Epic 3-Minute ‘Arrow’ Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

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Slade Wilson has come to Starling City for one thing and one thing only: revenge on Oliver Queen. The CW’s Arrow has been building to a showdown between Oliver and Slade, a.k.a. Deathtstroke, ever since the series opener teased Deathstroke’s mask with an arrow stuck through its eye. This season they mean to deliver.

Throughout season 2 we’ve come to know Slade Wilson (Spartacus‘ Manu Bennet) while watching him and Oliver bond, only to be later torn apart by jealousy, grief and super serum-induced insanity. The island flashbacks have yet to make it explicitly clear how their relationship ends, but since Oliver was under the impression he had killed Slade, it obviously wasn’t a very peaceful parting.

Now that Oliver and Slade have been reunited, things are going to escalate quickly, something this impressive three-minute trailer (seen above) for tomorrow’s night episode, ‘The Promise,’ makes abundantly clear. For even more evidence that Slade Wilson coming to Starling City is bad news for Oliver and all those he holds dear, check out a clip from the episode below.

As you can see from both the trailer and clip, the confrontation between Oliver and Slade won’t simply involve the two of them. With an ever-growing inner circle, Oliver has more allies than ever, but each one of them could become a target. Even Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance, arguably one of the toughest members of Team Arrow, looks positively terrified and that surely doesn’t bode well for what’s to come.

It will be interesting to see how Oliver and company plan to take on Slade. The trailer hints at a situation where the Arrow, Canary and Roy will all face off against him, and while Oliver and Sara are both exceptional fighters and Roy’s now got super-strength, it’s hard to believe Slade will go down easy. Even with the three of them it will undoubtedly be an almost impossible battle to win.

Epic Trailer for Arrow Episode the Promise Featuring Deathstroke and Suicide Squad 570x294 Epic 3 Minute Arrow Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

But Team Arrow won’t be alone in facing off against Deathstroke the Terminator. The Suicide Squad, fully unveiled just recently, make their first appearance as a team in this trailer. Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Deadshot (Michael Rowe), and a few surprises have been recruited by Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to hunt down Deathstroke in what also appears to be something akin to a government crackdown on vigilantism.

In addition to the Suicide Squad, another staple of DC Comics and a returning face on Arrow, Jessica deGouw’s Huntress, will also appear before this season is out. Her return is just one of the many surprises still in store for season 2, though we can assume she’ll be appearing in the upcoming episode (number 17) titled ‘Birds of Prey.’ But will The Canary be her ally? Or her enemy?

With nine more episodes to go, Arrow season 2 is shaping up to quite the climactic season, already surpassing the first in intensity and stakes. What do you think will be outcome of Oliver’s final showdown with Slade? And how will other interferences, like the Suicide Squad, affect it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW @8pm.

Source: Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page

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  1. Wow I think this is the most amount of haters Ive seen on an Arrow post. People relax its an efn tv show. Its a fun show to watch. If you dont like it then dont watch it. Yeash!
    And for those putting down showing deathstroke’s face, again its a TV show. It would be really boring to have an entire season of just a guy in a mask. It makes it more interesting. Yes its not exactly like the comics or teen titans but they showed their version and Arrow is showing theirs, which works in the context of the show.
    His mask is very Arkham Origins esque also.

    Take a chill pill and appreciate the fact that its alot better than most of the shows out there right now. And if you dont think so then go watch Nashville and troll somewhere else.

    -end rant

    • ^^ This +1 :)

      Round of applause……

      Beware Hanzo steel.

    • It doesn’t matter how many people hate on the show. Other than game of thrones its the best show tv IMO. But the point is, its not gonna get cancelled cuz its amazing and so many people love it.

    • Probably AoS fans seething with envy that this show is a real comic book TV show and theirs isn’t.

      • I’m an AoS fan and I love Arrow

  2. This trailer looks awesome! Last week when they first showed a preview and I saw slade in Oliver’s home I squealed like a girl.

  3. This show is lame. That trailer was absolutely horrible. DC is now trying to chunk out all these shows and trying to amp up this show which is a dumb ploy to try and compete with the huge Marvel machine which is cleary dominating. Clearly DC does not know what they are doing and continue to show desperation.

    • …and I’ll bet you wrote that with a straight face. Wow.

      • @Archaeon. DC seems to be more reactive than proactive. DC has been dragging their feet & now they are rushing out products. So sad.

