‘Glee’ Star Grant Gustin to Play The Flash in ‘Arrow’ Season 2

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Grant Gustin to play Barry Allen AKA The Flash in Arrow season 2 Glee Star Grant Gustin to Play The Flash in Arrow Season 2

The start of Arrow season 2, highly anticipated after the success of the show’s first season, is mere weeks away and with an established trend of bringing other DC characters on for guest roles there have been a lot of questions raised about who Oliver Queen might be teaming up with – or fighting – next. One thing we know for sure is that Barry Allen, AKA the Flash, will be speeding into the screen for several episodes of Arrow’s second season.

News on the Flash’s casting heated up earlier this week when we heard that the shortlist of actors had been whittled down to three names, two of which (James Mackay and Matt Barr) were known but with one name remaining a mystery. Perhaps predictably, it’s the mystery actor who’s been handed the role, and if you’re a fan of teen dramas then he’ll already be familiar.

THR reports that Grant Gustin has been cast in the role of Barry Allen, who will appear in a guest star role on season 2 of Arrow and may later star in his own TV show. The Flash is just one of many classic DC characters who will be coming to Arrow this fall, including new villain Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Spartacus) as Amanda Waller.

Gustin is best known for his guest role on jukebox musical drama Glee, in which he played Sebastian Smythe, the smarmy and underhanded captain of rival show choir the Dalton Academy Warblers. His tactics for beating the New Directions included driving a wedge between cosy couple Blaine and Kurt, nearly blinding Blaine with a rock salt-spiked slushie attack and trying to blackmail Rachel with a photoshopped naked picture of Finn. Show choir is a pretty serious business.

Grant Gustin in 90210 Glee Star Grant Gustin to Play The Flash in Arrow Season 2

In addition to appearing on Glee, Gustin also had a guest role on 90210, but other than that he’s pretty much a newcomer. He has quite a lot of charisma, though, and it will definitely be interesting to see what he can do when placed in a superhero’s shoes. Gustin will appear in episodes 8, 9 and 20 of Arrow‘s second season, and his final episode will also serve as a potential back door pilot for a spin-off Flash show. When asked by THR about the role, Gustin indicated that he’s already got a lot of his research in hand:

“I’m unbelievably excited. I’ve been a lifelong fan of DC Comics, so I can’t be more honored and can’t wait to get started.”

Unlike Oliver’s gadget-based vigilantism, Barry Allen has a pretty clear-cut superpower and Arrow‘s producers have said that he is going to be just as extraordinary in the show as he is in the comics. Allen will be introduced as an ordinary forensic scientist and will presumably get his powers by the end of season 3, though whether they’ve come from an impromptu chemical shower or whether there’ll be another explanation remains to be seen.

It’s hard to be sure with such a relatively unknown entity, but tell us in the comments if you think Gustin is a good casting choice for Barry Allen, and whether or not you’d be onboard with a Flash spin-off series.


Arrow season 2 premieres October 9th, 2013 @8pm on The CW

Source: THR

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  1. I was upset about this too, but they never say how old Barry Allen is in the comics, just that he was offered a job out of high school with the police force and then didn’t get his powers until he moved out on his own. Sure others would’ve pleased fans more (i.e. Michael C. Hall, Aaron Paul, Liam McIntyre or Matt Barr) but give him a chance

    • He is pretty old. He is the Top of his Forensics department inside of The Top Police Station in the Gem Cities. To have such a career is not something you get with 23 years old (Grant Gustin´s age). You need an incredible amount of experience and it was in that department where he got his powers. You dont need to state his age. He is old. Its just logical.

  2. Haven’t seen glee, but judgements will come later.. Hope he plays the fastest man alive by the comic, if not, god help arrow!!

