pretentiousness my friend. And best as in most enjoyable, yes, absolutely. Sometimes having a plot that’s easy to follow is a good thing, and it certainly beats having no plot (TWD), or too much plot (Game of thrones, which requires multiple viewings to catch all plot threads, I know as I watch with people who have not read the books).

                    And I’ll defend the first two seasons of big bang.. they were perfectly written and filmed.. (eye roll)

          • At first, I was not a big fan of any aspect of this show! With that said I gave up on 95% of season 1 but I ended up giving it a second chance with just the last cpl ep. of season 1. I could not wait until season 2 and now it is my second favorite show behind TWD! and it is by far one of the best shows on TV

            The acting may not be great but it is a fun show and it is a blast to see so many comic book characters on one show! It makes agents of shield look like it is made by a bunch of Jr. high school students.

            Every week Sunday, Mon. and Wed. cannot come fast enough.
            Arrow is the 1 thing that DC has over Marvel! Hopefully The Flash will be just as good!

  3. …..wow. I don’t know what to think. That was an epic trailer. I can’t wait.

  4. Marvel just shat themselves.

    • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Pooperman!

    • Unlikely, Marvel has a billion better things than this in the works.

      • @Jaz: While Marvel may rule the movie screen, DC owns everything on television and animated movies. AoS doesn’t hold a candle to Arrow.

      • Hahaha a billion’s gotta be pushing it don’t you think? I remember thinking Thor 2 would turn things around and was sorely disappointed. Point being, Cap 2 may be the best trailer Marvel has put out, but no points until they deliver a full length, enjoyable film. No reason to hate on a perfectly good show because Marvel put out a couple good movie trailers.

        • @ DrewR, It is YOUR opinion that Thor 2 disappointed! Marvel does have MANY MANY things going for it over what DC has…8 quality movies and 1 TV show compared to 1 movie and 1 TV show (yeah it’s more like 4 billion things, those things being DOLLARS)
          I enjoyed Thor 2 and IM 3 and you didn’t, but I also liked MOS, both are ok, they are opinions. I absolutely love Arrow and I wish AoS was half the show that Arrow is, again an OPINION! do you see that pattern? these are all OPINIONS so NOBODY is right or wrong, but no one can argue with the almighty dollar!

          Marvel has delivered enjoyable movies and I think that is easily proven by their BO numbers! Your disappointed, OK, but I really don’t think Marvel gives two turds what YOU think because YOU are not the majority because the majority has spoken with every movie Marvel makes.

          • Dude, bro, dude, yeah, I has opinion, what of it?! Listen, in the context of Jaz’s comment- Marvel has a billion better dollars than this in the works? Yeah, okay I gotcha… True, they’ve made high grossing movies, but now you’re saying a movie’s quality is determined by the amount of money it makes in the box office?! Fun fact: the budget for costume design for Dallas Buyers Club was $250. So ha, looks like you can argue with the ever devaluing USD!

            Again, I would argue that critical opinion and general consensus (both based in opinion) have great sway in determining the “quality” of a movie. Otherwise you’re saying that the dismal childrens’ movie that destroys it at the box office because it’s the only thing out that parents can take their kids to is good quality.

            And finally, I gotta say maybe Marvel doesn’t care what I think, but they should. I make up the general consensus and I hate to say it but another two duds in Cap 2 and Guardians (although doubtful) and you’ll be hearing a different tune come this time next year. AoS speaks for me now, maybe Marvel is listening as I doubt this show’s around much longer…

  5. Great trailer…

    It’s a small thing, but I really liked Deathstroke’s new, practical mask at the end. Looks more more functional.

  6. Pumped.

  7. I just had a nerdgasm holy crap

    • “Holy Crap”? Is that “Pope-Poop”?

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Holysh*t!!!!!!!

  10. Episodes 16, 17, and 18 are called Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and Deathstroke :)

  11. This is what the DC Cinematic Universe needs something connected to keep it going year round and this show’s writing rivals Man of Steel’s quite a bit, one year ago I had no interest in this show and now it’s my favorite I can’t wait to see where they take it.

    • Yup, this felt very cinematic. In fact it’s better than a lot of CBM trailers out there. Such a great show it has earned the right to be apart of the DCCU!

  12. Holy s*** that was amazing! Put some movie trailers to shame. Can’t wait to see this season okay out! This show has moved to my favorite on tv. Before it was tied with the walking dead but not anymore.
    Not like anyone cares

  13. Wow. Guess I need to start watching Green Arrow!

  14. This is the first clip I’ve gotta say, Teen Titans turned out a superior version of Slade/Deathstroke already.
    They never showed his face, and he was voiced by Ron Perlman.

    This looks like a day-time tv soap opera. Especially since he’s wearing an eye patch.
    Doesn’t get more cliche than that.

    • Yeah, thought i was the only one. Kinda cheesy tbh.