        • May I ask, do you even watch the show? It seems weird to judge show that you don’t watch. In my opinion Arrow is the best thing that has happened to Superheroes on TV in a long long time. Comic book fans should be really happy about this show and how well they handle DC universe.

          • sAMMYz…

            You think even HE believes the tripe pouring forth from his mouth? Nah…he’s just trying to seem like a contrarian so he “impress” us with his “hipness”.


            • Sigh…

              *can “impress”*

              • Ok just kidding hahah. I do not believe anything I was saying. I did it for fun. Infact I adore Arrow. I actually own all the Smallville seasons. Smallville is still my best television show. I am a huge DC fan actually & love what DC/Warner Bros are doing with these characters. Man of Steel still was my favorite movie of 2013.

                • …and you STILL think you’re being funny. Oh, well.

                • If, however, you really are just kidding (and I couldn’t care less about how you actually feel about the show…that’s YOUR opinion and as much your right as I have to mine…I merely reacted against the tone, delivery, and placement of your comment), I retract my criticism.

                  • @Archaeon: I really was just joking about my first comment.

                    • Then, my response, naturally, stands. 😀

                  • You know, I hope this doesn’t sound wierd or anything, but I really like reading your comments, lol…pretty savvy!!

                    • Ummm, thank you…?


    • Whatever you are smoking please pass it because you MUST BE HIGH.

      And if not then you need to stop trollin.

      Thank you.
      Have a nice day

    • For a troll, Joey certainly sucks at it. lol

      • I said what I said as a joke. My comments are actually how all the marvelites sound. The marvel fanboys shoot down anything not Marvel/Disney related, especially if it is DC. It could be the X-men, Spiderman or even the Fantastic Four. The mentality it seems is:”If it is not Marvel/Disney it will fail”. Appauling

        • Im a marvel fanboy through and through and still love arrow. I love anything comic based on tv (yes sadly even AoS)

          It may have been bad timing with your post saying you were joking but with all the haters on this post already I took it abit literally. So I do apologize sir.

          • It’s cool. It was all in good fun. However as for RANTNRAVE, I think he took what I said to a whole new level. He took it personally.

  4. During the suicide squad part… Female hand with black nail polish… Harley Quinn??

    • It’s Huntress I believe.

    • I thought the same thing! Whoever the girl is has blonde hair and appears to be wearing an orange jumpsuit and is in a cell like the other members!

      • God, if it’s Harley….

        I’m reading the comments and trying so hard not to watch this trailer because we’re not getting episode 12 (Bronze Tiger breaking out of prison) until Thursday night, March 6th so I don’t want to spoil myself but at the same time…..GAAAHHH, Harley!

        Yeah, hope it is, huge Harley fan (she’s my all-time fave comic book character, yes, even beating Judge Dredd and Batman). It’d be even more amazing if she was played by her voice actress, Tara Strong (she’s blonde too and despite her age, could easily play Harley I think).

        • Harley was created for Batman: The Animated Series in the 90s actually. Not trying to cause an argument I was just stating a fun-fact because it appears that Harley is one of the most famous female villains and people always seem to think that she is part of the old Batman mythology and has worked alongside The Joker. But it is always fun to see a Quinn-atic. She is amazing.

  5. Impressive!

  6. Wow…. Totally amazing. Definetly can’t wait for each episode to get here with Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and Deathstroke titles? Wonder if Malcom will return anytime soon though.

  7. Gosh dangit I have not seen this preview but it sounds amazing. Are all these episodes on Hulu now? I don’t have cable so I can not watch the show, which by the way I have been hearing is great. I am way behind. The last episode I saw was the season finale of season one on DVD. The Flash looks like it will be good, as do Constantine and Gotham. Someone please help me lol

    • Just download it to catch up

      • @Jl: From where? The CW

      • @Jl: Thanks man but from where?

        • Sorry about the two posts. I posted the second one by mistake lol

          • go download it from piratebay.se in Full HD

            have fun…

            and BTW if English is not your main language then download subtitles from

  8. Oliver and company. Nice haha. Looks freaking amazing. Did everyone see the trailer for the new Arkham game?

  9. Im sick of you”Marvel is better” people . XMEN1-3= GARBAGE Iron man 2&3= GARBAGE HULK#1= GARBAGE Captain America= GARBAGE Spiderman before the reboot 1-3 = GARBAGE dare devil = GARBAGE Punisher1&2 = GARBAGE Fantastic 4, 1&2 = GARBAGE Thor2 = GARBAGE Agents of shield = GARBAGE . DC IS RISING! Get Over IT!

