‘Arrow’ Suicide Squad Image and Members Revealed

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Arrow Suicide Squad Members Image Arrow Suicide Squad Image and Members Revealed

Despite initial concerns that a Green Arrow TV show could have trouble keeping viewers invested over multiple seasons, the CW proved naysayers wrong with their gritty and complex superhero drama, Arrow. Following Justin Hartley’s slightly campy (albeit enjoyable) turn as Oliver Queen and Green Arrow on Smallville, CW’s TV reboot of the tortured Starling City socialite has benefited from Stephen Amell’s darker and more complicated portrayal (not to mention the actor’s “salmon ladder” workout routine).

In addition to a capable (and ripped) leading man, the network show also made a smart choice in incorporating side characters from DC Comics history – which both keep fans interested and helps to build a more expansive series mythology. Viewers have already been treated to villains Count Vertigo and Merlyn, noticeable name drops such as Ra’s al Ghul – not to mention a Flash tie-in series that will expand on Arrow‘s grounded approach with a full-on super-powered protagonist. Now, we’re getting our first look at another key nod to the character’s past, one that happens to provide a major story point going forward: the Suicide Squad.

Comic Book Resources has our first look at Arrow‘s version of antihero team, the Suicide Squad – who, in most iterations, is a group of former (and current) villains that work dangerous black-ops missions for the US government in exchange for shorter prison sentences. A backstory that, no doubt, should also fit the team assembled in Arrow.

Check out the image below to see which characters will be included and read-on for details on how (and why) the Suicide Squad is formed on Arrow (click to enlarge):

Arrow Suicide Squad Members 570x694 Arrow Suicide Squad Image and Members Revealed

If you’re unfamiliar with the Suicide Squad and haven’t been paying close attention to the bad guys on Arrow, it appears as though CW’s version of the antihero team is pretty close to what longtime fans would expect – given that all of the characters picture above have been members at one point: Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Shrapnel (Sean Maher), Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), and Deadshot (Michael Rowe).

With former alums like the Clock King (Robert Knepper) set to appear on the show in the coming weeks, who else might be joining the Suicide Squad?

NOTE: The rest of this post will contain MILD story SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of Arrow – so if you do not want to know anything about what’s to come, turn away now. You have been WARNED!


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  1. I saw a picture earlier with Diggle in it too. What happened with that?

    • Whoops. Sorry about that.

  2. Overall, I really am enjoying Arrow, have bought the first season on DVD, and am going to buy subsequent ones as well. One minor criticism is that most (not all) of the villains look kind of unremarkable or unmemorable: a few minutes after they are off the screen, one really does not remember what they look like (not really sure what I was expecting, though…not everyone is gonna look like Green Goblin or somebody, so not a big deal). I hope this series stays around for awhile.

  3. Whew, I got scared for a minute there that Diggle was joining the Dark Side. I hope the faithful Diggle always stays in Oliver’s camp…I like his character quite a bit.

      • You guys did click over to the second page of my post, right? 😉

        • No we didn’t. Simply slipped through. You’re supposed to paste the second image on the first page and not the other way around. You tricked us.

  4. Really enjoying this season so far, looking forward to seeing the suicide squad
    The inclusion of shrapnel could be interesting as he doesn’t exactly fit in the same way the other 2 guys do, but his knowledge of explosives would be useful
    A thought on how Deadshot gets caught – ARGUS could have picked him up immediately after Diggle cut him loose in Russia, they probably had a team monitoring the mission

    I am interested to see what happens to bring Diggle into contact with the squad over the coming weeks – but first up, the Clock King who looks like an interesting villain played well, wouldn’t mind seeing him join the squad as well

  5. I wish Agents of Shield could be half as good as Arrow. Imagine if Arrow had AOS budget. WE would be watching Game of Thrones level TV.

    • What is Arrow’s budget and what is Agents of Shield’s budget?

  6. I can’t wait until the show comes back on, and on my birthday no less. Hopefully they’ll go after Brother Blood, he really pisses me off. I hate it when villains are in plain sight and the hero befriends them. It makes me all anxious

  7. They look okay… but to be completely honest, I’m starting to get tired of these re-imagining of the DC characters. Is this the roster they had on the comics? I’m not a DC avid reader so I can’t tell, but I can feel that they are not (especially with Diggle). They are going to do the same with that Bird thing (Huntress, Canary and stuff.