      • I found the acting in this trailer/preview really cheesy, and as I said, soap opera standard.
        People are wanking on about it putting Marvel/Movie trailers to shame, but I can’t imagine why.

    • Oh-Kayy? Slade Wilson has been wearing an eye patch for a long time. Superior version? I liked Slade in Teen Titans, but the comic book of Deathstroke is the best out there (Pre-New 52).

    • You do know that the Slade in Teen Titans is nothing like the comic book version right? In the comics his face is seen and he does wear an eye-patch. Teen Titan’s Slade was good but was rather neutered from a combat standpoint. They made him look like less of a killing machine and more like an evil mastermind, and because it was a kids show.

    • The thing is here in arrow it’s still the beginning of deathstroke, still origin. That’s why we see his face. In fact he hasn’t yet made the name deathstroke offical. He still isn’t deathstroke yet. When he becomes deathstroke definitvely we prob won’t see his face anymore.

  15. Ooohhh, titz!
    Ooohhh, on a Ritz!

  16. looks Awesome love this show gets better every week those who slag it off can do one end of.

  17. LOVE IT….everything & everyone to do with this show just gets better & better, absolute 1st class !!! You know a show is great when you’re beside yourself waiting a week for the next episode…completely hooked :-)


  19. Arrow surpasses Agents Of Shield in every way possible.

    • Amen

  20. As an admittedly bigger fan of Marvel than DC, Arrow and last years Flashpoint direct to DVD movie have been the two things that I’ve honestly loved from the company. Arrow has made S.H.I.E.L.D. and even its predecessor Smallville look childish in comparison. Such a great show. Marvel’s Netflix shows need to take serious note. Arrow wields its characters unapologetically and effortlessly. Deathstroke’s costume makes him look like he just stepped out of the comics and Batman Arkham Origins video game. Just Plain Awesome!

  21. Look I have not read any Green Arrow comics!! So i have to ask this question;
    How can DeathStroke be one eyed and still take perfect aim?
    I mean that is scientifically impossible to target with just one eye isnt it?

    But that doesnt mean i dont love this show. This is my second best tv show atm after The game of thrones.

    • You can aim perfectly with one eye. The thing you lose when only one eye is depth. Aiming isn’t a problem had to hand combat could be but woth training you can adapt.

    • Why do you think snipers shut one eye when they aim? Because it is the only way to aim accurately.

  22. This show is just not good… A guy with a bow… Please just shoot him and move on to something more interesting… Deathstroke looks awesome though…

    • Sorry, I have to laugh at that comment. “A guy with a bow… Please just shoot him and move on to something more interesting”? Oh-kayy. A guy in a bat costume… Please just kill Joker and move on to something more interesting.

      • Are you comparing Robin Hood with the god damn Batman?

      • Exactly Slade! Batman should be in traction or dead! If you don’t hAve powers you aren’t gonna last very long…

    • You came to this website just to say that!? You don’t even give any other reasons as to why you think it’s bad.

  23. Awesome trailer!!! I’m really enjoying this show…

  24. Couple of things I gotta get off my chest

    1. Slade wearing an eye patch is cheesey? Read the comics, play arkham origins or watch any of the DC animated movies he’s in. He wears an eye patch under his deathstroke mask.

    2. Don’t say the show sucks if you have only watched a couple of episodes. How can you judge it if you don’t even watch it


    That is all I have to say :)

    • I don’t know why their calling Slade’s eye patch “cheesy”. Look at Smallville’s Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, the eye patch and the way they portray him are horrible.

  25. Who is that at 2:23?

    • Thea, Oliver’s sister, runs into Brother Blood.

      • So thats Brother Blood. Cool, thanks!

  26. This looks like the run to the finale is going to be Epic
    Ollie finding the Deathstroke mask with the arrow – kinda hoping that plays out similiar to the end of Identity crisis – even if it doesn’t I can’t wait for the showdown
    Seems like Huntress will be better than last season as well
    Giving Roy a bow as well – Red Arrow soon? next season maybe
    Hope the Suicide Squad sticks around for more than 1 episode – possibly bringing them back few times maybe with changes to line up in future to keep it fresh – wouldn’t mind seeing the Clock King getting added down the road possibly as a replacement for shrapnel as I prefer Knepper as actor to Maher and felt the character was a bit under served last episode

    Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine on TV and the new Batman Arkham game should be good – at least there’s plenty to see and play from DC until BvS comes out

  27. What is the blue alien from Agents of SHIELD this week??? Post a speculation article already so I don’t have to take the time to form my own opinion and can just steal one of yours.

    Without thinking outside the box at all, my early guesses are either Kree or Atlantean (if they can even use them) though.

    • My thought was either Kree or maybe an Inhuman?

  28. I was personally thinking it had something to do with Vision, but I could easily be wrong…

  29. Amidst all of these Deathstroke hoopla is that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive.
    Could he show up and fight Deathstroke as well? just curious.