    • The only movies I agree with you on are Dare Devil and Punisher 2 the rest are great.

    • Well that escalated quickly.

      Cant we all just appreciate the love of comic book media as a whole? Guess not

      Oh and Superman returns = Garbage, Batman 3-4 = garbage, catwoman movie = Garbage, Dark Knight Rises = Garbage (not enough batman), Jonah Hex = Garbage, Green lantern = Garbage

      Captain america garbage? lol yea youre def a diehard DC Fanboy

      DC Does videogames and tv shows better than Marvel but Marvel does movies as a whole better than DC.I also enjoy the DC animated movies more even though they seem to tell the same stories over and over.

      • If only everyone could be like you and just enjoy what both sides (DC,Marvel) has to offer. I for one enjoy everything comic related whether its the movies, tv shows, or the games.

        • If everyone could be like me then the world would be at peace. Dogs and cats would always get along, there would be a justice league/avengers team up against loki and the joker, everyone would be ready for a zombie apocalypse, and fox would give up the rights to the xmen/wolverine so we could see them mixed in with the avengers movies.

          We could only hope for a day like that.

    • Your comment is complete GARBAGE. To seriously try to say all of those very cool movies and shows are garbage?? Then you are NOT even a comic book fan, etc. Because opinion or not, that is just acting like a baby!! Stop watching them if they are such garbage and stop TROLLING sites if they are such “garbage”.

    • @RANTNRAVE: How did we go from an Arrow article to a DC vs Marvel war? I do not believe you think all those films you menitoned were complete garbage. I think you actually like some of them, but you are just fed up with of the DC hatred. It is understandable. I sure would not want people crapping all over what I love and adore.

    • haha what a total weiner

    • I never even read a Marvel comic book until 2011 (grew up with 2000AD and DC) but still, I liked Iron Man 3, liked The Incredible Hulk, like Captain America, liked The Punisher (the one starring Thomas Jane, even downloaded the Dirty Laundry short) and liked Thor 2.

      I’d also add The Avengers to your list of garbage movies because I personally didn’t like it.

      You know what though? Others did and because it was successful, it helped propel comic books back into the mainstream and that benefits everyone, from the people who only read Spider-Man books to the people who re-read their collection of Preacher comic books or the rabid fans who snap up Tank Girl poster magazines and make them sold out within minutes of sale every month.

    • Duuuuuuude, Calm down. I’m a DC fan more than a Marvel fan but have you forgotten about Superman 3 & 4, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Superman Returns.

      Iron Man 3 is average. X-Men 1 & 2 are pretty great. Spiderman 1 is pretty great and Spiderman 2 is amazing. Thor 2 is average and Captain America is average as well. Yes Punisher sucks, Fantastic Four sucks, Iron Man 2, Hulk, Daredevil, Agents of shield, and X-Men 3 and Origins,they are garbage but DC has had some pretty bad stinking garbage as well.

    • X-Men 1 was not garbage and X-Men 2 was one of the better superhero movies made.

      All of the Iron Man movies (save for the Avengers) were…not garbage, but not good.

      Ang Lee’s “The Hulk” was garbage yes (I assume that is what you meant by “GARBAGE HULK #1″.

      Captain America was not good, but “garbage” is a strong word and it does not fall into that shallow realm.

      Yes, all of the Spider-Man films by Raimi were garbage.

      Daredevil was garbage, yes.

      There has not been and likely never will be a good Punisher movie, so yes they are all garbage.

      Fantastic Four movies are garbage.

      I have not seen the newest Thor but the first one was garbage, yes.

      Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is garbage.

      But you know why all of those are garbage? Because 95% of all comic-to-film translations are garbage or at least not good. DC and Marvel both have had their share of crappy films and TV shows. D.C. had the “Birds of Prey” show (like 10-15 years ago) which was crap and they have “Arrow” now which is crap. They also had the first 4 Batman movies (Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher) which were all garbage.

      The Flash TV show (from the 1990s) which was garbage. And upcoming they have this ‘Superman vs. Batman’ nonsense which, by everything I read seems to be too many separate ideas and goals being thrown into a blender. Snyder has always wanted to do “The Dark Knight Returns” but since all he could get was Superman right now he is just using that franchise to achieve TDKR (which is horrible all around) and the studios want that ‘Avengers money’ so they are trying to set up a Justice League movie using Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman thing and others want this to be…you know, a Superman movie. Swamp Thing 1 & 2 were garbage.

