‘Arrow’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ & More Renewed by The CW

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Arrow season 2 Oliver in mask Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries & More Renewed by The CW

With its roster of shows in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres, the CW has become a popular choice among geeks and young adult viewers. The network’s monster-hunting drama with the simple but descriptive title Supernatural has acquired a strong and dedicated fanbase since its 2005 debut, and much of the CW’s drama programming is dominated by sci-fi like The Tomorrow People and dark fantasy series like The Vampire Diaries.

The CW also has its own graveyard of cancelled shows, including the long-running superhero show Smallville, which was cancelled after 10 seasons, and private detective drama Veronica Mars, which ended after three seasons, but is now getting a crowd-funded movie and an online spin-off series. The threat of shows being placed on the chopping block is enough to keep many fans feeling a little nervous in the days and weeks preceding the announcement of renewals.

Luckily for fans of Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Supernatural and/or historical drama Reign, all of these series will be around for at least one additional season. The CW announced the renewals via The Wrap, with a note that other series are still eligible for season renewals with decisions being made later in the spring.

Supernatural fist bump Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries & More Renewed by The CW

The renewals represent shows of all different ages. Supernatural is currently in its ninth season, The Vampire Diaries is in its fifth while spin-off The Originals is still in its first season, as is Reign. DC comics adaptation Arrow is only in its second second season but is currently The CW’s most-watched show, with an average of 3.9 million total viewers.

Lead actor Stephen Amell celebrated Arrow‘s renewal on his Facebook page with the joyful status, “FACEBOOK! ‘Arrow’ Season 3 is happening. I LOVE EVERYBODY!!!” For those wondering if that includes you, the answer is yes: Stephen Amell loves you.

Arrow will also be getting its own spin-off show in The Flash, which was ordered to pilot last year and has already acquired most of its principal cast. Grant Gustin, who originally appeared in the role of Barry Allen as a guest star on Arrow, will play the main character as he adjusts to his newfound power of super-speed. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to this fall.


Source: The Wrap

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  1. What about The Tomorrow People? With a lead-in from Arrow, it’s gotta be doing okay.

    • really great underrated show. the acting is surprisingly good for a cw show

      • I really hope the cancel The Tomorrow People. Maybe the replacement show will be an upgrade :) No reason to keep mediocre shows around :)

        • No reason to keep mediocre shows around yet The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Two And A Half Men, Friends, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Agents Of SHIELD and more were around for years/are still around yet good shows like Low Winter Sun, Mob City, No Ordinary Family got cancelled and other good shows like The Tomorrow People and a few more are getting terrible ratings and called mediocre by people like yourself.

          Honestly, The Tomorrow People has been a good update of the old British show so far, better than the original and the only cringe-worthy part I’ve seen was this past Wednesday’s episode when Stephen and Cara kissed while John and Russell went to Russell’s dad’s funeral.

    • I actually like The Tomorrow People. It’s not a bad show. It just starting hitting its stride the last couple of episodes. I think TTP is a lot like Revolution in which the first season was alright with a strong season finale and then dramatically improves into S2.

      • Id say u r right about TTP but as I do like revolution, I think ur wrong. The first season was better than the second so far. Charlie is getting a little annoying as is Rachael. And giving Erin pretty much god like powers is a little overboard. I think they are trying to do too much and if they are not careful the show will become a joke and no one will watch. However I do like that Monroe is sort of a good guy because the Miles/Monroe dynamic is awesome.

        • Yeah, season 1 of Revolution started here last March and the comments on this site about it weren’t good but I really liked it pretty much right away. Really good show, just waiting for season 2 to come back from break on March 2nd.

  2. “the CW has become a popular choice among geeks and young adult viewers” Just as a point of information… I am in my 50′s, have Supernatural on DVR to record new and repeat episodes. I watch all the time.I thoroughly enjoy the boys, the characters and the stories.

    • Well, ya old prune, join the club! I am 56 years young, and am watching stuff like Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of Shield! Now please pass the Geritol drip!

      • :D

    • your a geek. its ok, so am I. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

      • I always felt the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” (the first one…the rest were not that good, but the first one was excellent!) was biographical in terms of myself and my buddies from high school and college. In fact, I actually read an interview where the folks who wrote and directed that movie said they did such a good job creating the characters because they secretly went to high school and college campuses, and followed nerdy-looking people around to pick up on their habits. That is why this film works. Nothing like real research! Love it!

