‘Arrow’ Set Photos Reveal New Villain & Plot Details [SPOILERS]

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ravager joining cw arrow Arrow Set Photos Reveal New Villain & Plot Details [SPOILERS]

The images – tweeted by PUNKD Images – show a woman armed with dual blades in a black tactical suit with orange accents, highlighted by her half-black, half-orange face mask. Remind you of anyone?

In the comics, the most recent incarnation of Ravager is Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson, but she isn’t a character that’s been introduced on Arrow. Taking a closer look at these leaked images reveals it’s someone else – someone more familiar to Arrow‘s audience – under that mask.

Check out one of the tweets below:

You can see the other one here.

If you can’t tell from the picture, the actress in that Ravager-esque costume is Summer Glau. Fans of the show will know she currently plays Isabel Rochev on Arrow, new C.E.O. of Queen Consolidated thanks to Oliver foolishly signing over control to her. Apparently, she too hides a dual identity and has a flair for the theatrical.

In last night’s episode, Isabel showed her hand: she’s been working with Slade all along to take control of the company and has a personal vendetta against Oliver’s father. She also made it pretty apparent that she’s a skilled fighter in her own right when she and Oliver momentarily sparred in the boardroom.

Summer Glau returns in Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 Arrow Set Photos Reveal New Villain & Plot Details [SPOILERS]

The twist of Isabel Rochev being Ravager is another in a long line of Arrow‘s clever spins on already established DC Comics canon. Is she actually Slade Wilson’s daughter? Doubtful, considering she doesn’t appear to be much younger than Slade. Then again, while in Russia during an earlier episode, she did reveal to Oliver she’s adopted, so who knows? The chances of her being related to Slade, whether as his daughter or not, can’t be entirely ruled out.

In the comics, Isabel Rochev was a former flame of Oliver’s father, Robert Queen. She’s quite eccentric, believing herself to have been Robert’s “one true love” and therefore the rightful heir to his company. Taking into account that the Isabel of Arrow has some connection to Oliver’s father, is it possible she had an affair with Robert in the past? Maybe – though their age difference makes us think the answer is no, Robert was unfaithful and therefore we can’t rule out this possibility, either.

Whether she’s Slade’s or Robert’s lover, Glau’s Ravager makes for another intriguing addition to the Arrow’s rogue’s gallery (and Ollie’s list of former lovers turned enemies). Are you excited to see Glau step into another action-heavy role? And in what episode to expect she’ll make her first appearance as Ravager? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Arrow continues Wednesday, April 16th with ‘The Man Under the Hood’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: PUNKD Images

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  1. Ookah-balla-conga, baby…love this show! Now that we have seen Flash launched from here, how about doing The Atom (Ray Palmer) next?

  2. OMG. Just finished watching The Winter Soldier and now this??!!!!!!
    My heart’s gonna burst :O :O :O :O :O

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of Summer Glau, dating back to her work on the “Terminator” reboot, as the robot/protector. When she was cast in “Arrow” I was thrilled, but then became disappointed because there didn’t appear much for her to do–except bed Oliver in Russia. [Which gave Felicity the opportunity to say "We're STILL in Russia" after Ollie reminded her that "What happens in Russia, stays in Russia."]

    Now that Summer is going to be a BadAss Baddie, I feel vindicated for my previous excitement. Also, the last four episodes seem to be shaping up as action-packed, with Team Arrow (Ollie, Sara, Diggle, Roy–and Felicity) squaring off against a pretty formidable army that Slade has pulled together. My guess for the finale is Team Arrow is on the losing end of the Battle Royal–until the table is turned in their favor when Nyssa & the League of Assassins show up, and help the Arrow prevail over his enemies.

    Supposedly, there’s a Major Death before the season ends, and I’m hoping it’s NOT one of Team Arrow (Sara being the most likely), but a Queen family member–Moira or Thea. The “Arrow” writers have been good about not being totally confined to the comic book story lines so, sparing Sara is a good possibly. Especially given the GREAT performance and athletic abilities of Caity Lotz (Who I hope will be in a “Birds of Prey” spin-off)

    We’ll have to wait-and-see.

    • If there is a major death I do hope it’s Laurel.

      Got nothing against the actress, she’s doing a fine job with what she’s being given but the character is SO irritating and now Oliy and Sara are getting proper serious she’s superfluous to requirements.

      I doubt they’re going to finish Slade of come season end…. drive him out of Starling, yes, put him in a pine box, hell no.

      Taking Laurel out on his way out of town would be a nice little twist of the knife.

      Put it this way if Slade doesn’t take at least one person out as awesome as he’s been it would render him fairly ineffectual in the end considering the levels of concern being show by Team Arrow.

      • I agree. She is the most annoying and useless character out of everyone in the show.