      Superhero movies and TV shows have always been mostly very bad and everyone from Marvel to D.C. to indie comic companies shares in this travesty. Remember “Night Man”? TV show based on the Malibu comics ‘Ultraverse’ book? It was pretty bad. Remember “Sable” (based on the First Comics series “Jon Sable: Freelance”? It was pretty bad. “The Crow”, all of the films and the TV show were garbage.

  10. Ok so let us all agree on this one thing…this show is currently the best on cable TV, and that things are about to escalate into epic proportions coming soon.

    Also when it says that he has his allies, and it shows blood, does anyone else think that maybe Huntress might have joined Sade’s side in his war against the Arrow?

    Also the Suicide Squad…most bad ass thing they have ever done possibly. This will blow away Smallville’s attempt at the squad. I am looking forward to seeing more of these guys. who knows, perhaps they might give the squad their own show one day? they have the movie in the works, so maybe a show isn;t too far away.

    also unrelated, But I honestly think DC is finally starting to find their beat, and are about to make some major waves in the next few years.

    • Im wondering if we see a huntress/canary fight. While Oliver, diggle and Slade stand there, drink a beer and yell “CHICK FIGHT!” That would be sweet.

      Oy I need a life

      But yes DC is starting to take over the television waves bigtime with gotham planned and marvel putting their ideas on netflix (dumb).
      Im wondering if Merlin is mulling around in the shadows with Slade also. Since he really hasnt been on much sadly.

    • Well, that WB exec did say last year that what DC has planned for the next few years will blow everyone’s minds.

  11. Why are there people saying this needs to be a Marvel Versus DC thing at all?? Ive collected comics for 30 years. I watch every Marvel AND DC movie. I love them ALL. And I especially like Arrow. It was a total surprise to me when I bought the blu ray first season. Having not seen an episode. It blew me away, and this second season is just INSANE!! Why not try liking BOTH?? You might get more enjoyment out of them rather then “hating” on something just to “hate”?

    • @Cybershark: I completely agree with you. I love the products that come out of both companies. What I can not stand to see is so many Marvel fanboys generate so much hate and venom at Warner Bros/DC for building their cinematic universe. So much of the hate is completely unwarranted.

      • Agreed while I must say I find some products better than others I enjoy both. Green lantern for all its faults was and still is one of my favorite movies along with captain america, man of steel and thor.

        I am a bit saddened over the lack luster of phase two and the bomb known as aos…but I’m so looking foward to more arrow and the new flash and constantie shows. Hellblazer is one of my favs.

        Also did I imagine seeing a blond in orange.jumpsuit with purple fingernails….are we gonna see who I’m hoping( glances at dazzs icon)

  12. I for one like Arrow, i dont see how any comic fan can’t like it, it has everything you’d want, even some great universe tie-ins that just dont seem to make it when other stuff gets made. plus i think this itertion of the green arrow fits the whole show better than if everything was exactly comic, and it was just retelling the stories of the comics. who wants to see that really? seeing something you have already seen in pages, just on a screen, they are making something new, and doing a good job of it too.

    As for the other of it’s kin, smallville, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. etc. they are also pretty good, does it really matter what it roots are, personally, i dont care whether it comes from DC or Marvel, the only time i get into something like that is if someone mistakes Batman as an Avenger or Spider-Man as a member of the Justice League. Both are great. the movies as a whole are entertaining, with the exceptions of Daredevil, the first Hulk before reboot, spider-man 3, this next Batman with Affleck, i wasn’t a fan of the catwoman film either.

    Just saying, now this is my opinion, and feel free to use this as some damp kindling to light a fire, but it isnt where it comes from, it’s who is responsible for it making it to the screen (actors, directors etc).

  13. Yes! this is what I like to see. So many new posts accepting both side of the comic-verse. Brings a tear to my eye.

  14. Arrow just poops all over Agents of Shield. I feel embarrassed and sad for Disney/Marvel especially after a series low in ratings last night with AOS with the intro of Bill Paxton. Now that was surprising. This trailer looks like a motion picture trailer. Impressive.

  15. Marvel/Disney/Agents of Shield..you just got punked. Take notes. Arrow has a fraction of your AOS budget and Arrow has 1000x better acting, writing, villians, and action.

  16. Meanwhile back at the ranch, “Arrow” releases a three minute trailer featuring Deathstroke, The Suicide Squad and the Birds of Prey that will all lead to the finale of season two as well as shape the future of the series. Fantastic trailer. Looks almost like a trailer for a movie!

  17. I have tried to find something to like. While the articles are interesting to read, the series is a very soapy and boring experience.