    • i agree

  3. People may say good things about Arrow, but personally I’m already losing steam with this season 2, that I doubt I will continue to Season 3. I hope at least they would end this one nicely/properly, and not abruptly like in season 1.
    And about Supernatural, stopped watching since season 2 as well…
    Basically I can’t stand show that runs too long, my bad -_-… still, this is a good news, so I guess it’s hooray for their avid fans!

    • Don`t beat yourself over it, maybe you just can`t stand shows that don`t care if they get ridiculously bad by having 80% filler episodes per season and stretch storylines that don`t make any sense =) no sin in doing that.

      • Read some comics, Arrow doesn’t have any filler in it…

      • I hope you’re talking about that horrible Supernatural show because Arrow hasn’t had any filler episodes in its season and a half so far.

    • You said you stopped watching supernatural since the second season cause you can’t stand shows that run too long. How do you know they going to run long if you give up after a second season ? Crystal ball ? Fortune cookies ? Gee 2 seasons if arrow and I feel there is do much more story that they can do with this. You seem to gave commitment issues ;)

      • LOL

  4. Well I was not surprised that Arrow is renewed for another season. Season 2 start off so great and there has not been a bad/horrible episode. I think Arrow would last for about 7 seasons. They have a lot of stories they could go with. We still have the League of Assassins in which it should be the focus point in season 3 or 4. I wanted to see Arrow and The Flash crossover that ties in a huge storyline anytime in the future.

  5. Yay! More Supernatural! It’s not quite the show anymore that it once was and that I fell in love with, but it’s still heaps better than most of the other stuff on TV. I lose interest in other shows rather often, but I still eagerly await each new episode of Supernatural. It just clicks with me, even with the weaker episodes.

  6. I don’t think that anyone should get too excited for the prospects of a Flash spinoff show at this point. Yes, they’re bringing a cast together, and I did find Gustin as a rather good fit for the role, but it’s only a pilot. Remember that Amazon show that we were going to be getting? Yeah, that didn’t happen. This could very well end up going the same way. Now I love the Flash, and would love to seen a show around the character. But until they actually have the pilot in the can, and have greenlit the show, there’s not much use talking about it.

    What I am excited for? Arrow, season 3. It’s happening. Can’t wait.

    • I think the fact that “Arrow” is the highest watched show on the CW, along with the mostly positive attention the 2 part “Flash” backdoor pilot got, means “Flash” is probably going to be on our screens this fall. Let’s also not forget that a spinoff (“The Originals”) of the lesser watched show “Vampire Diaries” is getting a second season, and “Supernatural” is getting a spinoff this fall based on a group of hunters in Chicago. So, I think that it’s safe to say a network (CW) with more than a little pension towards spinoffs wouldn’t hesitate to green light a spin-off of their most watched show based around the most profitable genre (comics) currently in entertainment.

      • Despite worries that this Barry Allen is not blond and a bit older, you bet I will be there with my nose glued to the set for the Flash series! I will be so disappointed if it is not picked up!

    • They can actually spinoff several shows from Arrow if they decided to go that route…Suicide Squad would be good if they did it right.

    • I’m not jumping the gun yet either but, there are enough positive signs to ease people’s worries: Flash is getting its cast together; the same people working on Arrow is working on the Flash pilot (and hopefully, series); the title character was introduced in two wonderful episodes of Arrow; the producers are conducting interviews about the show and its tone.

      Amazon? Nothing. No cast. No finalized script the studio was happy with. I would say Flash will be just fine.

    • Yeah, it’s only a pilot, but the Amazon went no where, The Flash had plans. The idea of The Flash is been planed before the start of season 2.
      The CW did the same thing with Arrow, they ordered a pilot episode and yet it got a full season. What says The Flash series won’t get a full season? Gustin did a fantastic job as Barry Allen, fans loved him. The casting looks promising. It seems their going the similar route as the first season of Arrow where the villain is among the protagonist. Geoff Johns who did his run writing The Flash in Pre-New 52 is behind working with The Flash series, developer and writing the pilot episode.

    • The difference is that Amazon didn’t even have a script ready nor was the casting done or even a pilot. With Flash, casting is almost done, the script is ready, and based on reports, the pilot is complete already and they are just working on stories going forward from the pilot. Based on all of this I am betting that the chances of Flash not getting on the CW is about 5%.

