New ‘Arrow’ Trailer Asks: What Has Oliver Queen Become?

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With two months to go before fans can gaze upon the series premiere, The CW has put out yet another trailer for Arrow to remind them that the new adventures of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will be gracing the airwaves come this fall. At this point most would rather just see the show, but this spiffy promo is still a welcome sight.

The new trailer is heavy on action and metal guitar riffs – but it also plays up the series’ emphasis on the nature of vigilantism, by asking what kind of person it takes to become a hero and clean up the crime-laden streets of Starling City.

The trailer also does a nice job of quickly and efficiently teasing the dichotomy between young, spoiled Oliver Queen and the hardened, discontented man who returned home after spending five years alone (?) on an island in the North China Sea. As DC comics likes to have their billionaire playboys experience the hardships of life through some form of suffering – and then, emerge on the other side as a highly-trained weapon to be used in the pursuit of justice – Arrow certainly appears to have checked all the appropriate boxes.

But at what cost will one man’s quest for justice come?

One thing the trailers for the series have yet to really highlight is the relationships that have been indelibly altered not only by Oliver Queen’s new perspective on life, but by the simple fact that he’s still alive. The supporting cast of Arrow is filled with those who may or may not be in line with the idea of ridding Starling City of its criminal underworld – simply because they stand to make a fortune off the suffering of others. Further stiil, there are those who would see good be done, but are powerless against the corrupt nature of the city’s governing class – official or otherwise.

Arrow Logo The CW New Arrow Trailer Asks: What Has Oliver Queen Become?

Hopefully, as the series premiere draws closer, some of the network’s advertising will play up characters like Dinah “Laurel” Lance (Katie Cassidy), Queen’s kid sister Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and his close friend Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell). All of these individuals stand to be affected by Queen’s dual life, as one of the main aspects of the show will be the often-tricky balancing act between hero and civilian – and, of course, the question of which is the reality, and which is the disguise.

Since questions have emerged regarding the possibility of Batman (or Bruce Wayne) making an appearance on Arrow, Oliver and Bruce could spend some time talking about the all-consuming quest, trust funds, and joys of punching low-rent bad guys and super-villains really hard. Then again, maybe Bruce will just spend the time shaking his head at the arrow-filled bodies Queen has left behind.

Arrow will premiere Wednesday, October 10 @8pm on The CW.

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  1. I’m getting all the more psyched to see this show!
    Can’t wait!

    • I’m curious about it. havnt watched a trailer yet.

        • I watched all the trailers i can find…. and all i can say is, its not what i expected. In the best way possible, the show looks very promising. Few things i noticed in the trailers, the main actor seems solid but everyone else doesnt impress me as much (obviously only a first impression). Also the one liners like when a guy says “what happened to you on the island”.. Arrow says “A lot” to me that has always been poor type of dialouge. Either way really excited for this one. Im sure most of my concers will be cleared up by the pilot, or at least give me enough information to actual have a valid opinion.

  2. Looks good

  3. I can’t wait for this show. Hopefully its sticks with this kind of tone and not be bogged down by the more teen soap opera elements in most of CW’s line up.

    I am absolutely pumped to the Emerald Archer!

  4. between this and SPN, wednesdays are gonna be epic!

  5. The actual show looks good from what I could see in this terrible seizure-inducing excuse for a trailer.

  6. Wonder who the villains will be…?

  7. Getting bit pumped for this show

  8. Arrow, Revolution, Doctor Who, Elementary (maybe). this will be a busy fall season for me!

    • don’t bother with elementary. try Sherlock, the bbc series they’re ripping off.

      • I dont have to try Sherlock. I LOVE Sherlock. I cant wait for series 3. But until then, I just figured i might as well give this one a try and see for myself if its bad or not (most likely the former).

    • Yeah, if you consider yourself a fan of Sherlock Holmes, or know anything about Sherlock Holmes, you might as well skip Elementary.
      It looks (and most likely will be) a slap in the face of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work.

      • Eh – not any more or less than every other consulting detective show on TV. At worse it is going to be standard tropes and lacking the character interactions and charisma to make it worth watching (I’ll give this a 40% chance of happening). Most likely it is going to be standard tropes with decent to excellent character charisma and possibly interesting sub-story arc to make worth coming back for week to week (50% chance). At best it is going to have really clever mysteries to work through with a gripping story arc and charismatic characters that will really honor the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (10% chance).

        At the end of the day if you like shows like the Mentalist, Monk, Psych it is probably going to be worth watching.

        • I love shows like The Mentalist and Psych (and Monk was a legendary show as well), but this just looks like all kinds of wrong IMO.