    They tried too hard to make them (these villains) grounded and real, but does not make them relatable enough because their appearance was very short. Yes, the action was great, but you simply can’t feel their struggle, and that’s actually part of the best thing I felt with the Batman Animated series. So far only Slade that fits that character, and they also tried to make it personal with Nyssa but somehow it felt kinda… forced. Too… soap opera-ish.

    Oh well, who am I to complaint. When I do get enough of it, I’ll stop watching eventually :(

    PS: I can’t even remember Shrapnel when I first saw/read his name. Took me a while to do the background check to realize… “Aaah the bomb guy”

    • Waller has always been the leader and Bronze Tiger was in several versions of the team. Deadshot is a member in The New 52 (alongside Harley Quinn). Not sure about Shrapnel but Diggle was created specifically for the show (probably a nod at Andy Diggle, who wrote Green Arrow: Year One and introduced the China White character to the DC universe and established his origin on the island).

      I only recognised Shrapnel in that pic because the show only just came back with that episode last night here in the UK.

      • The actual originals were Golden or Silver age era with Rick Flag, Jr., Karin Grace, Dr. Hugh Evans, and Jess Bright, as a comics version of Mission: Impossible.

        Post Legends storyline, the Squad was re-instituted by Waller. Deadshot was a permanent member from the beginning (not just N52) along with Tiger and Captain Boomerang.

        What people seem to be forgetting is that, aside from being re-imagined or reinterpreted, these are versions of the characters in the early days of their careers- much like Arrow, they aren’t going to be the people we follow in the comics years or decades into their careers.

  8. Needs Catman, Harley quinn and Deathstroke.

  9. With the former announcement about WB/DC planning on making lower budget movies in addition to Man of Steel/Justice League big budget stuff, and specifically mentioning Suicide Squad as one of those titles, does anyone think that this TV level introduction could pave the way for a melding of TV and cinematic universes? I mean, with the Flash coming, it just seems like such a wasted opportunity to flesh out a full-fledged Justice League. Amell is great as Arrow and Manu Bennett is a great Deathstroke. Use them in the movies!

  10. I hope Rick Flag and Captain Boomerang join the team, and I hope Deadshot get’s a better costume.

  11. Black wolverine and Earth 616 Nick Fury????

    Oh wait…nevermind.

  12. We need some femme fatale in the squad. Plastique, Harleyquin, Killer Bee.
    Can’t wait for the Suicide Squad Vs. Brother Blood battle. I hope it will be a 2part episodes.

    At least DC is kicking butt in the TV front.

    • They are in the movies too, just not as fast as Marvel

  13. who knows DC…who could Diggle become if they make him a superhero/villian, i know he has military background and is friends/bodyguard with Oliver, do any characters follow that background?

    the name can always be change with a filler story

  14. Amanda Waller lost some weight, she has always been traditionally an overweight African American female. Guess they just can’t stand to put a full figured woman on TV.

    • She is normal nowadays(since New 52)

    • Well, Pam Grier did play Waller on Smallville.

  15. Note to self: when SR says “Mild” Spoilers, don’t click on the link….

  16. As much as I like the cast from Spartacus, I don’t want Warner Bros. and The CW to cast every actor from that series in an Arrow role.

    Cynthia Addai-Robinson is a great choice for Amanda Waller, though.

  17. ……and this is why I didn’t want DS on the small screen. *ugh!* 😛

  18. Actually, I’m kind of happy (if not completely satisfied) with how they introduced the squad into the show. Although she isn’t shown as a main character on the squad on Arrow, Harley Quinn is one of the constants (at least from what I’ve seen) and on the episode “Suicide Squad” there is a nod to her. When Diggle is first introduced to the squad, she is inside a cell of her own and interjects during a *ahem* heated conversation between Diggle and Lyla with, “Do you cuties need some counseling? Cause I’m a trained therapist!” I’m sorry, that nod to her just made me quite happy.