        • Yet I expect Sarah to die at some point, because Laurel is the official Black Canary…

          • I know :(

            But they do drift from cannon at times so maybe they can follow this one to one of it’s logical conclusions. [the other being Sara buys the farm and Laurel get's Oliy to train her up :( ]

            • Won’t Oliver be too busy to train her? He’ll have his hands full with Slade and Merlyn (either later this season or next, both hinted at), likely the LoA too and let’s not forget regaining control of his corperation and Roy. Plus Thea too (whom Merlyn wants to kidnap, so odds are he will since Oliver thinks he’s dead thus giving him a huge element of surprise). My bet is both Sarah and Laurel survive this season, Laurel will start her training soon though under Sarah (who’s more freed up plotwise). That way the producers have a whole other season to consider their fates, but this season they serve a great purpose as the red herring deaths (classic misdirection).

              Not only that but being Sin’s adopted mother is included in the Black Canary package so, if Laurel was to replace Sarah though too would need to meet up first… which seems very unlikely based on who quickly this season is gearing up to a huge finally.

              • At the risk of being labeled a “Romantic” I’m thinking a good conclusion would be for Sara to train Laurel next season to become “a” Black Canary. Then, if the Laurel/Oliver chemistry seems to work, have Sara leave “Arrow” to return to the LOA with her true love: Nyssa. The “Heir to the Demon” episode showed Sara & Nyssa had real chemistry! Sara could return, occasionally, or become the Black Canary in a spin-off “Birds of Prey” series, with Laurel remaining with Oliver in the “Arrow” series. Could work.

      • Well, Manu did accidentally let slip that season 3 will be about Slade and Merlyn vs Green Arrow. Whether that happens now it’s out of the bag, who knows. Be a terrible shame to waste Deathstroke if he died in the season 2 finale.

    • As too who will die this season my bet has been Moira, my second choice is Quintin, my third is Laurel (low odds in my mind though, best to save the Sarah/Laurel choice till next season). Sarah just feels too much the red herring, like Quintin and Diggle last season (when, surprise, it was really tommy). When Moria dying would be an amazing lead in to a crazy plot dynamic between Thea and Merlyn next season, plus it will allow Oliver to take the next step in life of truly moving out of his parents shadows (might also bring Walter Steel back in the picture, of taking over Queen Industries again so Oliver can go save Thea from Merlyn). As to Quintin his death would serve a plot purpose of getting Laurel to want to dawn a mask too and get training from Sarah (one of them can die next season, or not)… plus their mom was just introduced so we do have a fall back parent.

      Thea is the gateway for Malcolm’s return and she’s Green Arrows sidekick “Speedy”. Roy is the first in the comics but the show just said he doesn’t want that name, but Mia Dearden is the second (and Thea’s middle name is Dearden) so odds are she’ll become Speedy and therefore, she won’t die… yet, if ever.

      Sara still needs to train Laurel and has too much ties to the League of Assassins (through that Merlyn) to waste by killing now plus can Laurel betrained enough to become Canary before the next Birds of Prey ep the producers said they want next season (only exception would be if her and Nyssa hooking up was introduced so Nyssa would throw Sara in the Lazarus Pits if she dies, so we get a Laurel trains to save Sarah and restore her mind plot next season). No reason why we can’t have two Canary’s, Laurel was the second Canary in the comics after all… maybe she’ll develop the Canary Cry metahuman ability and that why she’ll become the Canary “Later than you hope, but sooner than you expect” as the producers teased, after that she’ll just need heavier training than the basic attacks she knows (Sara likely being the best teacher, as foreshadowed when Sarah told Felicity some good moves).

      Roy has spent too much time developing to be killed off before he can become Arsenal.

      Felicity dying would be too vast a mistake and she connects to the Flash spinoff.

      Diggle too connects too well to ARGIS/Suiside Squad to kill off when both will clearly serve larger roles for years to come

      .Oliver dying would cancel, save Connor (his son in the comics) from the future showing up, the show so he’s safe.

  4. Based off the fact that Oliver bed her, I REALLY hope she’s not Robert illegitimate daughter.

    • That did not even occur to me at first, but that would be all kinds of wrong although given Olivers track record not out of keeping with his character and strange relationships.

      • That was my bad, guys. You’re right. I had totally forgotten about their relations. We’ve changed the article to address that.

  5. Uhhh hopefully she isn’t Robert’s illegitimate daughter. Seeing how her and Ollie banged hard.

  6. Ummmm guys…there are five episodes left. Season 2 has 23 episodes left, just like Season 1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_%28TV_series%29#Series_overview

  7. Moving Glau into a more action orientated role makes sense. Everyone knows how well Summer can kick ass and although she is a great dramatic actress (her River Tam is epic) it’s still a waste of her talent as she can do so much more.

    As for her relationship with everyone, I doubt she’d be Robert’s daughter because of the shag. More like some business deal wrecked her home town / caused the death of her parents that’s why she’s got it in for the Queen’s.

    Her and Slade, well he’s a merc so he could of spotted her in some conflict or other and saved her.

    Not seen “Deathstroke” yet here in the UK we’re just done Suicide Squad. How does Isabel get Oliy to sign over Queen Consolidated because I’m sure she doesn’t need him too as she’s the majority shareholder now anyway because of events with the Clock King.