  3. OK, hate to start out grumbling, but only just a little bit. He looks too young, Barry Allen is blond, they’d darned well better keep the original origen of Flash (BA) like in the comics, not sure that I really want Arrow’s Oliver Queen tied to JLA (altho I like the show). BUT—
    Aside from that monkey-spunking stuff, I am excited for the Flash TV show and his appearence on Arrow, and as long as they keep him Barry Allen and not someone else, i can live with that, I guess (if everything else goes well). Oh, and they *M*U*S*T*!!!! use the costume from the comics…let the early comics be the guide. The old TV show did a respectable job for the times on the costume, incidently. I hope at some point Flash and Green Lantern become close buds, like in the comics. They had great chemistry, and make a fantastic duo. Which brings me to the next thing: what is going on with Green Lantern. He has to be in JLA, so are we gonna ever get the long-limbo-sized Green Lantern #2, and who will play Hal? It soundfs like Ryan Reynolds is not wanting to reprise the roll (can you blame him, so many mud-slinging haters unfairly piled on top of him!). JLA had BETTER be Hal Jordan, not a different Lantern. Will they reboot the part? OK, WB/DC, spill the beans…what is going on with hal Jordan/Green Lantern?!

    • Personally, with this casting… my hope for a connected DC universe between the CW shows and the movies just faded away. No offense to the actor, but I don’t think he has the vibe for a blockbuster movie, unlike Amell.

  4. If you want to check his acting skill… PLEASE don’t watch Glee for the reference, you’ll hate him for sure cause he’s a g****** assh*le in that show from the second he appeared. Dude can sing though (Youtube is your place, just look for “Uptown Girl” or “Bad” or other Dalton Academy Warblers songs from season 3), but you’d most definitely hate him there (especially if you’re also in the anti-gay movement)…

    Personally… I think he’s too skinny and need to build more muscle if he want to look better as Barry Allen. He needs to dye his hair blond as well. A bit too tall as well, but probably because I always imagine the Flash to have average height hahaha.

    Anyway, curious to see how he performs as Barry, but to be honest… these latest about Arrow kinda made me worry and lost interest to the show (especially when Amell had said that this will feel like a completely different show *sigh*)

  5. I love DC. I don’t mind Glee, it’s fun. My wife loves a bit of 90210 so nothing against this kid. I’ve spent a lot of time on these threads evangelising the idea of the shared DC movie universe with full (and misguided) confidence that they would make the right moves. Every decision I’ve heard about so far seems really counter-intuitive of what’s sensible. I’m looking forward to Afflecks take on Batman, but if they’re casting a role as iconic as the Flash it needs to be a casting for the MOVIE version of the character. Are the TV and film universes going to be shared?
    Every week we seem to hear a surprising, inspired or interesting Marvel announcement and there is no doubt, however you feel about them that they are the toast of Hollywood.
    DC need a long term strategy revealed RIGHT NOW! I’m losing faith here!

  6. Why so young? why?

  7. Personally, with this casting… my hope for a connected DC universe between the CW shows and the movies just faded away. No offense to the actor, but I don’t think he has the vibe for a blockbuster movie, unlike Amell.

  8. He seems too young for Barry Allen. I hope they’re not doing Wally West. That’d would be disappointing

  9. Well his previous work doesn’t inspire much confidence from me, (but it is a case where I wouldn’t mind being wrong)
    Still interested to see how they bring in and use the character though

    But I like Arrow so I will give the kid a chance
    However my hope of DC shows crossing into movies has just gone up in smoke, Amell could’ve just about pulled off Green Arrow in JL film but this guy as Flash on the big screen, not so much (at the moment anyway)

    One question though is whether this guy can successfully headline his own show as Flash

  10. Why would they wait for the end of season 3 to give him his powers? So the spin off wont be until 2016. The show might not get past season 2. He will definitely look older by then.

  11. Yeah he’s yound etc but the point if to get someone that can “grow” into the role so to speak. I seem to remember people stating Tom Welling wasn’t really superman material back in the day (… I was one of them) but I ate my words over time and he ended up being a pretty great version of the man of steel.