  7. if Flash crashes and burns, they can always continue his storyline in Arrow

    • Yes, “if”. I have full faith in The Flash series. I honestly believed that the pilot episode is going to be 10x better than Arrow’s pilot. You’ve got Geoff Jonhs as (one of) the writer for the pilot episode and he did an episode in Arrow, “Dead to Rights” which is an excellent episode. Even if it didn’t get a full season, of course Barry Allen will guest star appearing in season 3 as The Flash.

      • oh no doubt it will be succesful, i was just pointing out the worst case scenario for people afraid of it being cancelled

  8. Yay for Arrow! I hope The Tomorrow People gets a second season. I am quite enjoying it. and I like having that and Arrow to watch on the same night.

    • I think Arrow paired with The Flash show on a Monday. Vampire Diaries paired with The Originals on Tuesday and The Tomorrow People paired with Supernatural on Wednesday would be nice or something along those lines, LOL

      • Here, we have The Following on Sky Atlantic on Tuesdays, Arrow moved from Monday to Thursday by Sky1 execs, Sleepy Hollow on Wednesday (final episode next week, yay, great show so far plus I can move The Tomorrow People into SH’s place at 9pm instead of recording it on the +1 hour channel) and we also have the second half of The Office season 8 right after TTP (SH on Universal, TTP on E4 and The Office on Comedy Central). Then Fleming records on Sky Atlantic.

        Then True Detective on Sky Atlantic starting next Saturday and The Blacklist returning to Sky Living on Friday Feb 28th.

        Pretty much gives us Sundays and Mondays with nothing to get excited about (Helix is on Mondays on Channel 5 but meh, while I’ll watch to the end, it hasn’t been very good).

        Sky Atlantic’s biggest show returns on Monday April 7th, can’t wait to see what Game Of Thrones does with the rest of book 3.

      • From your pairing you seem to be dismissing reign as a girly show. Which it ended up not really being. With its religious concept, dark tone and supernatural elements, i would say that the originals or supernatural are a better pairing for it. CW will not pair the originals and VD together or the flash and arrow together, because they are too much of the same thing. That is why they didn’t pair the originals and vampire diaries together in the first place.

  9. Sweet the way Arrow is going i hope it lasts as long as possible. Really hope the tomorrow people gets renewed. Enjoying that series quite a bit

  10. A point of contention… I believe Smallville decided to end its run at Season 10 because a lot of the original cast had moved on and the remaining actors and show developers had decided to end on a high note…. I don’t remember it ever being “cancelled”….

    • It was sort of boxing itself into a 10 season thing anyway.

      As crap as the show was, once the characters reached a certain point, it couldn’t have continued anyway due to the nature of it taking place before he puts on the suit and becomes Superman.

  11. Kinda hope Supernatural would get cancelled it got bad after season 5. They should of ended it after the fifth season I stop watching around season 7. On a better note The Vampire Diaries and The Originals getting renewed is good news awsome shows.

    • You should give it another shot. While Season 7 arguably was the worst of the whole show they really upped their game again with seasons 8 and 9.

  12. Smallville wasn’t cancelled. It decided to close out as the story had reached it’s natural conclusion and 10 seasons was felt as the right time to finish. It retained it’s core audience and could’ve easily continued on.

    It’s still one of the greatest noughties shows ever and definitely the best show ever generated shown by CW.

    • Best show CW has ever made?

      Arrow would like a word.

      Honestly, Arrow is like Shakespeare compared to Smallville’s “amateur hour”.

  13. Didn’t realize Smallville was canceled. I figured the show runners and cast were just ready to mov3 on to other things after all it was 10 seasons.

  14. Very glad to see Reign and Arrow have been renewed. I believe a couple other shows I have been watching as well on various networks, The Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow, got renewed as well. I hope additionally Agents of Shield and Almost Human do as well.

  15. lol pause smallvile was not cancelled please correct yourself darling

  16. So many geeks here that i feel like home :P
    a community assemble we shall :P
    also thrilled for the series continuing!

  17. Im so happy that ‘Arrow,’ is coming back. I’ve never seen a show that had an interesting first season blow it away in a Amazing Great second season. They introduced so many great characters; how are they going to top that? Congrats Team Arrow!

    • “how are they going to top that?”

      They could just kill off Laurel. BAM! and the show is already twice as good. :D

      I definitely could do without all the annoying self-pity and whining.