  18. Can anyone possibly confirm if Harley Quinn is gonna show up? I thought I saw pigtails in a jumpsuit during the promo for next week’s episode!

    • Haha I was going to ask the same thing!

    • I THOUGHT SO TOO!!! I don’t think it’s Huntress because I think SHE was the one who hit Diggle, and Slade will send her After Sarah in Birds of Prey.


  19. I have a set of intriguing questions:

    – Where is Malcolm Merlyn amidst all of these? Will he take down Deathstroke or will Deathstroke take him down instead?

    – Suicide Squad – wow. It seems Amanda Waller has been targeting Slade since day 1.
    Will the Squad be more than enough to take down Deathstroke? it seems unlikely.
    Deathstroke in the comics is waaay too powerful.

    – Is the Huntress on Slade Wilson’s side? or will she remain a lone wolf ?

    – How will Season 2 end? Will Sara kick the bucket? Will Ra’s Al Ghul show up in the ending?

  20. Interesting to note which character/villain was not featured in the trailer.

  21. I need a time machine. I can’t wait 6 more days for the next episode. anyone got one I could borrow? maybe go hit up the good doctor?

  22. I used to watch Teen Titans on the cartoon network years ago and Slade was one of my absolute favorites and Arrow has managed to pull him directly from the show. I love the shots of him in the costume. Very cool looking.

    I can not help but notice the constant comparisons of Arrow to AoS. It makes sense as these are really the only two comicbook tv shows on right now. I gave AoS a true effort but after 6-7 episodes I just stopped caring about the characters.

    I was reluctant to watch Arrow because I was a huge Smallville fan and did not like the idea of a new actor playing green Arrow. I was wrong.

    Back to my point – The reason why Arrow gets praise and AoS does not, is because Arrow takes itself seriously and is not afraid to give us(the viewer) real drama. Ollie and his crew have lives outside of crime-fighting. Even the villains (Slade, Brother Blood) have lives outside of super villaining. Arrow gives its character depth, we have a reason to love or hate them.

    AoS gives us characters that we never see in a personal life. They are all quick with one-liners. The villains are superficial and they keep they mysterious and not fully fleshed out characters.

    Disclaimer: I do not hate AoS but I am disappointed its not done better. I know people say its better, the shows are better. I do not doubt they are better but it started so low, better is still not good.

    • I’m a Marvel fan and haven’t watched a single episode of Arrow, but I agree with you Dwhite on AoS. Now I honestly don’t get this battle going on between Dc & Marvel fanboys. It’s a tv show, comic characters should be enjoyed by all. I just haven’t found time to watch this show that doesn’t mean I should be hating on it blindly. Most of my Marvel fans love Arrow, so they must be doing something right there. I did enjoy the trailer, reminded me of a movie, good action movie.

      • @Dark Lord Samurai – I guess we all have our preference DC or Marvel. I tend to lean DC but it’s only because of the characters I read as a kid. Batman, Flash, Superman, NightWing, and yes I was a fan of the stand-alone Robin series.

        It was the Marvel movies that opened my eyes to those characters. The last Thor movie was awesome. Great story, action packed. They did a good job of not getting the audience lost in the alien worlds. (Something Green Lantern did not do well).

        I will eventually go back and check out the rest of AoS. Check out Arrow, especially Season 2. They are taking chances and I feel they work!

  23. I hate to say it, but connecting the TV and Movie universes might not be such a bad idea… Do the Batman and Superman movie, do a Wonder woman film afterwards, then have the tv Flash (Spoiler), and tv Arrow team up.. On the last episode of the third season of Arrow, have Batman cameo and enlist Arrow, have Superman cameo and enlist Flash on his show. BOOM you have a Justice League movie by 2017-18

    • @Christian – That would be a great way to do it. Actually have the tv and movie cross over universe mean something. I felt insulted by the AoS writers who thought I would be satisfied that the characters named dropped Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor. I found it insulting that their version of AoS crossing into Thor 2 was the team having a minute scene of them cleaning up the final battle scene from the movie.

      Actually developing the Arrow and hopefully now Flash, build them into the superheroes we know and then have Batman and Superman recruit(from the movies) to form the Justice League – that would be awesome!

  24. I can’t see anything but a blank screen

  25. Huntress kick ass Canary ? Omg , the Canary is must stronger , but the battle is amaizing and so hot !

  26. 2 auto-playing videos on the same page ? Worst idea ever. Get back in the kitchen !