    Glee pedigree or not doesnt matter, people of that show even if it isnt my thing are all capable actors and as a 23 year old over the course of say two/three seasons he’ll for sure grow into the role of Barry Allen. It all depend how his arc in Arrow is development and written and same goes for his eventual show . Just my two cents.

  12. Never heard of him, never watched Glee, never watched 90210 (or the original show in the early 90s) so I’m going into this with a completely open mind.

  13. If he’s got legs and looks ok in a lab coat should work.

  14. hmmm, just thinking how a young flash would do in the new dc movieverse.
    Id still prefer chris pine.

  15. And another obnoxiously attractive person joins the cast. Haha

    Seriously though. Arrow has one incredibly pretty cast.

  16. Why wait till the end of Season 3 for Barry to become Flash? That’s a bummer for me. Such a long wait.

    • We don’t. He will become the Flash during his time in season 2.

  17. Why oh why can’t script-writers just follow the early comics, origins, and canon? They burn the viewing public almost every time they stray!

    • They only really burn the comic book fans lol.

      • These shows wouldn’t be made if it wasn’t for the comic book fans so they have all the right to be mad because the viewing public wouldn’t know what is missing so of course they won’t be burned.

        • I don’t think so man. While the comic book community is big, the general audience is bigger. TV shows and movies are trying to get the general audience for that reason, much more than the comic book community.

  18. he was a bad boy on glee and he did it very very will i think he is good fit for the role
    for me i love to see Bradley James (Merlin) or Tom Felton (Harry Potter) or Grey Damon(The Secret Circle) i think the will do very good too
    am big fan of the show

  19. This is awesome news! Gustin is fantastic in ‘Glee,’ and he will make an awesome Flash!

  20. I don’t understand this use of DC properties. Makes no sense, for some nothing little network like CW.

    DC movie/tv rights are owned by WB. WB is owned by Time Warner. Time Warner owns HBO.

    Why not a Heroes like show (SuperHero maybe) to introduce lesser characters that you might actually tie into the film universe. Good or not, they are not putting this little dweeb into a leading or even major supporting role in a tent pole like JL or any other future crossovers. If done on HBO it could be seriously good, and distributed worldwide. I have lived in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, and now Thailand and everyone of em had HBO. Shows on HBO tend to use a quality of actor that could easily be brought on board any film adaptation. C’mon WB, get yer head out yer arse, do this right, and you will be raking in money hand over fist.

    • You are obviously ignorant when it comes to corporate Hollywood. True, Time Warner owns both WB and HBO, but saying TW has control over them is like saying a father has complete control over his children, it’s just not going to happen. When it comes to The CW, it’s co-owned by WB (CBS owns the other half), WB is in bed with DC therefore making The CW ripe for synergy. I have heard rumors that WB has big plans for The CW. They want to make it “the DC Nation channel” basically, which is totally freakin’ awesome!

  21. The whole blacklash is kind of funny. It was the same response the Batfleck as well. I have never watched Glee but based on comments from people who do see the show they said he only played in a couple handfull of episodes for Glee and he really played a good character. He also was on CSI Miami for an episode as well and did an okay job. I will reserve my thoughts about him until I see what they will do with his character.

  22. From what I remember of the “Flash”, he was a scientist working in his laboratory during a violent storm that caused a massive electric surge in the equipment he was working with. The equipment surge was what gave him his powers.

    This actor appears way too young for this part…

  23. Although I think he would be horrible as BARRY ALLEN (not the Flash), I truly believe he could be an amazing Wally West or a Bart Allen. He seems more of a funny childish kind of person and although Barry has his funny moments he is much more than that. He is the link that holds the league when there is a fight, he is reasonable and other characters often look out for his advice. I believe Grant should be Kid Flash or Impulse.

  24. Personally i think he is too young but will hold judgement and axe until the eps. I sure want a flash show but this seems fail to some extent. I know about the flash so yeah i will take stuff more seriously than arrow. I have not read much about green arrow during my comic reading days.

  25. Why not give the kid a chance and see what happens.