    Follow me on this one. Start of the series she was buying up stock to take over, with the help of Colin Salmon’s character (name escapes me at the moment) Oliy manages to secure enough stocks so there’s a 50:50 holding between the two, no controlling interest.

    In the Clock King Oliy liquidates 800,000 shares to get cash to set a trap for the Clock King so unless he quickly bought them back he no longer had a 50:50 share split.

    Is that referenced at all…. I doubt it but was wondering as when I watched the Clock King I thought, uh oh that was a mistake.

    • Oliver sold shares of another company (an Easter Egg to another superhero named Blue Beatle), not Queen Consolidated. His tie in stock remains. In the comics Oliver sold his company but rebought it when they started making weapons. The parallel to Queen Consolidated now making super soldiers after Oliver got booted from the board is very apparent.

      • Ah…. thanks, I’ll go re-watch Clock King.

  8. Wow.. . I have to say I didn’t see this coming……. A Deathstroke and Ravager recurrence on Arrow would be so awesome … The writers on Arrow will surely turn to the comic books on stories that involved these two DC baddies.. awesome addition!

  9. Wild speculation – Robert Queen had an affair with Rochev’s mother and then left them to fend for themselves. Slade found Rochev after getting off the island and informally ‘adopted’ her to help her get revenge on the Queen family.

    • And Oli banged his basterd sister, then…?

      • Yeah. I’m kind of hoping for a ‘Deathstroke’ episode in the same way we’ve had a ‘Diggle’ episode this season. I want it mainly told from his perspective with flashbacks showing how he prepared everything to eventually bring down the Queen family. I would imagine Slade asked Isabel, “How far are you willing to go to see the Queens suffer?”

        I’m also expecting Ra’s Al Ghul to be backing somehow financing/backing Slade’s operation. They can’t have the League, Al Ghul’s daughter and a city-destruction plan all in one season without them having some overlap, right?

  10. she has a weird head. doesnt look good on her but its a still, it will look better in motion. lets just be thankful thats its faithful

    • I thought the same thing. I hope it’s just the way they took the picture.

  11. Anyone that reads my posts knows I cant say enough praise about how well Arrow is done and the costumes.

    But am I the only one that thinks that mask gives her abit of “Alien Head”? The rest of the costume looks awesome but the mask just looks off to me. Maybe its the angle.

    And yea I definitely want a pair of the deathstroke/ravage swords

  12. No doubt I’ll be the odd one out.

    I am disappointed to see her taking up an action role.
    For the lack of a better term, I was enjoying seeing her take a “straight dramatic” role.

    This shows off her acting ability & not her age old ballerina skills (martial arts dances as they appear in the tv shows/movies)

  13. Oliver is obviously the safest character. Felicity is a pretty close second; the producers have said her family will play a big role in season 3, so killing her in season 2 seems very unlikely. It won’t be Thea either. Season 3 will be about her taking her place as Merlyn’s daughter. I don’t think it will be Diggle or Lance. It could be Moira who dies, but I really hope not. While I wouldn’t miss Roy, I doubt he’ll die. I actually dislike both Lance sisters and actually would love to see them both go. Caity Lotz is such a terrible actress, it hurts to watch her, and Laurel is such a badly written character, it hurts to watch her. I would love for both of them to die, but I know that’s too much to hope for. My guess is that Sara is the one going. It’s certainly possible that the funeral is a fake to trick Slade. That wouldn’t surprise me, but I think Sara will be gone next season. I can’t imagine that they will have her in every episode next season.

    • So, you agree with the “smart money” that Sara will be killed off in the Season finale. (Note: I definitely DON’T agree with your saying that Caity Lotz is not a good actress. In fact, the acting on the show is uniformly good]

      That said: I continue to believe that for the good of the show Sara/Caity should stay. She IS the “Black Canary” and to force-feed Laurel/Katie on viewers as a “new” Black Canary just because that’s what in the comic books is flirting with disaster: Katie Cassidy has none of the physical abilities that Lotz (a trained dancer) has. Also, the back-and-forth between the Lance sister, makes Oliver not only look sleazy, but extremely shallow, too. Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz have on-screen “chemistry”–that the show’s producers/writers probably never counted on–but it’s unmistakable and they need to use it. Otherwise, Oliver, Laurel, Sara are all reduced to one-dimensional characters, to be moved around without any motivation–other than to say: “Hi Audience, we bet you weren’t expected that to happen!”

      BTW, and this should be a surprise to No-One, there is now a “Keep Caity Lotz As the Black Canary” petition being circulated by Lotz’ fans on Twitter. Since the last episodes for this season have been written–and are being filmed right now in Vancouver (with Lotz on set)–the petition will have no effect.

      Bottom line: the writers have found themselves in a situation that they did not anticipate (significant fan support for Sara/Caity) and how they handle it will significantly impact the future success/fan base of the show. I hope they do the right thing, and figure out a way to NOT kill off Sara/Caity, and develop a New storyline for Laurel.