          I just don’t understand why they’re trying to leech off of the Sherlock Holmes franchise… when the characters are nothing like the originals and the stories are unlike the source material as well, why not just make a new, original series instead? (in case people didn’t notice: I was referring to ‘Sherlock’ as well here)

          You mentioned some great examples: Mentalist and Psych. Both shows have a Sherlock Holmes type lead character (and in Psych’s case, a Watson – Gus) and both have their Moriarty, but they still do their own thing. They don’t try to live off the name of Sherlock Holmes, even if some of those shows’ elements are based on Sherlock Holmes.

      • Seriously? If you don’t like it fine but there are those who like both shows. Don’t expect it to be the same because while they’re both based off the same thing they are 2 completely different animals. Sherlock may be more accurate but you also have to look at the culture that defines entertainment. In America we like our crime shows, so why wouldn’t we tweak Sherlock Holmes to become something that extends the range of fans? Don’t diss it unless you’ve seriously given it a chance, and I’m not talking watched an episode and then put it down because of Sherlock, I mean opened your mind to the possibility of it being a show that more than just a select few can enjoy and taking bits and pieces of the original works that the majority of people can really understand and get into. I’m not trying to be a B here, I’m just a fan of both and it irritates me when people diss Elementary because it differs from Sherlock. 2 different cultures people!

  9. This is the kind of guy they need to get to be the new Batman.

  10. A lot of big questions about a story that has to get by on style.
    This isn’t fact, no one takes it seriously.
    Justice and vigilantism and morality and legality.
    He looks like Robin Hood.
    It’s about a guy who looks like Robin Hood.
    Find the magic rhetorical style to imitate and hope for the best.
    Just don’t hope to be taken seriously.

    • He’s supposed to look like Robin Hood, one of his inspirations for the hero persona.

  11. Looks alot darker then “smallville”, normally “Dark and Gritty” is used to much (imo), but I think that a few heros (batman, punisher, and green arrow.) could be as dark as BB, TDK, and TDKR.

    I have hopes for this, I just hope I dont lose interest halfway through season 2 like I did for Smallville.

    • Agreed.

  12. AWESOME!

  13. Lools pretty good. It won’t endure the way Smallville did but it should be good for a few seasons.

    • Smallville painfully dragged on 5 seasons longer than it should with the most anti-climatic ending ever seen. Besides Micheal Rosenbaum, a select few good episodes Smallville was without a doubt a horrible show and terrible Superman adaptaion.

      This trailer looks a thousand times better than anything that show ever produced.

      • Welp, lol, In defense of Smallville the producers originally intended or thought (cant remember and I cant find the interview) the show to go for 4-5 seasons. Thats why the remaining seasons were so lackluster with a few being completely horrible.

        • “remaining seasons were so lackluster”

          Hmmm. Not sure there. I accept that the show had some awful seasons, but the last two were completely brilliant. (4,6,7 aren’t worth watching) but the the first three seasons, plus the brilliant season 5, and the last two, were damn good.

      • “without a doubt a horrible show and terrible Superman adaptaion”

        Yes. That was why it was on for 10 years, is the longest running US Sci Fi show of all time, and had millions of fans all around the world. It showed more of the DC universe and characters than every other show and movie combined.

        So I doubt your without a doubt.

        • Eh. Most of the characters were b@stardized versions of themselves, that not only contradicted their comcibook counterparts but the ‘Smallvile’ version the writers were building on that show. The writers didnt know the characters they wanted to create or the real direction they wanted the show to go in. Smallville was a mess and at times, a fun mess.

  14. Lools pretty good. It won’t endure the way Smallville did but it should be good for a few seasons.

  15. After the tragic events surrounding the “Dark Knight” and “Dark Knight Rises”, I am willing to bet that many people will start passing on dark and gritty entertainment. Since young adults and kids read comic books, I think hyper realism should be toned down.

    On another note, “Arrow” seems like a boring series. Too much drama.

    • And I’m willing to bet that most people have already forgotten about the shooting and that it will not influence their choice of entertainment in any way, shape or form, regardless of its terrible impact for those involved and their families.

      • First, my condolences go out to the families that were involved in the shooting.

        Actually, The copy cat shooter in maryland has deterred many filmgoers here in the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia). TDKR lost 20-30% of sales because of that shooting. I wouldnt be suprised if TDKR is re-released in IMAX in the winter.

        • I don’t think it needs to be. It just passed the $800 million mark, it may have lost a lot in those first few days, but it caught up plenty to a very good box office.

  16. I cannot wait to see til Fall on Wednesdays at 8:00pm after I get done with family service after church.